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November 20, 2014, 03:39:04 PM
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1  Community / License to Improvise / Re: [Notebook] ShadowCraft on: Today at 02:19:08 AM
So some 2 years later, how'd all this work out?
2  Community / Play-by-Post / Re: [OOC] Way of the Wicked on: November 19, 2014, 06:57:33 PM
I also vote for this in an affirmative manner.
3  Products / Spycraft 2.0 / Re: Saturday Morning Spycraft on: November 17, 2014, 02:09:12 AM
Heroes checks out, but Transmechs is still the originals with Pat credited for layout.

Negatory. I have triple checked that, and actually downloaded the file for the first time through the DTRPG system today. The problem must be on your end.

This is what I get every time I download.
4  Community / Off-Topic / Re: The Silver Screen: Movie News, Reviews & Reactions 2014 on: November 16, 2014, 11:46:06 PM

Holy Andurian snail-snot (no, really, you can get that stuff sanctified), I want to give these people my money NOW!

I'm gonna say it: space is fundamentally better with music. Not faux Gregorian chanting (though that can be fun). Just plain old music. With lyrics. And maybe a nice 100-110 bpm for the fight scenes.

And so much of the cool in that trailer was absent from the final cut. I know that trailers get put together before the final cut of a film, and that occasionally they'll put together something just for the trailer, but that degree of omission is kinda criminal.

Indeed, while not a terrible film, to me it's certainly one of the MCU's lesser outings (Cap 1 & 2, Iron Man > Avengers, IM3, Thor 2 > IM2, Thor 1, IncHulk, GotG) when it had the potential to be so much more. While containing a few nice setpieces, it suffered from a number of tired storybeats and missed opportunities -- the most obvious of which to me was Nebula could so easily have been replaced by Moondragon
5  Community / Off-Topic / Re: The Silver Screen: Movie News, Reviews & Reactions 2014 on: November 16, 2014, 10:19:04 PM
So I finally got to see GotG today, and despite being billed as the so called "Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy" Gamora spent an offensive amount of that film getting jobbed just so Quill could keep pulling her arse out of the fire
6  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Fantasy Craft Second Printing Q&A Thread on: November 16, 2014, 08:27:55 PM
Well, unlike a weapon, a hand can flex and gra which is why it gets to be a Tiny size instead of dimuntive, which it really should be.. However, attempting to barehandedly disarm an edged weapon should have a boost to the error range of the attempt.
7  Products / Spycraft 2.0 / Re: Saturday Morning Spycraft on: November 16, 2014, 08:14:31 PM
Heroes checks out, but Transmechs is still the originals with Pat credited for layout.
8  Products / Spycraft 2.0 / Re: Saturday Morning Spycraft on: November 16, 2014, 05:51:14 PM
DTRPG is still packing the original 2009 pdfs into the zip files for Heroes and Transmechs
9  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Reaperwatch 2014: Can't be as bad as last year on: November 16, 2014, 05:10:33 AM
Warren Clarke, age 67
10  Community / Off-Topic / Re: The Idiot Box: TV News, Reviews & Reactions 2014 on: November 15, 2014, 01:39:12 AM
Jonathan Nolan Developing Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy
11  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Cool pics on: November 15, 2014, 01:27:35 AM
12  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Cool Vids (Keep it Clean) on: November 14, 2014, 12:09:27 AM
Starcher Trek
13  Products / Spycraft 2.0 / Re: Saturday Morning Spycraft on: November 13, 2014, 01:21:13 AM
Yeah,  Ford and General Motors Holden have both pulled up sticks along with Toyota and gone home (or are well into the process at any rate).

Having driven both Fords and Holdens though, Fords are shit. Better than Toyotas though, because Fords at least still have a handbreak.
14  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Cloak and Dagger on: November 13, 2014, 01:12:01 AM
Unfortunately Sorcerer's bonus feat is a Species feat, and there doesn't seem to be that many options for species in this setting. Hidden Promise is one, but I normally find I am more constrained by feats than by attributes. Another is Ogre-Blood (one of my designs took Ogre-blood, Steel Brave and Steel Elder... a Cyclops Blooded Hykrosian Sorcerer! Unfortunately feat constraints messed with my plans). So my question is, what species feats would you allow in Cloak and Dagger?

I went with a  Sea Ogre-blooded Thesterian Vanguard. Her backstory was, let us say, heavily inspired by Beowulf's dalliance with Grendel's mother.

My other question is... does anyone else kind of want to bring down the Empire? Because I read about what went down, and I find myself preferring Hykrosia over the Empire (not that an Aggressive Tyrannical Slave Army wielding Empire is much better). Especially the Cleansing; the genocide of magical creatures really puts them at odds with me, especially as it may have something to do with the fading of magic from the world.

And Corlantae and Olgea seem like massive tools. I like Hepothysus and Verkonos (whose cultural exchange with Hykrosia appeals to me) though. I find myself agreeing with the Atrodian notion of splitting off into a Southern Kingdom composed of Hepothysus, Verkonos and Atrodia.

So yeah. I'd either want to bring down the Empire to bring magic back into the world, or support a Union of Hepothysus, Verkonos and Atrodia (and perhaps ally with Hykrosia against Corlantae and Olgea). Either way I'd support an Alliance of Tertio with Balatia, and hopefully Revus as well; that way long time rivals (and jerks) Corlantae and Olgea will have only each other to turn to... and don't they deserve each other! What's everyone else's reaction to the political situation in the Golden Empire?

Ultimately I think it's a choice between complete balkanisation or else the players become the new Seven to some degree and carve out a land of their own
15  Products / Spycraft 2.0 / Re: Saturday Morning Spycraft on: November 12, 2014, 08:30:14 PM

You are dead to me.
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