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1  Products / Powered by Products / Re: [Reality Blurs] Iron Dynasty is Coming!!! on: April 27, 2012, 12:02:50 PM
Iron Dynasty has just gone through its initial layout and it's rather hefty. Currently, I've sent off this draft to the editors to check it out. Do we have a release date yet? Nope. Not yet. We've got a lot of things going on at the moment, so it's a matter of figuring out exactly when. This was delayed due to my sicknesses. You didn't know that, but now you do. I had already tentatively committed to get certain products out this year, so something has to give. I didn't want to shuffle everything around. Fear not, though, I hope it won't be too much longer.

I thank you for your patience. I hope your excitement has not been muted in the interim.



P.S. Apologies for my disappearance. My focus had shifted to Agents of Oblivion last fall to the exclusion of nearly all else.



2  Products / Powered by Products / [Reality Blurs]OSF #6: Now Available! on: June 29, 2011, 08:04:00 AM
The elves of the Silver Vines are in trouble, though few in the upper echelons of the city would agree. An aggressive race of spider creatures called the attercop are growing stronger and stronger in the  heart of the forest, and the elves have no standing plan to deal with the growing threat. Some say it is the foolishness of the elders, while others say there is a more deliberate motivation at work. An elven princess seeks outside help, but is it too late to save the Silver Vines from destruction?

Tangle in the Silver Vines is the next installment in Reality Blurs' Old School Fantasy line of adventure modules. Hearken back to the days of legend and lore, when your spells, swords, and smarts alone kept the forces of evil at bay.

Get yours today!


3  Products / Powered by Products / Re: [Reality Blurs] Iron Dynasty is Coming!!! on: June 15, 2011, 12:18:33 PM
Sorry about the delayed response. My computer crash and, though I had redundancy systems in place, I've been having to deal with data migration as well as keeping the production schedule on track and prep for Origins. Whew! I think I'm caught up now (for the moment).

Drakes aren't intrinsic to the setting at present. Smiley In fact, the setting is humancentric by default. However, as Iron Dynasty is in line with the core rules, it's possible to bring in any race you'd like. Some races are alluded to and could be easily added with little difficulty.



4  Products / Powered by Products / [Reality Blurs] Old School Fantasy #5: Call of the Crow on: May 25, 2011, 07:57:57 AM
Hello All,

Ready to feed your fantasy fix?!

In the harbor city of Steelport, many secrets lurk down darkened alleys and behind shadowy storefronts. It is a city known for its seedy inhabitants and shady dealings, but rarely do the affairs of the underworld spill out onto the streets. Recently, however, an upstart gang of thieves calling themselves the Blades of the Crow have begun making a name for themselves, killing off their competition, and peddling dangerous drugs to the poorest of the poor. A bedraggled innkeeper, his wife recently kidnapped, needs a group of stalwart heroes to stem this deadly new tide of corruption.

Get it from our shop today!


5  Products / Powered by Products / Re: [Reality Blurs] Iron Dynasty is Coming!!! on: April 27, 2011, 07:41:03 AM

Sounds awesome. I see the SW version of the book already has excellent feedback on DTRPG.

Yes. It's been very well received. Kurt Weigel (of Game Geeks fame) dropped me a line last week and said he just wrapped up a video review of Iron Dynasty. It should be going up soonish. If you guys are interested, I'll keep you posted.

I also noticed a few supplements and adventures. Do you plan to release these in a FC compatible version as well?

Absolutely! I've already got the crew working on developing them for Fantasy Craft. When Iron Dynasty launches, you can be assured of getting the same regular releases enjoyed by the Savages.

As an aside, parallel to the FC development of Iron Dynasty, I got ahead of the curve and penned out nine guidebooks and nine adventures, so there should be no lack of support. (And I've got some other ideas I want to explore moving forward.)



6  Products / Powered by Products / Re: [Reality Blurs] Iron Dynasty is Coming!!! on: April 27, 2011, 06:32:33 AM

Just a quick note - I got to see the Savage Worlds version of the Iron Dynasty guide, and this is a very very cool setting. Between the work I saw there and the rather good Old School Fantasy adventures, I think we Fantasy Craft fans are going to get a great book this summer.

Thanks for the vote of confidence and a nice nod to our previous releases!

I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm about Iron Dynasty. We were wondering what kind of reception to expect, and you've allayed our concerns.  Grin

Quote from: Glacialis
Will you guys be at GenCon? Would love to chat/stop by and pick up the setting.

The plan is to be there. We won't have a booth this year, but we'll be wandering around the Studio 2 and Crafty Booths which are located in the same block. We'd love to meet you, and talk games!


7  Products / Powered by Products / Re: [Reality Blurs] Iron Dynasty is Coming!!! on: April 26, 2011, 10:23:28 AM
Hello All,

You guys aren't bashful, so let's get down to business, shall we?

Q0. Are the rules Powered by MasterCraft?

A0. Absolutely. We have an exclusive license to produce Fantasy Craft products with the official logos. As such, Iron Dynasty is fully compatible with the latest iteration of Fantasy Craft and you could certainly introduce whatever elements you want from the core system with little issue, though some races would be rather odd, since it's a human dominated society. However, I think it's cool when people take a setting and make it their own. I always have and would expect nothing less from the creative folks on these boards.

Q1. How much big a setting are we talking about? 100 pages, 200, more?

A1. 200-300 pages (digest size, 6 x 9, softbound). (Probably closer to the latter than the former.)

Q2. What will the book actually contain? The setting itself and only, or some dedicated rules, or even one or two scenarios?

A2. Konoyo (the world) is comprised of nine provinces. There is an overview map and maps showing major settlements and the like. Details are given on the various provinces with their cultural variations, and there are details on all the settlements and what-not. There are seven campaign frameworks, adventure generators, monsters, lots of NPCs, creature generators, the whole-shebang. While we don't give specific scenarios, we give you all the tools you need to craft them. Existing FC classes are holistically integrated into the setting, there are some brand new ones, such as the ganso (inventor), and there are some nifty new expert classes we've introduced.

Q3. Will it be available in print? In PDF? Both?

A3. Both. We traditionally offer PRINT+PDF Pre-Order Bundles.

Q4. Oriental steampunk is indeed a daring choice. What kind of relations are there between technology and "more traditional" magic? Do they oppose, as in Arcanum, or do they mingle well together, as in the Iron Kingdoms? Basically same question regarding religions ... is there some sort of clash between ancient beliefs and modern culture/science?

A4. Thanks. I just want you all to know we're not jumping on the latest steampunk craze. I  have loved it for a long time (since first seeing it on The Wild Wild West as a kid) and our first setting was RunePunk which is dark steampunk fantasy. In the Iron Dynasty, there is a push-pull relationship with technology and magic as it has recently come to the fore. Many people are coming to grips with the strange technology which is mainly in the hands of the provincial army with such things as kikai (giant metal war machines) and firearms restricted to military and nobility. At present, though makoto may beseech kami for aid with prayer, many believe the gods have left man to their own devices. Some people follow the old paths, some follow the new, but there is a fundamental breakdown of the caste system, allowing players to focus on the fun and adventure offered up by oriental fantasy while those who want to bring it to the fore may do so. The aim was mass appeal without compromising detail.

Q5. Is the "oriental" part Chinese-based, Japanese-based, or is it some sort of mix as in Rokugan?

A5. Our setting is based on Japanese history infused with myth and my own warped sensibilities. If you were going to historically place it, it would roughly be in the Sengoku period (when you add in steampunk and magic, things get a bit skewed, however.) It's been in development for a number of years, and when Fantasy Craft was launched, I had a chat with Pat and Alex at Gen Con in '09 and we thought it would be a great fit for the system. My Blurry crew knew it would take awhile to get up to speed on the system and work through the process, which is one of the reasons we launched the Old School Fantasy line, so we could get our hands dirty, get to know you, and provide some great traditional fantasy while we sorted out the details on Iron Dynasty.

Q6. Who did the art?

A6. A number of folks you'll recognize, but I'll name just one I know you guys know: Ben McSweeney, we commissioned him to do the weapons and armor and they are fantastic. Yes, ALL those strange, oriental weapons are illustrated! Smiley

Q7.Do you plan to release some kind of short preview?

A7. Certainly. We're starting to bang the drums about the setting and we'll be releasing some appetizers as we build up to the release.

I'll add a couple of liner notes for you here at the end:

The setting came out originally for Savage Worlds earlier this year and has been in development since '06, though I originally conceptualized it in '04. We already have a full line of support products written and slated for release, so there will be no shortage of guidebooks and adventures for those wanting to grab something and go. One of the really great things I absolutely love about Fantasy Craft is the sliding DC, so every adventure is suitable for everybody.



P.S. Thanks for the thoughtful questions. I look forward to fielding more! Smiley
8  Products / Powered by Products / [Reality Blurs] Iron Dynasty is Coming!!! on: April 26, 2011, 09:24:21 AM

Iron Dynasty, our fusion of oriental fantasy and steampunk, what we lovingly call Heavy Metal Oriental Action, is a full setting book we'll be releasing this summer! It's gone through numerous refinements and iterations and is now going through a final editing pass before it moves to layout. All the art is in and we might be persuaded to reveal a few pieces...

This is a rich world designed by yours truly with Dave Olson taking lead on integrating the setting with the system and ably assisted by Jeff Scifert. I also regularly poked my nose in and meddled, to keep everything on track and true to the vision. The adventures you can have in Konoyo will literally knock your socks off. Do you want to fight crazed onmoyoji or battle clockwork ninja? Of course, you do!

We'll be happy to field any and all questions. Talk to us, will ya? C'mon, make some noise!


9  Products / Powered by Products / [Reality Blurs] Old School Fantasy #4: Slave Pens of Moss Stone Now Available on: April 21, 2011, 07:15:47 AM
Hello All,

We haven't forgotten about you! We've been busy toiling away in our Mad Labs.

Old School Fantasy is back with a vengeance. New look. Same great taste. Currently available in two flavors: Savage Worlds and Fantasy Craft!

Written by our own, Dave Olson, this line is in our new printer-friendly digest size for easy reading. What's it about? Read on:

On the gentle, rolling slopes of the Emerald Hills, in a picturesque landscape of natural beauty, one of the vilest forms of tyranny has taken root. Gnoll slavers, operating out of the nearby Moss Stone Keep, work their “cattle” to their deaths tilling away at the unyielding soil. These poor souls, men and women, humans and elves, all live and die under the yoke of their treacherous masters — all to cultivate a difficult weed for the gnolls to sell on the black market. Who dares stand against these terrible creatures? Who dares to free the captives from their bleak fate? Hopefully your heroes! "Slave Pens of Moss Stone" is the next installment in our Old School Fantasy line of adventure modules. Hearken back to the days of legend and lore, when your spells, swords, and smarts alone kept the forces of evil at bay.

Looking for adventure? Remember Reality Blurs!

EDIT: Here's a link!
10  Products / Powered by Products / Re: Old School Fantasy #3: Hunger of the Iron Mage Now Available! on: November 05, 2010, 02:56:47 PM
Wow! I thought you guys were all dead! This is great!

Nope. We're not dead at all. Just quietly working away, for the most part. We've transitioned over a new layout guy, and are currently wrapping up multiple projects.

I've also resurrected The Razorwise Report on our site, where I ramble about design philosophy and such.

Perhaps, I should give a proper FC update?



*I'm talking all the time on Twitter @realityblurs and Facebook. Smiley
11  Products / Powered by Products / Re: Old School Fantasy #3: Hunger of the Iron Mage Now Available! on: November 05, 2010, 01:30:18 PM
Hello All,

Hunger of the Iron Mage is now out! It can continue the adventures begun in OSF1 and OSF2 or works all on its lonesome (but you don't wanna start there, do you?). Penned by our very own "Weird Dave" Olson, this is your chance to see how he throws down the fantasy.  Get it! Love him! Tell him you love it (or him, he's not picky)!

Something lurks in the shadows beneath the mountain. Something hungry. A twisted secret from a lost dwarven hall creeps up from the depths, and a party of stalwart heroes must brave the dangers of the Jagged Reaches to put an end to its machinations. Will you take up the mantle of hero and face off against the horrors that dwell in the mountain's shadow, or will you fall victim to ... the hunger of the Iron Mage?

Hunger of the Iron Mage is designed for a party of four to six characters of any experience level, and serves as a continuation of the Old School Fantasy series, a nice one-off, or a side trek to drop into your ongoing fantasy campaign. It is an adventure filled with danger, adventure, an insane wizard, secret tunnels, and more troglodytes than you can shake a stick at.

Remember those days when sometimes you just wanted to let your hair down, grab some dice, and have an excuse to kill things? Good. We're coming to get ya!

You can get it from our shop or from DTRPG!


12  Products / Powered by Products / Re: [Reality Blurs] Old School Fantasy #2: Darkness Over Keryhk Nhor Released! on: June 02, 2010, 11:34:19 AM
Bought it. I promised I would post of review of the first adventure, but I haven't had time yet (even if I did read it). I'll try to post both reviews when I'm done reading this one. Great job by the way!

Much appreciated. Thanks for the nice words and support.

Take care,

13  Products / Powered by Products / Re: [Reality Blurs] Interview with Sean Preston on Gamer's Haven Podcast on: June 02, 2010, 11:33:48 AM

How's that?

That works. Smiley

14  Products / Powered by Products / Re: Old School Fantasy: Free Heroes Pack Download Now Available! on: June 02, 2010, 09:13:26 AM there a way to turn off the background image on the character backgrounds?

As was mentioned above, RB weren't able to put that option into this PDF. It is easy enough to switch Adobe to 'Select Text' and then copy-paste the text into another document.

Thanks for fielding that for me! I've been busy writing more stuff.

Take care,

15  Products / Powered by Products / Two Words For You: Zombie Dwarves on: June 02, 2010, 09:12:27 AM
Hello All,

You can now get it at DTRPG as well.

Have a nice day.  Grin


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