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March 30, 2015, 07:24:12 PM
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31  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Fantasy Craft Second Printing Q&A Thread on: February 20, 2015, 11:10:48 AM
Hey guys, let's keep it cool. Different strokes and all.

(For the record, you're both right, and both wrong. Fantasy Craft doesn't take a stance on whether magic and/or magic items exist and/or can be made or bought by player characters, but it is built to allow for any combination thereof.)
32  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Boardgaming in 2015 on: February 18, 2015, 06:12:05 PM
Also, not a board game per se, but my first purchase in that space this year was from The Broken Token.

I picked up their inserts for my complete BSG and Lords of Waterdeep sets. These inserts are gorgeous, yo! Well worth the price of admission if you like the idea of consolidating your board games and expansions into single boxes.
33  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Boardgaming in 2015 on: February 18, 2015, 06:10:04 PM
I played IDW's new X-Files game last weekend. Really liked it, even if CSM defeated us.

That's one of Kevin's first freelance projects. I'm really excited to see it on the market, and looking forward to getting a game in soon. Glad to hear you liked it.
34  Products / Spycraft Third Edition / Re: Kickstarter? on: February 18, 2015, 06:04:35 PM
Right.. so...

We need to get you guys one of these.  Gotcha. 

Life would be soooooo much easier.
35  Products / Spycraft Third Edition / Re: Kickstarter? on: February 18, 2015, 05:41:22 AM
POD makes no sense if you're planning to sell into stores, which means your print run must come from a single offset printer. That rules out regional printing, so the only option you have left is to set up separate fulfillment centers in each region and split ship, but that requires a) phenomenal sales forecasting (so you don't ship too much or too little to any given area), and b) regional fulfillment centers (which, as we've found out over literally years of trying to make it happen, is far, far easier said than done).

The quest continues and there's no end in sight.
36  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: [LABORATORY] The final Spellbound spells on: February 18, 2015, 05:37:40 AM
Any news from this book? When it is coming out?

Still in edits. No further news to report.
37  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Fantasy Craft Second Printing Q&A Thread on: February 17, 2015, 02:56:05 PM
It's a very rarely seen weakness that comes up, and would be cool to have a mage just be able to shrug it off. So Rule of Awesome for my group is "Yes!" Wink

GM call. If you're the GM, go for it. He or she might feel otherwise - likely because it will disrupt (perceived) play balance at your table or upset a story point.
38  Products / Spycraft Third Edition / Re: Kickstarter? on: February 17, 2015, 02:55:10 PM
Another option coluld be drivetrhurpg pod system. Some ks are starting to give coupons with some pledges that let backers get the book on cost and shipping only. (Shadowcraft for fate core just did this, we will see how it goes)

The per unit costs aren't even close to offset printing, which a product like Spycraft Third will almost certainly need.

It might work for other products, depending on a wide variety of contributing factors.

In any case I think kickstarter is a good move for Crafty, and will try to back in any way I can.

We appreciate that. Smiley

I keep thinking that there are oportunitties for new business models growing from the crowdfunding field... Shipping, handling and international management screams of a need that shoulld be addressed...

Shipping isn't a Kickstarter issue. It's a shipping issue. It's widely understood now (and commonly discussed and widely derided) that shipping is by far the greatest expense in selling anything. Literally everyone is trying to pass the buck on it because it's so high it can devastate a business that isn't extremely careful. Retailers tend not to pay for shipping at all, which means that the cost passes back to distributors and (more commonly) us. The cost of everything goes up as a result. Sad
39  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Fantasy Craft Second Printing Q&A Thread on: February 17, 2015, 02:49:08 PM
Would Hidden Casting be sufficient to avoid this complication?

I suppose technically that might work. I'd have to think on whether I wanted to augment that feat in that fashion (because it is more than the feat intends to do - all that feat is built to do is hide your spells, not circumvent inherent spellcasting weaknesses).

So... GM call. You or your GM would have to make that call for your table IMO.
40  Products / Spycraft Third Edition / Re: Kickstarter? on: February 17, 2015, 03:27:34 AM
Given that an increasing number of RPG releases are debuting through KickStarter (see everything Oynx Path do for instance), and as Pat mentions above o/s postage is inevitably a killer on both sides of the equation, I've started vaguely wondering if a pledge tier for us o/s folk of "1 voucher for [base physical item], redeemable via Amazon" is in any way a feasible idea?

Sadly, no. Amazon doesn't play ball with publishers wanting to set up special vouchers and such.
41  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Fantasy Craft Second Printing Q&A Thread on: February 16, 2015, 09:02:24 PM
I was just reading the Silence spell and I wondered: How does a successful will safe affect the spell? Does the whole spell come undone, or is just the saving individual able to hear and make noise? Would someone who has saved be able to talk to someone who did not?
Why does this spell need a save at all?

The original intent was to provide other casters in the Area a chance to overcome the effects but we felt that it made sense that anyone in the Area should be able to do so.

When I run the game, I would rule that a successful Will save negates the entire spell effect.
42  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Mistborn Allomancy Dice (Kickstarter) on: February 16, 2015, 08:59:26 PM
Wow, that was... prompt.
Pat's post made it seem like it would take longer, but next week's fine with me!

We always err on the side of things taking longer. Better to surprise you with something hitting earlier than not, right?
43  Products / Spycraft Third Edition / Re: Kickstarter? on: February 16, 2015, 08:55:54 PM
As longtime forumites will recall, we never planned to announce Spycraft Third as early as we did. The Mongoose deal went south and they refused to let us purchase the Spycraft 2.0 inventory for a reasonable price (read: anything short of highway robbery). As a result we had two choices: either we could let the brand go completely dormant with no inkling that another edition was coming, or we could announce early and live with a really long and public development cycle. We went with the latter so you guys wouldn't feel completely abandoned, and we've tried to both get the new line out as quickly as we feasibly could and keep you in the loop about where we were at various points in the process.

The process has been longer than we originally anticipated - both for reasons connected to the game and for other reasons - and so it seems like it's been in development forever. It has been a while, but that's afforded us a lot of perspective, which has really strengthened the product line. We think we have something special on our hands, and everyone who's seen the game seems to agree. We're definitely not going to rush it out and wreck that.

As Alex says, we're not in a position to talk about when the game will hit, or how. We also can't confirm whether or how we'd Kickstarter the product - though at this point it's very likely that we will crowdfund it in some fashion. We're do everything we can to make sure everyone everywhere has a chance to jump in at whatever point they want, though there are very real and very hard limits on what we can do when shipping comes into play.We simply cannot soak that cost, and because it's so variable we have to err on the side of caution whenever we aren't collecting funds for a shipment that will happen imminently (i.e. within a week or two, which rules out all real-time shipping info for crowdfunding campaigns).

Sp please, carry on the conversation but recognize that we can confirm or deny very little at this time, and (m)any questions posted to us will have to be left unanswered for now.
44  Community / Off-Topic / Re: The Idiot Box 2015: TV news, views & reviews on: February 16, 2015, 07:55:49 PM
Has everyone else been watching Agent Carter? It's amazing, go watch it.

45  Community / Off-Topic / Re: KickStarter thread on: February 12, 2015, 10:07:43 AM
You know, that's interesting.  I thought the margin for plastic molds would have been higher than printed cardboard. I learn more and more from this Forum every day!  lol.

I somewhat misspoke, conflating two points into one. Plastic itself has an OK margin if you can get your production numbers high enough (another fun fact: these days, glass has a better margin than plastic due to weirdness with the cost of petroleum). If you put tons of plastic toys in a box, however, and you have enough reach (as Cryptozoic does), and you're working with a license like this, it really is a no brainer on the money and design sides to start with, "We have lots of toys. That's a fixed point. What do we do with them?"

I actually don't mind them starting with that call. That's rational business sense these days. I do have an issue with that call leading to a Zombiecide clone - because it's not what you do with a toy-diven Ghostbusters board game. It's lazy, it doesn't mesh well with the IP and worse, it's a little insulting to everyone who loves the franchise.
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