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I have done a few different things, depending on the situation. In slow play games like Can of Worms The players just have to wait. They chose to go take a nap, or watch the wrong side of the warehouse (  ;D ) so they get to wait... Months... But it is a slow paced game so, that should be expected.

In my RL game of Can of Worms, each of the three characters went off on their own, and I was able to stagger them very well. One went to a close place and so I delt with him for a while, then the second person "Arrived" at their place and we did their bit while the first person was scouting the CCSC, and then the third person arrives and does something, et cetera.

But most often, If a player wants to rest their character, they should expect to have to wait while the rest of the players play the game they ware playing. I do try to stretch and contract time to hurry things along (Like in the mini-adventure with REDACTED and REDACTED) but that can only get you so far.

Chromium: infinitely lucky!

Sure, the Allomantic power to kill other people's metal reserves isn't especially useful in day-to-day life, but who cares when everything works out in your favor anyway?

Side note: would an Iron compounder be able to tap so much weight they could mess with the planet's orbit?

I always forget about Chromium. Now I am torn. I love tGold, but I could name that tChrome character Matt Cauthon.  ;D

I have to go with gold, since the only thing that would be more awesome than outrunning bullets and then steelpushing them back in the face of the baddies that shot them, would be taking the bullet in the eye then healing it out of you while you slowly walk up to the baddies and STAB THEM IN THE EYE WITH A STICK!!! A STICK!!!

Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Allomancy on the High Seas
« on: September 18, 2013, 10:31:12 PM »
I reckoned I ought Bump this thread since it do be Type Like a Pirate Day!!!

How do the campaigns be doing?

Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Switching Professions
« on: September 11, 2013, 11:00:53 PM »
Well then. They will be in fine company next to my first attempts at narrating. So glad I had understanding players to tell me in nice ways that what I was doing was not the game we had decided to play.

Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Switching Professions
« on: September 11, 2013, 10:52:19 PM »
Yeah I can see that too, but (whereas I think the ttraits are hotswapable to a great extent) I would think the core traits are for more established traits. Might take a bit for him to be a king in more than just name. So wait a bit before swapping out for biscuiteer. 

[OOC} I can mask the forum if you want, just figured it would be an enjoyable read for the peanut gallery. Just let me know.{OOC]

Hoid.  Comes in, and plays his flute and tells them a story... 8)

Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Future Terrisman Question
« on: August 22, 2013, 06:45:03 PM »

Nope! They're a totally new thing that represent your character's connection to other organizations in the world (in this case, the Synod or the Terris Resistance). Each provides unique long as you maintain good relations.

Stink. I'm gonna have to re-jigger the sidebar-stats. New character sheets, here we come. That would go in the Attributes/Standings/Resilience area? Like below it or something? This is horrible! My life is a tragedy!  ;)

Or as Kad said to give him part of it now so he had more control to get the rest of it later...

Woah. I never said that. I said that taking from the well would likely only inconvenience Ruin, as it would delay the 1024 cycle's completion.

Oh, my bad. That was Leviathan that said that.

Yeah, trying to destabilize the ministry would be a Ruinish thing. Destroy some economy, and infrastructure. Have to be careful around the pits though, since allomancy breaks the crystals, and Ruin would not want the crystals broken.

Ok, so you have two supermen to play with, a bunch of servvents of the dark one, and you need to know what ruin would do? Here are my thoughts, not that I spend too much time thinking about it...

Ruin would want, ultimately, to get freed from his prison. In order to do that he needs to let it fill then get someone to give it to him. Or as Kad said to give him part of it now so he had more control to get the rest of it later, but I think he has enough long term planning that he can wait. But the Lord Ruler is standing by to use it once it fills, putting off Ruins sescape for at least 1024 years. But he knows that a direct attack would probably fail.

PLan 1: Slowly draw out inquisitors from Luthadel and kill them, then use their spikes to make more servants that have more than the Ruin-control-threshold(or RCT) Then do the attack.

Plan 2: Do the Vin thing. Go to small outlying towns and kill the people with spikes and make kollos, or visit a Kollos army and use the durally to claim the army and use the army to ransack towns to find allomancers to spike (A' La Marsh). If they are disruptive enough (But not too much) they might draw in inquisitors from Luthadell. Enter Plan 1. Repeat...

Just my two clips.

Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: How to solve the problems of playing
« on: July 13, 2013, 11:29:19 PM »
I second what LCF said. If they are used to DnD then start them out with a more DnDish game. My RL crew are very used to DnD style and video game RPG's so I set up a dungion full of monsters and they had a blast flinging coins and spears at them. They then finished the job and came back to the consequences of their actions.

Everybody has some rough sessions, or portions of sessions, just don't let them stop you from playing again, and learning from what could have been better.

What exactly when awry with the session, so we might be more specific in our advice?

Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: PBP game needs a few new players
« on: July 10, 2013, 06:52:36 PM »
Well a group of spies from the southern continent does sound interesting. It would (since what we know about the SC can fit in a fortune cookie) need some setup, but would also allow alot of flexibility.

I am interested.

So toy answer your question Gil-galad, yes there is an adventure you can join.

Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: PBP game needs a few new players
« on: July 10, 2013, 03:48:59 PM »
Can you Handle more players? an online rpg experience sounds interseting and a lot of fun.

Right now our slots are full for players. We might have openings later, but right now we only have the one narrator  (me) and I need to spend my time focused on the two adventures on the books. We could use another narrator though... we have a few really fun sounding characters, but they are all written by our narrators...  :P
(this is unless you are ready to narrate that southern pole spies thing Kadrok?)

Alloy-born, huh? Didn't see that before. Should I assume that's a Misting who uses the Strong rating for powers instead of Average and has a rating 4 spike (as it is in the NPC section of the manual)?

Yeah, that's the idea. There is also the other way to do it, but that would need to be a house rule... We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  :-X

Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Newbie questions
« on: July 10, 2013, 03:34:36 PM »
Okay thanks. Our first meeting is this week I have some ideas but any tips would be Much appreciated :)

Have some cinnamon buns, or quiche, or a roast in the oven. That way when you come to something you have totally not planned for you can say "Well, this is a great time for our pastry of the week..." then while they enjoy the food, you can flog your brain 'tell it spits out something amassing! only get to use this stunt once or twice every session, but it works for me every time.  8)

Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Newbie questions
« on: July 08, 2013, 03:50:27 PM »
Thanks for the tips :) do you set up your campaigns before or after the first meeting? This game seems to be a all about the narrator building a campaign after te chars rafters decide what they want to do right?
I usualy set up the adventure before, then edit and modify and expand like a mistwrath in a boneyard. At least get the main conceit ready, and something for your players to interact with. You won't need to have all the traps and puzzles ready untill you know what would be a challenge for your team.

I am also wondering how you do combat?? Does every player get defence dice?? Or do you choose to either use your dice for defence or to use them for attack?? Or do you get to splitt your action dice every time your in a conflict?

The last there. You declare your action and that declaration gives you a dice pool. Then the player gets to decide to use them all for the intended action, defense, multiple defences, or the intended action and defence. Once they are rolled they are used and can't be used again that beat. Savy?

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