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License to Improvise / Re: Raiding FFG's "Way of the Sword"
« on: February 07, 2011, 01:31:45 AM »
This sent my mind to running a bit to create something a little more open for every setting and character.  Many of the ideas are based on actual descriptions of sword and cloak techniques with a bit of kung-fu movie flavor thrown in.  They are very much in draft form, but I may not have time to do much more work on them for a while so I thought I would post them here to see what everyone thought and give them up for edits and suggestions.

Covert Feats
Cloak and Dagger Basics
Benefit: While wearing a cloak the character receives a +2 gear bonus to conceal action, stash, and stealth checks as well as with feint actions and also gains the benefit of thick hide 1.

Cloak and Dagger Mastery
Prerequisites: Cloak and Dagger Basics
Benefit: The gear bonuses for wearing a cloak increase to +3.  Additionally the character may handle a cloak as if it were a garrote.

Cloak and Dagger Supremacy
Prerequisites: Cloak and Dagger Mastery
Benefit: The gear bonuses for wearing a cloak increase to +4 and the thick hide benefit increases to 2.

Unarmed Combat Feats
(Cloak Fighting) Basics
Prerequisites: Unarmed Forte
Benefit: The character may handle a cloak, sash or similar garment to gain the guard +1, lure, and trip qualities while unarmed as well as the ability to tire and trip within reach. The garment is considered to have the grip quality against disarm attempts.

(Cloak Fighting) Mastery
Prerequisites: (Cloak Fighting) Basics
Benefit: The character may perform whip and flail tricks while handling a cloak or similar garment as well as gaining the hook quality. (Additional ?)

(Cloak Fighting) Supremacy
Prerequisites: (Cloak Fighting) Mastery
Benefit: The handled garment gains the hurl quality. (Also gains a trick that blinds the opponent.)

Notes: the idea is that an "armed" cloak doesn't become a weapon proper, but an extension of an unarmed maneuver. The final idea of a blinding attack is basically from throwing the cloak over the opponent's eyes- which is an established and recorded technique.

Again, I know a lot needs to be done to them. That is why I am putting them up here now: to see what others might see. And let them possibly finish them off.

License to Improvise / Re: [Fantasy Craft] Witch/Warlock class
« on: January 23, 2011, 02:40:07 PM »
Spirit Vesssel
Bound within this container is the source of the magic user's power.
Item: Mage's Pouch, masterwork (2-handed item)
Charm: Lesser Spell Effect (Call From Beyond II 1 use per scene at Level 3)
Reputation Value: 3

Call From Beyond, in my mind, best represents a more classical and true vision of a familiar and by binding it to a mage's pouch one recreates a traditional spirit vessel. One can go further by binding an essence to it to imitate the effects of a 4E familiar. I would go so far as to consider making it an artifact that reveals further power as the magic user advances his/her craft...

I have always favoured the idea that grafts are Prizes with the (distinct) possibility of special rules attached. I like the idea of malfunctions and rejections should one ever find themselves in a situation where they lose access to a prize they already have. I could see allowing feats to off set the prize cost.

I like the idea of the Machine and Forest Soul feats, but I am not sure that I am sold on the mechanics. Unfortunately I do not currently have access to my books and can't really get any deeper into the ideas at this time. I do wonder if they are meant to be limited to non-Construct/Plant species (the current writing does not impose such restrictions).

Another, possibly cumbersome, take:

Horn Brave
You are a savage and bestial child of rumoured unnatural union and proven unnatural appetite.
Prerequisite: Ogre, Level 1 only
Benefit: You gain Gore I, Hearty Appetite, Improved Stability, Thick Hide 2, and Trample I. You also gain a trick:
Hook 'Em (Bull Rush Trick): You also inflict your Gore attack damage.
However, your bestial nature often gets the better of you: you suffer a -2 penalty to Appearance, you gain the lumbering npc quality (see Fantasy Craft, page 234), your Sense Motive checks are always considered untrained, and your Wisdom drops by 2.

Horn Elder
Even the bravest souls have grown to fear your temperament.
Prerequisite: Ogre, Horn Brave
Benefit: You gain the menacing threat NPC quality (see Fantasy Craft, page 234).

I admit that the Brave may be too top heavy and I am uncertain if it is truly balanced. Hearty Appetite could possibly be dropped, but it does fit the ravenous reputation of the beast of Minos and it also conjures up images of multi-chambered stomachs. If you have ever been around a bull for any length of time, the appearance penalty is self-evident. I admit that there is no precedent for making an entire skill- in this case Sense Motive- untrained, so a straight error range penalty may suffice.

Fantasy Craft / Re: [Review] Fantasy Craft Adventure Companion
« on: November 01, 2010, 02:34:53 PM »
... Now if I can only remember to eat tonight...

Fantasy Craft / Re: Another clairification: Knife Basics
« on: October 25, 2010, 07:48:20 AM »
Wouldn't tossing the flail up take an 1/2 action?

Warning:  GM Ruling incoming

Sorry I really don't see it the way you guys do.  If you currently have 2 weapons equipped the only way for him to draw a knife is if he drops one of the other weapons.

Agreed. Unless the character has also invested in Quick Draw.

Fantasy Craft / Re: Renown: Talk to me
« on: October 08, 2010, 04:03:40 PM »
Renown will be playing a bigger role in future books. For example, in the Adventure Companion it plays directly into the function of some class abilities, and there are feats that require some levels of Renown as prerequisites. Renown will also be important when it comes to participating in Organizations.

... When does that book come out again?

Fantasy Craft / Re: Weapon scale
« on: September 16, 2010, 08:47:40 PM »
Don't forget Keen. Very useful and appropriate for an enlarged weapon. I personally model a giant's battle axe by adding the Giant, Massive, and Keen qualities instead of making it a large weapon. It has much more potential that way.

Fantasy Craft / Re: Weapon scale
« on: September 15, 2010, 09:27:39 PM »
If you really want weapon scaling to work in the most correct manner, the answer is very simple: weapons can not scale to size. Physics doesn't allow for it. A small short sword ceases to be a short sword; it no longer has the same mass or structure, and it will not exhibit the same properties in use. The same is true with a large short sword. A small long bow can not exist because a long bow relies on its exact physical properties to do what it does, and any change to the design will break that. A scaled-down pike will not be a pike; it will have neither the reach, nor the structural strength.  One could design a pike-like weapon that maintains the length, but has a thinner shaft -- but it will be much more prone to break and it will be much more difficult to wield because of the change to its center of gravity. A pike that has been scaled for a larger size will be much heavier (and technically longer) and, subsequently, exhibit different properties of momentum (it will be harder to control).

The fact is that Crafty is much closer to having this one right.

License to Improvise / Re: [New Base Class] Maverick
« on: September 04, 2010, 12:47:38 PM »
I keep thinking that Sudden Clarity should be folded into Edgy and the reduction in Favor cost slipped into Little Black Book. I like the idea of an earlier "You owe me one", but why gain Edge at the start if you don't have a guaranteed way to spend it?

Fantasy Craft / Re: Yet more rules questions
« on: July 15, 2010, 11:52:17 AM »
Well, guys, thanks for all the anwsers!
I have some more questions, so, if you don't mind, I will post then here as to not create another topic just for then:

- What is the reason for the extremelly long loading times with crossbows? As they are just now there almost no reason to choose one instead of a bow... Were they too overpowered before (in "that" game?)?

Most of the crossbows listed use a crank system, which actually does take a long time to load.  Heavy Crossbows also have super range and AP to a bow.  Mechanically though there is little reason to use a non-repeating crossbow over a bow.

A quick and fairly easy fix is to require the bow forte for at least the longbow, if not all regular bows (to represent the many years of physical and skill training required) and then to add a "sight" quality to crossbows for a +2 to attack checks. The historical advantage of the crossbow was that it required very little skill (units were trained in a day) and did not require the user to have spent years training his body (bows should really have strength requirements). Otherwise they had many flaws...

Fantasy Craft / Re: House Rule Bonanza!
« on: June 11, 2010, 10:58:28 AM »
I guess we could do that but it seems rather silly not to just call it a goatsfoot/windlass instead, especially if they work exactly the same. I guess if it makes people happy though...

My point was that, as written, the Heavy Crossbow is already spec'd with the windlass included ("Heavy Crossbow: This weapon is cocked with a winch [a.k.a. a windlass] and drives bolts through plate armor.") which it would have to be since the draw-strength of such a weapon was generally around 700-800 lbs and could be much, much higher. Without the windlass included you could never arm the blasted thing.

You're forgetting that he spent at least 1 half action to fire in those 21 seconds :) I daresay we'd be close enough with this simulation, especially since that dude didn't strike me as the pinnacle of "heroism" :)

You do have me there: I forgot to mention the half action to fire as an independent action. That still puts the proper load time *with a goatsfoot* at 6. One would imagine it to be a bit higher without the device that is designed to make it easier. The draw-strength of the Light Crossbow does probably hover at around 300 lbs after all.

And the point of the crossbow was that you didn't have to be the pinnacle of heroism (or skill) to use it. The longbow could be quite a different beast (it took years of training to get the skill and strength required. Most had a draw-strength around 60 lbs, but there are historical examples with a draw-strength of 180 lbs)

More power. We have to set the baseline somewhere.

And the baseline really isn't that far off. I'm just being nit-picky. (BTW, the Hand Crossbow should probably have a Load of 7. They were made entirely of steel, string and all, as that was the only way to get the strength needed to produce any kind of useful velocity in such a small package and it took time to wind the screw both forwards and back to draw it at 250 lbs between each use. Just sayin')

Fantasy Craft / Re: House Rule Bonanza!
« on: June 11, 2010, 08:56:32 AM »
For crossbows, I'm thinking of something like a goats foot - IRL I can load a fairly heavy hunting crossbow as a half action with a goats foot, so load 5-7 doesn't work for me, at all.  Also a very high strength character could probably just pull the string back with their hand.  I'm thinking that the draw strength of the crossbow might relate to the strength required to load it with a goats foot [maybe light requires over 10 and heavy over 14].

Heh, I just watched a video of a goatsfoot in action on a mideval xbow - 21 seconds for an archer to reload and fire using one, meaning in FC it would probably work like the bandolier (Load quality reduced by 2). I'll be tucking that into the old notes file for Gear for the Ages...

Just remember to make a note that it only works for the Light Crossbow since the Heavy Crossbow, by the description and history, requires and includes a windlass (and you can't possibly use one on a Hand Crossbow due to both the size and the fact that historical designs included an internal gear for arming). You might also consider increasing the the load times of the crossbows since the 21 seconds it took the archer to ready and loose the crossbow with the use of the goatsfoot *is* 7 handle item actions (1 round = 6 seconds. A handle item action is a half action, or 3 seconds).

I am, personally, working on a completely new set of house rules for dealing with ranged combat...

Fantasy Craft / Re: The Zweihander: sad little greatsword
« on: November 19, 2009, 12:21:44 PM »
In my games the Zweihander has been replaced with a Claymore with the Guard upgrade. I have also given the Claymore the AP 2 quality. I find that to be a touch more accurate since the Zweihander is generally a larger sword than the Claymore (so it should have the reach) and greatswords in general should have an advantage when punching through armor from both the increased weight and the additional velocity from the strike due to blade-length.

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