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Off-Topic / Re: Going to the Movies 2017
« on: December 10, 2017, 05:10:37 PM »
Ready Player One

Yup, this is still a thing.

Off-Topic / Re: XCOM (Reactions, stories, let's play setups, etc...)
« on: December 10, 2017, 05:04:57 PM »
Got back into the fight for the first time in a while, and got a most fortuitist draw on mission names.  Went after a facility to hunt for an alien ruler, Operation Star Mask, killed the Viper King.  The VERY NEXT MISSION, got Operation Star Face to kill the Archon King.  Cracked that mask to get at the face of that star, yo!  ;D

Off-Topic / Re: Going to the Movies 2017
« on: December 08, 2017, 04:16:21 PM »
Alita: Battle Angel

Whelp, it was about time someone tried to pull off the anime girl look for real.

Off-Topic / Re: Computer Gaming 2017
« on: December 08, 2017, 10:36:31 AM »
Death Stranding Trailer - The Game Awards 2017


What the %*&@ did I just watch?  Kojima...  You are INSANE, dude.

Okay, let's try to ground ourselves with other TGA trailers:

World War Z - AKA crappier Left 4 Dead
Witchfire - Gothic Magipunk FPS, looks interesting
A Way Out - I like the lead developer :)
Dreams - Ooooh, artsy
Sea Of Thieves - Release date, yar
GTFO - Like Payday, but with zombies
In the Valley of the Gods - Walking ancient ruins
Soul Caliber VI - SWORDS
Fade to Silence - Winter survival with a post-apoc supernatural twist
Fortnite Battle Royale Team Mode - Anyone remember that this was supposed to be zombie survival?  No?  Okay
Metro Exodus - In Soviet Russia, Apocalypse Posts you!  Okay, I'll stop now  :P

Off-Topic / Re: Computer Gaming 2017
« on: December 07, 2017, 04:04:11 PM »
Rather minor release today:

Stellaris - Humanoids Species Pack

Mostly fluff, with more portraits, advisor voices, and a more "classic Western sci-fi" ship aesthetic.  So if you've been waiting for space dwarves, Halflings, orcs, satyr/demons, or even cyclops, this is the pack for you!

Though as a warning ahead of time, this portrayal of dwarves has the main difference between male and female be that females have sideburns instead of a full beard.  Ugh.  :P  I mean, I can run with this joke, like building a parody of super manly space marine societies, such as Gears of War's COG:  Strong, Resilient, Industrious, but Wasteful and Repugnant (more culturally than physically), with a Fanatic Militarist and Egalitarian Citizen Republic (Democracy + Citizen Service) using Functional Architecture.  Basically the drunken, casually offensive, bearded wife guy that no one likes that is FIGHTING FOR YOUR FREEDOM AND RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, DAMNIT!!  WHY DO YOU KEEP COMPLAINING ABOUT COLLATERAL DAMAGE?!  WE'LL JUST BUILD IT BETTER THAN YOU DID!!  I'll admit this was inspired by one picture that looks like he's wearing combat armor, though the Repugnant part wasn't initially part of the equation.  I mean, that part could always be traded out, although the fact that no one likes them is part of the joke...

License to Improvise / Re: Power Fantasy - Cyberpunk/Horror Mash-up
« on: December 06, 2017, 12:32:39 PM »
Um, obvious question: effects lycanthropy has on cybernetics?  Because it's one thing for a 100% flesh human turning into 100% flesh wolf-man, but what happens when that human has replaced a fair percentage with metal?  What about an XCOM EW style MEC trooper?  Or a brain in a robot like in Ghost in the Shell?  Are these werewolves like wolverine, and can regrow limbs?  Cause that would lead to some interesting, erm, problems with, uh, "cybernetic rejection".  Could you imagine the hell Adam Jensen might go through in such a scenario?

EDIT- Other obvious question: What/which government?  Because I'm pretty sure that you can count the number of times America has stayed a healthy 50-state federal whole, in cyberpunk settings, on one un-augmented hand.  Seems cyber limbs either increase the urge to secede from the Union, or increase DC stupidity to the point no one wants to listen to them anymore.  And even if the US of A is generally still the same size as it is now, same problem, no one probably listens to them anymore, especially not PCs.  Usually "government work" means the UN, or whatever the UN turns into.
It's one thing to say "Dark Future" San Fran, but if we're getting an actual for-real government force together for this crisis, you're gonna need to consider the politics of the surrounding territories.  Is it the US?  The UN?  The New Californian Republic?  A Shadowrun Seattle situation?  A North American Coalition, a sort of mini-UN made up of the fragments of the old US (+Canada and Mexico)?  A completely different States of America?

Off-Topic / Re: Computer Gaming 2017
« on: December 05, 2017, 01:56:40 PM »
Mega Man 11 trailer

...Looks like an indie game.  Like, Scott Cawthon levels of indie, with rather stiff animations.  Definitely not something you'd expect out of a major studio.

Play-by-Post / Re: Recruiting: Chasing Ghosts (Spycraft 2.0)
« on: December 04, 2017, 01:09:22 PM »
By the way, just to clarify, this isn't a Spookbusters campaign, right?  Though I wouldn't put it past someone to make it a surprise Spookbusters campaign, I just ask because of the thread title.

Off-Topic / Re: Computer Gaming 2017
« on: December 04, 2017, 10:47:42 AM »
Ran smack dab into this one.  On a lark I loaded UPlay, the Ubisoft browser, up to maybe play some Watch_Dogs, and right there was "World in Conflict Complete Edition", for absolutely free!  For those that don't know, World in Conflict is an RTS where the Cold War went hot in 1989.  In it, you play (semi) realistic military forces of the US, Soviet Russia, and European NATO, with the twist that it is always a team match with you playing as a specialized division of a larger force.  I played it a number of years ago, and I'd recommend it, especially when it's free, so grab it while it's hot!

Play-by-Post / Re: Recruiting: Chasing Ghosts (Spycraft 2.0)
« on: December 02, 2017, 10:20:05 PM »
Hmmm.  Y'know, It'd be nice to get some actual use out of these books, and I've proven to be a terrible GM, soooo...

Yeah.  Reasonably realistic modern setting?  What sounds to be a general spy fiction story?  Sure, consider my beanie tossed into the ring.  :)

Now I just need to dig out my books and actually figure out what my character is...  I've sorta got an idea, but I might need to do some tweaking.

Off-Topic / Re: Reaper Watch 2017
« on: November 30, 2017, 10:48:39 AM »

Off-Topic / Re: Little Painted People: Miniatures News
« on: November 30, 2017, 07:42:08 AM »
I am a bit tempted to kitbash a Kasrkin squad for 40k, though it would probably be simpler to just buy the stock Militarum Tempestus, and maybe some Cadian respirators from Forge World.  Not to mention that doing it like that would, y'know, allow me to take them to official GW events.  Though the local gaming scene is really relaxed last time I checked, so who knows?

At the very least, I could recreate my XCOM/Ghost Recon Wildlands character somewhat, mainly by giving a bog standard medium armored assault carbine soldier a "Watch cap" (aka beanie) with a beard, and painting him in navy camo.

Off-Topic / Re: Little Painted People: Miniatures News
« on: November 29, 2017, 09:04:50 PM »
Just recently stumbled onto these guys, and a quick search of the forum doesn't seem to have brought them up, so...

Anvil Industries

Has a few 40k conversion kits, their own unique sci-fi game range, and the "Regimental" range, which can double as Imperial Guard or a contemporary squad.  There's even a handy-dandy custom squad builder, which lets you mix and match your order.  I'll admit, it sounds interesting.

Off-Topic / Re: Going to the Movies 2017
« on: November 29, 2017, 08:04:13 AM »
Speaking of the Avengers, choo choo the Marvel Money Train just keeps chugging along.

Off-Topic / Re: XCOM (Reactions, stories, let's play setups, etc...)
« on: November 25, 2017, 09:01:41 PM »
In other future XCOM-like game news, seems Phoenix Point has been going under some hefty re-designs.  Probably got some new design talent since the Fig campaign.  Most noticeable is New Jericho, the pro-human paramilitary outfit.  Early concepts, including the alpha demo they used, portrayed them as a Mad Max-ian style crew of survivalists.  However, someone seems to have pointed out that they were supposed to be a private military outfit with "highly advanced human weapons", so they have decided on a more professional look for everyone in the faction.  This even includes their vehicles, which are much less rusted than the initial designs.

That said, they could be considering using the Mad Max look for the more generic survivalists, which would be fitting.  At the very least, I hope they do a redesign of the ugly looking VTOL they showed before. :P

They are also doing a makeover of the monsters you will be facing, making them look a bit less "human faces everywhere", and more monsterous with a trace of humanity underneath.

Looks interesting!  Hope to have more in the future, since now there's a gaping Long War 2 void in the XCOM space.

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