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Title: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on August 28, 2012, 10:22:38 PM
The fifth day of the week doesn't normally hold any special significance but somehow today seems special.  There was a light rain last to keep down the dust and there will be a full moon tonight.  A troop of acrobats and dramatists came through Riverton this morning advertising their first performance this evening on a meadow near the city wall.  The river traffic has been bustling with its typical energy and the news is not only flowing but seems universally good.

The public executions were said to be outstanding this morning with one prisoner winning his freedom by killing the wild targ he was set to fight.  An adventuring party returned from the ruins haggard but alive and boasting of finding a new type of metal.  As per the usual way of these things, the find was claimed by the nobility; however, this group works for Lord Helsing and he - more so than other nobles - will ensure the metal is used to make new demon fighting weapons.  Though, the bulk of them may go to the city guards under the command of William "Thorn" Ashland.

The fall grain harvest has just begun and the smell of fresh bread is wafting through the city.  Those who celebrate the Goddess and Green Man (or whatever names they give them) are celebrating the Festival of Fresh Bread this time of year.  As night falls the temperature begins to drop but is still warm enough to travel without a cloak.

The Rusty Copper Inn is lively with the evening meal as many people are out in force this evening.  If not to stay, then to eat good food and drink fine ale.  Magdar the Orc has introduced a new black ale at the Inn and it seems to be a hit.  A few that are too young to know his reputation or too foolish to take it into consideration have challenged the old orc to a drinking contest.  Few of the challengers are still conscious.

The proprieter, Earl Barnabas, is smiling as he looks over the crowd gathered there.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on August 29, 2012, 07:20:19 AM
Sidari is busy working, there are pair of new girls serving tables and she's keeping an eye out for them, no-one except her father had been at the Inn as long as she has. Harvest season is usually busy and today especially so with all the events going on, it looks to remain busy well into the night, with a sigh she guesses she won't be able to get away to see the performers later.

In consolation at least there's few odd types around the common room, Magdar tends to attract adventurous types into the bar, so she's on the lookout for newcomers, maybe someone would finally agree to take her along on an expedition.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on August 29, 2012, 08:22:38 AM
Bronn, wrapped in his cloak, is observing the drinking contest from a quiet corner. He never participates; the risk of revealing too much in a drunken state is too high. Bronn catches Sidari's eye and raises his empty tankard.

As she arrives with a fresh one, he points out several haggard looking men to her: "See those men over there? They were part of the delving party that came back today. Looks like they haven't eaten well in a while, and at least one of them is wounded."

He pauses a moment. "Is that really what you want? Adventuring mostly is about being cold, miserable, and hungry, seasoned with being scared and on the edge quite a bit of the time, and, if you're unlucky, being attacked by things best left undescribed or other delvers who want to take a shortcut to riches and take your stuff instead of delving into the ruins themselves."

Bronn takes a sip from the fresh tankards and nods. "This inn is a good place, you know. Hard work, sure, but much more reliable and safe than being out there."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on August 29, 2012, 09:04:28 AM
Sidari smiles at Bronn, "So why'd you do it then? I talk to people, word is that your obsessed with the ruins, out there every chance you get."
She's not really expecting an answer, she's wheedled at Bronn a few times before and he's always been closed off about his past.
"Maybe you should let me go with you sometime, I'll stay out of trouble, do what I'm told. Might scare me off completely" she laughs.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Doublebond on August 29, 2012, 10:55:37 AM
Ever the urbanite, Baxton nonetheless makes a habit of being something of a civic nomad; although he spends most of his time in the city (be it this one in particular or any other) he's never gotten around to settling down and acquiring any sort of property. It just isn't his nature. Sooner or later there always comes the day he catches a restless itch to move on to other things: one city to another; one inn onto the next. Today is one such day.

With a bright smile, Baxton opens the door to the inn and steps inside. As he finds a seat amidst the many murmurs, Baxton overhears of the recent expedition out to the ruins. A man—a pech—of the city, such adventures have traditionally never been to his taste. But at such times and in such atmospheres as this he often thinks of the great many lost treasures that must be out there, forgotten or not, and finds himself wondering how unsuited to the work he truly is.

He signals for a drink, lost in thought.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on August 29, 2012, 03:04:51 PM
Sidari leaves Bronn with his drink and spies a newcomer, and since if he were local she'd have seen him before, that makes him interesting.
"Hello sir, what can I get you, a pint of Black, it's the favourite of the day?"
Her eyes betray her curiosity, darting across his diminutive form, noting weapons, armour and other tools - is he a Delver, a traveller or just a common thief she wonders...
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Doublebond on August 29, 2012, 07:26:33 PM
Baxton jumps at Sidari's words.
"Oh! Well—that depends—what's the favorite of the day—ah! Right. I—I'll have a pint. A black! pint! Thatis, a black pint! I'll have a black pint."

As the order is delivered there's a clear look of desperate panic in his eyes that only relaxes after the last word comes tumbling out. He promptly bows his head to scratch an imaginary and entirely fictitious itch.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on August 29, 2012, 09:35:47 PM
Hmmm, maybe I should do exactly that, Bronn thinks as Sidari leaves his table to greet the newcomer. A nice, slow, dull delve, not too deep, nothing dangerous, but we'll stack up extra on iron rations instead of real food and go skimpy on the firewood. Cold and hungry, and no excitement.

He waves over to Earl, the inkeep, and discusses the plan with him in a low voice. Surely, he'd be all for driving the adventure bug out of his adopted daughter.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on August 29, 2012, 11:52:45 PM
Earl nods enthusiastically when Bronn explains his plan.  "Just keep my girl safe, Bronn.  That's all I ask."

The common room of the inn erupts in cheers as Magdar downs another pint of the black.  The last remaining challenger staggers about halfway through his mug and collapses to the floor unconscious.  Magdar snatches the ale out of the air, and drinks it down before slamming the mug on the table.  He then bends over and rolls the lad onto his side before standing, belching, and throwing his hands up in victory.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on August 30, 2012, 12:54:02 AM
Sidari weaves her way through the crowds, and retrieves a pint of Black ale for the odd little fellow. Passing it over with a friendly smile.
"So, I've not seen you before, are you new in town, or did your regular place get a bit stale?"
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Doublebond on August 30, 2012, 08:03:16 AM
Baxton accepts the drink with a nod in thanks and takes a sip of the pint, only to cough at its strength.
"Yes—well, no, I'm no stranger to these parts. Let's just say the bed at my last inn started getting a bit too familiar, eh? Too comfortable for comfort, if you will."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on August 30, 2012, 01:58:05 PM
Sidari glances over at Bronn for a moment, her brow creasing slightly when she sees him taking to her father, why does she have the feeling they're talking about her?

Bringing her attention back to Baxton,
"So you look like a man of talents, ever considered heading out an expedition yourself?".
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Doublebond on August 30, 2012, 08:36:41 PM
Baxton mulls over Sidari's suggestion. Casually, he responds,
"Can't say I've thought much of it before, no."

However reckless or insensible, the idea's now planted in his mind; he's never going to find rest at this point until the train of thought is brought to its end. Casually he asks without a hint of irony,
"You think I seem suited for that line work? Be honest now. Some time outside the city might do me well, I think."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on August 31, 2012, 02:20:01 AM
"You look like you can handle yourself, perhaps a word with Bronn over there, he's quick to point out the bad, but something keeps drawing him back out there."
Sidari is slightly disappointed that Baxton didn't reveal himself as an expert in the field, but doesn't let her smile slip.
"Anyway, I need to keep working, I think one of my wards is getting a little too attached to that guardsman over there. If you do speak to Bronn put in a good word for me."
Sidari heads away to extricate one of the new barmaids from the guardsman's lap.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on August 31, 2012, 01:43:33 PM
In the midst of the revelry a guardsman who is obviously on-duty (and none to happy about it) walks in and calls for attention.  Magdar repeats the request in his deep basso voice and the roar dulls to something manageable.

"To all assembled, be it known, that the following is posted by the authority of the City Guard and was duly approved by the Guard Commander."  He then places several wanted posters on the wall by the bar and walks out.  He no sooner turns than several people crowd over to read them.  One man pipes up, "You'd think ol' Thorn would be tired of chasing petty theft by now.  Though, I have to admit that whoever stole the jewels from Madame Toussaude had balls.  Her apartments are above the third floor of a merchant's shop down on Copper Street.  She's supposed to be the lover of some minor noble.  Bet he's leaning on ol' Thorn to find the pretty sparkles."

The conversation continues; however, Baxton feels the tug of memory: a dark roof, a simple lock and the smell of copper.  The jewels were small and set in a simple copper necklace with a silver accent.

"You aren't my mother, Sidari," says the new barmaid.  Nevertheless, she gets up and heads back to work.

The thought of the going to the ruins pulls at Bronn again.  Something ... just out of his grasp seems to urge him to return.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on August 31, 2012, 09:02:59 PM
The tug of the ruins reminds Bronn of his primary goal for the night again: to find a patron.

He's going to give the Rusty Copper another half hour. If no patron shows up, he'll have to change to a different delver dive.

Unless, of course, the recently returned delvers are drunk enough already to spit out some useful information.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on September 01, 2012, 12:40:51 PM
Bronn hears word of the ruins from an unexpected source.  A rather effeminate Goblin seated in the corner is talking about the ruins with a thickset, hooded figure.  With a little effort Bronn can make out most of what he is saying.

" ... so, yes.  They didn't talk about it, but that crew that brought back all that metal ... yes, the ones from this morning.  Well, they found a map somewhere that seems to indicate that the ruins are even larger than we previously believed.  I'm thinking that we might be able to find a group here that would be willing to open a new expedition for us."

The hooded figure speaks but his words are lost in the din.

"Well, no, we don't have a sponsor.  But, really, who checks for noble permits anymore?  No one does.  There are plenty of private crews out there now.  The only thing a sponsor would give us is visibility and I don't want to be visible.  You'd think that the Hand would understand ..."

He is bumped by the hooded figure as one of the barmaids comes close and begins refilling drinks.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on September 01, 2012, 02:25:32 PM
Bronn is immediately intrigued by what he hears. He doesn't appear to recognize either of the two, so maybe he should draw their attention to him.

Bronn waves Sidari over. "Sidari, could you do me a favor? There may be a delve in it for you after all. There are two gentlemen sitting in the back, a goblin and a hooded guy", Bronn indicates the general position with a small movement of his hand, being careful that Sidari is blocking the line of sight to the couple. "They are talking about the ruins, and getting together a crew. Can you find out more about what they are talking? Oh, and maybe point me out loudly to a customer nearby, and mention that I am an experienced delver."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on September 01, 2012, 04:12:03 PM
Sidari nods and with a smile head's over to a table near the odd couple. See what she can pick up.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on September 01, 2012, 05:05:57 PM
The goblin pipes up, "We've already had our mugs refilled, barmaid.  Though, I must commend the service here.  Very prompt.  Your master must take pains on your instruction."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on September 02, 2012, 03:48:03 AM
"Sorry sir, the bar's busy tonight and you looked thirsty, is there anything I can get you while I'm here?" Sidari smiles warmly at the goblin.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on September 02, 2012, 03:13:09 PM
The goblin's eyes slide toward Sidari's waist in a measuring stare.  After a moment, he continues, "Likely not, lass.  However, would you happen to know if any who frequent here are willing and able to travel to the ruins?  If so, be a kind girl and fetch them for us so that we can speak to them."

Magdar chooses that moment to speak in his deep basso, "Wonderful evening as always, Mr. Barnabas.  For those who wish a pint more, speak to the proprietor.  I'll have a few hogsheads sent over tomorrow.  To the rest of ya, I say, good night, happy hunting and good luck in the ruins.  May you blade strike true and your footing be sure and may the thrice damned demons do you no harm."  He is not normally so talkative.  Perhaps the drinking contest had some effect after all.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on September 02, 2012, 04:26:00 PM
"A crew came back not long since, I think they'd probably rather spend their coin and rest up a bit before heading out again. Bronn over there seems to enjoy the ruins and it's been a while since he's been out, he can probably play guide, or a pull a team together - who should I say's asking?"
Assuming the goblin doesn't change his mind, Sidari will pass the details onto Bronn.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on September 02, 2012, 05:27:23 PM
The goblin gives Sidari an appraising look before he smiles.  "You are both smarter and more polite than the other girls here.  You don't have to waste your life in this place; consider the advantages of becoming a courtesan.  Nevertheless, simply tell this ... Bronn ..." - he seems to be rolling the name around his mouth - "that a potential employer would like to speak with him."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on September 03, 2012, 03:36:45 AM
With a nod and a smile Sidari sashayes back to Bronn, "The mysterious goblin would like to have a word with you. Wouldn't give me a name, just says to introduce him as a potential employer."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on September 03, 2012, 11:45:29 AM
Bronn picks up his tankard and walks over to the goblin and his friend. Bronn's cloak is still drawn into his face, revealing the lower part, but concealing eyes and hair.

"I'm Bronn", he introduces himself at the table. "I hear you are looking for a crew to delve the ruins. I've been there, several times. I can help you."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on September 03, 2012, 01:13:02 PM
The goblin smiles with his mouth without a hint creeping into his face or eyes.  His dining companion moves over slightly to make it obvious that the two of them are together and Bronn is on the other side.  Motioning to Sidari he adds, "Bring us some food.  I prefer to discuss business over something to eat.  Since you humans are so limited in your palatable choices, something crunchy will have to suffice."

The other companion has a certain bulk that would lead one to believe that the figure is male.  However, given the hooded cloak, it is hard to tell.  The individual slides further under the wall lantern  His features are mostly hidden in the small pool of shadow beneath the hood while the rest are hidden by the flickering light.

The goblin turns to Bronn and asks, "So, you are certain that you can help me?  I will need you to assemble a team to open and explore a new area of the ruin that has not previous been opened.  I assume that you can handle yourself: you seem large enough.  I want no questions but I'll settle for as few as possible.  What say you?"
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on September 03, 2012, 02:53:11 PM
"Tell me more", Bronn replies.

"I assume the area you speak of lies deeper in the ruins, but you will have to be more specific if you have a certain location in mind. I will also need to know if you are looking for something special, an item or the map of a location; otherwise the crew will just load up as much valuables as we can carry before returning home. I take it you are offering the usual delver's stake, plus outfitting?"

As the food arrives, Bronn adds:"I'm fine with little information, but the delver's stake increases in that case. Higher risk, higher reward."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on September 03, 2012, 05:56:36 PM
The goblin is about to open his mouth when food arrives.  It is morsels of chicken that have been fried in beef renderings.  It is surprisingly good.  The chicken also comes with some old bread and a watery gravy.  The goblin ignores Bronn for a moment while he tears into the food before him.  "Almost as good as my mother's pan seared beetle.  At any rate, where was I?"  He seems to punctuate the question by wiping the grease on his clothes and belching.  "Ah, yes."

He scoots forward in his chair and straightens his back a bit.  "You seem like the intelligent mercenary sort.  And that's exactly what I, um, that's to say, we need."  He glances sideways for a brief moment at his companion.  "As to pay, how does this sound?  You may keep up to nine tenths of what you find - provided you keep your efforts quiet and limited to your team.  Also, we must see everything first.  Further, you are to map, or, if possible, find and bring us a map of the area you explore.  I believe that those terms should be more than adequate."

He now hunches even further over and nearly whispers.  "As you are no doubt aware, the canyon known as Blind Canyon is called such because it doesn't lead to any ruins.  However, I have information that proves the ruins are not only much larger than we have been lead to believe but that a complete new section of them is available for the pickings.  Further, those ruins are accessible through Blind Canyon.  I will provide you with the exact location where you are to start looking.  I will also provide an expert to assist you."

His eyes seem to glitter.  "Are you still interested my friend?"
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on September 03, 2012, 06:11:41 PM
Out of the corner of her eye, Sidari notices that the same barmaid is trying to climb into the guardsman's clothing.  The other barmaid is giving her a cross look but it seems to be created more from jealousy than anger.

After the initial shock of the black ale's strength, Baxton is finding the flavor to be very nice.  Either that, or he is growing more intoxicated.  A few people look his way but none seem that interested in him.  He does notice that a hulking orc and a goblin and a cloaked figure are having a seemingly intense conversation near the wall.  What secrets could be hidden there?
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on September 03, 2012, 08:21:39 PM
Bronn is stunned for a moment. Nine in ten! He had heard of six in ten, or even seven in ten for very dangerous jobs, but nine in ten! And the goblin hadn't even to haggle!

The cloak covers most of Bronn's surprise, but it's still evident in his voice. "Nine in ten... why, I believe I can help you. When do you want us to leave?"

The offer leaves Bronn suspicious. He hasn't been to the Blind Canyon yet, but there are stories about it. Even if it turned out to be a pure scouting job, and nothing of value could be found in these new ruins, they could always pass the rest of the ruins on the way back and look for treasure there. And, anyway, it was a delve. As if anything else really mattered...

Spoiler: show

Invisible Castle hates me right now and won't send me my reset password. Could you roll a knowledge check for me to see what exactly Bronn has heard of the Blind Canyon?

Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on September 04, 2012, 12:20:36 AM
"Sooner is best."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on September 04, 2012, 07:46:37 PM
"Good. It will take me a little bit of time to gather a crew, but we will leave within the next two days."

Bronn rises. "Where shall we meet you upon our return?"

Having received his response, he turns and walks back to his booth. He thoughtfully watches the two men a bit longer, then catches Sidari's eye as she walks past.

"I'm leaving on a delve soon. I talked to your old man, and he's fine with you coming along on a delve some time, but it can't be this one. Sorry, kid. It sounds like it will be too dangerous. Earl would never forgive me if anything happened to you."

As she turns to leave, she can hear him mutter:"I need an entry man. And maybe another sword or two."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on September 04, 2012, 10:25:43 PM
"That sounds most acceptable.  Contacting directly is unlikely to meet with much success; however, I'll leave a letter here with the proprietor under the name of Mr. Johnson for your return.  Follow those instructions and I'll be able to set something up then.  Here is the map and an explanation of what needs to be done in order to enter the ruins.  Finally, there is a gnome by the name of Brindlglib Nibstitch - gods know he's a tiny one - staying here at the inn.  He is the specialist I mentioned earlier.  Has the ability to suss out interesting things.  He'll assist you with vary problems along the way."

The evening begins to press on the Rusty Copper as it always does.  Before the dishes are washed, Sidari notes that the barmaid from earlier is gone - probably with the guardsman this time of night.  The dishes are piling up in the kitchen but otherwise things are fine.

Baxton finds the inn emptying for the night.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on September 05, 2012, 05:23:57 AM
Sidari will glance around the room for Baxton "Bronn is after an entry specialist if you think you qualify?"

She'll then head back to work muttering "too dangerous, It'll always be too dangerous, be stuck here forever minding foolish barmaids."
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Post by: Doublebond on September 06, 2012, 10:26:08 AM
Baxton is still lost in thought worrying over the recent announcements when Sidari arrives at his table to abruptly deliver her query, only to quickly walk after. Jolted to alertness, he looks around in a desperation, confusion, and panic before simply yelping "Yes!"

He then quickly gets up to catch up with Sidari and determine just who in heavens this "Bronn" fellow is.
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Post by: spinningdice on September 06, 2012, 11:07:13 AM
Sidari turns to face the pech, her smile returning after barely a second. She waves over at Bronn, "he's the big fellow over there, would you like an introduction?"
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on September 06, 2012, 12:38:49 PM
As Baxton and Sidari talk a cat can be heard 'singing' for a few moments before someone is heard shouting, "Damnable creature, go away.  Some folk have an honest living to make and your singing won't help us sleep."
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Post by: MikeS on September 06, 2012, 06:38:33 PM
Bronn looks over to Sidari and the halfling trailing behind her. Not much of his face is visible under the travel cloak. Baxton can clearly see the hulking stature, though, more than twice his height, and many times his mass. He is currently not wearing armor, save for a set of vambrace with mean-looking spikes attached to them.

He nods to Sidari: "He someone you think would qualify?"
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Post by: spinningdice on September 06, 2012, 11:44:35 PM
"I get a good sense about him, but you're the professional." states Sidari nonchalantly
Sidari makes a show of returning to work, but hovers around trying see what transpires between Bronn & Baxton.
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Post by: MikeS on September 08, 2012, 10:05:13 AM
Bronn motions for the halfling to take a seat. "Have you ever been on a delve before? No? Hmm... any good with locks? Getting into places?"
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Doublebond on September 08, 2012, 05:35:33 PM
Baxton finally regains composure,
"Well, no. No experience in this field, but I'm not without my talents."

He delivers the final word with a flourish of a knife, the blade almost materializing out of nowhere.
Responding to his second question,

"I'm a private man by nature, Mr. Bronn. Let it suffice to say I am no stranger to matters of locks and doors and things—going where I am not wanted. I've never been in a tomb, but I very well grew up in caverns and caves; I am more at home in the dark than anyplace."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on September 08, 2012, 08:49:25 PM
Bronn sizes up the little man for a moment and says:"It may be very dark where we are going. I need someone who is competent, for sure, but also someone who is brave and dependable. That is what it takes to get everyone back alive. The rewards, however, should be high, too. Interested?"
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Doublebond on September 10, 2012, 04:39:14 AM
"Most definitely. Count me in."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on September 10, 2012, 08:52:11 PM
Bronn shares the details of the delve with Baxton.

The he rises. "We should leave at dawn two days from now. Will you stay at the Copper?"

After hearing Baxton's answer, Bronn retires for the night. He wants to meet this scholar tomorrow, see what he's made of, and then look around town to see if he can add another sword or two to the crew. He'll also make sure the scholar will have what he needs to make a map, and that the group has enough supplies and equipment for an extended stay.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on September 11, 2012, 12:15:23 PM
After all of the goodbyes, good evenings and until tomorrows are said, the inn is quiet.  Earl smiles tiredly at Sidari.  "Darling, I'm almost dead on my feet.  Magdar brings in a good crowd but they stay a little late for my tastes.  At least the coin is good.  Lock up for me?"  With that, he trudges upstairs to collapse on his bed.

The evening passes without incident and everyone who trys gains a restful night's sleep.

The next day brings a light rain in the early, pre-dawn hour with a cloudy but sun lit sky when the true morning arises.  The smell of bread from the bakery wafts through the windows alogn with other more earthy smells from the stables.  Those that only paid for a night in the comon room roll themselves from slumber and make their way out of the inn.  Some few ask if there will be food to break their evening fast.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on September 11, 2012, 12:50:48 PM
Sidari is up before dawn, with the energy of the young, and makes herself useful in the kitchen before helping serve up breakfast to the patrons.
She notably keeps glancing at the stairs for signs of Bronn, Baxter or the enigmatic Brindlglib.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on September 11, 2012, 06:04:30 PM
Bronn will wait for Brindlglib in the main room. He is, however, not very patient, and if Brindlglib isn't there by about 8am, he will try to find out which room Brindlglib is staying in, and then bang on the door.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Doublebond on September 12, 2012, 10:51:43 AM
Baxton will remain asleep well past noon unless disrupted.
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Post by: Catodon on September 13, 2012, 04:00:16 AM
Spoiler: do see him approach? • show

Blend unskilled vs. medium +5
max 15 (1d20+5=19) ( so 15 untrained

Some of you might have not noticed the gnome until he was beside you and speaking. A shade over two feet tall, non-threatening, and naturally quiet on his feet he may go unnoticed despite his bright, clean clothes and snowy white hair and beard. Those of you that do spot him crossing the common room note that he’s not trying to be stealthy.
“Gn. Brindlglib Nibstitch , please to make your acquaintance” he announces his presence to Bron in a clear civil speaking voice  “our mutual business acquaintance gave a good description of you” He smiles broadly, neatly trimmed hair and beard framing emerald green eyes and large expressive features. He seems bright and alert despite it being only about 7am.
The gnome looks about 35, despite the white hair. With his bright green Brocade waistcoat, carved buttons, and crisp white shirt with embroidered details Brindlglib doesn’t look like he’s ready for an adventure. He wears purple tinted gilded glasses and even his sword is slim with a jaunty tassel.
There is a conspicuous bulge under the left breast of his tailored brocade waistcoat.
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Post by: spinningdice on September 13, 2012, 04:18:26 AM
Spoiler: Not much gets past Sidari, but... • show

Notice (or search): 1d20+8=13 (

Sidari jumps when when the gnome seems to appear out of nowhere, she's used to knowing what's going on in the Inn, even when she's not paying attention, so when someone pops up when she's watching is quite startling to her. Naturally she assumes magic must be involved...
Brindlglib may notice her staring, but she leaves him to talk to Bronn before approaching.
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Spoiler: show 1d20+3 = 9

Not to that it will matter, but I think there would be a penalty for a gnome to Blend, rather than Hide, in an establishment that contains no other gnomes...

Bronn grunts as he suddenly becomes aware of the gnome beside him. He musters the little man silently for a while, then cracks a toothy smile. "Even among orcs, I'm hard to miss. So, you are Bringlibl... Brindldldl...  Brin. Have a seat and some breakfast, and tell me a bit more about what our employer wants to find. Or at least what you know about this delve."

Yes, he's sneaky, which will hopefully keep him alive, Bronn thinks. I will have to go and hire some more swords to keep the rest of us alive as well.

Bronn chats some more with the gnome about the delve, and about the supplies that the gnome requires to ply his trade.

Then he will leave the Rusty Copper to see if he can find another sword or two that he can trust, preferably someone he has worked with before. Finally, he will purchase the necessary supplies and let the others know that we will leave early the next day.
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As Bron begins to outline the plan. After a short time Gn. Nibstitch suddenly interrupts “Well, my! You may have to alter your plans there, it will take much longer than two days to complete your instruction. I’d say closer to two months to impart the modicum of cartographic and antiquarian familiarity you will require to make complete and scholarly observations in the field and record them accurately and precisely.”
As he speaks he begins to fiddle, apparently nervously, with whatever it is under his waistcoat.
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Bronn smiles back at the gnome: "That's why you'll come with us, instead of teaching me. Our employer did mention that, did he not?"
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“Well my! And Botherstones! Oh, excuse my language. I mean, I am well prepared for the occasional rigours of the road, but travel into the Wilds, no, no, no.
But, this expedition is pointless without someone of appropriate education.
Can you not delay?
At least tell me that goblin has arranged good protection? Not to impinge on your own sterling reputation, and yes I have heard of you*, but what assurances have been arranged for my well being?”

*Bronn has Adventuring renown 1
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"What would a delay buy you, if you aren't teaching me?"

Bronn sighs. He tries to remember the other scholars, that he's escorted, but mostly remembers their condescending attitudes and how they never wanted him to touch anything, how his copies were never good enough.

"Look, gnome. Only one of us really knows how to read and write, and a month or two won't change that. You probably don't want the clumsy orc to touch any of the sensitive artifacts, right? Leave the safety of the group to me, and you do the brain things. That's as good as a guarantee as you'll get."

Bronn's outburst surprises even himself. He takes a couple of deep breaths, and then says in a much calmer tone: "Look, I just mean... well, you know what I mean. I don't know how scholars work, but delvers don't get any cred with patrons unless they delve. And none of us want to die out there, so we'll be careful. OK?"
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 “Oh my!, please Orc Bronn, I meant no offense. We are both professionals in our own way and, between you and I, we both know how difficult patrons can be to attract and placate. While this is far from my ideal arrangement, I will seek no further compromise now that you, an adventurer of some renown and I judge great potential, have personally guaranteed the safety of all members of this expedition. Indeed, I shall offer my services, as a lowly scribe and scrivener if need be, to ensure this expedition is well prepared.
I shall begin to make good on my offer immediately with two favours. The first, perhaps you have in mind to hire more swords? Or other delving professionals? If this be the case I shall produce bills announcing our situations vacant providing us with the best applicants to select from.
The second... “ he says reaching into his waistcoats and pausing for effect as he withdraws a dagger, but not just any dagger. The weapon is as elegant as it is cruel. The long tapering blade has the wave pattern of watered steel and viewed front-on has two deep groves creating an ‘S’ profile. The weapon looks as though it might puncture plate and leave a deep, open, bleeding wound. Brindlglib flips the dagger over a couple of times to demonstrate its balance. Both the blade and pommel are stamped with the maker’s mark  “This is a small trifle I would like your opinion on, but wait, borrow it for this expedition. Use it, discuss it with your warrior peers. Then if you hold this experiment to be well crafted, and I return unharmed, it will be yours at the journey’s end.
Are you able to make use of my two humble attempts to make amends to misunderstanding and accidental offence?”

Spoiler: a blade elegant & cruel • show

Fame-Bound Dagger
Dagger with: pech, armour piercing,
Dagger 1d6 lethal 19–20 Bleed, hurl AP2 D/1h Hard 2 9D 1.25 lb. Primitive 37.5s
Grants Cheap Shot trick (see page 221)
A long tapered dagger of watered steel with a ‘S’ shaped profile and the marker’s mark of Brindlglib.

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Bronn has calmed down again.

"Worry not, Brin. My temper flares quickly, but I don't hold a grudge. That is a very elegant weapon you hold there, and certainly very functional. I would not take it from you if you do not have a second weapon, for while I strive to keep the crew safe, having a weapon is not a luxury, but a safe guard."

"As to your other offer, I'd prefer to try my contacts first. It is always better to add people you know to your crew. However, if you are willing, I would retain your service for a different task: please draw up a list of the items you require for this delve, so that we can complete our equipment before we go."

Bronn will stay to finish his conversation with the gnome, then head out to the typical watering holes of delving mercenaries and see who of his acquaintances, if any, are available.
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 “Already forgotten Orc. Bronn, I assure you. If anything a little uneven temper is possibly an advantage in your profession. As to the blade, as you can see it is made over-sized for big-folk, I have my sword if the going takes me to hard places, and if needs be I can craft another just like this one I offer you. Please at least take it as a loan, than if at the journey, return it if you wish.
I will provide a complete and annotated list of what I require, by noon. We shall meet here at this fine establishment for luncheon.
Now will you not stay for breakfast? We both will be on trail food soon enough.
Without waiting he slides the dagger across to Bronn's side of the table then looks around for service  “A good size bowl of soup and vegetables if you please?”

Spoiler: show

1s deducted for common meal

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Sidari fetches soup for Nibstitch (& Bronn if he wants), and sits herself down at the table, "Now that you're all introduced and friendly like - perhaps I could make a case to join you? If you need a sword, I can be one, er staff anyway, I'm handy with a lock or a trap, I can sneak around when I need to, and I do what I'm told - when it matters anyway, I'll even cook and fix clothes. You'd be surprised at what I've learned here. Give me a chance, I won't even ask for a share." Sidari is perhaps a little pleading, but is trying to reign herself in from listing every single thing she can do.
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As the morning son continues to rise, the day begins to heat up.  Not uncommon for this time of year, but unexpected given the recent batch of cooler weather.  A sour-faced guard along with one who has a smile from ear to ear come into the Rusty Copper to post yet another notice.  It seems that several locations were burglarized during the evening.

In the back of her mind Sidari notes that the barmaid from last night has not reappeared this morning.

Baxton finds sleep difficult as a cat seems to have chosen his window sill as the site for a concert.  Perhaps it is his imagination but he feels that other cats are taking up the 'song' as well.  Perhaps it's just the alcohol leaving his body, too.

Bron is unable to find willing swords at the first location but has better luck with the second.  A grizzled veteran and his younger assistant or perhaps son seem willingly to work.
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Baxton finally stumbles out of bed in something of a haze, almost tripping on the floor at several points while getting dressed. He just barely avoids falling down the stairs as he enters the main room of the inn. Baxton's never been much the morning person.
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Bronn hires the veteran and his assistant, and tells them to meet him at the Copper at sunrise next morning.

Back at the inn, Bronn has his discussion with Sidari:

"Look, Sidari, swinging a weapon is only part of what a sword does for the crew. They also have to look dangerous, so that other crews and bandits don't want to fight you, and they have to be able to stand in harms way without getting hurt too much. I don't think that's a job for you.

"I'm sure you're great with locks and sneaking. Here, tell you what: I promise I'll take you on the next delve. I already talked to Earl about it, and he was fine with it. I'm not sure about this one. No one's ever been to this area, and it's a lot more dangerous than the better explored regions. I have three swords now, and two people that I have to watch. Two-to-one would be a better ratio, but maybe the Pech will turn out to be of some use in a fight. I don't want to add another person I have to watch, and, like it or not, that's what you'd be."

Bronn will then grab Brin, or at least his list, and will go purchase all required supplies.

Spoiler: show

I assume the patron provides the funds for outfitting the crew.
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Sidari shoots Bronn a dark look, "Fine, I'll get back to work."
Seeing Baxton come downstairs looking bleary eyed and worse for wear she quietly asks him if he'd like breakfast.

Presuming no-one's in need of anything in the bar room she'll try and work out what happened to the missing barmaid (does she have a name?, has Sidari seen the guard before? Does she live in the tavern or does she have accommodation elsewhere?")
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Sidari reflects for a moment and remembers that Sarah is fond of men - especially those on the watch - as she sees them as a shortcut to prosperity.  The guard is a regular but his name escapes her at the moment.  It seems likely that she is still sleeping ... or at least in bed.
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Brindlglib heads out of the inn and purchases 2 sheets of paper
Spoiler: 1s removed for paper • show

running low now 2s left.

Then returns and writes out the list for Bronn:
Spoiler: The list • show

Dear Bronn,

I do not expect that all of these items will be available in this settlement but do your best.
Items required:
   Silver   pounds
Petty cash   10s   
Compass   40   1
Sextant   40   1
Theodolite   ?   
Surveyer’s Wheel   ?   
Firesteel & Tinderbox   8   0.5
Hourglass   15   3
Sundial   15   3
Detailed map of the Blind Canyon and Surrounds   30   0.1
String, one large ball knotted at 1 yard intervals.   ?   ?
Whistle   2   0.1
60 candles all from the same batch mind you   12   1.2
Chalk x10   20   2.5
Ink invisible   10   0.25
Ink Common   2   0.25
Paper 10 Sheafs   5   0.5
5 torches   2   1
Tea (good)   10   0.5
Soothing camomile tea and some nice seed cake (Food comfort)   10   5
Several good pork pies (Food filling)   10   10
Vegetables and fruits if you can get them (food fresh)   15   3
Eggs, bacon, roast beef (food hearty)   10   5
Mule, I cannot possible carry all this nor walk all that way.   100   

That done he sighs a heavily and approaches the proprietor.  “My good man, I must enquire if you have any tasks suitable for a man of my talents? I am skilled with letters and can serve as a scrivener, accountant, bill writer or other similar service. I am also an able carpenter and architect able to perform more pragmatic service if required.
Failing this perhaps you know of someone has need of such services?”

Spoiler: skint • show

The gnome is running very low on silver and is working several angles to solve this problem before nightfall. This is the thing with simulation, the limitations that arise from the approach create little storylines that you don’t get with a more slipshod narrative driven approaches.

Spoiler: dagger • show

So did Bronn take the dagger after all?

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Earl scratches his head for a moment.  "I suppose I could use someone to tally the books for me.  Someone needs to settle the accounts between Magdar and I.  S'pose I could think about other who might have need of those services.  What are your rates good gnome?"
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 "Well, for document preparation I would charge a simple scribes rate of 2s per page. For book work the rate would be similar, to settle the accounts betwwen you and Magdar, a few hours dilligent work and accounting for consumables and like, I would say about 3s. I think you will find these rates reasonable and comparable to that of most scribes.
For carpentry, well I would have to see the job before negotiating a fair rate.
These tasks are of course the least of my talents but my expected means of support has fallen through and lacking accessable funds I find I must fall back on these small skills; it is quite bebothering as you can well imagine."
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Sidari groans inwardly as she heads up to see if Sarah's in her bed, or if she's going to have to track down where this guard lives.
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Earl smiles (or is it a smirk) as Brindlglib expalins how he considers the work beneath his dignity.  "Well, Master Gnome, I would be appreciative if you could start the book keeping right away.  I'll show you to the book room.  Don't bother trying to visit Magdar until after noon.  He is rarely up before then and if he is, he is less than agreeable.  Then, I think I know a few people who wouldn't mind some carpentry work done."

The book room turn out to be a small desk in the storage room.  Various ales are aging in barrles while some roots are drying.  Bridlglib finds the space clean and free of pests and dust if not exactly roomy.

Sidari climbs the stairs and reaches the small common room reserved for the two barmaids.  Sarah is not present; in fact, her bed doesn't look slept in.  On her way down the stairs Sidari bumps into Gwen who gives her a 'what can you do' look.  "If I see her, I'll let you know, ma'am."
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Not knowing where Sarah has vanished to, Sidari takes the opportunity to pack a few things together in case she gets the opportunity to follow the group.
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Brindlglib works dilligently on the accounts and is ready to present them to Magdar that afternoon.
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Having purchased all of the supplies, Bronn heads back to the Copper and will spend the rest of the day preparing his gear and packing up the supplies. He now has a team of five swords and two specialists, and is reasonably happy with the composition.

He will also make sure that everybody knows that the crew is leaving tomorrow at dawn.
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Brindlglib follows the directions given and reaches a ramshackle building at the end of an alley.  The building is at least two stories tall.  Magdar's mark is on the doors but no one answers when he knocks.  After a few more tries, the door opens and a half crazed Magdar motions him in.  "Creating, now.  Drop papers there."  He motions vaguely toward a table.  The area is covered with mixing vats, settling tanks and smells of alcohol.  However, the smell is not the sour stench of poor hygiene but the pungent scent of fermentation.  There is chemical grade glassware scattered about and all in use.  Magdar is now hunched over a small set of beakers adding minute amounts of various ingredients.  Finally he looks up from his work and then down to Brindlglib.  "Ah.  There you are.  Master Gnome, please try this."  He offers a small cup that fits nicely into Brindlglib's hand.  He waits for his response.

Spoiler: show

Crafting Check - 5 (It's horrible.)


The day passes quickly and the team find themselves back at the inn for a quick meal.  The fire is burning low and the patrons are smiling.  There are fewer of them this evening but nonetheless, it is a good crowd.  Sarah has returned from her earlier absence but doesn't seem willing to speak of it.  However, she has a bright smile and a spring in her step.

Assuming that all business is concluded, the next morning comes too early for comfort.
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Before evening concludes Sidari tries to have a quick word with Gwen, Sarah and anyone else she thinks relevant and let them know she's planning on going away for a little while (not calling a meeting, just trying to have quiet words as they pass.
She'll leave speaking to her father until the last moment, last thing she wants is to give him chance to talk to Bronn before she leaves...
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b]Brindlglib[/b] tentatively crosses the threshold and places the papers as he is told. Initially, his hand strays to his slim little sword but on seeing such a collection of glassware the sword is forgotten as he peers about tracing the paths of vapours and liquids through the transparent mazes. He is startled from his reverie when Magdar speaks; he takes the cup without thinking. Raising it toward his mouth he catches a whiff of the terrible alcoholic reek of the contents Now I’m in a pickle he thinks in a flashbest get it over with fast. The little gnome throws back the ‘drink’ and immediately grimaces and stamps his foot “thundersticks!” he exclaims. Then quick-thinking as ever “My my, that is a powerful drop, much more potent than my usual tipple, oh yes, and not quite enough salt. Of course I’m more used to gnomish brews or human ciders with a little salt added. If ever you wanted to sell to gnomes, please seek my services as a consultant.”

Spoiler: bluff • show
Does he hide his disgust from Magdar?
1d20+6=15 (
probably not

“Mind if I look over your set up until you are ready to deal with the papers” says the gnome looking around at the glassware and vats.
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Sidari is able to assemble her belongings without any trouble or fuss.  Sarah is completely unrepentant for not being present when the Rusty Copper was opened this morning.  When Sidari asks where she was, she simply says, "I'm going to snare this one.  Just you watch.  Then, I'll be the wife of a guardsman while you waste your youth and what little beauty you have on this place." 

Gwen makes a point to tell Sidari that she doesn't feel the same way.  She then confides that she harbors the dream of running off with Nathaniel, the apprentice blacksmith.

The rest of the evening passes uneventfully.  Earl is cleaning the bar during a quiet spell.


Magdar frowns at the gnome's words.  "Well, good.  I was afraid I'd put in too much ground beetle.  Still something about the after-taste is not quite right."  He grabs a bit of cloth and rubs down h is hands before picking up the stack of papers.  "I assume you are here to discuss books from one of my clients.  Whom do you work for, sir?"

After hearing his reply, Magdar continues, "Excellent.  Let's review the pages."  He does so with a little difficulty but ultimately announces that he is satisfied with the work and gives praise to the hand that penned them.  "Unless you have instructions otherwise, I'll have my boys bring over Earl's order and he can pay them ... or, perhaps he would like it as credit for more ale?"  He glances down at the gnome.

Spoiler: show

Does Magdar notice Bridlglib's look of disgust at his newest creation?
Notice Roll: 1d20+8 = 10 (
Apparently, not.
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Sidari smiles somewhat wearily at Sarah, "just don't get burned, okay, and keep an eye on my father while I'm away." - what right does Sidari have to challenge the hopes of others, when she's busy dreaming of a life of adventure?

Assuming Bronn isn't around the bar at the time...
"Father, I'm going away for a little bit, I understand Bronn's already spoken to you? I'll be careful I promise, and I'll be back before you notice I'm gone." She's skirting around the truth a little, but she's a good girl at heart and doesn't want to outright lie if she can help it.
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Sarah seems somewhat surprised that Sidari didn't rise to the insult but smiles anyway.

Earl nods and in his not quite tender fatherly voice adds, "Be careful, darling."
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“I think it we best stay with silver this time, unfortunately I’m not authorised to negotiate alternative remuneration” Brindlglib replies to Magdar’s question with a smile.
“Would you mind, if I pay you a visit sometime to discuss glassware and distillation? I am an artisan and these topics are of interest.”
After saying his goodbyes Brindlglib steps briskly along leaving the distillery behind and heading the inn to inform Earl that the paperwork is all done and get a hot meal. From there he trots home before nightfall. Once in his workshop he checks the locks and retires to his little residence above reads by lamplight a while and eventually falls into a fitful sleep full of dreams of terrible ends among the wild ruins.
Spoiler: show
 1s deducted for common meal

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The frown on his face is rather easy to sort: Magdar would have liked to sell more ale.  Nonetheless, he makes his mark on the papers and presents them back to Brindlglib.  Eying the gnome he adds, "Not sure if I need an assistant and secrets in the brewer trade are worth many sacks full of silver.  I'll think on it, Master Gnome."


The morning arrive soon enough and any who tried get a good night's sleep.  There is breakfast available for those interested.  There is a thin gruel and bread as the basic meal though those that want more can purchase a few slices of salted ham and have a few boiled eggs to compliment the other fare.

The still rising sun is slightly obscured behind a thin wisp of clouds.  It would appear that the light rains of the past few days are gone and that the day will give way to clearer skies before long.  The queue to leave the city is so short as to be non-existent this morning.

The two sell-swords introduce themselves.  The older introduces himself simply as Ronan Koehrond while the younger takes a more dramatic flourish and names himself, "I am Lief, nephew to Ronan here."

Sidari notes that Sarah eye's are smoldering as she looks a Lief.
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Bronn is dressed in a darkened, well-worn chain mail and carries a vicious-looking flail. He also carries a pistol visibly on his hip, giving the overall impression that here is someone not to be trifled with.

He is leading two mules with the crew's equipment and supplies.

"Right, then. We've got two weeks of travel ahead of us. The first week is pretty easy, and there will be ample opportunity stay at inns. The second week will be a bit rougher. No more civilized niceties, no more roads, potentially wild animal attacks. One of us fighters will always travel in front, one in the back, and one in the middle with our little folk and the mules.

Don't tell anyone where we are going, be wary, and keep your eyes peeled. Wild beasts are one problem, but on the way to the ruins, it's more likely men that will cause us trouble."

Bronn takes one more look over the group to make sure that everyone is ready, and then leads the crew out of town.
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As the group reaches the gate, the guard on duty nods.  "Delving crew going out," he proclaims to the record keeper.  He notes the pistol on Bronn's hip and quietly asks, "You have a permit for that?  Never you mind about it.  Just keep your crew safe.  If that blasted rule hadn't been in place my little brother might still be alive.  Just remember to stow it when you come back.  My shift is almost over."

The guard nods at Baxton as they pass through the gate.  The sharp turn afterward places them on the bridge over the river.  The road beyond is open and well traveled.

One of the sell swords begins humming a pub tune.
Spoiler: show

Baxton - Blend
d20 + 2 + 2 = 14 (

Guard - Notice
d20 + 6 = 14 (

He noticed Baxton but had no reason to suspect him of anything.
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Brindlglib is whistling a jaunty tune as he passes through the gates and smiles broadly at the guard from behind his tinted spectacles. In his emerald green brocade waistcoat with shiny carved buttons and scarlet traveller’s cloak, not to mention his size and snowy white hair he is quite memorable.
At little way beyond the gate though he stops whistling and looks around a little nervously.
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Baxton is not entirely comfortable being out in the open in broad daylight, and seems to keep his cloak close about him, refusing to show much of any part of his appearance. He'd probably wear the hood too were it not more likely to draw attention rather than discourage.

He walks steadily with the group, giving off a sense of slight uncertainty and stressed caution that most will likely attribute to this being his first delving. But in reality, he's rather conflicted about heading out into the countryside. He grew up out in the mountains of the spine, but the city is where he's since found his home. The rural parts of the world feel all-to-familiar to him, yet ever so alien despite.
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Sidari wears a simple travelling outfit, though with a heavy pack, and blends in among other travellers, she's trying to keep a bit of distance from Bronn and the others, hopefully if she can tail them until they leave civilisation it will be too late to send her back.
She gets nervous as she approaches the guards, but chides herself for being silly, it's not as if it's the first time she's left the city...
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Bronn nods his thanks to the guard, then looks down the gnome and says: "Don't worry, Brin. The world outside of the city is not any more hostile than the inside. I will warn you when things get a bit more dangerous."
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The portents of dawn are proven out over the course of the day.  The skies clear and the sun beats down the assembled group.  Though not hot, it is warmer than normal for this time of year.  The roads become more traveled as the day wears on with most of the traffic heading into the city.  As they pass, several shout encouragement along with a few taunts to the seemingly obvious delving crew.  As night approaches, there is an inn nearby.
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Post by: Catodon on October 02, 2012, 02:25:37 AM
As the sunny day proceeds without any sign of bandits or wild wolves Brindlglib eventually heeds Bron’s advice and taes up humming his jaunty tune again, though those who watch him will no-doubt find him watching back even relaxed the gnomes eyes dart about taking in everything.
As they round the corner and sight the Inn Brindlgilb again approaches Bron “ Just a couple of questions... you see I didn’t bring much of my silver, what with the bebothering brigands and such, and in all likely hood will find myself short soon enough if I must rely on what I have on my person”  he begins nodding toward the inn.  “You did manage to procure the few consumables on my list? I was also assuming that there would be a central fund, secure in a great iron-bound trunk or the like, that would cover our accommodation and incidentals. You are big folk after all. Please tell me, that there is such a fund?  Or I should find myself in embarrassment before too long” [colour]

Spoiler: show

As a player I’d be very surprised indeed if such a fund existed and if the provisions requested by the gnome were covered by the budget. For reference the food on the gnome’s list is given again below:
Tea (good)   10   0.5
Soothing camomile tea and some nice seed cake (Food comfort)   10   5
Several good pork pies (Food filling)   10   10
Vegetables and fruits if you can get them (food fresh)   15   3
Eggs, bacon, roast beef (food hearty)   10   5

Also a mule was on Brindlglib’s list, again I would be surprised if our patron provided one.

Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on October 02, 2012, 07:57:04 PM
"Hur hur", Bronn laughs loudly at the gnome's remark.

"Fear not, Master Gnome. The patrons usually provide well enough for their delving crews, even though in some cases "well enough" means "an almost leak-tight roof over the head, and thin gruel in your belly. There is indeed a petty cash stock, but you will be disappointed to hear that it does not fill a large, ironbound chest."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on October 02, 2012, 10:27:58 PM
The innkeeper recognizes Bronn from previous delves.  The pot-bellied dwarf smiles warmly but keeping true to form, never speaks.  The fire is burning and the inn is busy.  It seems unlikely that private rooms will be available.

There is the sound of pig crackling on the fire in the kitchen and the smell of a hearty porridge.

The ale is plentiful and more than one person is sampling a new black ale from Riverton.  The mark on the barrels is familiar: crossed scimitars with a skull floating above them.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on October 07, 2012, 03:13:37 PM
The next day passes without incident.  The group passes another group of delvers; however, they are downcast and somber.  Their wagon holds a simple wooden box covered by a bright blue cloth.  As night draws close, the group finds a public house with a sparsely populated common room and an owner with no qualms about bedding down delvers, "provided you drink a bit before turning in.  Maybe order up some kidney pie."

Sidari finds no inn here in this simple settlement.  She hunts for and finds an abandoned barn with what appears be hay from a few seasons back.  It is starting to get rather dusty, there are mold spots near the holes in the roof and something keeps scurrying about.  As she is drinking off to sleep she thinks the rat must be a big one then she is grabbed from behind by someone reeking of alcohol.  "What have we got 'ere?  Some little mouse away from her hole?  Perhaps I'll keep you as a pet.  You'd like that wouldn't you?"  He then tries to wrestle her to the ground.

Spoiler: show

Sidari's random chance for something. (

Drunken Brute is being very quiet apparently. (

Sidari doesn't hear him coming. (

Drunken Brute's grapple check doesn't go so well: 3 (
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on October 08, 2012, 04:12:35 PM
Sidari panics a moment before realising he's just a drunk - and she's handled them before... though admittedly before she's always been just a shout away from someone to lend a hand.
Spoiler: show

Not entirely sure if they're grappled already or not? I'm assuming he failed the grapple to grab?, in which case she'll scramble to my feet and grab for her staff.
If Sidari is grappled then it's s case of trying to squirm free (which doesn't go so well: 1d20+3=4 (

"I've knocked men like you out cold for trying to pet me, I suggest you back off."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on October 08, 2012, 08:33:16 PM
The drunk seems surprised that Sidari escaped his grasp.  Now that she is on her feet and armed he seems to take stock of the situation.  "Oh, you want to play?  Let's play."  He draws his knife and slashes at her.

It feels like it bites somewhere.

Spoiler: show

Successful attack: 16 vs 13. (
Knife for a total of 6. (
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on October 09, 2012, 07:33:28 AM
Sidari "Really? I wanted a rest - not a dance." She doesn't wait for a reply, but darts in with her staff.
Spoiler: show

Trip Attempt 1d20+6+3=27 ( (Actually realised I get a further +2 for the staff as well)
Guessing that's a success, so following up with a disarm attempt to send the dagger away
1d20+3=17 (
Hmm, Allegedly I get +16 to that check, because it's +4 per size category of weapon and an extra +4 for my weapon being 2 handed!

"Get back up and I'm going to start hurting you."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on October 09, 2012, 08:46:53 PM
The drunk has a completely surprised look on his face as he tumbles to the ground.  When the knife goes flying out of his hand he grows furious.  "I will kill you!"

He gets up and tries a wild haymaker but misses.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on October 10, 2012, 11:01:44 AM
"Back down you go." Sidari scowls,  as he sprawls to the floor she jabs her staff between his legs. "Now I suggest you leave before I start striking higher up."

Spoiler: show

Trip Attempt (1d20+6+2=14) (
Threaten (1d20+2=11) (
Stress Damage (1d6=5) (
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Post by: ludomastro on October 11, 2012, 07:51:05 PM
The old drunk looks up at Sidari with hate in his eyes and venom in his voice.  "I'll get you, she-wolf.  We'll see who's laughing when I've got the collar 'round your neck."

Sidari gets the distinct impression that were he not drunk, this old codger would be more of a challenge.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on October 12, 2012, 07:59:43 AM
Sidari smiles,"you'll not find it easy to collar me, and nor keep it there if you do." she takes a step away, hoping he's given up the fight for now.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on October 12, 2012, 05:10:08 PM
He walks backwards through the door of the barn and then turns and runs.  "You'll burn, you bitch!"

Spoiler: show

Does Sidari stay in the barn?
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on October 13, 2012, 02:14:25 AM
No, she grabs her things and gets out. If there is also alternative way out, she'll take that. Otherwise she'll follow him out the main entrance.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on October 13, 2012, 10:14:11 AM
Sidari finds a quiet clearing with a dense canopy where she can safely bed down.

Bronn, Brindlglib and Baxton are just about to settle in to their chosen piece of real estate on the floor when an obviously distraught man bursts through the door screaming.  "There's a witch in the village!  A witch in old man Jorel's barn.  She threatened me and is planning on call down demons on us all!"

The portly way station keeper looks at him.  "John, have you been drinking again?"

"No.  She's a witch I tell you."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Catodon on October 13, 2012, 03:56:46 PM
Instinctively Brindlgilb freezes in the quiet corner of the room where he has been knotting his string.

Spoiler: blend • show

blend (1d20+5=12) (
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Doublebond on October 13, 2012, 05:24:50 PM
Baxton stops juggling and gives his full attention to the observer.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on October 15, 2012, 12:50:16 AM
"Yeah, smells like you've been drinking again.  Quit telling wolf stories, old man."

Just then another man bursts in.  "There are witches about!  I found dead cows out by the old Jorel place."

John, the drunk, smirks at the keeper before saying, "I know where one of them is!  A woman dressed like a man and carrying a stick.  She was in the barn."

Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on October 15, 2012, 07:23:27 AM
Bronn rises, still fully dressed in armor.

He's lived on the fringes of society for long enough to know that claims like these must be nipped in the bud. There either is a witch about, in which case she must be stopped quickly, or someone is being set up, in which case it is important that the problem is addressed before a mob can form.

"Lief, Ronan, with me. We will have a look at this "witch". Lead on, John."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on October 15, 2012, 08:45:30 PM
John sneers at the inn keeper before hustling out the door.  He runs  - staggers really - toward a dilapidated barn near the edge of this small settlement.  As he dashes inside, the group can see the light from his lantern swinging back and forth.

"She was just here!  Brazen as brass.  We're too late, though.  She's moved on."

The other concerned citizens asks for the group to investigate the cattle.  The beasts are torn to pieces with indiscriminate organs removed or shredded.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on October 15, 2012, 09:45:33 PM
The whole situation strikes a raw nerve with Bronn.

There are a lot more orphans and other unfortunate strays than there are witches - or demons. And usually, those who rat them out attempt to milk them for what they're worth, and then rat them out anyway.

Bronn knows how that feels. Fifteen to twenty years ago, that was him.

"Lucky for you we didn't find her, John", he snarls at the back of the man in the barn, quietly enough that John doesn't her him, but with a fierceness that makes the people around him take a step back.

Temper, Bronn, temper, Bronn thinks to himself, I'm lucky it's dark and I'm still wearing the cloak. My eyes are probably red through and through right now.

"Alright, men, let's go have a look at the cows", Bronn calls to the others. He will count the number of dead cows, look at their wounds and try to figure out if it was claw, sword, or knife that caused them.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on October 16, 2012, 01:00:25 PM
As soon as Bronn arrives at the carcasses, he is instantly able to determine that the two cows were not ritually sacrificed.  These animals were devourved - at least partially - by wild animals.  And large ones at that.

John is still ranting about how the witch needs to be caught.  "She was wearing men's trousers and had a staff - you know all those witchy types have staffs, right?  Yeah, so she had short dark hair that was curly on the ends.  She had those demonic green eyes and pale, white skin.  She was short.  She's the cause of all this, I'm telling ya.  She threadtened me.  Uh, threatened to curse me and make me her pet."

Menwhile, back at the inn ...

"Excuse me Good Gnome," the portly proprietor addresses Brindlglib.  "May I ask what you are doing?  The string seems too thin to support your weight, though you appear quite light and the knots are spaced so far apart, I doubt it is for climbing."  He then glances around for Baxton as if assuring himself that he is still present.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on October 16, 2012, 06:22:54 PM
"Alright, John, how about a nice long shut-up? I can threaten you, too, if that helps, but I won't curse you. Instead I'm going to take this here fist and shove it up your arse until I can wave out of your mouth."

Spoiler: show

<a href="">1d20+5=14</a>

Not very impressive, unless there are modifiers I'm unaware of.

"I need a bit more light. These wounds were caused by a large animal, possibly more than one. Maybe I can get a better look at their tracks."

Bronn will look over the area to see if there are any discernible tracks that tell him where the beasts went, and maybe how many there were.

Spoiler: show

Tracking (Survival)
<a href="">1d20+2=10</a>
set to 21 by the Stalker class ability.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Doublebond on October 16, 2012, 06:52:57 PM
Since the group's departure Baxton has retired next to Brindlglib. His initial anxieties from being far from the city of along since been replaced with simple boredom at the rural environment. If anything, he is more anxious to get in trouble than to avoid it. So it is that he can't help but think he made the wrong choice in staying at the inn—the safer choice, perhaps, but certainly the less interesting. Brindlglib at least strikes Baxton as a man of learning—albeit and eccentric one—so he waits for him to finish his initial exchange with the proprietor, and queries the inventor:

"Nibstitch, what do you think of the hubub back there? Could there really be a witch in town?"
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Catodon on October 17, 2012, 08:44:52 PM
Brindlglib looks up from his work with the string but his nimble hands continue with the current knot.  “From your query I gather you are unfamiliar with the cartographic arts. I would be happy to elaborate at great length on this fascinating topic. If you can spare sufficient time that is? This my good proprietor is a surveyor’s line, or at least it will be. The knots at regular intervals can be used to accurately quantify distance and are part of a selection of simple tools that can be used to produce cartographic charts, not mere maps mind you, of exceptional precision and accuracy. A variant of this simple device is used to determine the velocity of a ship under sail…
To a casual observer it seems the little man is able to breathe while speaking, perhaps through his ears?
 “… you see for want of a cartographic chart, that is to say a precise map, general Ruroch’s campaign against the Gnomes of the Grey Mountains was waylaid, you see with winter coming on the general was seeking a particular pass…”
If Baxton is waiting for the gnome to stop speaking it may be a while.
Spoiler: show

Impress with a variety of interesting facts and trivia (1d20+6=16) (

Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on October 18, 2012, 12:10:48 PM
The proprietor seems suitably impressed by the information produced by the little gnome.  "Good, sir, would that I had the time to listen to a more in depth explanation of these arts; however, I must attend to some things around here.  Do you fancy good cheese?  I have a block in the cellar that I'll slice off for you when I return.  Perhaps a draught of this new black ale from Riverton?"

With that, he disappears outside leaving Baxton and Bridlglib alone.


Bronn is quickly able to determine that the animals involved were very large felines.  At least two of them, one male and one female.  For some reason the idea of two large cats is tickling the back of his memory but he can't quite recall why this should be important.

John is standing slack jawed eyeing Bronn suspiciously.


Sidari finds the clearing in the woods comfortable but can't shake the feeling that she is being watched; however, she hasn't noticed anything.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Catodon on October 18, 2012, 12:43:49 PM
Brinndlglib smiles back "  As a businessman myself I understand, perhaps another time. Yes a little chese and ale would not go astray, in your own time though, and perhaps a little salt?"
Baxton finally is able his question to which the gnome replies "Witches are well beyond my areas of expertise but, bearing in mind that caveat, it is more probable that the old fool came across a vagrant, there are too many of those among humans nowadays, as for the cow all manner of beasts can come down from the hills."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on October 18, 2012, 06:04:25 PM
Bronn addresses the crowd:"People of {insert name of little hamlet here}! It looks like your cows were attacked by large cats, at least two. They might still be in the area, so don't go out alone in the dark, and if you have stables, put your cows inside at night."

"You should probably hire a hunter as soon as possible to rid yourself of the beasts. For tonight, I can offer you to follow the tracks to the edge of the village to make sure they are no longer here."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on October 19, 2012, 12:58:48 AM
Sidari wakes herself up a bit and takes a few minutes to search around.
"probably just the stars watching, not used to sleeping outdoors. " still, I she pokes any suspicious undergrowth or rocks with her staff.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Doublebond on October 22, 2012, 02:25:43 PM
Baxton's presses Bridlglib

"That may be the case, but either way I suspect things are shortly going to be getting very interesting. How's about we have a look around the town?"
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Catodon on October 23, 2012, 02:04:30 AM
 "Outside? In the DARK! With wild beasts likely to be roaming about. Prudence forbids it. But don't let me stop you, I know how you big folk like to rush into danger for the thrill of it or some such poppycock, when folk of more sensible size, and temperament, stay in thier burrows, or in this case an inn, comfortable with a nice warm salty mug of ale."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on October 23, 2012, 12:11:40 PM
The tracks lead to the edge of the woods where Bronn is able to get a good look at the tracks.  He is now certain that there are two felines: one male, one female.  They are most like part of a mated pair.

The sell swords look tired and the villagers look anxious.


After poking and prodding the bushes for a while, Sidari doesn't turn up anything.  The nagging feeling has subsided.


The proprietor returns with ale and cheese and a very small twist of salt.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Catodon on October 24, 2012, 02:25:22 AM
As if to clinch his argument for staying inside in the warm Gn. Nibstitch empties the salt into his ale with a lttle florish, takes a draft of the dark fluid and lets out a content sigh.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on October 24, 2012, 11:34:36 PM
After the relative excitement of the first stop, the group finds itself settling into a rhythm.  Break the nightly fast, travel until noon, eat a small lunch and travel until reaching the next inn.  It seems obvious on reflection that the settlements grew up in relation to the delving trade with one exception.  The city of Voaz on the Sipsey swamp is the last trace of civilization before venturing out into the wild lands near the ruins.  Though nowhere near as large as Riverton, Voaz serves as the city of last chances on the road to the Ruins.  It is considerably more lawless than Thorn would like but far more resilient to corruption when compared to Riverton.  Though a river passage is rumored to exist, few are either brave or stupid enough to travels it.  It is said to pass through a demon infested section of the swamp.  Perhaps it is true but, perhaps it isn't.  Either way, the only ones who seem interested in traveling it are those smuggling goods (and occasionally services). 

In all cases, Voaz serves as a terminal for those coming back from or heading to the Ruins.  Forgotten supplies can be purchased here - for a significant mark up - and excess supplies can be sold - a steep discounts.

Bronn knows all too well that this small city will hold the last beds for some time.
Baxton can see opportunities to pilfer coin and test his skills here.  The thought of punishment only vaguely crosses his mind.
Brindlglib's mind reels at the absolute lack of planning evident here.  The roads are all wrong and he simply knows that the sewer system is defective.
Sidari realizes that she will need to follow Bronn and the others or risk loosing herself in the warren of people here.  The feeling of being watched returns.

Ronan smiles and declares, "I'll be down at The Drunken Bear if any of you care to join me."  He nods at Bronn.  "Tell me where and when to meet back up with you."

Lief merely smiles and says, "I'd simply be happy to know where I can find a companion for the evening.  I don't see many women delving with this group."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on October 25, 2012, 10:04:28 PM
Before everybody splits up, Bronn takes everybody to his choice of the inn for the night, the Roaring Demon. It is not the savoriest of locales, but it is a delver location, and usually everybody in the inn is serious and well-armed enough that fights rarely break out and theft is almost unheard of. Bronn has stayed here several times before, always without incident.

He will then encourage everybody to have some fun tonight, but stick to your limits, since we will leave early in the morning, and from here on out it's the wilderness, where everybody will need to keep their wits, and there is no time for hangovers. He will also talk at length about prophylactics, eyeing Lief during his monologue, and ending his talk with a sentence on the inconvenience of rashes or worse in certain areas while on the trek.

"Watch your purses and your surroundings. There are many here who would steal from or rob a hapless visitor. Seems like Ronan has been here before and can take care of himself. I'm going to stay at the Demon this evening, and any of the small folk who wants should feel free to join me."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on October 26, 2012, 01:11:45 PM
Sidari decides that she's gone far enough, that Bronn won't escort her back this far, neither will he abandon her here (perhaps she has a little too much faith him?), but she's a little too proud to just to go see him.
With this mind she heads to the Roaring Demon and tries to get a room. She'll try to remain out of Bronn's sight for now, but won't be actively hiding.  She's also well versed with the kind of clientèle at these places and will keep the majority of her money well out the way and be on guard for pickpockets (and other kinds of wandering hands...)
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on October 27, 2012, 02:19:26 PM
Ronan smiles broadly and slaps Lief on the back.  "Look at that boy, an orc who missed his calling as a nurse maid."
Lief grins widely before adding, "I already have a mother, thank you, sir."  However, unlike Ronan, the smile never reaches his eyes.
"But still boy, he's right about those rashes."

With that, the two of them turn off towards a well rutted road.  As they drop out of sight, Ronan can be heard to say, "You want to look up The Milkmaid's Barn if you crave companionship - clean, reasonably priced and mostly free of thieves."

The Roaring Demon is as Bronn remembers it.  The smell of fresh sawdust on the floor mingles with the smell of roasting pig.  The proprietor - an older human woman - is practically dancing through the open kitchen with the tools of her trade.  A small pair of skillets hang off her belt.  Bronn remembers what they did to the last fool who tried to push her too far.  The place is mostly full this evening but the crowd is obviously arriving from the ruins as their hair is still wet.  Bianca has a strict wash before you enter policy for those returning from the ruins and few chance her wrath for bringing "mud, stink and filth" into her establishment.


Sidari enters the Demon and quickly finds her wits full with wandering hands.  After establishing that she isn't interested she is allowed to pass.  The bar reminds her of home and her father.  The girls are moving platters full of food and it smells wonderful.  Her father's food is good but more of a standard fare.  This woman is selling a touch of her soul with anything that leaves her kitchen.  It makes her stomach rumble.  Not from hunger so much as anticipation.  When she finally reaches a low table affording a good view of the room, she is joined almost immediately by a tall, thin man coming through a door at the back.

"Isn't Bianca going to yell at you for taking a break while the other girls work?"  He raises a quizzical eyebrow in her directions before sitting across from her.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Doublebond on October 27, 2012, 09:43:42 PM
Baxton is eager to head out and explore the town, but the necklace that brought him out here in the first place has weighed on his mind enough. He'll go down to the main room of the inn and order a drink, and mull over possible options for how to dispose of the necklace.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on October 28, 2012, 10:40:44 AM
Sidari eyes the man quizzically back. "I'm not staff, I'm just passing through."
Meanwhile she orders herself food and drink,
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on October 28, 2012, 05:08:22 PM
Baxton finds the common room crowded and noisy.  There is food flowing from one side of the room to the other.  He notices a group of Pech gathered around a low table off in an elevated corner.  They seem to be enjoying themselves.

Her temporary companion smiles and adds an ale to her order.  Glancing back at Sidari he adds, "I hope that wasn't too forward.  I'm more than able to pay for my own food but it seemed cruel to ask ... the staff ... to come back over here given the crush of people."  He glances at Sidari again but the look is not one of lust but of observation.  "You are obviously familiar with the inn and tavern trade.  And, given that you are eager to separate yourself from the help added to your 'just passing through' comment, I'd say that you have recently left the employ of an inn-keeper in Riverton.  You have been sleeping out of doors recently so I'd wager you are either part of group low on funds or are not part of an official group.  In either case, you have the look of someone itching to embark on her first delve.  Thus, I would deduce that you have been sleeping out of doors to surreptitiously join a delve in progress.  A lover perhaps?  However, and I'm sure I don't have to emphasize this, it is none of my business.  On the other hand, if you are truly passing through, perhaps I could interest you in traveling with me?"

As he finishes his statement, the ale arrives.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Doublebond on October 28, 2012, 09:17:38 PM
Baxton will look for anyone particularly distracted and attempt to plant the necklace on their person without drawing attention. Someone out of the way, preferably.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on October 28, 2012, 09:35:42 PM
Bronn flashes a smile back at Lief, but it likewise doesn't reach his eyes.

"Until this delve is over, you've picked up a second mother. We all go into the ruins, and we all come out. I want to know I can depend on each one of you when shit gets real." He shrugs. "When we come back here, you can do whatever you please."

"Have fun at the Bear, and, aye, the Maid."

With that, Bronn withdraws to a quiet corner of the Demon and enjoys a hearty warm meal and a quiet brew. He'd fancy a lady himself, but his... ah... features see to it that he spends most of his time alone. It wouldn't do for someone to find out that the spikes aren't actually a part of his vambraces.

He will listen to the latest news from the ruins, such as is available.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on October 29, 2012, 01:43:00 AM
Sidari sips her ale and watches the stranger a moment. "Sidari", she says, offering her hand with a smile. "So rather than me guessing who you are, perhaps you can introduce yourself."

Spoiler: show

Sense Motive (1d20+6=19) ( (or you can ro-roll if you'd rather it was a secret roll)
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Post by: ludomastro on October 29, 2012, 10:28:59 PM
An orc waitress that has offered Bronn her bed on at least one occasion brings him the house special and an ale.  The ale is less satisfying that Magdar's brew but neither is it a bad compliment to the stew.  "If you want news, I'd slide up to those Pech sitting over there.  They seem to have come back with some interesting news from their recent delve.  Something about animated metal suits or some such."  Bronn knows that she is acting far below her intelligence.

Baxton notes a man deep in his cups; however, his friends keep checking on him.

The pale haired man smiles and says, "Sidari.  A very nice name.  I am named Brila Hararo el la Ileksbosko.  In this tongue, it would be Bright Hair from the Holly Grove, though I think such a direct translation might lose some meaning.  I was once told by a beautiful woman my name is like a work of Art.  I believe her family name was Doyle .... Perhaps Art Doyle for something more pronounceable?"  He seems at ease and pleased with himself.  "Please, tell me if any of my deductions were correct."

Spoiler: show

@ MikeS
Shall I assume that Bronn will follow up on the tip?

@ spinningdice
He's out to impress Sidari.  He doesn't appear to be hiding it.

@ theManUnknown
So, to be clear, Baxton is looking to plant the necklace on someone else so it becomes their problem?  I was confused because I thought he wanted a fence for it.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on October 30, 2012, 05:31:21 AM
Sidari smiles and blushes slightly, and sees no harm in answering a few questions. "Okay, I work in a Tavern in Riverton, but I've burned no bridges there and intend to return. I'm following a Delve, though as sweet as they are, I number no lovers among them, and evidently I'm a lot easier to read than I thought I was."
Her eyes study his face for a moment.
"Now Brila Hararo el la Ileksbosko, do you make a habit of approaching young women travelling alone - or am I special?"
Spoiler: show

Sidari is proficient in Catela, Andori, Heraro, Degral (Dida Dialect), so I'm assuming she can pronounce his name without stumbling...
She's also trying to suppress the need to go and fix her appearance, since it's just been pointed out she looks  like she's spent a night outside...
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on October 30, 2012, 07:22:22 AM
Bronn nods his thanks and gives her a generous tip, then moves closer to the group in question.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on October 30, 2012, 12:28:54 PM
"Art's" face lights up as Sidari pronounces his name.  "Excellent!  I meet so few anymore who can properly pronounce my name.  Do you speak Najafo?"  [Najafo]  "Vi estas bela virino."

"As to you being 'easy to read.'  You must understand that all of us are an open book.  I noted that your shoes have dirt from the road apon them.  Thus I can easily deduce that you've been traveling.  You have minor cuts on your arms and a small tear on your cloak indicating that you went through either brambles or a thicket.  Thus, putting the two together, I conclude you have slept out doors.  You are in a known delver tavern but are not wet.  Thus, you are arriving for a delve and not returning from one.  As to my deduction that you were from Riverton ... that was a guess.  However, it seemed likely given that you are traveling."

"As to why I am here at your table, I often find that company is more agreeable than its lack.  Thus I decided that an attractive woman and I could have a conversation without drawing attention to ourselves."

Bronn is able to find a chair vacated by a dwarf and seat himself near the Pech.  "... like I was saying, the wall comes down and there's a new section of completely unexplored development.  I mean, just think of what could be there.  Anyway, the wall comes down and Bitters is standing there when this ... thing comes out and asks if he needs assistance.  Damndest thing I've ever seen.  It was like some of the big folk but made of metal or something.  Scared the piss outtta me.  Turns out it 'died' shortly after that.  We found some of that new metal the nobles are paying for in Riverton.  So we're going back but I got to thinking, what if some of those things are armed?"

Another at the table asks, "Were they ... you know ... the unborn?"

"I've got no idea.  But, they didn't act like they knew they were on a delve so I doubt it."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on October 31, 2012, 09:06:15 AM
Sidari is temporarily distracted by her food arriving, "I've had little experience with it, but my understanding was Najafo was the tongue of Pech and Orcs - forgive my ignorance - but you look like neither. Perhaps you'd care to explain a little about yourself, especially since you already seem to know plenty about me."

She picks at her food for some reason a little self-conscious at the idea of eating in front of the strange man.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Catodon on October 31, 2012, 12:56:08 PM
Brindlglib seems content to patter around after Bronn quietly watching and listening
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on November 01, 2012, 12:14:50 AM
Brila Hararo el la Ileksbosko seems to ignore Sidari for an instance before replying, "My great-grandfather was a missionary to the Orc tribes near the Catama desert.  He settled there and my family has lived there ever since.  Excuse me, one moment." 

A bright haired man stands up at the back of the tavern, slides forward quickly and grabs a drunken man.  Bronn notices instantly that his man is a potential threat.  Brindlglib is nearly stepped on in the process and Baxton's potential mark is scooped up before his eyes.  The tall man declares, "By order of the mayor, you are under arrest Blutto the Red."  He tosses an eye back toward Sidari, "Look me up after your delve."

Bronn, Baxton and Brindlglib all notice Sidari seated at the table at the back of the tavern.

There is a brief tussle before a deep baritone booms out, "Stop!  There will be no violence in my house!"  Everyone retakes their seats as the proprietor, Bianca is standing on a bar stool with her small skillets in each hand.  "Art, take your bounty hunting outside.  The rest of yall; clean up this mess."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on November 04, 2012, 01:45:43 AM
An annoyed look  flick's across Sidari's face, for all his pretty words, "Art" probably just wanted a place to sit and watch for his quarry. Then, realising he's drawn the attention of most of the room to her - including that of Bronn, she blushes slightly and decides she'd best go and have a word.
Finishing up her drink to give her a moment to calm herself and assume her usual chirpy attitude, she walks over, with her best flirtatious smile, "Hey Bronn, fancy running into you here.", and nods towards the others.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on November 06, 2012, 10:05:30 PM
Bronn scowls as Sidari walks across the room towards the small group.

"Yes, fancy that. Did you find another group to take you along, or have you been following us on your own?"
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on November 06, 2012, 11:56:13 PM
A beefy human steps between Sidari and Bronn.  "This ..." he looks Bronn up and down, "thing bothering you, girl?"
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on November 07, 2012, 05:08:27 AM
Sidari's eyes flick over the interloper in annoyance, "not at all, he's an old... friend." she says the last suggestively. "Now if you could just leave us in peace, we have a lot to catch up on."
Moving around closer to Bronn, she leans in close to him, speaking in hushed tones "Of course I followed you - and if you turn me away I'll keep following you, so unless you want to use some of those muscles to force me away, I suggest you make the best of it and let me tag along properly."

Sidari is pretty confident that it's a) not worth the team's trouble to try and lose her, and b) that he wouldn't really do something like tie her up or knock her out and leave her somewhere
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on November 08, 2012, 07:59:56 PM
"Sod off", Bronn tells the guy with a dismissive wave.

He grinds his teeth for a moment and then admits defeat.

"I should give you a good spanking and send you back home", he says with a hoarse whisper.

He sighs. "The only reason I don't tie you up somewhere or have you held in a local cell is because I don't trust anyone in this dirt hole, apart from Bianca, but you'll give her the slip in no time. She's far too good-natured."

Bronn leans in a bit closer and hisses. "If you take any foolish risks out there or ignore my commands, however, I'll whisk you back here in a hurry and make sure you don't come back after us. Have we got a deal?"
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on November 09, 2012, 01:58:23 AM
Sidari's eyes twinkle and she smiles sweetly. "As long as you don't send me away, I promise I'll do whatever you command." she layers the last with a tone of suggetiveness, though she's just playing with him now.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on November 09, 2012, 07:57:51 PM
Bronn scoffs. "How about you get yourself a good warm meal, then? Might be the last for a while. Starting tomorrow, it's rations."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on November 09, 2012, 11:13:26 PM
With a satisfied sigh, Sidari returns to her table, to see if anyone's stolen her remaining stew.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on November 10, 2012, 02:19:44 AM
As the metaphorical dust settles around Bronn and Sidari, the beefy human can be heard telling those at his table, "Never mind that piece over there, boys.  She's an orc rider."


Baxton finally spots an old man who has fallen asleep at the small table near the back.  He is snoring slightly and most of those around pay him no attention whatsoever.


Brindlglib overhears a conversation between Bianca and one of her employees about a few doors that are sticking and in need of repair.  He also hears that the town is looking for a sculptor to carve a memorial to the first delvers.  Further, there is a couple of men in a corner who are discussing the proper way to build an arch for a building.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Catodon on November 10, 2012, 08:02:45 PM
Brindlglib hasn’t had so heard about this many potential works of interest in some time. He mentally composes a list:
Firstly, talk with those pech delvers regarding the sliding wall and animated suits, there may be clues to lost knowledge of the ancients there besides wouldn’t do to be caught in the same dilemma, yes that would not do at all.

Then make the acquaintance of the man who mentioned the sculpture, sounds like an excellent opportunity to have my work placed in the public eye. I’ve a few idea’s for casting large bronzes that I could experiment with. Besides in such as disreputable agglomeration of thieves and ne’er do well’s the town elders are not likely to attract a scholar able to compete with my talents anytime soon.

Lastly, a little architectural commission would not go astray either. Perhaps I could negotiate from a simple consultation on an arch to a complete design for the edifice in question.

He briefly considers the problematic doors of this inn, mostly out of habit developed over a lean few months, then discards the job as beneath his talents, especially now the current expedition’s patron is keeping him fed and out of the weather.
He approaches the pech, “Bringdlglib Nibstitch most pleased to make your acquaintance.” The gnome takes a seat with the party without waiting for an invitation to join them “ I could not help but overhear you fine gentlemen mention intriguing examples of the mechanical arts of the ancients encountered during your last practical antiquarian endeavour. If it would not be a bother I’d like to hear more details of the various architectural oddities and automatons encountered by your, no doubt exceedingly competent, expedition. No-one like the pech to notice details where big folk would blunder past unremarking.”
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on November 10, 2012, 11:08:07 PM
The table of Pech seem somewhat surprised as Brindlglib sits down but his remark about the big folk missing things seems to put them at ease.  "Pull up a chair master gnome.  A story for a story they say.  What brings you here?"
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on November 13, 2012, 12:24:39 AM
After settling all accounts in the morning the group heads out of the city.  They soon find themselves falling into the traveling routine of watches, rations and poor roads.  However, following the directions given to them by their mysterious patron, they soon abandon poor roads for bad ones and finally no roads at all.

The dead end of the canyon is staring at the group as the sun dips below the horizon.  There is a base camp of sorts here; however, there is no one manning the equipment.  A tattered tent flies in the wind.  However, there is a crate of gun powder and instructions for it's use waiting on the group as the sponsor indicated.

Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on November 14, 2012, 10:08:22 PM
Bronn starts unstrapping the camping equipment from the mules.

"Brin, why don't you have a look at that barrel, and see what we are supposed to do with it? Lief, Ronan, help me unstrap and set up the camping stuff. Sidari, you have cooking duty. Yes, again. You set yourself up for this, if you recall. Baxton, do you want to have a quick look around the area, see if you can see anyone while staying out of sight yourself? Baxton? Where is that little... Huh, guess that means yes."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on November 15, 2012, 12:02:59 AM
Without being told to do so, the hired swords begin pulling the remnants of the previous camp into a small barricade around the rock ringed fire pit.  After a few moments, they split up and begin digging a latrine and cutting wood.

The sunlight continues sliding down the side of the mountain with the shadows growing ever larger.  There is a smell in the air that Bronn recognizes but can't immediately place.  Something from his past perhaps?

Baxton's tour of the area shows nothing in the way of folk and little in the way of animal life.

Brindlglib finds the instructions for the gun powder relatively straight forward.  Apparently the previous expedition had located a structural weakness that they believed could be opened with sufficient powder.  It may take some calculations but, it shouldn't be hard to open the way without bringing down the hillside.

Sidari is stuck with food preparation ... again; however, she notices some wild herbs that could spice up an otherwise bland soup.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on November 15, 2012, 05:10:59 AM
Sidari does her best with the meal, taking her time and putting together the best she can, realizing that they may not get chance once they head inside.
She's not particularly worried about cooking duties, as the most junior member she had already drawn the conclusion that she'd be cooking, cleaning and probably patching clothes - fortunately she was good at it.

Spoiler: rules and pointless die rolling • show

Officially, can't craft food (or anything) in less than a days work, but I'll make a roll anyway. Either trying to improve 'rations' to 'Filling Food', or Improvise Item check, if you'd rather, since it's only 7D complexity.
Anyway - it's largely academic as we're not likely to do anything much beyond resting in the 8 hours it lasts.
- though i did make an astounding roll:
Craft(Cooking) check (1d20+8=28) (
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Catodon on November 21, 2012, 12:43:43 AM
As the roads peter out and the world around him gets wilder Brindlglib thinks back longingly to the soft beds and warm fireside of the Inn…
Spoiler: Flashback • show

“A tale it is then, and one that may be of use,…” Brindlglib spins a tale around the groups travel playing up the mysterious singing of the cats and the mauled cattle. Where events unfolded without him he is careful to imply that the cleverness and prowess of his companions may have been a deciding factor. For example he will say that Bronn returned to the Inn with blood and dirt on his hands and declared great cats were roaming the land not witches. He is also careful to mention his gift of the knife to Bronn.

Impress/Influence. I have not added his appearance +1 please apply it if Brindlglib’s neat groomed gentlemanly presentation makes the pech inclined to listen to him.
impress (1d20+6=9) (
Nup, they probably aren’t impressed with our minimal exploits so far.

His tale done he listens intently to the pechs’ as they related their story then casually asks questions of them encouraging them to reveal more.

1d20+6=15 (
If you wish we can continue the night in the tavern as flashbacks within spoiler tags.

Brindlglib has turned out to be a better companion on the road than many would have expected. He fares the poor roads and rough country mostly by riding the baggage mule and conversing on numerous topics of interest. His is alert eyes discovering small details of the plants and animals around them that the others might have missed, details often captured as drawings on scratch parchment. His keen mind is obviously used to working long hours making his watch pass without complaint in education and entertainment of his watch-mates, teaching his companions to sew or carve, or demonstrating simple tricks of slight of hand. Though of little use for heavy lifting and tasks such as digging the latrine, he pitches in with mending tents and clothes, repairing saddlery and wooden tools. Everything he touches is returned with small details embroidered or carved patterns. Soon the whole camp is made more pleasant by the decorated touches in their surroundings and the gnome’s entertaining company.

Spoiler: show

Skill check to represent senses during the journey
1d20+5=20 (

Watches and such are an ‘in story’ way of explaining:
Teacher: as free action grant your teammates 1 of your Basic Skill Mastery feats until the end of the scene. (Basic Skill Mastery: Tinker (Crafting, Prestidigitation)).

When the dishevelled camp comes into sight the little man looks over his tinited specticles and tut-tuts  “well, well this is a disgrace to good equipment, no doubt the tents are torn and the tools rusty. I shall be busy here I can see on account of slouch-bottoms who take too little care”

Spoiler: show

do the gnomes keen eyes and ears spot anything amiss when he first arrives and glances about:
Notice +5
1d20+5=16 (

and later as he busies about
Search +8
1d20+8=22 (

Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on November 22, 2012, 11:15:13 PM
Once the camp is set up and the area surveyed, Bronn addresses everyone at the evening meal.

"Tomorrow will be a long day. It looks like our sponsor want us to create a new path with that powder keg over there. Brin, I trust you have read over the instructions and know what to do? How long will it take to set up?"

"Once that path is made, we will have to be on guard immediately. Who knows what's going to be in that canyon? There should be plenty of wild creatures left, unlike here, where the delvers have worn a path into the area. I want everybody alert and in peak condition."

"So that means regular watches tonight, two men... er.. people to a shift, and make sure you get enough sleep. Lief and Brin go first, Ronan and Baxton are second, and Sidari and I will take the last shift."

"Oh, and this is some great stew. You should reconsider your cooking career, Sidari."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on November 23, 2012, 11:39:24 AM
Sidari blushes at the compliment, she's always been proud of things she's good at. She'll spend some time talking to (annoying?) Brindlglib with seemingly endless questions, having seen his needlework on the trip she's actually quite jealous, as it makes her own efforts (often complimented) seem amateurish by comparison. Rather than try to make an enemy she drives herself to learn all she can.
"Do you know what the powder's made of?"
"How much of the canyon do you think it will bring down?"
"How get your stitches so small"
"What tools do you use to make those etchings."
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on November 24, 2012, 12:52:59 AM
The camp settles in as true night falls.  The shadows hungrily fill in the gaps left by the final gasp of twilight.  A snore emerges from the sleeping form of Ronan who seems to have dropped off instantly after thanking Sidari for a wonderful meal.

Spoiler: Not quite pointless die rolling • show

RAW may have the rules, but a good cook is a good cook.  Everyone who ate the stew gains the benefit of Filling Food.

Spoiler: Flashback and other Gnomish things • show

It becomes painfully obvious to Brindlglib that his story isn't having the desired effect on the Pech though they do listen respectfully.  "You may have missed your calling as a bard there friend.  But a deal is a deal and we agreed on a story for a story."

Brindlglib's subsequent attempts at continuing the communication are met with extremely talkative Pech.  They share the area they were exploring, which seems to be off the beaten path and that their employer wants to remain nameless thought at that, the leader steers conversation back to the delve.  It would appear that the automatons encountered were not truly aware of themselves and seemed only to exist to serve the request of those present.  An idle question from Brindlglib reveals that communication was not possible at first but became easier the longer the Pech talked with these mechanical folk.

Another seeming revelation was the discussion of formed metal walls in the area of the delve where they were working.  Unusual as most delvers speak of the stonework or a soft artificial stone.


Brindlglib doesn't Notice anything upon entering the camp; however, as he Searches about, he discovers that the previous group left in a large hurry.  There are overturned items, some of which would have been carried back if they weren't staying.

Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Catodon on November 24, 2012, 11:34:34 PM

Over the coarse of the outward journey Brindlglib is pleased to answer Sidari’s queries at length decribing the method, its history, usages, and trivia. Indeed rather than annoyed the gnome seems pleased to have someone take an interest in his skills and knowledge. Indeed Sidari’s biggest problem might be finding the endurance to listen to the gnome’s long lectures. One night after showing Sidari a few tricks for small stitching he comments  “Trade secrets are for tradesmen not scholars.” .
When inspecting the fire-barrel and explanatory note he answers Sidar’s questions as best he can and honestly.
 “I’m afraid my knowledge of Chymistry, at least of compounds beyond alloys and tempers of the metals, is not my strongest suite, perhaps when we return to civilisation we should endeavour to discover the composition together.

Spoiler: Chymistry • show

Craft no focus untrained to understand the instructions and estimate details like minimum safe distance etc. that might not be given
1d20+6=10 (
Let’s hope the instruction are fool proof.

Soon after their arrival Brindlglib approaches Bronn  “The last people here left in a something of a rush, now I would not want you to consider me a blowhard set to tell you your professional business, however taking measures to ensure increased vigilance and appropriate defensive precautions, whatever they might be, might be initiatives worth considering in light of my observations.”  The others may notice that the little gnome seems a little nervous his eyes darting about and how he steps under cover whenever there is an unexpected loud noise.

When Sidari starts to cook Brindlglib, wordlessly for once, pitches in his hands moving to fast to follow as he cuts the vegetables, brought from the store of fresh produce the gnome requested, while he watches everything Sidari does with a keen eye.

Spoiler: flashback • show

Brindlglib thanks the halflings for the information mentally noting that should his group encounter similar automatons he best be sure the big folk don’t blunder axes swinging before he has a chance to let the machines learn a little of their language. The detail of the metal walls might seem a small thing to some but to a scholar of the industrial arts it speaks volumes about the wealth and lost crafting knowledge of the Ancients.
So may we continue to pursue the gnomes interests as flashback spoilers or should we drop it until he returns to that town?"

Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on November 28, 2012, 11:21:30 PM
As the night settles in, the lack of both birdsong and the chittering of insects is disconcerting.  Each watch is on it's guard.

The middle of Sidari and Bronn's watch is cut short by the howl of something inhuman.  There is a blur of motion and something large, dark and vaguely feline rushes into the camp easily clearing the make-shift barricade.

Whatever the large thing is, it takes a swipe at Bronn with a meaty paw; however, it not only misses but seems to be off balance.

Spoiler: show

Sidari and Bronn's Notice/Search = 1d20+8 = 20
Shadow Beast's Sneak = 1d20 + 9 = 22

Shadow Beast's Blend = 1d20 + 8 = 24
Sidari and Bronn's Notice/Search = 1d20 + 8 = 21

Attack against Bronn.  Perhaps it slipped on something???
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on November 29, 2012, 01:48:09 AM
Sidari's watch see's her unusually quiet, she's both nervous and trying to prove herself to Bronn, Bronn starts to react before Sidari is even aware of the swift feline shadow, and she is momentarily astounded by the speed and grace the large man acts with. She quickly recovers her composure and calls out for the others "Awake, intruders!", though after the sound of the firearm ringing through the night air, she's not sure it will make any difference.

Edited to Adjust for Bronn's superior initiative.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on November 29, 2012, 07:49:46 PM
Spoiler: show

%^#%@^!! Looks like I didn't post my action before closing the browser

OK, so a second time:


Bronn may act in surprise rounds.

If an opponent misses Bronn with a melee attack, he suffers 2 stress damage.

1d20+10=29 (

That may be faster than kitty. If so, Bronn holds until the cat attacks, then performs his action.

I will spend an AD to activate the cat's error and have it sprawl.

1st half action: shoot kitty at point blank (which appears to give no bonus)
attack: 1d20+5=9 ( miss, unless I'm missing something (no pun intended)

2nd half action: elbow drop the kitty (gore, unless the action gives a bonus of some kind)
attack: 1d20+6=14 ( hit, I assume
damage: 1d6+4=10 (
If the elbow drop gives any bonus damage, Bronn will be prone at the end of the action.

If Bronn gets to act again before Sidari, he will roll off the cat and grab his flail, then stand, ready for the next attack.

Sidari is surprised at how fast a big man like Bronn can move! Before the cat even reaches him, he has stood and raised the pistol from his lap. He nimbly dodges the feline's swipe and pushes it off-balance, then fires his gun at it as it drops. Without bothering to see if he hit, he then drops onto the big cat and drive the spike on his vambrace savagely into the cat.

The report of the firearm rolls off the nearby hills and adds to Sidari's effort to wake the rest of the crew.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on December 01, 2012, 08:44:57 PM
Bronn's eyes instantly adjust as the large blur leaps over the impromptu barricade.  The large cat-like beast attacks but misses and Bronn's instinctc cause him to step into the beast.  In a rather un-cat-like act, it falls over and fails to rise.  Bronn's a touch too quick on the draw with his pistol and misses.  The report of the firearm instantly awakens the crew.  As Bronn drop onto the large cat, he can feel the spike pentrate the skin of the beast but somehow the feeling is off.  Almost as if it was resisting his attack.

Sidari is momentarily stunned but is able to gather her wits.

Brindlglib is treated to a view of of Bronn falling on a large black beast.  However, his confusion as to why Bronn would be doing this disappears when he finds himself screaming with what can only be described as a vice with teeth clamps onto his head.

Spoiler: show

Bronn may roll an instant knowledge check at +2, target 20.
Please roll initiative, other than MikeS, that is
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on December 01, 2012, 11:11:31 PM
Spoiler: show

Knowledge check: 1d20+5=23 ( Bronn knows stuff!

Unless his new-found knowledge tells him to do otherwise, he will, unaware of Brin's blight, go into a bit of a close-combat frenzy and attack with the gore attack for both half-actions:

1d20+6, 1d6+4=[15, 6], [3, 4], 1d20+6, 1d6+4=[18, 6], [4, 4] (

Forgot to add a -2 for being prone, but that should still be two hits. Forgot to mention that the attack has the bleed quality. If we're dealing with a standard character, I will activate the crit.

Bronn fights like a wild beast, tumbling over the ground with the feline, ramming his spurs over and over into the big cat until he is covered with its blood and gore. He is completely oblivious to everything else.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Catodon on December 01, 2012, 11:15:03 PM
Spoiler: show
 as noted in OOC thread on first reading I thought it was Bronn in the cat's mouth...

Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on December 02, 2012, 04:09:29 PM
Spoiler: show

Bronn remembers now why the tracks in that village a week ago seemed so familiar.  They exactly matched the stories he's head of a big black cat demon.  They are known as Shadow Cats and Beasts of the Night.  They have tenticles comign out of their back, can suck the life out of you and are extremely hard to kill with a blade.  They often hunt in small packs but have a huge appetite.  They are especially fond of smaller prey as it provides a meal without the bloating.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on December 03, 2012, 01:40:13 AM
Not entirely sure of the situation and regardless it may change as initiative comes up, action's after the spoilertag in case I don't get chance to post again later.

Spoiler: OOC • show

Not entirely sure what the situation is, as Sidari percieves it, at the moment.
Obviously aware of the large beast wrassling with Bronn, but is she aware of the beast attacking Brin (probably from the screams at least), or any other's still roaming?
Initiative Roll (1d20+4=11) (moved from other post) (

Assuming Sidari is aware of Brin's plight she'll move over and try to sprawl it
Acrobatics/Trip Attempt (1d20+6+3+2=17) ( (assuming the camp/sleepers aren't spread over more than the 35ft she can move - if not she'll use charging basics to run and make the attack, either way if she can end in a Flanking position she'll do so.

If she's too distracted by the beast in front of her to notice anything else she'll either move and attack the one fighting Bronn, or if she doesn't need to move she'll spend her first action to trip and second to attack.
Attack Roll (1d20+4=9, 1d6+1=7) ( (further +4 if target is sprawled)

Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on December 03, 2012, 01:18:02 PM
Spoiler: show

Seeing as I have nothing much but blades at hand, I think Bronn will keep on doing what he's doing. No change to action, I will just add a free action.

Do we have much of a fire left, and does this thing look like I could grapple it reasonably? It's bigger than Bronn, but Bronn is mighty.

"Demon cats! Look for a second one!", Bronn calls out while struggling with his beast.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Catodon on December 05, 2012, 01:57:21 AM
When the shot is fired Brindlglib wakes with a start but he does NOT spring-up. Instead he lies nearly still and looks around while quietly drawing his little tempered sword.
Spoiler: show

Brindlglib’s people are closer to the bottom of the food chain and like all small squeaky mammals are instinctively unobtrusive, at least outside of social events.
Free action Blend check: (referee to secretly roll).
Free action Notice Awareness (referee to roll)
Half action: draw sword.
Half action: Anticipate. Use this on the second cat if he spots it otherwise on the cat attacking Bronn.
1d20+5=20 (
Note the gnome is still flat footed at this point. err I mean prone

Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Catodon on December 09, 2012, 12:04:24 AM
Sword in hand, the little gnome squirms ineffectually in the cat’s jaws…
Spoiler: show

initiative +5
1d20+5=16 (
Athletics to escape held:
Unskilled -2
1d20-2=-1 (

Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on December 11, 2012, 09:35:42 PM
Bronn feels the second spike attack sink home and the big cat quivers under him.

Brindlglib feels the cat try to drag him away from the fire.  As it repositions him, the teeth sink in a bit more.  Although he is able to get his sword free, he is unable to break the grip the cat has on him.

Baxton, Lief and Ronan seem to be fighting off another Cat some distance away.

Sidari notices that Brindlglib is in peril and charges over toward him.  She swings and trips the cat with her attack.  The sprawled cat growls which Brindlglib finds both fascinating and terrifying as his head vibrates.

Spoiler: Damage Rolls • show

1d8+1 = 2 (
Damage to Brindlglib from bite.
1d6 = 6 (
Stress Damage from growl.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Catodon on December 12, 2012, 12:17:57 PM
Brindlglib is surprised to find some steel within himself and with new resolve musters all his puny strength in a bid for freedom from the cat’s jaws…
Spoiler: show

Will save +3 to avoid shaken
Will (1d20+3=17) (

Athletics to escape held:
Unskilled -2
max15 (1d20-2=6) (

Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on December 14, 2012, 12:31:39 PM
Thinking her attack would have made it let go of the gnome Sidari adopts more aggressive measures and pokes her staff at anything that looks like it will be sensitive.

Spoiler: show

Kind of blending into one, but she's trying to hurt and goad it, so in game terms:
Attack Roll (1d20+4=22, 1d8+1=9) (
Taunt (1d20+6=9) (
Looks like that's not going to work...
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on December 16, 2012, 12:29:57 AM
As he tumbles, Bronn rolls past the open backpack with the lamp oil flasks, and a desperate plan forms in his mind. He jabs the feline into the ribs, then jumps on its back and grabs it around the neck.

Spoiler: show

Grapple check: 1d20+7=23 (

Bronn will try to Grapple the kitty, then manipulate item (grab an oil vial and smash it on the cat's head), and finally push/pull the cat over into the embers of the fire. His next few Athletic checks will be dedicated to those tasks in that order. If I find that the cat is just too tough to grapple, I will stop after the next check.

Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: ludomastro on December 16, 2012, 01:23:49 PM
Bronn is surprised to feel the big cat go limp in his arms.  Sidari's jab forces the cat to open its mouth, unceremoniously dropping Brindlglib to the ground.  It then bolts away from the larger forms around it.  Sidari notes that it seems smaller than the one Bronn was fighting.

Baxton walks up and simply says, "We hired good swordsmen," before collapsing in what could be either exhaustion or a case of nerves.

Although the immediate threat is past, there is growling in the brush outside camp.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: spinningdice on December 16, 2012, 06:26:19 PM
Sidari giggles a little, nervously. "Well, I doubt any of us will be able to sleep after that - how about we stoke up the fire a bit and get working on making us an entrance?"

Bronn and I were the last watch, I believe, so I'm guessing we're somewhere around 6 in the morning? How long until it gets light? (3 watches giving 8 hours rest to each watch 8-12, 12-4, 4-8?)
May be an idea for us each to carry a flaming torch until it gets light again.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: Catodon on December 17, 2012, 12:46:42 AM
Shaking himself Brindlglib gets unsteadily to his feet dropping his little sword with a ‘ting’.  “Drat it, half eaten and feline slobber over my waistcoat. Look at it, well look at it, the brocade is quite ruined I’m sure."
 The gnome sighs heavily,  "I better find a little water and vinegar and see what I can do to make the most of it.” . Despite his manner, it seems the fellow has a cool head; perhaps a cool head is needed when you are so small that you are beset by dangers just going down to the market.

From this point on Brindlglib make a point of sleeping in an empty barrel. He rigs the barrel lid into a little door, which he pulls closed behind him before settling to sleep.
Title: Re: From the Ashes (IC)
Post by: MikeS on December 17, 2012, 11:05:47 AM
Though surprised by the big cat going limb, Bronn wastes no time and attempts to snap its neck, which he follows up with dragging the beast to the fireplace. He's still ready for it to start moving at any time. Holding it with one arm, he douses the head of the beast in lamp oil and then thrusts it into the fire.

"Better burn these things. Sidari, have Lief and Ronan bring theirs over, too."

Once the bodies are disposed of and the fire is stoked, Bronn agrees that the party should start preparations for the next day. Those who can still sleep should do so, though.