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Title: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on September 21, 2011, 01:09:03 PM
Spoiler: The story so far... • show

Your first meeting was outside a dockside tavern in Bristlecone, a large trading port, discussing a rather sizeable bounty on the heads of the bandit gang responsible for disrupting the trade that is so vital to the city. A job too large for any one of you... but perhaps not for all of you. An agreement was reached, a contract signed, and you set about your task. Two weeks, half a dozen ornery bandits, a crooked-as-they-come city watch captain and a couple scheming noblemen later, the quest was completed and rewards reaped. After a lengthy - and luxurious - R&R, you decided to extend the contract and keep the group together a while longer. Where to go was the big question, as besides a small dire rat infestation Bristlecone had aquired a rather boring peaceful atmosphere lately. After a lengthy discussion the decision was made to head north, towards old, declining empires, headstrong settlers and explorers, monsters and marauders.

You spent almost all your remaining coin buying passage on a merchant caravan heading north, though unfortunately it didn't go all the way to the northlands. You've been walking the North Road for over a week now; the last village was 5 days ago and the next isn't until you reach the Ridgeline Mountains, the informal border between the northlands and midlands. The road must've been a sight when it was new, for even after decades of neglect it is still good enough to drive a cart on. The forest it cuts through, however, has grown thick and tall, and has encroached almost into the road itself, casting the road into shadow much of the day and makes the early fall days seem colder than they already are.

It's midday, and judging by the looming mountains in the distance, you just might reach the village you heard about by nightfall.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ArawnNox on September 21, 2011, 02:27:52 PM
Lauren IceForge, walking somewhere in the middle of the group uses her halberd as a walking stick. The short woman is a veritable walking workshop. Her heavy belt is laden with tools of every kind and all her traveling supplies rest somewhere on her person, but don't slow her down in the least. She has emerald green eyes and long red hair that is held in a multi-section braid with what appear to be bronze hair-ties, each inscribed with dwarven runes.

She's been a dependable companion, thus far, ready to support her comrades during combat and tending to wounds, when needed. She's always friendly and pleasant, though she doesn't talk much about where she comes from. All she's revealed is that she's comes from a smithing family and that her home was lost to volcanic activity. She's not open about dwarven ways, but that's probably because she's a dwarf. Though she's yet to turn down a drinking contest... or lose one.

Lauren wipes a bit of sweat from her brow, peering at the distant mountains, "Finally..." she breaths a sigh of relief.

Spoiler: Old Art of Lauren • show

Figured I'd include a little visual reference. This is an older piece I did of Lauren in a sparring match with another of my characters.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Fiendbasher on September 21, 2011, 07:07:47 PM
Ssryn slid silently along the road ahead of the group, her upper body swaying slowly from side to side as the sinuous coils of her powerful tail propelled her forward. Patches of midday sun broke through the shadows of the trees now and then, gleaming on her olive-scaled skin. Normally, she would have preferred to wind between the trees and stay out of sight as she watched for dangers to the group; but the impending cooling of the evening compelled her to catch as much of the warm sunlight as she could before the forest blocked it off entirely.

She hadn't been thrilled with the group's consensus to move northward... with winter coming, the increasing cold would be a challenge for her to deal with. She really didn't relish the idea of being forced into brumation should temperatures drop below freezing, but should it come to that, she supposed she could part ways with the others. It was profitable enough, and interesting enough, to stay with them for now, however... and besides, if the overgrown winged lizard was willing to brave the chill, then she certainly could also.

Thinking about it still made her awfully cranky, but the mountains were getting closer, and shelter, or at least a warm fire to curl up near was on the horizon. For now, her movement and the noonday sun kept her plenty warm, fast and sharp.

Her wide-set, unblinking golden eyes shifted as she looked about, and her long, forked black tongue darted restlessly, tasting the air as she cruised along, alert to any changes that might precede a threat. She was a fair way ahead of the others, but easily within shouting distance, even with her poor hearing, and she was confident that if they stopped for some reason, she would instantly know about it.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ludomastro on September 22, 2011, 02:24:23 AM
Alexander walks alongside the dwarf.  He alternates between whistling tavern tunes and singing the ballards of his trade.  Every so often he will hum a tune he has been working on.

Turning to Lauren he asks, "Do you suppose they will have new songs at the inn?  I hope so.  I do love a good tune!"  He subconciously strokes his beard and ruffles his hair before launching into The farmer's daughter.  A baudy little song if ever there were one.

Speaking of farmer's daughters, I hope there are a few at the inn.  It gets cold in the mountains at night.  And company by night is ...  so very nice.

Once he finishes the song he jogs ahead and does a few back-hand springs.  "Good to keep the blood flowing!"

Spoiler: show

He is looking to see if his companions are paying any attention to his antics.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ArawnNox on September 23, 2011, 11:23:08 AM
Lauren shakes her head at Alexander's antics, "If they're not drinkin' songs, Ah'm not interested. An' save yer energy, there's still a lot o' walkin' ahead."
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ludomastro on September 23, 2011, 11:40:57 PM
"Ahh, there's the stern dwarven demeanor that has won your kin so much love throughout the ages."  Alexander smiles broadly to show he means nothing derogatory by his remarks.  "I know only one dwarven song: a rather jovial drinking song.  Though, I am afraid my voice is not deep enough to do it justice."

"Ssryn, do your people have drinking songs that a human voice can sing?"

This crew makes for good compnaions in a fight; however, I do wish for a city and the life and sounds there.  But I suppose that one can not truly have new songs to sing without adventures ... and one's chances with those farmer's daughters is better with stories to tell.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Catodon on September 24, 2011, 12:29:03 AM
Vandarzryx wings forward at a leisurely pace enjoying the warmth of the sun on his wings, all too soon the weather will be turning colder. He is glad of the quilted vest, while other drakes would consider clothing compensation for folk weakness, Vandarzryx is beginning to learn from the folk. From his high position he protectively watches over Alexander and Srynn, those who he still considers his agents, though he cannot afford to pay them currently. He is careful not to have his shadow over Ssryn allowing the little predator to soak up needed warmth. Alexander is making those strange high pitched noises again, singing, and springing about. Vandarzryx looks on puzzled. The creature’s antics are scaring away game.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on September 24, 2011, 01:21:01 AM
Just as Ssryn is about to reply, she notices a bush about 30 ft. ahead rustle stronger than the gentle wind would allow for. She raises her hand and signals a stop, and is about to slither over to investigate when two green-skinned, diminutive figures leap from the brush, wielding crossbows and short swords and menacing the party. “Give us your coin, travelers, or prepare for death!” one of the creatures cries in a crackly, lisping voice.

Spoiler: ooc • show

You all identify them as forest goblins, no significant differences from the standard goblin species. They are armed with crossbows and short swords, and are wearing partial leather armor. They are currently staying at the side of the road, in the shade (counts as dim light). They are 30 ft. away from Ssryn, 60 ft. away from Alexander, Lauren and Vandarzryx. Vandarzryx is currently flying at 35 ft. altitude.

The road is currently going fairly straight and level through the forest. The road currently is about 10 ft. wide, with another 10 ft. at either side that were probably road as well but has been mostly overgrown with grass and bushes. Then there's a 10-15 ft. wide area consisting of young-ish trees and fairly large bushes, giving both 1/4 cover and causing most of the area to have Dim light. After that it's full grown, ancient forest causing Dim, occasional Faint light, 1/2 cover and difficult terrain (5 ft. movement costs 10 ft. speed) (3/4, occasionally full when flying overhead, much to Vandarzryx's annoyance).
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Catodon on September 24, 2011, 01:54:37 AM
Vandarzryx seeing the caravan stop and hearing the voice call, swoops out of the sky and flames the bush. The flames roils over the bush, too high to hit anything. A couple of seconds of hellfire and the shubbery is lush, green, and untouched.

Spoiler: show

If I don't get a surprise round this will be my action on my initiative count.

Half action: fly 40' I'm at an altitude of 10', 10' from the bush, between the bush and Ssryn
Half action flame attack: the bush will be in the centre of the area
To hit:Death from above. (1d20=2) (
That's hilarious.

Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on September 24, 2011, 02:06:40 AM
Apparently the goblins hadn't thought to look up, as they don't notice Vandarzryx before they hear the sudden sharp intake of breath above them. One of them looks up just in time to see the flames roiling very close to his head, before screaming out in surprise and pain while holding a hand over his eyes.

This rather impressive pyrotechnics display is rather impressive to watch, but unfortunately it draws your attention away from the rest of the goblins who'd been hiding in the woods. Four more step out from behind the trees where they had been hiding, levels crossbows at the party and pulls the trigger. Four bolts fly through the air... but none hit their mark.

Spoiler: actions • show

I'm ruling Vandarzryx's attack as an ambush against the two goblins. He miss, but the fireball definately illuminate the area, so they take flash damage. Goblin 1 fails (1d20+2=5 ( his save, Goblin 2 makes (1d20+2=22 ( his save.

Goblins 3-6 attempt to ambush the group, they get 1d20+13=26 ( Notice checks for the party are Vandarzryx (1d20+6=7 (, Ssryn (1d20+5=21 (, Alexander (1d20+1=3 ( and Lauren (1d20+5=11 (

Goblin 3 attacks Lauren 1d20+2=8 (, misses.
Goblin 4 attacks Alexander 1d20+2=3 (, misses, error.
Goblin 5 attacks Ssryn 1d20+2=13 (, misses.
Goblin 6 attacks Ssryn 1d20+2=12 (, misses.

Spoiler: Initiative • show

Alexander - 25
Lauren - 14
Ssryn - 13
Goblins 3-6 - 9
Goblins 1-2 - 8
Vandarzryx - 5

Spoiler: description • show

The new goblins appear on either side of the road, 2 about 5 ft. ahead of Ssryn, 2 about 10 ft. behind of Sryn. They're a bit into the forest, so there's 5 ft. of difficult terrain to reach them.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ludomastro on September 24, 2011, 06:04:13 AM
Time to get moving.

"Your dead corpses will make for a god bedtime story.  En guarde!"

Alexander pulls his rapier and closes with the nearest of the goblins.

Spoiler: show

If I understood your layout, Alexander is approximately 20 feet from the nearest goblin with a little bit of diffcult terrain in between.  Therefore, he should be able to reach him/her/it without issue.

If I remember correctly, I still need a half action to assume my Work the Line stance; so, I guess that can wait until next time.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Fiendbasher on September 24, 2011, 10:05:43 AM
Ssryn recoiled from the blast of heat, gathering her body defensively as flames bloomed from overhead. A crossbow bolt flew over her shoulder from the forest, causing her to flinch once more as she spread her cobralike hood, and lashed the tip of her tail back and forth like a rattlesnake without a rattle.

The drake will have fun those two up the road... I'd better take care of some of the ones under cover.

In a flash, Ssryn plunged into the underbrush toward the two goblins nearest her. Upon reaching one of them she rose up, unsheathing a wickedly curved knife and drew in her coils, ready to strike.... but rather than fangs or blade, it was her tail that lashed out, aimed at the goblin's legs.

Spoiler: show
I assume Alex, being behind me, is going after the two on the other side of the road, but if not, so much the better.

Half action 1: Move toward the two nearest, I assume within 25 ft. even with the double move through difficult terrain.
Half action 2: Attempt to Trip one of them: 1d20+10=17 ( (apply +4 Size bonus if applicable). If  these are the two Alex went for after all, it will set one of them up for him.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ArawnNox on September 25, 2011, 10:55:02 AM
Lauren sighs in exaspiration, "Goblins... tryin' te rob a heavily armed pack of travellers... they really ARE bloody stupid, aren't they?"
She follows Alexander into combat, letting him be her buffer and uses her halberd's superior reach to strike past him and strike at the Goblin.

Spoiler: Combat Stuffs • show

If Alex has to move 20 feet and some of that through rough terrain, then Lauren should be able to cover 15 feet no problem, and use her polearm to strike past him.

Move Action: Move behind Alex to fight from the second rank

Attack Action: Attack the Goblin (Whichever one he's in front of):     1d20+4=19, 1d10+2=11 ( 19 to hit, 11 damage with AP 4
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on September 25, 2011, 12:12:51 PM
Alexander rushes towards the closest goblin, drawing his rapier and readying himself to show some fool goblins the errors of their ways.
Lauren follows closely on Alexander's heels, shifting her grip on her halberd for maximum head crushage.
Ssryn slithers purposefully towards the closest goblin, and her diversionary tactic is successful; the goblin is too busy her hands and fangs to see Ssryn's tail sweep his feet off from under him.

The goblins who fired their crossbows drop their crossbow, draws their short sword and move towards the closest opponent, except for the goblin Ssryn tripped, who stands up, dropping the crossbow and drawing his short sword. The blinded goblin turns towards the forest and carefully makes his way towards cover. The other fires his crossbow towards Vandarzryx... and hits. The bolt hits the drake straight in the chest, but bounces off without barely leaving a mark. Seeing how little impact the crossbow had on the drake, the goblin turns tail and heads towards the forest, considerably faster than his colleague.
The goblin closest to Alexander attacks him, hoping to score first blood, but his efforts is in vain.

Spoiler: Actions • show

Alexander moves and readies his rapier.
Lauren moves and readies her halberd.
Ssryn moves and successfully trips goblin 4 (his roll was an impressive 1d20+1=6 (, and you got +2 for size.
Goblins 4-6 drops their crossbows and readies their short swords. Goblins 3 and 5 move towards their opponents, goblin 4 stands up and goblin 6 attacks Alexander, but misses (1d20+2=14 (
Goblin 1 moves at half speed towards the forest. Goblin 2 attacks Vanderzryx, hits (1d20+2=19 ( and does an impressive (1d4-1=2 ( damage, reduced to 1 by DR, before moving towards the forest.

Map updated at the wiki. (
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Fiendbasher on September 25, 2011, 02:22:51 PM
After sweeping one of the goblins' feet from beneath him, Ssryn recoiled her torso into strike position and re-flared her hood, tail-tip vibrating rapidly. She brought her hands up at shoulder level, the watermarked steel blade of her curved knife aimed downward like the fang it resembled. As her eyes shifted, following the goblins' movements, she swiftly lunged... not at the one she had just tripped, but rather the other one, stabbing downward with her blade and then recoiling again.

Spoiler: Actions • show
Half action: Assume Wicked Dance stance
Half action: Standard attack (with knife) - 1d20+4=15 (  Damage (if successful) = 1d6+4=7 (
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Catodon on September 25, 2011, 08:19:15 PM
The bronze scaled drake wings low great jaws snaping at the goblins
Spoiler:  “With nasty graite pointy teefa” • show

I’m assuming as in real Feudal Europe the legal penalty for Banditry is death (often by horrible means) and rough justice on the road is acceptable.
I’m also assuming that they are way out of reach (if not another bite attack (with the trick) and a 5' step).

Sod invisble castle down could you roll for me?
Half action Move fly until 10’ above flash blinded goblin
Half action Bite to hit 1d20+4, damage 1d10+2 with “pick on the little guy” the target’s Defense bonus from Size drops to 1/2 (rounded up)

Also could you make two reflex saves to use for parry against the first two melee or unarmed attacks to hit me this fight?

Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ludomastro on September 26, 2011, 02:35:58 AM
Alexander smiles his sweetest smile and says, "Say hello to the Fat Baron if you see him in hell," while raising his rapier to a fencing position.  He stretches out his front foot and leaves a little more than half his weight over that foot.  Without breaking his smile, he strikes at the offending goblin.

Spoiler: En Guarde! • show

Half action: Assume Work the Line stance
Half action: Standard attack (with rapier) - Error 503 - Please roll for me when IC comes back on-line.
1d20+3, 1d8+2 if successful.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on September 27, 2011, 12:58:01 PM
Vandarzryx swoops over towards the fleeing goblins, and reaches down to put the blinded goblin out of his misery, by separating his head from his body. Unfortunately for the drake, the goblin half-trips over a root just before the drake snaps his jaw shut, and thus get to keep his head for now.

Alexander triumphantly drives his rapier through the side of the goblin, but his triumph is short lived as the goblin shows no sign of pain and there was not enough resistance to indicate the blade actually pierced flesh. Alexander can only conclude the goblin is thinner than his armor and clothing looks, and resolves to strike more closer to the center next time.

Lauren brings her halberd down hard upon the goblin, nearly taking his arm off. His screams quickly fade as he bleeds out.

Ssryn's strike is true, as she plunges her knife deep between the shoulderblade and neck. The goblin drops, dead before it could utter a sound.

The goblins, those who aren't fleeing that is, fight on seemingly without thought for their fallen comrades. The one left standing next to Ssryn attempts to strike the naga twice, but its blows seems to glance off the naga's scales.
The final goblin is maneuvering around Alexander, possibly to flank him, or to attack Lauren. He does strike Alexander as he gets near him, but the blow falls short.
The two fleeing goblins run like they have an angry drake snapping at their heels, which unfortunately for them is exactly what is happening. The forest should provide some very welcome cover, but it also slows them down, particularly the one goblin who cannot see at the moment.

Spoiler: Actions • show

Vandarzryx moves to 10 ft. above the fleeing goblins, and attacks goblin 1, 1d20+4=7 (, but misses. For reference, parry 1 (1d20+1=12 ( and parry 2 (1d20+1=18 (
Alexander assumes the Work the Line stance, attacks goblin 6, but misses (1d20+3=7 (
Ssryn attacks goblin 3, hits, and the goblin fails its damage save (1d20+1=5 (

Goblin 4 attacks Ssryn twice, first strike misses (1d20+2=7 (, second strike also misses (1d20+2=4 (
Goblin 5 moves and attacks Alexander, but misses (1d20+2=14 (
Goblins 1 and 2 moves into the forest.

Spoiler: Initiative • show

Alexander - 25
Lauren - 14
Ssryn - 13
Goblins 3-6 - 9
Goblins 1-2 - 8
Vandarzryx - 5

Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Fiendbasher on September 27, 2011, 05:32:28 PM
Her forked tongue flicked languidly, as if in slow motion, as Ssryn twisted to face the remaining goblin before her. The taste of blood on the air reminded her that she was growing hungry again. She lashed right, then left as the goblin swung at her, so that its blows merely grazed across her hide, causing no real damage.

Too large to swallow, pity... she thought, and even had they not been, she didn't feel like dealing with the discomfort of a distended stomach when travelling. The courtesy of avoiding 'talking food' was certainly forfeited if the food in question attacked her; but either way, she preferred a great deal more privacy when taking a meal.

I think I've a better use for this one anyway...

Ssryn surged forward and made a grab for the goblin.

Spoiler: Actions • show
Full action: Attempt to grab (grapple) the remaining goblin. Spending an Action Die - 1d6=3 (, then rolling Athletics - 1d20+9=16 ( (+6 athletics bonus, +3 from AD, AD refunded if the grab fails, due to Practiced Athletics.)

If the grab succeeds she will then proceed to throw a coil or two around it, I'll save that description for the pin attempt. ;)
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Catodon on September 27, 2011, 09:36:55 PM
Vandarzryx lands just behind the nearest goblin with a crash of snapping undergrowth and a bellowing roar, great jaws bite down at the unfortunate bandit.

Spoiler: ROAR! • show

5’ step forward/down. Placing me adjacent to the goblins

Roar and crash is a Threaten half action
1d20+6=9 (
Stress: 1d6=3 (

Half action bite attack
1d20+4=5 (
Not going to bother rolling for damage

Also this places me adjacent to the goblins, if one of them scores a hit Retribution now gives me a free attack (AC page141). During the rest of the combat the first time I am hit by an adjacent goblin use the following roll:

Free bite attack
1d20+4=13 (
Damage: 1d10+2=3 (

OOC actually I better wait an see if they make it past the tree-line on thier move.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ludomastro on September 28, 2011, 02:25:12 AM
Alexander smiles and asks, "Bit skinny for a goblin aren't you?  Let's see if this skewer hits true."  He then plunges his rapier into the center of the goblin.  As he withdraws the blade, he pivots on one foot and goes to trip the other goblin trying to get around him.

Spoiler: Stabby goodness • show

14 to Hit and a 10 to damage (if he hits) (

Using Trip (I think I get another +3 from Mix-Up) got an 18 (+3) (
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ArawnNox on September 28, 2011, 04:54:16 PM

Spoiler: Ifs and Thens • show

If: The goblin is knocked down by Alexander's trip
Then: She'll attack twice:
1d20+4=19, 1d10+2=10 ( 19 to hit, 10 damge
1d20+4=6, 1d10+2=4 ( 6 to hit, 4 damage.... there's the rolls I expect from IC.

If: The goblin is dead before Lauren's Initiative or dies on her first attack
Then: Move Action (x2): Moving to next closest goblin

If: The Goblin is still standing
Then: Trip Attempt:
1d20+7=19 ( 19
Then: Follow Up attack (using 1st attack in the attacks listing, above, or I'll roll again, if desired)
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Catodon on September 29, 2011, 08:50:03 PM
Vandarzryx lands at the edge of the forest crash of snapping undergrowth and a bellowing roar, there is a sharp inhale and then he roars again.

Spoiler: ROAR! • show

Not sure If I need to rework rounds 1&2 or just 2. to be safe both reworked here.
Round one
5’ step forward/down.

Roar and crash is a Threaten half action vs. blind goblin
1d20+6=9 (
Stress: 1d6=3 (

Roar again! Threaten vs. blind goblin
1d20+6=19 (
1d6=2 (

i.e. I’m going into the forest I suspect the squeezing rules might apply as we go deeper in.

In the interests of keeping things moving round two also two threatens

Threaten vs. blind goblin
1d20+6=24 (
1d6=1 (

Threaten vs. blind goblin
1d20+6=10 (
1d6=5 (

that might leave him paralysed with fear.

Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on September 30, 2011, 08:59:33 AM
Vandarzryx roars a mighty challenge that echoes throughout the woods. The lead goblin currently running away from him jumps and if possible run even faster away from him, while the blind one lagging behind falls to the ground, curls up into the fetal position, and starts praying to his gods, certain that death has come for him. Content to leave that one for later, the drake flies off just over the forest floor to catch up to the fleeing goblin.

Alexander's skewer does indeed hit true, indicated by the scream of pain uttered by the goblin, and the fact that the rapier's blade is wet with goblin blood as he pulls it back. To the goblin's credit, he remains standing... for all of half a second when Alexander's foot deftly hooks his and pulls it away from under him.

The goblin lands hard, and gets what little breath he has left knocked out of him. His scream is therefore silent as Lauren's halberd comes down hard on his midsection, nearly bisecting the hapless goblin. Satisfied that all the goblins on this side of the road has been put down, she heads over to the other side to see if any remain there.

Ssryn lashes out with her tail against the last goblin facing her, and before he manages to jump away she wraps her tail with practiced ease around his lower body. The goblin, guessing at Ssryn's intentions from the look on her face, panics and thrashes wildly in an attempt to break free, but every movement only serves to tighten the naga's increasingly vice-like grip on the doomed goblin.

Spoiler: Actions • show

Vandarzryx threatens blinded goblin, the result is more than 20 + goblin's bonus and GM isn't inclined to spend AD on this, so the attempt auto-succeeds. The goblin fails it damage save against the stress damage (1d20+1=8 ( and is out of the fight. GM's discretion then moved him so that he's more or less 20 ft. over the remaining fleeing goblin.
The goblin Alexander's aiming against is already dead, so he attacks the other who just moved into range, though he succeeds on the damage save (1d20+1=18 ( He doesn't succeed on the opposed roll to resist the trip, though. (1d20+1=9 (
Lauren's attack hits the now-prone goblin, who promptly fails his damage save (1d20+1=14 ( She then moves towards the other side of the road.
Ssryn's grapple check is successful (just barely, the goblin got (1d20+1=14 ( for size), so she won by having the biggest bonus.
On his turn the goblin tries to escape the grapple, got a measly (1d20+1=4 (, Ssryn got (1d20+8=9 ( and wins despite rolling a 1. You get to pick a grapple benefit.
The last goblin continues to leg it through the woods. He's moving at half speed, so he's 30 ft. away from Vandarzryx at this point.

Spoiler: Initiative • show

Alexander - 25
Lauren - 14
Ssryn - 13
Goblins 3-6 - 9
Goblins 1-2 - 8
Vandarzryx - 5
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Fiendbasher on September 30, 2011, 11:12:28 AM
Ssryn brings her upper body down low enough to swing around behind the coiled goblin, swiftly throwing an arm -- every bit as sinewy as the coils that have the goblin trapped -- around its neck. Her knife reappears in her other hand, the point aimed right at the pupil of one of its bloodshot eyes.  It can feel her low, growling hiss reverberate through its body cavities and in its skull. She's left it room to breathe, but only just enough to answer the questions she utters next in a sharp, sibilant whisper next to its ear...

"Whhhhere did sshou come fffrom? Are thhere more?"

Spoiler: Actions • show
Ssryn chooses to pin the goblin.
Full Action: Coerce (Intimidate) -- 1d20+4=23 ( She's going to try to get the goblin to rat out its buddies. It'll be good to know if we're going to be walking into any more ambushes.  ;D

Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Catodon on September 30, 2011, 08:00:30 PM
Vandarzryx flies low keeping above the goblin so ‘his agents’ can find the bandit. Attempting a landing carries too great a risk of injury to be worth it for this morsel. He is tempted to bathe the creature in flame, so very tempting, but the forest might catch fire. A dragon's best weapon is often fear, Vandarzryx employs it. Another long blasting roar rains thunder and spittle on the fleeing criminal

Spoiler: fear is the mind killer • show

Half action move to stay above goblin
Half action threaten
RARRRR! (1d20+6=11) (
1d6=3 (

if the goblin’s hindbrain doesn’t just give in he’s tougher than I thought

Also folks don’t forget you can see and hear me so I have AD to give away.

Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ArawnNox on October 01, 2011, 09:54:00 AM
Lauren looks about, assessing the situation. Since it seems everything is well in hand, she casually begins cleaning the gore from her weapon.

Spoiler: show

Delay for the rest of the turn or generally being idle, taking no significant actions.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on October 01, 2011, 11:05:51 AM
Alexander and Lauren walks back towards their captive-holding comrade while wiping off some of the worst of the blood and gore covering them.

The captured goblin is held so well as to appear motionless, but Ssryn can feel he would be shaking like a leaf in a storm were he unrestrained. She whispers her question into the goblin's ear, and await his reply. Surprisingly, the goblin seems to have some spine, as he grits his teeth and replies "Why shoul' I tells ya anything, yer just gonna kill me an'ways. T'hells with ya."

Vandarzryx roars at the fleeing goblin, who continue to run as fast as it can away from the drake.

Spoiler: Action • show

Vandarzryx moves to keep pace with the fleeing goblin, and threatens it. Unfortunately, it resists (goblin 2 resist threathen 1d20+1=14 (
Alexander and Lauren are moving at half speed towards the other side of the road.
Ssryn tries to intimidate her prisoner, who resists with (1d20+1=14 ( Unfortunately, with no apparent incentive and as he sees it, deadly risk either way, the coercion attempt fails.

The fleeing goblin moves a further 30 ft., while the grappled goblin tries to break the pin. He gets (1d20+1=21 (, ssryn still beats him with 1d20+8=22 ( You get to pick a grapple benefit.

Catodon, I'm gonna wrap up the fleeing goblin. You've got this round to try and stop him, otherwise he'll get to an area with dense enough foliage to grant him full cover, at which point he'll hide and sneak away while you're not looking and before the rest can get there.

Combat is essentially over at this point, you've got one captive, one 'unconscious' and possibly 1 escapee. What do you do?

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Post by: Fiendbasher on October 01, 2011, 03:00:45 PM
Tightening her coils to thwart the goblin's struggles, after hearing the his reply, Ssryn hisses back, "Foolissh narrow-minded creasshure, thinking there iz only one fffate for you. There are sso many choissesz. Tell me what I want to know, and I will releasse you. You will have a head sstart before I begin my hunt, and you may have a chansse to eszscape. Refuze, and you chooze ssertain death. My venom will coursse through your veins and you sshall die in ssslow agony, like the rodent that you are."

Spoiler: Actions • show

Grapple Benefit: I maintain the pin. Perhaps force him to drop his shortsword if he hasn't already.

Full Round Action -- Intimidate (Coerce) 1d20+4=14 (

If the goblin resists this coerce attempt the next grapple roll will be: 1d20+6=23 ( (+2 size?) and if successful the next grapple benefit I choose will be  Grapple Benefit: Chooses to inflict unarmed (bite) damage. 1d8+1=9 ( -- ouch! + necrotic poison if the goblin survives and at least 1 net damage was inflicted.
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Post by: Catodon on October 01, 2011, 04:58:48 PM
Vandarzyrx spies where the goblin is going, ahead the undergrowth thickens, he'll never catch the bandit in there. Where are those damn agents? he thinks with frustration. His hunters instincts beat away at his caution, the small mammal is running chase it screams the deep part of his predator brain. Vandarzryx beats his wings once to kill some momentum then folds them tight and crashes through the canopy to biting down at the goblin even as his legs reach forward to absorb the impact...

Spoiler: instinct kills caution • show

Acrobatics break-fall to land in the forest
1d20+4=9 ( 
Action die
1d6=2 (
Breakfall DC is typically 20, I knew I had bucklies going in but like Vandarzryx his player really does not want the little b*stard to get away.

OK I'm sprawled for the attack check (-2)= +2
bite! (1d20+4-2=15) (
If needed to hit I'll put an AD on that you may roll.
Die mammal scum! (1d10+2=6) (
And I'll have an AD on that too and then I'm out
prey must not escape! (1d6=3) (

Ok that's my very best shot.  >:D

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Post by: ArawnNox on October 02, 2011, 10:30:00 AM
Lauren walks towards Ssryn, calling out; "Ye shoulda known better than te attack armed travellers. But then, what can ye expect from a bunch of dumb goblins?"
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Post by: Antilles on October 02, 2011, 01:12:30 PM
Vandarzryx comes to a dead stop just ahead of the fleeing goblin, and immediately falls down through the tree-line. The sound of wood splintering and branches snapping fills the woods, reverberating through the trees. To Vandarzryx the drop is rougher than expected. His hard scales protects him from the stings of the smaller branches, but several are large enough to leave an impression. One is large enough to tip him over in mid-air, so he lands ungainly, more on his side than on his feet. However, he landed just where he aimed, right in front of the goblin who's skidded to a halt and is staring at him with a dumbfounded look in his eyes. Before the goblin regains the use of his senses, the drake snaps forward his head and closes his massive jaws around the goblin's head. A snap and a tear later, the headless body of the goblin slumps to the ground, blood spurting from the neck stump.

Ssryn whispers her final offer to her captive goblin, who swallows hard, thinks about it for a moment, then nods his head.
"A'right, I'll tell's ya what ya wants to know. We're advance scouts fer the Iron Legion. They're plannin' on sackin' the town an' the surroundin' area, mebbe even claim the land as theirs, I dunno. There's a couple other groups like us about, but I'm fairly certain we're the only ones south'a the town. We was to keep an eye on traffic outta the town, make sure they didn't send for help or somesuch, but the only one we've killed so far's been a travellin' merchant, jus' fore we spotted you guys. Stashed 'im under a bush a little up the road 'fore we set up the ambush. That's all I know, honest!"

Spoiler: Actions • show

Vandarzryx takes 2d6=6 ( falling damage, attacks the goblin and hits (without spending an AD), goblin fails its damage save (1d20+1=10 (
Ssryn attempts to coerce the goblin again, I've set the modifiers to Extreme Risk (there's a good chance he'll die, but no longer certain) and Extreme Incentive (he might possibly get to live), so the modifiers cancel each other out. The goblin gets 1d20+1=7 ( and fails to resist.
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Post by: Fiendbasher on October 02, 2011, 02:30:23 PM
The hissing fades to a stop as Ssryn listen's to the goblin's tale, her companions (Lauren at least) slowly drawing nearer. The naga's pupils contract slightly and her hood folds as she considers what she is hearing. This changes things... a goblin band about is one thing, but if there is a large force in the area, we may not want to risk them knowing we're here yet. Still...

There is a further long, suspenseful moment before she tosses the goblin away from her, pulling one of her throwing knives and drawing it slowly behind her fangs.

"Better run now, rabbit..." Ssryn says as she rises back up into strike position, tailtip twitching with excitement, and pupils pinning with predatory intent...

...she had never mentioned how much of a head start he would get, after all...

Spoiler: Prey is afoot • show

Grapple benefit: Toss -- 1d4+1=4 ( subdual damage (disregard damage if not applicable and just toss for dramatic effect)

Half Action: Handle item -- if allowed I would like to apply 1 use of my venom from toxin sacs to a throwing knife. Disregard if you don't think it's appropriate, done mostly for dramatic effect.

Half Action: Ready action -- Wait until the goblin moves (allowing him to get up if he's sprawled). If he turns and runs, she waits until he's about 15' away or threatening to reach full cover, then throws the knife (1d20+4=16 (, 1d4+1=2 ( if a hit).

On the highly unlikely off chance the toss left him unconscious, she will just painlessly dispatch him.
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Post by: Catodon on October 03, 2011, 01:52:36 AM
Vandarzyrx swallows and ROARS! The exhilaration of the kill coursing through veins. A minute later he has regained his composure. He claws apart the goblin’s gear looking for loot, but not really expecting any. Then he begins to pick his way back through the forest to where he left the other goblin curled up in fear.
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Post by: Antilles on October 03, 2011, 07:55:39 AM
The goblin thrown by Ssryn lands hard, knocking the air out of him. Several seconds pass as he sucks in as much air as he can, before scrambling to his feet away from the naga and towards the thickest part of the forest. Just as he's about to duck behind a decently-sized tree, there is a gentle 'whoosh' noise, barely detectable even if you're listening, which the goblin certainly isn't, before the knife thrown by Ssryn is buried to the hilt in the goblin's neck. The momentum keeps him going for a couple of steps, which is enough to send him straight into the tree which he bounces off of, falls down and lies still. It's almost funny, in a grotesque sort of way.

Vandarzryx picks at the dead goblin's clothes with his claw, but it doesn't seem like he's carrying anything besides his weapons and armor, which looks to be goblin-made and thus hardly worth their weight in scrap. He begins walking back to the road, knocking down small trees as he goes.

Spoiler: Actions • show

I'll allow throwing without doing damage. Ssryn's ready action goes off, the attack hits and the goblin fails its damage save (1d20+1=5 (

Vandarzryx loots the body, finds only its weapons and armor: short sword, light crossbow and 9 bolts, all small and crude, and a small partial leather armor.
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Post by: Fiendbasher on October 03, 2011, 11:35:20 AM
Tucking her hands behind her back, Ssryn lowers herself down almost flat along the ground and slithers quickly up to the tree and the stricken goblin beside it before arching back up and reaching down to roll him over and retrieve her knife. Her tongue flicks in and out rapidly as she looks over the body... seeing that the blood from the wound in its neck merely leaks rather than gushing, she's satisfied that he's quite dead. She hooks her short claws into his armor and drags the body swiftly toward the road.

Once Ssryn breaks into the clear she sees Lauren and calls out to her, "Thheze are advanz sscoutz ffor a larger fforz. Did any ezcape?" She looks about, irises shifting and tongue flicking slowly...
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Post by: ArawnNox on October 03, 2011, 11:41:43 AM
Lauren finishes her walk over to Ssryn, the gore mostly cleaned from her weapon and herself. She puts her halberd across her shoulders, arms casually wrapped over the haft. "Didje find anythin' useful from th' goblin, or was it mostly cussin' an' gibberish?" she asks, a lopsided smile on the dwarven woman's face.

However, when Ssryn informs her about the band being advanced scouts, that smile disappears. "Scouts? Shite, um, one took off, but ah think th' drake is chasin' it down. If that roar tells me anythin' he got 'im."
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Post by: Fiendbasher on October 03, 2011, 11:58:04 AM
"Xesshkt! Bezt make ssure." the naga utters, releasing the dead goblin, and turns to lash her way through the grass alongside the road toward where she last saw the drake, keeping her senses alert for signs of the bandits, living or dead.
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Post by: ludomastro on October 03, 2011, 10:59:09 PM
Upon hearing the naga's explanation, Alexander continues his dash toward the underbrush slowing only as much as needed to keep from tripping over the roots and tangled weeds.  His rapier aiding his balance as he flows through the obstacles.

Well, saving the village will get me more than a farmer's daughter.  Though, I suppose I have to live to collect on that ideal.

Remember, dragons are prickly about honor.

"Lord Vandarzyrx, have you silenced the last of them?"
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Post by: Catodon on October 04, 2011, 01:46:29 AM
Vandarzryx "Alexander" rumbles the dragon "I have brought down one of these thieves. I left another somewhere between here and the road, cowering driven mindless by my magnificence. I seek him now, perhaps this small band has it's lair nearby. I seek to burn them to the root"

Spoiler: show
 keeping within character knowledge. Also the dragon tends to underestimate folk of all kinds.
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Post by: Fiendbasher on October 04, 2011, 10:33:38 AM
Catching sight of the merchant's body, Ssryn slides up next to it and seizes it by the ankle, dragging it up next to the road as she listened to the exchange between the bard and the dragon. She could make out enough of the words to know what was going on, and had ample confidence in her companions that they would find and take care of the remaining scout. Meanwhile, she turned the body over and began going through his possessions, trying to learn what she can of who he was, where he came from, and where he'd been going before he met his end.

Spoiler: show
Search roll, if necessary: 1d20+2=4 (
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Post by: Antilles on October 04, 2011, 11:14:56 AM
As Ssryn approaches the bushes where the goblins stashed their prey, she can see the spots of blood on the road telling the tale of where he was attacked, where he fell down and where he was dragged. As she drags the merchant out from underneath the bush, she can see a deep gash in the man's side that appears to have bled copious amounts. She begins to pat the body down when she notices that the goblins must've been more incompetent than they appeared, because the man is still alive. He's deathly pale and barely breathing, but it's clear life hasn't left this body yet.
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Post by: ArawnNox on October 04, 2011, 01:35:05 PM
Lauren had followed Ssryn when she shot off towards the bushes. She catches up just as the naga starts searching the body, "Find anythin---" she notices his shallow breathing, "Oh, shite!"

The dwarf drops her halberd and crouches down next to the man, pulling out her bag of supplies. "Move, let me patch him up!"

She goes through her bag and begins patching up the merchant's wound, applying bandages and staunching the bloodflow.

Spoiler: Stabilizing the Merchant • show

Assuming he's dying and in need of stabilizing.
Medicine Check
1d20+6=10 (
Going to Spend an AD on the long-shot of trying to boost that above a 15
1d6=5 (
Ah hah! Success! Total: 15
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Post by: Antilles on October 05, 2011, 11:07:57 AM
As Lauren prepares to tend to the man's wounds, she quickly discovers he bears only one wound, a deep cut into his side whose strike appears to have come from behind. As she rips open his vest and rinse away the worst blood, she remembers those old sayings about merchants being lucky, because this one sure is. If the strike had been a little higher, lower or deeper he would surely have bled out by now.
While he has lost a lot of blood, it's not quite as bad as it looks. He stirs and groans a little as Lauren applies the bandages, and just as she's tightening the last bandage he wakes with a start and some slurry words that quite likely is a curse of some sort. He's quite groggy for a moment, but then seems to remember what happened to him and his eyes snap into focus, and he's very near panic as he fervently glances around trying to get a feel for the situation. The lack of goblins seems to calm him down, and he addresses those around him.
"You've dealt with the goblins, then? You have my most sincere thanks for taking care of them, and not least saving my life. I'm Thomas, though most people call me Peddler Thomas. I've been... Ahrg!"
He tried to stand, but came as far as sitting before nearly doubling over in pain. Clutching his side and gritting his teeth in pain, he manages to wheeze "Damn, but they got me good. Listen, I've a merchant's pack, it should be here somewhere. In the left topmost pocket there's several metal flasks, could you bring me one?"
Looking back towards the forest, you can see the goblins dragged the large backpack a bit further in the woods, and scattered several of the pack's contents while no doubt rummaging through it looking for loot. The side pockets seem to be still closed.
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Post by: Fiendbasher on October 05, 2011, 11:46:07 AM
Ssryn flows out of the way as Lauren swoops in to work on the merchant. The naga moves a fair distance away and watches. When he wakes, she slides just out of his line of sight, and stays there.

Listening to the exchange between Peddler Thomas and Lauren, she flattens down and slips back into the foliage where she'd found the merchant's unconscious body. Sure enough, on the way there she runs across the drag mark where the goblins had absconded with the pack.

Funny I hadn't noticed that before...

After a quick glance about the belongings scattered about for metal flasks, she nabs the pack and drags it back toward the road, staying low and keeping out of sight among the trees and bushes. She deposits it beside a tree near the drag trail, where Lauren should be able to see and retrieve it, and then moves away from it.

Spoiler: Very sneaky... • show
She's trying to stay out of sight lest her appearance startles the merchant.
Sneak roll: 1d20+9=25 (
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Post by: ludomastro on October 05, 2011, 12:13:25 PM
Alexander lets the dwarf deal with the injured while he makes sure the goblins are all either very dead or very securely tied up.  He waltzs along humming a wordless tune he heard from some children in the city.

Not a bad little dancing tune.  Now, I wonder, what lyrics would go with a lovely little diddy like that?
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Post by: Catodon on October 05, 2011, 12:28:22 PM
Vandarzryx apporaches the spot he left the last goblin curled in fear.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on October 05, 2011, 01:43:48 PM
Vandarzryx walks out to the road, glad to have room enough to spread his wings, and finds himself close to the remaining goblin and Alexander, who has checked all the other goblins for signs of life and found none, and is currently deliberating what to do with the last one.
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Post by: ArawnNox on October 05, 2011, 01:53:59 PM
Lauren tries to keep Thomas from straining himself. "Keep still ye fool human, ye'll only make it worse."

She gets up and moves to the pack Ssryn was kind enough to stealth over to her. She rummages in the pockets for the flask and hands it off to the merchant. "Jest enough to dull th' pain, now."
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on October 05, 2011, 03:06:01 PM
Peddler Thomas gives Lauren a sly smile as he takes the flask with a slightly trembling hand. "This stuff's even better than dwarven whiskey when it comes to dulling the pain... although it doesn't taste nearly as good." He downs the flask's contents in one big gulp and takes a deep breath before uttering a long, content sigh. As he does, a remarkable change occurs in him. His color returns to normal, his breathing becomes less labored, and his trembles stop. Then, in one smooth, if a little stiff, move he stands up. He quickly checks underneath his bandage, and from the quick peek Lauren gets, the wound looks like it's a week old. He replaces the bandage, rubs the wound gently while talking half to himself, half to Lauren.
"Still stings a little, but at least I'm well enough to continue travelling. The potions were worth every silver I paid the alchemist down in... in..."
At this point he spots Vandarzryx just down the road, and stands rooted to the spot, staring slackjawed at him. "Is that... a drake? Huh, never seen one before... By the Gods, it's big!"
He seems completely entranced by the drake.
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Post by: Catodon on October 05, 2011, 08:10:29 PM
Vandarzyrx “Alexander, best rope this bandit before he comes to is senses. He has questions to answer. I will know if there are more and where they lair” The drake then spys the newcomer on the road with the dwarf from the caravan. Vandarzryx turns and approaches. It could be a coincidence that when he turns his tail lashes around to break saplings at the road edge, likewise the way his head and chest plates are angled just so and the low sun blazes across his bronze scales like fire, and he often walks so upright and makes that low rumbling purr. Yeh right, put together it looks like he is trying too hard to impress.

“Greetings, it is well for you I happened along this road. What is your name?”

Spoiler: show

His scales blazing in the low sun. (1d20+5=11) (

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Post by: ludomastro on October 05, 2011, 09:20:49 PM
Alexander wrinkles his nose as he ties up the limp goblin.  "You'd think nothing so small could smell so large."

As he completes the knot, Alexander runs his hand through his hair before rolling the goblin with his foot toward the rest of the group.

He is humming one of the tunes he has been working on as he slowly pushes the goblin.

Spoiler: show

I presume that Alexander has rope.  If not, he'll ask to borrow some.

Athletics to rope use = 16 (
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Post by: Fiendbasher on October 06, 2011, 11:25:05 AM
With the reappearance of Vandarzryx, Ssryn is sure she isn't the scariest thing around anymore; no need to stay quite so carefully out of sight. With the rest of the group occupied for the moment she finds the tallest tree she can near the road and begins to work her way up it. First leaning against it, pushing her upper body as high as she can and grabbing a branch, then pulling her lower body up and wrapping it tightly around the tree, she repeats this process until she's as high into the tree's crown as it can support her weight.

Once there, she uses the vantage point to gain a good look at the state of the road behind and ahead of the group, as well as trying to trace it as far as she can toward their destination.

[Spoiler]Climb check: 1d20+10=19 ( (believe climbing a tree would be a 10 DC)
Notice check: 1d20+5=25 ( (not sure if it's notice or search... it's also limited by what you think she could see up there, and you may do the rolls for her if you think it's more appropriate :))
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Post by: Antilles on October 06, 2011, 02:29:11 PM
Vandarzryx makes his way towards the peddler and the dwarf woman in a slow, measured pace, allowing the peddler to witness the majesty of drakes. It's been Vandarzryx's experience that it's often easier, and less messy, to deal with the smaller species if they're in awe rather than fear. It seems to have some effect on the peddler, but he's still wary of the drake, even though he tries to be as civil as possible towards the large approaching drake.
"I, ah, yes, it was very fortunate for me that that you all were here, sir drake. I'm Thomas, most people call me Peddler Thomas. I've just come from Northpoint, the nearest village, and was heading south for the winter."

Alexander securely ties the last goblin, noticing that he's completely unresponsive, almost like he's sleeping but awake at the same time. Getting anything out of him might take some time.

Ssryn makes her way up the tree and finds a decent vantage point. The road currently runs almost perfectly north-south, so looking in the four compass directions she sees: West is thick forest almost all the way to the horizon, with no sign of life. South is more forest and the road you've traveled on, with no sign of life and the last village to far away to see any signs of. To the east is more forest, though it stops suddenly at the foot of a large mountain range known as the Jagged Reaches, once the border of the northern dwarven empire. If the road is mostly due north-south the mountain range is northwest-southeast, with the road and the mountains coming ever closer. Not too far north and the road will hit the mountains, probably through a pass. To the north is more forest and the road, which does indeed go on for about a day's travel before hitting the mountains. The forest begins to thin rapidly as it approaches the mountains, and halfway to the mountains there are signs of civilization, large areas that have been cleared, chimneysmoke and such. The road as far as she can see seems clear, and the village doesn't seem to have been put to the torch, as far as Ssryn can see.

Spoiler: Actions • show

Thomas resists Vandarzryx's Impress attempt and gets 1d20+2=5 ( Vandarzryx gets a +4 circumstance bonus for having saved his life, but suffers a -10 penalty due to disposition. They tie, but as Vandarzryx has the highest bonus he wins, and adjusts Thomas' disposition towards him by +1, to a total of -9. If you wish you can spend an action die to improve your roll.

I assume Alexander will purchase a rope, otherwise you'll have to find Ssryn and borrow hers, and she doesn't seem to be around just now...

Ssryn basically sees nothing out of the ordinary.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Catodon on October 06, 2011, 06:49:04 PM
Spoiler: show
 no AD on that. Vandarzryx can live with a 'Cold' merchant, actually the big drake is so poor at reading mammal folk he probably doesn't even notice. Also weren't we travelling with a caravan, perhaps we could borrow some rope?

Vandarzryx "fear not, I will find the lair of this small band of highway robbers and burn it to the ground. However, we should see you to the town first"
Spoiler: show
 In character Vandarzryx has not heard the news about these being forward scouts and is still focused on hunting down remaining prey and clearing the hazard to travellers.

Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ArawnNox on October 07, 2011, 08:07:59 AM
Lauren looks up to the big lizard, "Vandar, these weren't jest robbers. They're scouts fer an army. An army targetin' th' town to th' north."

She looks back to Thomas and asks, "Ye said ye were travellin' south? Yer comin' from where we're headed. What can ye tell us 'bout the town? Or why it'd be a target?"

The short woman has only his and the town's best interests at heart and is trying to get as much information as she can before rushing off to warn the town.

Spoiler: An Influence Attempt • show

With Skill modifiers only, Lauren's Impress Check is...
1d20+3=13 (
Hopefully, with a better disposition, she can get more info from the merchant.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on October 07, 2011, 10:06:40 AM
Peddler Thomas listens to Vandarzryx's suggestion, and shakes his head empathically while responding "Ah, no thanks sir drake, it's not necessary. I'm well enough to travel, and if there's trouble brewing in these parts I'd rather be well away." After Lauren informs the drake that an army is heading south, he apparently decides that time is of the essence, and begins gathering his scattered belongings and repack his merchant's pack. He answers Lauren's questions as he packs.

"Yeah, I usually make the journey every year or so. The village trade occasionally with the dwarves, so I can pick up some choice items there, enough to make the trip worth it. And it's probably a target because it's got no real defense, and for some reason hasn't been attacked in generations. I don't know exactly why, haven't asked about it, but a couple of years ago, when the Iron Legion was rampaging again I overheard a couple villagers discussing it, and one of them mentioned something about 'the compact' keeping things peaceful for them. Don't know much more about that, but then I never asked about it."

The peddler quickly finishes packing and securing his things, then stops for a moment and seems to be considering something. "I ought to give you something for saving my life. I haven't much coin, and I doubt my merchandise would be of any use to you. But I think this might be of some use..."
He rummages a bit more, and pulls out four flasks identical to the one he drank earlier, and hands them over to Lauren. "Here you go, I've a feeling you'll be needing it a bit more than I will. And if it will help ensure the village is still there when I come back next year... well, I've grown rather fond of the place and the people in it."

Spoiler: Actions • show

Peddler Thomas resists Lauren's Impress, and gets 1d20+2=12 ( Lauren gets a +4 discretionary bonus for saving his life, so the total difference is 5. His disposition rises by 2, to +2.

The party gains 4 elixirs, namely distilled potions of healing.
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Post by: Fiendbasher on October 07, 2011, 11:24:23 AM
Ssryn descends from the tree in the reverse manner from how she got up... she holds onto the branches, dangles her tail down and wraps it tightly around the trunk, then lowers her torso and repeats until she reaches the ground.

Seeing the group gathered round and the merchant preparing to depart, she addresses her allies, "Thhe road lookz clear and I can ssee ssignz ov the village, but iff there iz an army near it I cannot make out whhere the camp iz fffrom here."

Her tailtip flicked in irritation... she wasn't about to give up on the idea of easy food and a warm place to hole up for awhile, even under threat of an approaching army. On the way down she'd heard the last bit the merchant had said, and thought to question him about the Iron Legion, but opts to hold her tongue as she sees Alexander approaching him instead.
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Alexder finishes pushing the goblin over to the group and nods to the merchant.  "Good day to you sir.  I too, would like to hear more of the Iron Legion."

He then strikes a pose meant to show him in a heroic light.

Spoiler: show

Impress check = d20 + 7 = 23 (

Think Captain Morgan  ( the pose.  (With the goblin in place of the barrel.)
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Vandarzyx. Sits on his haunches like a great cat and looks down patiently on the discussion by his feet.
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As Ssryn walks into view, the peddler stares at her as well, but more in a 'what the hell is that?' fashion rather than 'oh gods that is a big scary thing coming this way' fashion. A quick glance towards Lauren who seems entirely unconcerned by the appearance of the naga seems to reassure him. He quickly stops staring and apologies to her. "Sorry about staring, it's just that I haven't seen any of your kind before... In any case, I take it you're with them? If so, you have my thanks as well."

When Alexander enters the conversation, looking like a dashing hero from one of his many stories, the peddler appears suitably impressed.
"Good day to you too. My thanks for the very timely rescue. I know few facts about the Iron Legion, mostly rumors and tall tales. They are the largest orc tribe in the north, having conquered and absorbed most of the other tribes. Along with a few goblin and ogre.. allies or slaves, I'm not entirely certain which, they are in a state of near constant warfare with just about every one of their neighbors. It's said the only thing that's keeping them in the north is that the dwarves are using a significant portion of their resources to reinforce their northern border."

Spoiler: Actions • show

Thomas resists Alexander's Impress with 1d20+2=11 ( Alexander gets a +4 circumstance bonus to his check for having saved his life, so his total is 27. Difference of 16, so he succeeds in increasing Peddler Thomas' disposition to +8, making him Intrigued.
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Lauren cups her chin with her hand and closes her eyes, pondering over the situation. Resources would be stretched by constantly having to defend against orcs. If the town is indeed undefended, then it would make an easy target and the region's dwarves might not be able to respond in time. She opens her eyes, "Where's th' nearest dwarven stronghold?" she asks.
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Peddler Thomas shrugs apologetically as he answers Lauren. "Somewhere across the mountains. That's all I know, I'm afraid. I've never ventured further than Northpoint."
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The naga just watched the peddler talk to the others from a respectable distance away. When he addressed her, apologizing for staring, she just lifted a hand... waving in a circular motion with a twist of her wrist.

Staring certainly wasn't offensive to Ssryn... she could hardly help it herself, having lidless eyes; but surmising that it must be rude to the peddler, she turns her head slightly away from him. She is still obviously watching, but at least it doesn't look like she is boring into him with both eyes.

She "stands" in a patch of sunlight, her serpentine coils gathered beneath her as she listens to the group and occasionally glances around, her forked tongue flicking out to taste the wind.
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Vandarzryx speaks "We should make haste to the town. Once there I can fly on ahead. As a high speck in the sky I could still determine large troop movements on the lands below." Without waiting the drake leaps into the air and makes for the town
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That's enough for Ssryn... she decides to show her solidarity with Vandarzryx's decision by striking out in the direction of the town as well. After experiencing the ambush, she decides it's time to give up on the small patches of sunlight for now and slips in among the trees, keeping the road on her right and looking out for threats to the party on the ground just as the drake can from the air.

Spoiler: show
Unfortunately her hearing isn't her best sense and the wind must be blowing from behind her, because I errored a Notice check (well, rolled a 1 anyway). Though you may roll for me instead if it's more appropriate... let's just hope the view she got from the treetop was correct and there's nothing dangerous between us and there.  ;D
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Alexander checks once more with the merchant before following his companions.  "Sir, do you require anything else?"

Then he takes up a marching stride while humming softly to himself.  However, he keeps his head moving and allows his gaze to pass over the road multiple times per stanza.
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Vandarzryx turns lazy circles above the group, riding a thermal until he is about 240 above his agents and the dwarf. I should find out more about that dwarf , he muses. From this high he can see further (though at less detail) and he will be out of range of panicy archers when he flies over the town.
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Lauren shrugs as the group resumes the trek north, "Take care, ye hear?" she says to the merchant. She rests her halberd on her shoulder and resumes walking.

After a moment she says to Alexander. "Ye know, we're walkin' into a tough situation. I dinna think we can count on much support from th' Northern Empire. It'll be us and th' townsfolk against whatever the Iron Legion sends at us..."

This isn't the "yay a fight" sort of talk, either. Her demeanor shows that she's being very serious and is contemplating the chances of not making it out alive. The dwarf is very concerned.
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Alexander runs his hand through his hair and fluffs it a bit.  He looks over at Lauren and grins.  "I hear what you are saying, my dear dwarf; however, I think you are underestimating our chances.  First, we have a dragon.  Second, we have a naga.  Third, we have a stout-hearted dwarf.  Fourth, we have me - an excellent singer and decent sword arm.  If I do say so myself.  Fifth, and most importantly, I am too pretty to die."  He grins that look that has caused so many young women to chase him.

I just wish I was half as sure I sound.  But, I really can't die yet.  Who would sing the song about me?
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The peddler shakes his head and answers "No, I'm good to continue now. Thanks again for saving me, and may the saints look over you as you help the village." He smiles and gives each of you a small bow, before picking up his pack and setting off towards the south.

The party sets off north, towards the village. Between the merchant's tale and Ssryn's scouting, you estimate you'll reach it mid-to-late afternoon. Vandarzryx takes to wing, flying in circles that grows larger as the drake climbs higher. When he finally levels out he has in impressive view of the area. It almost feels like he's flying over a green sea, with the mountains being rocky shores off in the distance. Unfortunately the thick forest means even an army could hide from the drake's gaze under the thick branches, but he keeps an eye on the road and it appears clear all the way to the village.

The village itself looks like any other he's seen, though thankfully it still appears peaceful. Looking closer the drake can see the village's defenses are indeed spectacularly poor, just as the peddler said. There doesn't appear to be any form of defensive wall, and beside what has been cleared for modest farmland the forest around has been poorly thinned out, allowing plenty cover almost to the outermost houses. There are people out and about, but Vandarzryx is  too high to see anything more than that.

Going wider, the drake can see the road strech towards the mountain range, the thick forest gradually giving way to a hilly, rocky landscape. There are no immediate signs of an rampaging orc army, but though the forest has thinned considerably, there are still areas thick enough to hide if not an army, then at least a warband or two. There are a couple of moments where he thinks he's spotted something, but subsequent passes over the area turns up nothing.

The village lies almost 1500 ft. to the side of the North Road, near a large brook that flows down from the mountains. It is afternoon and the shadows are beginning to lengthen as the party unmolested by further ambushes reaches the side road that turns away from the North Road and goes towards and through the village and rejoins the North Road at some point further north.

Spoiler: show

No grand orc army... yet. Although Vandsrzryx's instincts is telling him there's something in the woods, though he can't tell exactly what.

Technically I could've moved straight on to you entering the village, but seeing as you're not exactly a standard adventuring party I though I might leave some space in case you all wanted to discuss/plan. In any case I'll start the village scene tomorrow, and yes it's a new scene.

Additionally, I'm thinking about refreshing action dice every other scene change. Thoughts?
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Having not seen an army but still feeling some unusual prey is about in the woods Vandarzryx piles on the speed to land on the road about a half mile from the town. Here he catches his breath until the party arrives. THey find him sitting on his haunches radiating dignity (or perhaps arrogance).
"No great army matches within a flight of here, though there may be scouts" he declares to his agents and the dwarf without any greeting or common politeness. "The town is poorly defended and the people are not preparing for defence. Alexander take the drawf, what is your name dwarf?, and inform the Mayor or local nobility of my coming. Myself and Ssryn will give you an hour head start before entering the town on the ground." With that he listens to the dwarf's name and begins his wait.

Spoiler: show

I'm going to assume that for minor narrative purposes a roll to pile on a little extra speed is not nessisary.
Also though Vandarzryx appears pretty arrogant he is not doing it on purpose its just a mix of vanity and being a solitary preditor with no social instincts. Feel free to start teaching him how to be polite if you want.
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Lauren quirks an irritated eyebrow at Vandarzryx, "Forget already, did ye?" she stands firmly, feet spread and the butt of the halberd in the ground, "I'm Lauren Iceforge and I'm NOT yer bloody herald. Y'either show up with us or ye can wait long enough so we can keep the villagers from panicking when they see yeh."

Her irritation vented, she recomposes herself, "In case ye forgot, we're here to warn them and help prepare defenses."

She shoulders her weapon again and resumes marching for the village.

Spoiler: OOC • show

Yeah, the group has been traveling together for a bit, so Vandar acting like Lauren is beneath his notice and as to ask (again) what her name is has rankled her dwarven pride.
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The naga reappears out of the trees to meet the party on the road. She waits, watching the interaction impassively before speaking herself.

"I will sscout the perimeter, avoiding contact. If indeed there iz an attack on the way, thhere may be more scoutz watching the village clossely... if I ffind any, they will be quietly disspatched." Ssryn then drops her head down and quietly winds her way back into the brush off the road.

If indeed I have an hour before I should approach the locals, best to make good use of that time.

She glides along the ground like the lengthening shadows, only much faster, if any could have noticed. Once she draws near the village she begins to circle wide around it, and keeping her distance from any villagers that might be out and about... after all, farmers might appreciate snakes for keeping the fields and granaries short of vermin, but woodsmen were often less understanding, and talking snakes with arms might well make either kind of folk rather nervous. Ssryn makes a point of visiting the spots that seem to her to be best for observing the village unseen, as well as trying to suss out the weakest points to invade or attack.

Spoiler: Sneaky Serpent • show

Sneak check: 1d20+9=12 (
Blend check (if more appropriate): 1d20+2=10 ( minimum 22 (Hand of Death)
Notice check: 1d20+5=15 (
Tactics check: 1d20+5=19 (

That should cover just about everything... only use what you think is applicable. =)

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As Lauren and Alexander gets close to the village, they can see that the defenses are indeed abysmal, though from the ground they can see the remains of what looks like it once was a wall. It looks like it's been stripped for materials and left to rot for, Lauren guesses, between 50 to 100 years. On their way in to the town center there is also a distinct lack of anyone dressed like they might belong in a militia, peacekeepers or any other form of official uniform.

They do pass townsfolk going to and fro, working on the thousand little tasks that need doing when preparing for winter. It looks to be mainly human-dominated, which is a little odd this close to the dwarven empire, though Lauren imagines that if things are as bad as the rumors say they probably need everyone back at their halls and holdings.

The pair draw attention, mostly curious looks, as they walk through the town (you imagine they can't have too many visitors this far north), though not as many as Alexander perhaps would like. They seem preoccupied, talking amongst themselves. From overhearing snippets of conversation as you pass, you gather it is about Vandarzryx flying over the village earlier, but the tone isn't quite what you'd expect. Instead of 'oh gods, what is that giant flying thing?' or 'Do you think it's going to attack?' it's more 'What does it mean?', like it's a puzzle they need to figure out. Alexander, ever adept at reading people's moods, can sense there is a pall hanging over the entire town, a feeling of concern mingled with curiosity, with an uncercurrent of worry that, while barely detectable right now, will only grow heavier over a matter of days.

As they reach the village square they can see a small fountain and an old, weathered signpost pointing out three places of potential interest to travelers. These are the Shattered Sword to the northwest of the village, clearly the village inn, Templeton's General Goods due north on the way out of the village and Ana's Apothecary, due east of the village square.

As you are standing in the square, contemplating your next move, when a noise from the Shattered Sword draws their attention. Two identical-looking men dressed in what can only be described as haphazard militia uniform storms out of the place, clearly in a huff. They quickly spot the group and makes their way over, calming down as they do. One of them nods and introduces himself, "Hello, I'm Samuel Wright. Welcome to Northpoint." The other guard smiles nervously and introduces himself only as "Elijah". They are clearly twins, and looks to be late twenties, barely passed thirty. Elijah suddenly blurts out "A-are you adventurers? Are you heroes?"

Vandarzryx waits patiently on the road outside the village, using the passage of the sun to measure about when an hour has passed.

Ssryn glides through the forest quietly, a predator seeking a prey. To both her disappointment and relief, she cannot find any goblin scouts, or indeed signs that there ever were any. There are the occasional animal track, but nothing that seems particularly out of place.

Spoiler: Actions • show

Sense motive to detect village mood, DC 16:
Lauren 1d20+2=14 (
Alexander 1d20+7=25 ( (+1 for relevant interest)

Ssryn survival check, DC 14: 1d20+4=11 (

Don't forget, you can generally (like now) spend AD after the roll/description, as long as it happens before your next actions.
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Alexander squares his shoulders and nods toward the men.  "My name is Alexander, good sirs.  Tis true that I am an adventurer.  Though only bards and historians will be able to tell your grandchildren if I am to be a hero.  I am traveling with several companions.  You see Lauren here to my left - she is a dwarf of some renown.  Two more wait outside the town and asked that I introduce them prior to their arrival so as not to startle the good people here.  They are Vandarzryx the dragon and Ssryn the naga.  I could not help but notice that the people of this town seem on edge.  Is ought amiss?"

Spoiler: His charms must not work everyone. • show

Alexander, ever the attention hog, is looking to impress these semi-officials.

Meh, a 12 isn't great but it'll do for now (  If it were the mayor, ....
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Lauren adds, "Mercenaries is probably a better word, but aye, we are after a fashion." She looks between the two men, "Besides tellin' ye about our unique travellin' companions, we need te speak to whoever's in charge, here."

After seeing the abysmal state of the town's defenses and lack of a real militia, she's even more on edge and the situation is beginning to eat at her.
So much so that she jumps the gun on her questioning.

"How is it that a town way out here has such poor defenses? It doesn't make any sense."
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The two guards' eyes widen and jaw slightly drop at the mention of a dragon. You doubt they caught Alexander's question, and are quite sure they missed Lauren's, as they half turn to each other and begin sprouting half sentences at each other. "Did you hear? A..." "Do you think he...?" "Nah... or maybe..." "Timing's too good, though, it's gotta be..." "I dunno, but..." "Not our job, though." At this point both men perk up with the realization that whatever's going on is someone else's worry.
Samuel clears his throat, and in the best official declaration type voice he can muster, announces "Your friends may enter the village, Northpoint welcomes any honest, law-abiding person, be they man, dwarf or, er, dragon." After he's finished, Elijah pipes in with "Oh, but you should come with us and meet Hiram, the magistrate."
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Vandarzryx watches the position of the sun. A little more time so Alexander can prepare the village for his coming. To pass the time he puzzles over Loreniesforj’s odd behaviour.

Lauren quirks an irritated eyebrow at Vandarzryx, "Forget already, did ye?" she stands firmly, feet spread and the butt of the halberd in the ground, "I'm Lauren Iceforge and I'm NOT yer bloody herald. Y'either show up with us or ye can wait long enough so we can keep the villagers from panicking when they see yeh."
The drake replied only “Alexander always goes ahead to prevent unfortunate misunderstandings and no, I did not forget” then turned to watch the road.

the present
What a strange thing to say, Vandarzryx had not forgotten. He had not asked before because he had not needed the creature’s name before. In the small group “the dwarf” would have been sufficient and it never came up anyway. Now they are heading for a town with likely more dwarves a name is required. Why did she accuse him of treating her like his herald, that’s Alexander’s function. If she was under the misunderstanding that he was using her as a herald why was she not pleased? Vandarzryx wants to solve this puzzle. He is close to dwarf territory should the drake come to money he might want to employ a dwarf as an agent.

Hour over the drake begins a slow walk to the town watching carefully for reckless folk.
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Glancing and the sun for a moment, Alexander takes stock of the time.  The big flying lizard should be along shortly.  Going to get his feelings hurt if we go indoors though.

"We would be happy to meet with Hiram; however, my friends are not at ease indoors.  Would Hiram consent to meet with us outside?"
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The two militiamen are gently but urgently ushering the two adventurers towards the Shattered Sword, while Samuel answers Alexander's question. "Yeah, probably. Sebastian can carry out some chairs and a table, if you ask him."

As they're practically marched in the front door of the Shattered Sword, the two adventurer's hearts jump as they're standing face to face with an owl-bear standing on its hind legs and ready to claw their eyes out! Fortunately they immediately spot that the owl-bear is stuffed, and is currently being used as a coat rack. Still, it makes for one hell of a conversation starter. A quick glance around the otherwise warm and welcoming inn also reveals the stuffed head of the southland plains hyena over the mantel.

Samuel calls out to draw the attention of the only group of people in here, a group of locals arguing over tankards of ale. They turn around and eyes Alexander and Lauren, but before they can say anything Samuel informs them, with more than a little satisfaction in his voice, that "You wanted us to get results? Well, how's this? We've found a group of heroes for you to sort things out." Elijah also adds in an exited voice, "And they're travelling with a dragon." They then turn on their heels, informs the adventurers that if they require assistance they'll be happy to lend a hand, and walk out before the stunned-looking men or the adventurers can respond.

The first to gather his wits is an elderly, late sixties, human man, who is dressed, speaks and carries himself as someone with greater refinement than you'd expect from a small out-of-the-way village like this. "I am Hiram Mirth, acting magistrate for this village. You... you said you're travelling with a dragon? Where is he?" After explaining where the other half of the adventure party is, he nods understandingly. "Yes, I understand. Thank you, it will give us time to prepare to receive him. Sebastian, we'll set up behind the inn. We'll need chairs, several large tables, and we'll need to get a fire going. Make it two fires!"

Suddenly there's a great bustle as people prepare quite the ostentatious reception for Vandarzryx and Ssryn, though it's clear they're more concerned about the drake's needs than the naga's. A barmaid brings the two suddenly-ignored adventurers a keg of light ale each before hustling off to help carry furniture.

Just in time for Vandarzryx and Ssryn's agreed-upon time to enter the village, the preparations is complete. Several large tables, enough chairs to seat the party (those with legs, anyways) and the village's representatives. They've cooked up an impressive supper, and have clearly poured the good stuff in the cups (one of which is quite large and reinforced to withstand being gripped between a drake's claws), and have several roaring fires going, making the area nice and balmy.
Most of the village is gathered around the inn, still at a respectable distance but clearly curious to see a dragon. Those of the village that will be joining the evening supper is standing around, looking anxious.
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Lauren watches all this fuss and hustle with stunned bewilderment. They clearly seem to know they've got a problem that needs outside help, but is it in all related to the Iron Legion? She doesn't know. They don't seem interested in answering her questions, and whatever it is, it apparently calls for them to treat the adventurers to drinks and a meal. She would much rather get down to business, but...

...She's not going to turn down free ale.


This ale tastes like piss...
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Spying the beginning of the bustle in the village, Ssryn turns and begins heading back toward the road, where the drake is waiting... figuring it must be getting close to time for them to make their appearance. Again she stays low, occasionally lifting her head up over the height of the underbrush to look around, until she arrives at Vandarzryx's location. The naga waits for him to lead... counting on the dragon to draw a great deal more attention than she will.
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Vandarzryx nods to acknowledge he has noticed the naga's return.
Approaching the town the great drake lets out a high pitched cry, every rabbit for a half mile scurrises to hiding imagining a 6 ton eagle. Vandarzryx walks into town head high, wings flared to catch the dying sun. His stride radiates pride and power.

Spoiler: impressive, no? • show

The screach is a cry prclaiming his ownership of the town to any dragons with earshot. For the most part it is as instinctive as a laught is for a human.
Impress check
the power and glory of an ancient Age (1d20+5=24) (

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The walk into the village is rather unusual for both drake and naga. For the naga it's walking through a crowd and barely getting a second glance, for the drake it's being met by a crowd that is actually excited to see him, rather than cautious and fearful. They are surrounded by curious villagers all the way to the Shattered Sword, where an elderly human dressed in clothes fancier than you'd expect for a small village like this asks everyone to go back to their work, and introduces himself very politely to the two as the village magistrate Hiram Mirth. He then invites the entire party to a small evening feast, which the sight and smell of the various foodstuffs laid out on the tables in front of you would make it difficult to turn down, had you any interest in doing so.

The feast is rather good, it's clear they've used the best the Shattered Sword has to offer in regards to both food and drink. They're even serving genuine dwarven ale! At first there is only eating and small talk, commenting on the food and news from the south, though it's clear both groups are itching to ask some serious questions to the other party. When the eating is done and the everyone's sitting with a full keg of ale, Hiriam begins the proper conversation.

"I hope you've been properly welcomed to Northpoint. Now, may I inquire why you've come here?" When you explain you were heading north to look for adventure and stumbled upon a threat to the village, he deflates a little, it was clearly not the response he was expecting. He thinks for a moment, mumbles something to himself about how it can't be a simple coincidence, and adresses the party again. "Northpoint is usually a sleepy little town - and we like it that way - but lately... well, as you've yourself noticed, lately there's been a great deal of trouble. Chapel is missing, and the dragon is dead or mad or worse, but what's worse than dead, really? And we've seen black wolves in the forest of late. Shamans of the Red Hand use wolves as forward scouts, it's been said. Will you help us?"

Spoiler: show

So yeah, people in this village doesn't seem to mind drakes very much. Basically, people of this village will have between 5 and 10 starting Disposition towards Vandarzryx, so his Reviled is less/not effective when talking to people of the village.

Everyone technically gets one free unspiced food and drink, but it's getting late and unless you're planning to head into the forest at night it doesn't really matter.

Also, I forgot that the goblins had their own tribe, so the ones you killed would've had a small red handprint somewhere on their bodies. Though Vandarzryx was the only one who searched a goblin, so he's the only one who would've seen one, in that case on the goblin's chest, underneath the armor.
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Ssryn doesn't seem to mind being overlooked... as long as no one steps on her tail, that is... and she minds her tail very carefully to avoid just such a thing. Much to the contrary, she takes advantage of the lack of confrontation to pay close attention to the goings-on. She finds the villagers' unusual reaction to Vandarzryx, and the presence of the drake-sized cup, to be of particular note.

When food is offered, she glances over the table and settles a roasted fowl. Although she prefers to eat in privacy, she is very hungry and disinclined to offend her hosts, and so she breaks the bird into manageable pieces and swallows them down whole-- bones and all. She does pass up the ale, however. Fermentation in her innards is typically a bad thing. Some water from a rain barrel suits her just fine.

After the meal is done and when the magistrate begins speaking, Ssryn fixes her lidless gaze on him, watching his lips move as much as hearing him speak. 'So they know a dragon, that explains much...' she muses to herself, 'probably including the lack of defenses in this town. If one claimed this town as its own it likely wouldn't allow anyone else to mess with it. Apparently it's gone now though... mad or dead? Oh, there are indeed worse things than dead...'

The naga notes the comment about the wolves as well, and mentally curses herself for not thinking to look for animal signs... not that she was particularly good at that sort of thing. She shifted her eyes toward the dragon, wondering what he will say and content to keep her silence for the moment.
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Alexander watches the festivities with something between annoyance and fascination.  With the drake present, and obviously the guest of honor, Alexander's normal charms don't seem to work very well.  Nothing to worry about, people just aren't used to drakes.  You've still got it.  Try to think of a song that would work.

I guess it's time to play the herald again.  Though, this was a much better job when he had money.  But, how many bards can boast of both serving a drake and robbing one?

"Excuse me sir magistrate.  As Lord Vandarzryx's herald, I must ask, are you quite certain that these goblins pose a threat?  I gather that the dragon of which you spoke had an ... shall we say ... an arrangement with this town.  Are you asking for Lord Vandarzryx's assistance?  If so, would the arrangement be extended to him as well?  Also, can you be more specific about the ... uh ... particulars of the arrangement?"

Spoiler: show

Impress with a total of 14. (
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Vandarzryx watches and listens with inscrutible dignity. It seems he is willing to let his agents do the talking for now. Every so often though he quickly glances skyward...

Spoiler: show

really busy and really tired. I have a bunch of work and social/game deadlines this week so I might be a bit brief just for the next few days. No prizes for guessing who Vandarzryx is watching for
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Since Alexander seems to be the speaker for the group, Hiram mostly addresses him, with the occasional polite gesture towards Vandarzryx. "We would like you to do three things; find out what's happened to Chapel, find out what's happened to the dragon, and if possible, restore the Compact. Now, I know you've got questions, but perhaps you should save them for someone who was there when the Compact was formed. Now, as to your reward... our village isn't particularly wealthy, but I can offer a payment of 100 silver to each, as well as free room and board at the inn." Seeing you're not particularly impressed by that sum, he adds "I can also have a chat with the shopkeepers, have them offer you a, shall we say 20 percent discount on any purchases here?" He awaits your reply expectantly.

Spoiler: Open for negotiations • show

Lauren (1d20+2=22 (, Alexander (1d20+6=20 ( and Ssryn (1d20+5=23 ( can sense he's expecting the price to be haggled, which most likely means he's open to haggling.
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Not really being versed in the finer points of haggling, Ssryn watches the continuing conversation with her usual apparent lack of affect. Only her slightly stiff posture might hint that something is bothering her. She couldn't shake the sense that she had missed something important.

If there's wolves scouting, now would be when they start moving about... they see very well in twilight. So do I. Might be a good time to look. There may be spies within the village itself as well... not likely but it's possible... and they're either watching what's happening now or they've run off to report, and it's probably too late to catch them. Why hadn't I thought of that earlier... curse the cold, it must be affecting my mind as well as my reflexes...

With all the attention seemingly focused on the dragon and the bard, Ssryn takes the opportunity to slip away unnoticed. Silently she gathers herself and glides backward with fluid grace away from the table...

...only to collide with the neglected chair she had deigned not to use. It tips over with a loud clatter, completely ruining her subtle exit. Startled by the noise, she whips around with a sharp hiss to face the chair, her hood flaring reflexively... then turns back to face the gathering and stares accusingly as if it were somehow all their fault.

Recollecting her composure, Ssryn relaxes her posture and retracts her hood, quietly stating, "I am going to check thhe perimeter again..." before turning once again to depart.

[Spoiler]Stealth Bye ( epic fail: Blend Check - 1d20+2=3 (

If nobody stops her she will proceed to scout the perimeter again, looking for anything she might have missed or anything new since the drake's announcing himself. Things just aren't adding up in her mind...

Stealth Check: 1d20+9=29 ( Epic win.
Notice: 1d20+5=12 (
Survival (Tracking): 1d20+2=15 ( Will spend an AD this time if worthwhile. (If needed: 1d6=4 (
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Before negotiating further, Lauren tries to get a better perspective on things and get a better picture of what's going on. "Back up. I think we missed a part. Who's Chapel?"
She, of course, probes for more information on the individual, as well. Questions like: "What was his job? Where was he last seen?" and the like.

Her next line of questioning is about this dragon, "What's this all about a dragon? Mad? Dead? Why should we investigate? Was the dragon th' town's protector?" That would explain a lot, actually. She follows those up with, "What was it's deal with th' town? Where does it roost?" and so on.

Finally, she gets to the compact, "What were th' terms o' the compact? What would go inte renegotiatin' it?"

Once all that is done, the dwarf seems a little... confused, "So... lemme get this straight. There may be an army of orcs an' goblins on yer doorstep any day now, an' ye want us te go runnin' around the countryside lookin' for a lost person and a missin' dragon?"

To say the least, the villagers' logic baffles her.
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Alexander smiles as Lauren launches into her questions.

Hopefully she will forgive this bit of humor.

"Given your proximity to the dwarven empire, I am sure you know their custom to dig for what interests them.  My companion is no different; however, I believe she is digging for information at present.  Surely everyone can agree on the correct ... value ... of a thing once it's nature is known."

Alexander continues smiling at Hiram.
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Vandarzryx watches and listens to the dwarf and how the villagers respond to better evaluate Loreniesforj's value as a potential agent.
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Hiram nods understandingly to Lauren's questions and Alexander's comment. "Yes, yes I suppose it's only prudent to ask such questions before accepting an assignment like this. I can certainly answer your questions, but as I said, if you want the full story you should go ask Eliana, she was here when it happened. Let's see, your questions... in order, the answers are..." He clears his throat and rapidly answers the questions one by one.

"Chapel is the newest Dragon Ward. In fact, this was to be his first delivery. Dragon Wards brings the barrel to the dragon every other month, and stories say there's a mystic bond between dragon and ward, but it could very well just be idle talk. He was last seen carrying the barrel out of town and presumably towards the dragon's lair. The dragon... decided to settle in these parts around 75 years ago. The village made a deal at the time, he would protect our village in exchange for a triple-size keg of dwarven whiskey every other month. He's been keeping us safe from the likes of the Iron Legion ever since then. Since Chapel hasn't returned, and the Iron Legion scouts are closer to the village than they've been for over 70 years must mean something's gone very wrong, but we don't know what. As for renegotiating... frankly, we'll do anything to get our village guardian back, though we cannot afford much more than what we're giving now, for the whiskey." He shakes his head, ruefully.

"And yes, finding out what's happened to the dragon and if possible persuading him to resume his position as guardian of these parts is paramount. I've no doubt he'll be able to handle whatever the Iron Legion's sent this way, he always has before. Frankly, it's the only chance we've got against the Iron Legion."

He looks at the three party members present. "Well? Will you help us?"

Spoiler: Whiskey? • show

Dwarven Whiskey is considered by most to be the most exquisite - and strongest - of all the dwarven liqueurs. A triple-sized keg every other month would cost you quite a bit indeed. Lauren thinks they must have some pretty good contacts in the dwarven empire to be able to afford it all, and she doesn't doubt for a second it takes most of the village's output to pay for it all.
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Vandarzryx "You are in need, the answer is yes. We begin in the morning"
And without another word the dragon leaps skyward, spreads his wings and with a gust is gone.

Spoiler: show

Vandarzryx is off to find a hard to get to spot where he can rest.
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Damn flying lizard.  Couldn't you have waited until we had negotiated a better rate?  Oh well.

Alexander says, "It would appear that Lord Vandarzryx has spoken."  He then begins looking for a comely young farmer's daughter.
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Lauren's eyes go slightly unfocused, "Dwarven... whiskey...?" she shakes her head back to reality and opens her mouth to begin negotiations... when Vandarzryx makes his proclamation and flies off. The poor dwarf isn't even finished picking her jaw up off the table when Alexander heads off with intent to slate his libido. She's suddenly left alone at the table with Hiram.



"By <insert Dwarven God here>'s oily beard... Fine, I suppose it's late in th' day and we have been travelin' all this time..." The perturbed dwarf turns to Hiram, "Which way to th' inn? I need te get a room. Also, could ye make arrangements te meet with Eliana? I'd like te get her story an' find out where the dragon's lair is. Wi' luck we'll find what happened te Chapel on the way there."

My hunch is... she thinks to herself. The poor lad got nicked on his way to the dragon, spoiling this compact... that or he stopped to taste the whiskey and passed out somewhere.
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The blast of wind as Vandarzryx takes off is as sudden as it's strong. It almost knocks the rest off their chairs, tips over mugs and scatters the food off the tables. Hiram stands and watches the drake flying off into the dusk, looking a little stunned at the sudden acceptance and flight. He snaps out of it when Alexander makes his comment, and replies "So it would seem. You have our thanks."

As Alexander gathers a couple cups, a bottle of something alcoholic and some bread, he hears the first part of Hiram's answer to Lauren's questions. "Ah, it's just in the door behind us. I'll tell Sebastian to prepare rooms, no payment necessary, of course. Eliana rarely leaves her apothecary, I'm sure you can find her there. She knows quite a lot, but I don't think she knows where the dragon's lair is. Apparently only the wards do, and they've kept it to themselves."

Alexander has no problems finding a comely young lass willing to come with him to his room to hear stories of traveling with a dragon over a cup of wine or two. The bard must know a great many stories, as the young lady doesn't leave until well after midnight, looking like she's had a fun evening.

Ssryn returns to scouting the woods around the village, where a more thorough investigation does indeed show that the area around the village has been frequented by an entire pack of wolves, for a day at least, possibly two. Heading a little further out she can see what looks like the most recent activity: the pack has split, one part going south-southwest towards the road, and the other heading north towards the mountains. Feeling the chill of night settle, she decides to head back to town to warm up, heading towards the inn when she learns the group has been offered rooms at the inn. The rooms are of an acceptable temperature, though she finds coiling up in front of the fireplace to be the most cosy place in the inn.

Though the lengthening shadows of dusk covers many details, Vandarzryx spots a fair few caves between the village and the mountains as he flies east-northeast towards the peaks. Two-thirds of the way towards the mountains he spots a cave he deems good enough to shelter him for the night, and lands there.

Spoiler: Room and board • show

Free room and board (common meals) for all (Vandarzryx can grab a bite when he returns to town). Eliana is apparently the owner of Ana's Apothecary. Alexander roll Fortitude save against disease just kidding, had himself an enjoyable romp in the hay. Apparently being a drake's sidekick is a big hit with the ladies in this village...
Ssryn, gonna flip a coin to see how cold the night becomes. 1 is cold, 2 is temperate. 1d2=2 ( Lucky you, it's uncomfortably cold, but still a ways off from cold damage (would've just been 1 per hour or something small like that). Still want to go on a nightly patrol?
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As the night wears on, the naga lies motionless near the dimming hearth, her upper body resting on her gathered coils, head and neck draped over her folded arms. The dying embers of the fire are reflected in the dull gold mirror of her eyes, and it's hard to tell if she is asleep or awake, as those eyes never close. They even shift from time to time. After several hours have passed, however, her forked tongue begins to flick in and out, and she stirs, raising her head up.

With a wide yawn and a flex of her jaw she rises, stretching her arms and checking her gear, before slipping out of the inn. The cool night temperature is unpleasant, and Ssryn figures she has an hour or so before it will begin to affect her reflexes, and two at most before it is prudent to return to the fire and resume her sleep. But she also has the best night-vision of anyone around short of the dwarf, and coupled with her stealth, the best chances of catching the enemy out before they can see her.

She begins downwind of the town, and works her way around counter-clockwise, planning to return once she reaches her point of origin or when two hours have passed, whichever comes first.

Spoiler: Night Shift • show
She'll leave after about a watch-worth of sleep... 4 hours or so? Then return for another 4 hours sleep if the patrol is uneventful. A penalty to Initiative might be appropriate for less than Sickening levels of cold.

Stealth Check: 1d20+9=14 (
Blend Check: 1d20+2=16 ( (Min 22, Hand of Death)
Use whichever is applicable, will use an AD if it turns out to be necessary. You can roll it for me. :)
Notice Check: 1d20+5=17 ( If I didn't need the AD to hide I can use it here instead (if it helps).

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Ssryn patrols the forest at night, looking for unwelcome visitors. The night is still, almost unnaturally so, as if something's scared all the night-active animals to stay in their shelters tonight. Or maybe they can sense the imminent arrival of unwelcome guests...

The night is uncomfortably cold for the naga, and her thoughts frequently flicker back to her cozy spot in front of the fireplace. Eventually she decides to call it a night, but on her way back to the village she hears a wolf's howl in the distance. It is difficult to tell exact distance, but she believes it is a good distance to the south, probably somewhere near the road. A little while later the howl is answered from somewhere to the north, closer to the mountain range than to the village.

Ssryn remains out a little while longer, taking an additional circuit of the area around the village, but neither sees or hears anything else. Eventually the fatigue and cold drives her back to the inn, if she hopes to be in full fighting form the next day.

Morning breaks, though it is still a few hours before the sun has climbed above the peaks of the Ridgeline Mountains. The day is clear and a little cold, though the sun's warming rays should make it warm enough even for those who prefer warmer climates. In the common room Sebastian has prepared breakfast for the group. Not as grandiose as last night's, but it is warm and nourishing enough. The day awaits, and your task is set.

Spoiler: show

New scene, also I forgot to mention that technically the start of the feast was a new scene, so your AD refresh.

The breakfast is a common meal, though judging from what he served last night other food/drink types can be arranged, as can spices. Don't forget you get a 20% discount on all purchases.
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Vandarzryx wakes with the dawn and slithers out of the cave into the warming rays of the Sun. The Sun is a symbol, dawn is the time to bring heat and light. To blaze glorious over lesser beings. Time to be the Sun. After being warmed, the dragon leaps into the crisp morning sky and rises on an early thermal circling ever wider watching the lands below.
After climbing so high the air becomes thin and cold the dragon stoops, plunging down through the clouds like a lightning bolt. Just above the village square he spreads his wings and his knees bend as he lands shaking the earth. Then he stands like a proud bronze statue waiting for the others.   
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Alexander slides out of bed and reaches for the last bit of wine.  He is careful only to only drink one small cup and eats a few bites of bread to settle his stomach.  He begins the day by working through his stretching exercised and acrobatics.  He smiles each time something reminds him of his visitor.  'I'm as innocent as the dew on the grass.'  No, no you weren't.  But I'm actually grateful for the lessons.

After completing his stretches he runs his hands through his hair, gets dressed and heads down looking for a simple breakfast.

After eating, he heads outside only to see villagers fawning over his draconic companion.

"Well met this wonderful morning.  I'd like to confer with Lauren on how we should proceed.  I trust that you slept well?"  His eyes begin scanning for the naga and the dwarf.
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Vandarzryx "I am well rested. Your assessment that Loreneisforj is worth consulting is noted. I am forming a judgement on whether or not to employ a dwarf as an agent when funds allow. What is your assessment of the usefulness of Loreneisforj, what role do you think she is suited to?"
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Lauren awakens and begins preparing for the day, which involves a lengthy grooming process...

Bushing out and tying back that long hair.

Scrubbing with a wash pot.

Using the chamber pot.

Tending to her weapon's maintenance.

Getting fully dressed and geared up.

Then finally, getting downstairs for a good breakfast before she finally meets the others out front.

When asked about her thoughs, Lauren offers, "There's this woman, Eliana, who knows th' full story behind this compact. Hopefully, by talking te her we can get an idea about where te start looking for this dragon. I'd rather not aimlessly wander th' countryside when we're pressed fer time."
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Ssryn crept nearer and nearer to the fireplace as morning approached, until after the fire had long died and she was snoozing cozily on the warm hearthstones. When the inn began to stir with morning activity, she finally roused and groggily moved herself outside. Finding a nice patch of direct sun away from traffic, she stripped off her vest, laid it on the ground and stretched out, resting her head on it, the better to soak up the rays.

The drake's shadow passing overhead is what prods her to stir again, but she is reluctant, waiting until the bustle from where Vandarzryx seemed to have landed indicates that something is going on over there before lifting herself up, shouldering her vest and putting it on, and heading in that direction.

She arrives in time to hear Lauren's suggestion about finding Eliana and gives a slight hum, raising a hand and waving in a circular motion with a lissome twist of her wrist, to greet the group.

"I made another round of thhe village lazt night." she adds in. "Thhere are indeed wolvez patrolling about. Thhough iv they are sscoutz for goblin shamen, I know not. I ssaw nothing elsz that seemed out of plaze."
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Alexander stops humming quietly and ponders the drake's question.  "Lauren is ... dedicated and thorough.  She would be valuable both on and off the battlefield.  Though I believe more off than on.  She would be well suited to directing others: perhaps the head of the household staff at first and after training suitable people, she could head up a library and give council.  Though, she will not come to service gladly: it prickles her people's sense of honor.  You might try a bit of two-legged folk courtesy with her.  I think she would take that well."

Where did that come from?  Maybe the giant lizard will appreciate his "herald's" thoughtful and direct answer.  Maybe Lauren won't kill me for offering her services to Vandarzryx without her permission.  Yeah, and maybe you'll finish that song you've been working on for weeks before lunch. 

Alexander sighs more to himself than anyone and nods at Lauren's suggestion.  He attempts to roll his wrist in similar fashion as a greeting to Ssryn but does a poor job of it.
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Vandarzryx opens his mouth to speak but spying ‘Loreneisforj’ approaching merely says “…watch my silence, I have come to comprehend a little more than you suspect”. True to his word the dragon does not mention the previous exchange and listens to Lauren’s suggestion and the comments of the others.
Only after this does he speak.
“You will seek out Eliana, my majesty may keep back her words. I will remain here until you return or noon. Those who approach my person I will ask for the location of the lair of the Dragon of this territory.”
Spoiler: show

'a little' is an accurate description of how much he understands of social behaviour but the damn big lizard's pride prevents him from admitting how little or accepting overt lessons.
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To Vandarzryx he says, "Of course."

However, Alexander merely nods at Lauren and mouths, "I'll tell you later."

Looking over at Ssryn he stops and says, "Thank you for your efforts on our behalf during the night.  I am sure that the temperature was not pleasant.  Would you accompany us to Eliana's?"
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The naga's gaze shifts about the area before coming back to rest on Alexander when he speaks. She answers, "It waz tolerable. And yez, I will go withh the group."

Ssryn draws her main knife with a backhanded grip so that the blade lies along her inner forearm, an indication of a lack of intent to use it. Instead she briefly inspects the watermarked blade and wipes it with one of her scarves before returning it to its scabbard.

She goes back to watching any people in the area with inscrutable gaze... unfortunately, her utter lack of expression makes it impossible to guess what she's thinking...
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Lauren watches the exchange between Alexander and the dragon with a puzzled look. Once the course of action seems to be decided upon, she heads for the apothecary, knocking as she steps inside the establishment, "Miss Eliana?"

When the shopkeeper shows herself, Lawren puts on a pleasant face and explains their buisiness, "I'm Lauren Iceforge. My companions and I have agreed te help find out what happened to yer village's protector. I was wonderin' if ye could tell us what ye know about yer village's agreement wi' th' dragon an' if ye might have any idea were we can start lookin'?"

Spoiler: Making friendly • show

While she may not have the making friends skills of Alexander, lets see if Lauren can at least make Eliana willing to share her story...
Impress Check...
1d20+3=23 (
ooooh, do I activate that crit or not? Have AD refreshed? Eh, might as well, I don't get those kinds of rolls very often.
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Vandarzryx remains behind at the village square, basking in the sunlight and providing a magnificent spectacle for the villagers. Over the next hour or so every villager seems to have some excuse to pass by the square, gawping in awe at the drake, mothers holding young children and pointing at the drake, whispering excitedly. Sadly, no one seems to muster the courage to actually walk up and talk to him, so Vandarzyrx remains in the village basking in both the sunlight and the admiration of the villagers. It is a good feeling.

The two-legged members of the party takes the short stroll over to the herbalist's shop. It's a decently-sized two-story building, looks old but well maintained, with a decent herbal garden behind it. When they enter, they see what is surely a herbalist's version of heaven. The back end is the workshop, filled to the brim with just about every piece of equipment imaginable, while the rest of the floor is filled to the brim with potions, lotions, oils, leaves, roots and more besides. There is something to cure or alleviate just about every ailment imaginable here, including several items that would serve adventurers such as yourselves well. In the middle there is a counter, behind which stands a young human woman. It turns out she is Eliana's assitant, and that Eliana is expecting them for tea in her apartment on the second floor.

The apartment is very nicely furnished, though most everything in it is very old and clearly very cared for. Lauren notices several items, charms and suchlike, that is decidedly dwarven in origin, and though common in dwarven homes is unusual to see elsewhere. Eliana herself is an elf and possesses that ageless beauty that most elves have, making it difficult to put an age on her, though the look in her eyes and the way she carries herself indicate she has seen a good many years pass by. She gives the group a polite inclination of her head, and greets them: "Welcome, young adventurers, to my humble home. Please, sit, and have some tea with me. I have several blends, favorites of several parts of the world, as well as this dwarven blend I find most agreeable." She shows you to a table with teacups prepared for everyone, as well as several mugs of tea, the smells steaming from them blending into an unusual but interesting sensation.

After Lauren introduces herself and the others as well as getting the ball rolling on the questions, the elf sips her tea and settles back, ready to tell her tale. "Ah, you wish to hear about the beginning of the compact? Of course I will tell you, I remember those days well. One day, 75 years ago, two dragons appeared in this area, not far from the village, one after another. Not long after the second dragon arrived, a terrible fight broke out between them. For hours they fought, swooping through the air using fire, fang and claw to bring each other low. Eventually one of them prevailed and tore the heart out of his opponent, before landing not far from the village grievously injured. I managed to convince the village to try and help the dragon, but we couldn't do anything to heal his wounds. We were able to ease his pain for a while using then entire village supply of dwarven whiskey.
As the wounds healed, we could see that he would have a scar that would pain him for the rest of his life, as well as making it very difficult for him to fly. In the meantime the village had already begun to enjoy the safety that having a dragon living nearby provided, so we offered him a continuous supply of dwarven whisky if he would settle nearby and watch over the village, an agreement he accepted and have kept all these years... until now."

She refills her teacup, before answering the other question Lauren asked her. "I am sorry, I do not know where the dragon has its lair. Only the dragon wards have that knowledge. But I may be able to help you regarding Chapel. He is such a kind young man, and I truly hope nothing unfortunate has happened to him. He visits me frequently, to talk and ask advice, and once he told me he had a, well, a secret hideaway I guess you could call it. A cave he had cleaned up and furbished, where he would go when he desired solitude. If he is not in the village or with the dragon, I believe you will find him there." She gives the directions to Chapel's hideout, they're not too precise but you believe you should be able to find it. She seems to be considering something, before adding "You might wish to speak to mr. Templeton, the owner of the general goods store. Chapel has been in his employ since he first moved to the village, he might know something else about Chapel that I do not."

Spoiler: show

Vandarzryx can have a +1 morale bonus to skill and attack checks for the next couple of hours, sitting in the town square has been a rather positive experience for him.

Eliana will resist Lauren's Impress check: 1d20+6=17 ( Lauren wins by 6, so Eliana has +3 Disposition. The standard Action Dice effect isn't really useful, and she seems quite willing to talk without any prodding, so I'll say that she offers your group a little something in case you run into trouble, a Vitality Potion for each (and she'll turn vandarzryx's healing potion into something he can actually use).
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Alexander bows to the elven woman and smiles his best smile. "It was a pleasure to speak with you.  Perhaps dinner at a different time?"

Spoiler: Perhaps he used the wrong spoon to stir the tea? • show

Impress check = 9 (
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Lauren sets her cup down, once Eliana finishes her story. "Thank ye very much fer yer help, Eliana." she rises to leave, "By th' way, that was th' best dwarven tea blend I've had in years. I'll have to purchase some from ye later."

Once everyone has finished asking anything else they want to ask (or, in Alexander's making a fool of themselves), she bids Eliana good day and heads back out into the village to confer with the group as a whole.
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Ssryn stays out of the way for the most part, having little to add to the conversation with Eliana but paying close attention to it nonetheless... especially the part about the fight between the two dragons. When the others prepare to go, she follows them out, with a slight head bob toward Eliana on the way.
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Eliana replies to Alexander with a diplomatic reply of 'perhaps', though it's clear to all that she finds his advances more amusing than interesting.

To Lauren she smiles, takes a small sealed package from a cupboard and hands it to the dwarf, before replying "No payment is necessary, though I would appreciate a chance to share another cup of tea, after your business with Clipwing and Chapel is concluded. It is seldom these days that I get to share a cup of dwarven tea with someone who truly appreciates it."

She tells her assistant to arrange the potions for you, and wishes the group good luck in solving this case. You say your farewells and leave the shop, and are standing just outside. Where to first?
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Alexander walks out with Lauren and Ssryn.  He seems in a bit of a shock.

What is it with the people in this town?

"So, uh, I guess we find this Mr. Templeton?"

Turing to Lauren he adds, "Just so you know, Vandarzryx is thinking of hiring you.  He's a bit easier to take when you humor him a bit."

Am I really that far off my skills?
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Upon leaving the shop and only in the close company of Lauren and Alexander, Ssryn quietly speaks in a sibilant conspiratorial tone to her companions only...

"It sseemz likely thhiz Chapel may have run into marauderz, henz the reazon for hizz delay. We will be lucky to ffind him alive. I will procure ssome ssupliez for myzelf before we sset out and meet with Vandarzzryxss."

With that, she twists about and heads back into town. Taking advantage of the villagers' manner of finding her unremarkable she winds through what passes for a market until she finds someone selling fresh eggs. She purchases several of these and consumes them as she goes along with the casual lack of affect that most folk might eat fruit while walking... cracking the shell with a hand and swallowing down the contents, one by one. She also finds some smoked meats and buys some for later provisions, should this endeavor take her further afield or leave her out longer than anticipated.

A quick wash-up and refilling of her canteen later and it isn't long before the naga is headed back for the dragon sunning in the middle of town.

Spoiler: show
A common meal and some rations should put her back about 5 silver at most I reckon-- 4 if she could have gotten the eggs at the inn as her common meal. ;) The manner I described her getting them was mostly to make the post somewhat interesting.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on October 31, 2011, 02:37:53 PM
Ssryn remembers there were hardboiled eggs at breakfast, so she returns to the inn and asks to buy some raw ones. Sebastian looks a bit funny at her as she asks, but fetches several raw eggs for her, for free. "We'll just call it late breakfast, eh?" he says with a wink. When she inquires about some smoked meats he informs her that he usually doesn't carry a stock of them, he usually send someone to pick up what's needed from the farmer. But he does give her the directions to the farmer he buys from, and when checking the farmer is more than willing to sell several days worth of meat to her. Supplies arranged, she returns to the village square where Vandarzryx is being showing off for the gawping villages.

Alexander and Lauren wanders over to Templeton's General Goods. It's a small shop by most standards, but when they step inside they see it's well-stocked in not only the various sundries normally in demand in a village, but a surprising amount of shelf space is dedicated to what is unmistakably adventurer equipment. A closer look reveals everything from arrows, bolts and poultices to swords and maces, with a bit of light armor as well. Most look used, but pretty well maintained. Aside from a couple of obviously quality items, most seem to be about average.

Behind the counter sits a man fitting Oliver Templeton's description, currently mending a knife wound from the breast of a leather vest. He is without a doubt the fattest man in the village, and is dressed in a fine quality petitioner's robes and wearing gaudy rings, jewelry and silk ribbons in his hair. All in all this looks like a man of considerable wealth and who likes to show it. When they enter the otherwise empty shop he puts down the armor and rises to greet them, giving them a practiced smooth and friendly smile. "Welcome to my humble little shop. I am Oliver Templeton, the proprietor. What can I help you with this fine morning?"

Spoiler: Ssryn's grocery shopping • show

The eggs (a.k.a a common meal) you get for free from the inn. The meats (standard 7-use rations) is full price minus the standing 20% discount, so 4 silver.

Spoiler: Alexander's impression of Templeton • show

While Alexander might not be a card carrying member of the Thieves' Guild, he knows men who are (or at least claim to be), and if this village was big enough that he'd think there'd be a guild here, Templeton would be the first guy he'd question if he was looking to get in touch with them. As it is, you doubt he ask any questions for most things you'd offer to sell to him.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ArawnNox on November 02, 2011, 10:39:13 AM
Lauren looks around and picks up the vibe that this guy is one part pawn-broker and one part scavenger (because, seriously, where else is he going to get merchandise like this?). She leans over to Alexander and whispers, "You talk te him. Ask what ye can about th' lad an' his cave. I'll pretend te browse his wares."

She steps away and starts perusing the shelves, pretending to be interested, but really, she thinks most of it is second-hand junk. She can't help but wonder if the guy collected this stuff from adventurers that met poor ends... or whatever the dragon killed in protecting the town... that would make sense, but... is there really a market for this?
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ludomastro on November 02, 2011, 09:16:25 PM
"Mr. Templeton, my good friend - I hope.  My name is not terribly important compared to someone of your stature.  But if it pleases you, please call me Alexander.  We - that is to say - my companions and I have been asked to look into the mater of a missing guardian dragon and his young ward.  Perhaps afterwards, there will be an opportunity to discuss ..."  He glances over his shoulder at Lauren before looking back and lowering his voice.  " ... some business."

"Would you happen to know where we could find Chapel or perhaps his dragon friend?"

Spoiler: Trying to get on his good side. • show

Influence = 25 (
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on November 03, 2011, 07:45:34 AM
Templeton gives Alexander a quick once-over, apparently sizing him up. He appears to quickly make up his mind, as he greets them both with a big, warm and friendly smile. "Welcome to my humble shop, it is always a pleasure to have esteemed adventurers such as yourselves visit it. And I'm always interested in doing business, it's how I make my living after all." He gives Alexander a barely noticeable conspiratorial wink, all but confirming his suspicions about the man. He fetches three glasses and some non-dwarven yet very good whiskey, and pours all a glass.

"But as you say, today your business is information and not one of my fine items. I'll tell you what I know of that young lad. He's a good man, generally well liked, if a bit... odd. Though I guess normal people doesn't get picked as dragon wards, heh. Used to get these... moods, I guess you could call it, and went off into the woods for hours, sometimes a full day, at a time. Village gossip was he was either mad or a werewolf... nonsense if you ask me.

Now, while I normally hesitate so spread gossip and rumor," (both Lauren and Alexander get the feeling this isn't entirely true...) "the village is in danger and it might have some bearing on what's going on. I'm pretty certain Chapel moved here not for the fresh country air, but a matter of a significant debt of some sort. I had my suspicions up until recently, because he took every odd job that presented itself, more than he needed to pay for food and lodgings, and he never spent anything beyond that. However, around a week ago a dwarf came to the village, a southern dwarf by his accent. He was a fairly quiet sort, though he did visit my shop several times, and always to see Chapel. Didn't catch what they were discussing, not that I'd listen in on other people's conversations of course, but I did get the impression one of the subjects was money. I haven't seen the dwarf for a couple of days now, I think he left town. Oh, I just remembered his name. Gristle, I think it was." He finishes his cup.
"As for where they might be, I do not know. I try to stay out of a dragon's business as much as possible, it leads to trouble too often for my liking."

Spoiler: show

Templeton resisting Impress 1d20+2=6 ( His disposition towards Alexander is currently at +9.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ludomastro on November 05, 2011, 05:06:03 PM
Alexander chews over his thoughts carefully.  "I see.  Thank you for your time.  Any guesses as to where we should look?  Anything that Chapel might have let slip?  Something you accidentally overhead him say?  A safe place he could esca .. uh, slip off to when he needed time to think?"
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on November 10, 2011, 06:48:10 AM
Templeton shakes his head, causing quite a wobble in his chins. "Aside from wherever he would run off to in one of his moods, no. Although I don't know where it is, I suspect it's in a cave. The amount of time he's spent in his little hideout, it's got to be someplace decently comfortable."
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ArawnNox on November 10, 2011, 12:27:52 PM
Lauren, getting fed up with all the vague answers turns to the man, but does her best to avoid sounding angry, "Well, if ye dinna know where his cave is, do ye at least know which direction he heads when leaving town t' get there?"
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on November 10, 2011, 11:08:40 PM
"That, I can help with. He followed the north road out of town." It would seem to fit with Eliana's description of where Chapel's hideout is, which was north-west of the village. "Now, is there anything else I can help you with? Some supplies perhaps?"
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Post by: Catodon on November 11, 2011, 02:58:32 PM
Vandarzryx stretches out in the warming sun and snoozes. Soon a low rumble is heard coming from the drake.

Spoiler: show

I'm quite happy to keep watching. no probs.

Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ludomastro on November 12, 2011, 03:41:57 PM
Alexander smiles and says, "Can't think of anything that we need at present."  Lowering his voice he continues, "Is there something you were looking for perhaps?"  After listening to the response he steps outside with Lauren.

I know this guy is shady but there is good rest in the shade too.  Wonder what the going price for dragon memorabilia is these days?  Wonder if I can work that into a song somehow?
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on November 13, 2011, 09:07:53 AM
Templeton eyes Alexander a moment, but doesn't seem to be willing to make the first move. Instead he gives the standard 'I'm not looking for anything in particular, but I'm always interested in any interesting or surplus items you come across.' As it appears they've gotten as much as they can from the shopkeeper, the duo say their goodbyes and head outside, where they start the short walk towards the village square, where they'd arranged to meet up with the rest of the party.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ludomastro on November 14, 2011, 11:40:32 PM
Alexander does some tumbling to loosen up his joints.  So, a general direction and a vague description.  Almost seems worthy of a questing song.

He stops after the third round of tumbling and begins humming the song he has been working on again.

He greets Vandarzryx with a short bow and relates the basics story, then asks, "Would you be able to spot a cave or other hiding place from the air?"
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Catodon on November 15, 2011, 12:56:06 AM
Vandarzryx "I have the eyes the envy of hawks and I can carry a second pair as easily as an eagle carries a rabbit. I gather you have found something of the scent for me?"

Spoiler:  NOT a noble stead • show

Vandarzryx can easily carry 300 pounds and up to 900. He wont be ridden though so people can be bundled into his chest pack or in his talons the way an eagle carries a rabbit. Search is 7 but even so an extra pair of eyes and keeping the party in managable groups is always good

Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Fiendbasher on November 17, 2011, 11:08:41 AM
When she sensed the others' approach, Ssryn raised herself up from her coils at the sunning spot she'd found for herself and gave them a head-bob of acknowledgement. Listening to the exchange, she noted to herself that her forte was night vision, not distance vision, thus she figured she was spared from being hauled aloft in a drake's claws... an experience that actually rated pretty high on the list of things she'd like to avoid... and waited to see what the group's decision was.

Spoiler: Not it! • show
My search is only +2... just sayin'.  ;)

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Post by: Catodon on November 18, 2011, 09:38:56 PM
I hear snake tastes like Chicken   >:D
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on December 12, 2011, 03:43:13 PM
The group wanders out of the village while discussing their next move. They quickly decide they should do some aerial reconnaissance before heading out to the cave, but when Vandarzryx proclaims that two pairs of eyes would see better than one, the rest quickly grow silent. The drake has made his opinion about being ridden quite clear before, so whoever gets to go in the air with him will have to do so in his claws, a daunting prospect to be sure.

After a small discussion between them, the lucky chosen is Lauren, who glumly secures any lose items on her, then prepares for take-off. The drake grabs the dwarf in one claw, then takes off with a large gust of air. As he climbs, he adjusts his grip so he's holding Lauren securely in both claws. The dwarf finds the grip painfully tight, but as soon as they clear the tree-line she finds herself wishing it was tighter still, bruises and cracked ribs be damned. The flight is quite terrifying for the young dwarf, knowing that she's helpless in the face of almost certain death should the drake's grip fail.

She does her best to concentrate on keeping a look-out as the drake glides over the hilly forest terrain, but the rigors of the journey and the unfamiliar perspective makes her job very difficult. Is that moving shape she caught a glimpse of a deer running from something, or an orc leaping into cover? Was that a gnarled tree-stump or a goblin cowering, trying to blend into the background? She does spot two things of interest, though.

The first is the entrance to the cave where Chapel is said to have a hideout. It is a sparsely forested hill where one of the sides is exposed rock, almost like a small cliff. The rocks are covered in moss and vines, with a few trees in front of it that would provide some cover. If she didn't know that there was something there, Lauren would've been hard pressed to spot it, but that knowledge plus the unusual angle lets her spot a darker patch indicating an entrance behind the thickest of the vegetation. She's too high to see any tracks, but she can't see anything unusual in the area.

The second happens when, while circling the hill looking for anything out of the ordinary, Lauren spots something off in the distance towards the mountains, and a gut feeling makes her tell Vandarzryx to move closer. As they fly towards the area where she spotted something, Lauren worries she might have imagined seeing something as she can't spot anything on the way over there. However, the feeling of having been right is quickly drowned out by the shock of a dozen arrows flying through the air towards her and the drake. Most miss their mark, though a couple impacts the drake, doing little damage to his scales. One, however, bounces off Vandarzryx's chest/belly area and nicks Lauren's neck. It's a shallow gash, but a little more to the right and she would've been in big trouble.

Vandarzryx wants nothing more than to go down and show those fools what happens when they mess with a drake, but he realizes Lauren is too exposed and it would be reckless to bring her into a fight like this, so he banks hard to the side and flies low, barely over the tree tops to provide cover, and makes it out of range before any more arrows hit the mark. He makes best speed back to the town. During the maneuvering, Lauren can spot several orcs, most dressed like scouts though a couple are dressed like proper warriors.

They quickly return to the outskirts of the village where they left the other half of the party.

Sorry for taking so long to get back to the game, took a while to get my computer fixed and almost as long to get my ass in gear updating again. But hey, better late than never, right?

Lauren suffers 1d6=4 ( subdual and 1d6=6 ( stress from the harrowing flying experience, Fortitude save
1d20+4=9 ( fails, gains fatigued I, Will save 1d20+5=11 ( failed, gains shaken I.
Lauren Search check #1 1d20+6=9 ( (-2 circumstance for different perspective, +2 circumstance for Vandarzryx flying to give best possible vantage point)
Lauren Search check #2 1d20+6=25 ( (-2 circumstance for different perspective, +2 circumstance for Vandarzryx flying to give best possible vantage point)

Misc attack checks against Vandarzryx and Lauren: 1d20+3=23, 1d20+3=10, 1d20+3=22, 1d20+3=20, 1d20+3=8, 1d20+3=5, 1d20+3=12, 1d20+3=11, 1d20+3=16, 1d20+3=22, 1d20+3=12, 1d20+3=18 ( (With range penalties and such they only hit on 19 and 20, so still a couple of hits. I'll spend one AD to turn one into a crit.

Damage roll 1 against Vandarzryx: 1d6=4 ( -1 DR = 3 lethal.
Damage roll 2 against Vandarzryx: 1d6=2 ( -1 DR = 1 lethal.
Damage roll 2 against Lauren (crit): 1d6=3 ( -2 DR = 1 lethal.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Catodon on December 13, 2011, 12:51:11 AM
With a gust that drives before it leaves and bends the grass flat the drake lands.
Vandarzryx speaks “fell folk stalk down from the mountains and draw close in the woods. Loreniesforj has the eyes of the eagle to espy them. Also from the vantage point I provided she was able to see the hidden cave of the chosen Chapel. We must make haste if we are to reach the cave before the orcs reach here…but I am mighty and cannot see threats for the folk here as clearly as yourselves. Speak before I move so that I may act justly.”  

Spoiler: show

perhaps the big lizard is learning…

Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Fiendbasher on December 13, 2011, 02:08:09 PM
The naga is roused from her rest by the wind stirred up at the drake's return, and she rises from her coils. Listening to his words she considers carefully before responding.

"It sseemz unlikely thhat an army of orcz and goblinz will attack in thhe middle of the day. But dussk is another matter. Or dawn. We would haff to make hasste indeed to reach the cave and be back before dussk. Do you tthink it is possible from what you haf sseen?"
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ArawnNox on December 17, 2011, 06:24:52 PM
Lauren seems more than relieved to be on the ground again, the squat dwarf not used to such heights, unfettered. She pants for a moment, leaning on her halberd. She wipes the blood off her neck, the color returning to her face. "We should be able t'make it. Ow... one of th' lil bastards got a lucky shot..."
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Catodon on December 18, 2011, 11:38:57 AM
Vandarzryx pulls a pig bladder from his pouch and swallows it. He then reaches into his pouch and retrieves a second bladder carefully offering it to Lauren between his teeth.

Spoiler: potions • show

Vitality potions
heals vitality (2d6=6) (
Now on 24 Vitality(full)

Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Fiendbasher on December 18, 2011, 02:34:32 PM
Ssryn bobs her head in agreement upon hearing the news... that's enough for her. The sooner they departed the better, in her mind... it would be good to be back before it starts to get cool. Giving her gear another brief once-over, she straightens up and waits for the others to start moving.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ludomastro on December 18, 2011, 04:12:09 PM
Is the big lizard growing a heart? Could we actually be rubbing off on him?

Fluffing his hair and smiling Alexander starts toward the cave.  He is oddly quiet for once.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Fiendbasher on December 19, 2011, 11:48:07 AM
Wordlessly, the naga follows after Alexander without so much as a look back. Once they limits she presses ahead of the group, though not far... without a path to follow she doesn't have absolute knowledge of where they are going. Able to lower her upper body nearly to the ground as she slides along, Ssryn can use even improbable looking cover to blend into the terrain, only popping up as far as she needs to in order to look around now and then and flick her forked tongue into the air. The light breakfast she took in the morning as well as the adequate sunning has her feeling sharp, alert and quick.

She takes special care this time, as unlike on the road to the village, she is quite certain of the possibility of an ambush.

Spoiler: show
Some rolls you might need. Use any applicable, ignore the rest, and feel free to roll for me if you think it's more appropriate or if I missed something.

Sneak: 1d20+9=23 (
Blend: 1d20+2=3 ( error... lol
Notice: 1d20+5=13 (
Search: 1d20+2=10 (
Survival: 1d20+2=12 (

Since she is taking 'special care' throw one Action Die in there wherever it will help most (unless that's nowhere). As far as I know the error cannot be cancelled out by AD use but perhaps that roll wasn't necessary.

AD: 1d6=6 ( ( Oh what's the code to handle exploding dice on invisible castle, for future reference?
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ArawnNox on December 19, 2011, 01:36:05 PM
Lawren declines the offer of the vitality potion. It won't do the wound on her neck any good. She just patches up the bleeding, assuring her companions that she'll be fine.

She follows the group into the woods, taking the lead, pointing as to point the way to the cave.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on December 23, 2011, 03:11:39 PM
As soon as their little conference is complete, the party sets out for Church's hideout. The area around the village is fairly lightly forested, but grows thicker and thicker the farther out they get. The last couple hundred meters Vandarzryx finds he has to zigzag around trees often enough that it is becoming a right nuisance.

Ssryn moves silently ahead of the group, popping in and out of sight. She keeps her eyes and ears open for any ambushes, but the only thing she hears is the sound of local wildlife moving away from the drake lumbering up behind her. As she approaches the hill where the cave is supposed to be, she picks up a track. Boots, at least a day old, coming from the village and towards the cave. Probably took a slightly different route here which would explain why she didn't pick up the tracks before now. She does a complete loop around the hill looking for more tracks, but find none.

As the rest of the party approaches the hillside, they can see Ssryn examining the rock face, looking for the way in. As it turns out, most of the rock is covered in moss, but the part in middle that's most thickly covered in moss is in fact a mesh-like curtain of thin vines covered by a layer of moss. It's a good trick as well as a pretty good camouflage, though when one knows what to look for and where it doesn't stand long against scrutiny. Peeking through the curtain, she can see a fairly narrow opening (it'll be a tight squeeze for the drake, if he wishes to accompany you inside) though she can sense it opens up pretty significantly shortly inside. She can also barely hear something, a rhythmic yet irregular noise coming from somewhere inside the cave, too faint for her to accurately guess at what might be causing that noise.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Fiendbasher on December 23, 2011, 06:44:56 PM
Ssryn twists her torso to face the others and brings a slim, clawed index finger up before the tip of her snout in a humanoid "shush" gesture.

In a sibilant whisper she utters, "The entranz iz narrow, but openz up ffurther insside. Ssomeone haz been here in the pazt ffew dayz... perhapss the one we sseek. I hear ssomething inzide... not ssure what, perhapz hammerz?"

"I will sslip in and make ssure it is ssafe pazt the entranz."

With that the naga thrusts a slender hand through the curtain of vegetation once again, and parts it. Gathering her coils close behind her, she pushes her upper body through silently and cautiously, leaning forward and looking around before pulling her tail in after her. She continues to move forward in the same manner until she can peek from low down into the area beyond the narrow entrance.

Spoiler: Surreptitious Recon • show
Rolls, use as needed, ignore if not applicable.
Sneak: 1d20+9=28 ( Threat - probably not necessary though.
Notice: 1d20+5=17 (
Search: 1d20+2=20 (

To save time, if it's all clear, she will simply slide back out and silently wave the others in.  ;D
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on December 27, 2011, 04:26:55 PM
The naga quietly and deftly slips into the cave entrance, disrupting the 'living' curtain no more than a gust of wind would've done. She finds a tunnel roughly the same size as the entrance sloping gently down and around a bend, from which a glimmer of light can be seen. Slithering up towards the bend quietly and low on the ground, she finds the tunnel opens up into a roughly circular cave of surprising size. If they wouldn't mind living cramped, there would be room for a dozen drakes of Vandarzryx's size here. At either side of the cave, from Ssryn's point of view, there appears to be smaller alcoves or perhaps tunnels, it's difficult to see from this angle. At the opposite side there is a tunnel much like the one she is in now, disappearing down the into darkness.

The main chamber is very interesting. Rather than some rough hideout, it is fairly decently furnished. Several pieces of furniture, a (currently lit) firepit with nearby implements for cooking, and off to the side a decent circle of sand with several straw dummies set up, obviously for weapons practice. In the middle of this circle there is a shirtless person currently practicing unarmed strikes, hitting a dummy with a series of punches and elbow strikes. Ssryn's too far away to make out particular identifying marks, but seeing as this person is shorter, wider, more muscular and more tattooed than the description of what Chapel looked like it seems a fairly sure bet that this isn't Chapel.

Judging that she's discovered as much as she can from her current viewpoint, Ssryn slips back out and quietly informs the rest of the party of what's inside the cave.
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Post by: Catodon on December 27, 2011, 05:13:11 PM
Spoiler: AD available • show

I have 3AD and will give away 2 using wise council. If you can see and hear Vandarzryx and need an AD just take it. Don't ask and don't wait for a reply that takes too long just use it.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ludomastro on December 29, 2011, 01:51:44 PM
In a low voice, away from the cave opening, Alexander asks, "Shall we announce ourselves or shall we try to draw him out?"

"I'm all for playing jaunty little tune while sitting under that tree.  As he comes out to investigate you all will be in a position to grab him ... if necessary."
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Catodon on December 31, 2011, 05:42:15 PM
Vandarzryx speaks in a low rumble "From the generals of the folk I have learn that it is better to choose  the field of battle than to have it chosen for is also better to talk then unleash carnage. If we draw him out I will plummet from above, landing in front of the cave mouth. He dare not fight through me to regain the safety of the cavern. Then in awe of my majesty he will be forced to talk."

Spoiler: show
Plummet in game terms:
 I could take a 'run' for 4x move = 160' in one full round action but will land flat-footed. I figure if I'm 160' above the cave this reduces the chance he will detect me before the trap is sprung.
What to the other players think?
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Post by: Fiendbasher on January 06, 2012, 10:18:34 AM
"Good enuffff," the naga whispers sharply, and quickly turns and slips out of sight behind cover nearby.

Spoiler: show
Assuming there is any cover... I imagine near a cave there are likely to be rocks and/or shrubs she could conceal herself behind. If not, she could press up against the wall alongside the entrance so that someone coming out would not likely see her unless they turned to go back in.

Blend: 1d20+2=4 ( A 2, but still not an error... Hand of Death applies. Minimum up to success needed or 22, whichever is lower.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Catodon on January 07, 2012, 03:20:42 AM
There is a rush of wind as the great drake suddenly takes to the air.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: ludomastro on January 07, 2012, 11:35:14 AM
Nodding to his companions, Alexander, sits down with his back against the nearest tree and his face perpendicular to the cave opening.  He begins tuning his lute and, once tuned, he begins singing the bar song he has been working on.  He continues to get louder as he plays until he reaches full "busy tavern" volume.

Spoiler: show

If a tree is more than 10 to 15 feet away, he'll sit about the same distance from the cave opening on a rock.

Do I need to make a roll for this?  I see it as something of a non-combat feint or perhaps a Taunt but substituting the Fixated result.
Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on January 08, 2012, 09:08:44 AM
As Vandarzryx takes to the skies to assume an overwatch position, Ssryn moves over to the spruce tree with the heaviest branches and coils around underneath it. Alexander and Lauren can't help but think it a poor choice for a hiding spot, as she's sticking out like a sore thumb underneath the tree... except that when she stops moving, she's blending in extraordinarily well. Clearly the naga knows a thing or two about remaining unseen.

It only takes Alexander a few moments to tune his lute before he beings playing his latest masterpiece. It's still a work in progress, and as he plays through it he notices several areas that needs a little bit extra work before it's ready to be performed at taverns and inns.

Lauren takes up position opposite Alexander and assumes the role of audience. As the performance begins, the bard proves yet again that he's got a fair voice. Not as much gravitas as a decent dwarven skald, but it's easy listening compared to the sometimes lengthy epics she grew up with.

Only Ssryn notices that, midway in the performance, someone is moving quietly from deeper into the cave and up to the vine curtain. A tiny hole is made, and an eye appears behind it, scanning the immediate area outside the cave entrance. Seemingly satisfied that there is nothing immediately threatening, the hole is closed and the person somewhat stealthily moves through the vine curtain. When the person straightens up she sees it's a dwarf, casually carrying a war hammer.
He speaks up loud enough to be heard over the music. "Oy, lad, this ain't the place for a private performance. How about ya take yer girlfriend somewhere else to try an' woo her?" The tone of his voice isn't straight up intimidating, but it's clear he doesn't think this is open for discussion.
Standing out in the open you notice several details about the dwarf. He's reaching middle age for a dwarf,
he is shirtless and sweaty, and is covered with a dozen scars and twice as many tattoos.

Spoiler: show

Dwarf sneak check: 1d20+2=8 (
Dwarf search check vs. Ssryn: 1d20+2=20 (
Alexander notice: 1d20+1=4 (
Lauren notice: 1d20+5=7 (
Ssryn notice: 1d20+5=24 (
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Post by: Fiendbasher on January 09, 2012, 01:15:05 PM
Ssryn chose her post thoughtfully; for just as she could be seen when she first coiled under the tree, so can she see quite well from beneath it. Remaining motionless and maintaining a low profile, the pale bands that ring her body break up her outline. Her drab olive coils simply melt into the pattern of light and shadow beneath the spruce.

Perhaps more importantly, she can observe the stranger clearly from this position. Only her dull golden eyes shift as she watches the tattooed dwarf, sizing him up, her pupils shrinking and expanding as she focuses on subtle details....

Spoiler: Death will come to know you... • show
In before the drake drops out of the sky.  ;D

Using Cold Read, Ssryn wants to know:
What is his profession?
What does he fear?
Does he consider himself to be honorable?

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Post by: ludomastro on January 09, 2012, 08:36:22 PM
Alexander continues to play after the dwarfs speaks to him.  He lets the notes wander off key and slowly wind down.

Letting his words slur ever so slightly, Alexander says, "I'm sorry, master dwarf.  I didn't expect an audience other than my friend here."  After a brief pause, he asks, "Where did you come from, anyway?"

Spoiler: show

Not sure what to roll to act "ever so slightly" drunk, or even if I need to.
Assuming that Bluff is appropriate:
1d20+5 → [7,5] = (12) (
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Post by: Antilles on January 09, 2012, 11:25:49 PM
The dwarf gives Alexander a long, unimpressed look that all but shouts 'Not convinced.' He shakes his head slightly and replies to the bard "You mind yers, lad, and I'll mind mine. Now shove off, will ya?"

Spoiler: show

Dwarf Sense Motive vs. Alexander: 1d20+2=17 (
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Post by: Fiendbasher on January 10, 2012, 10:51:06 AM
Perhaps Ssryn is not pleased with the way this encounter is going... she waits until the tattooed dwarf's attention seems to be firmly locked on Alexander, and then begins to slowly and carefully pull free one of the weighted scarves from around her 'waist', taking it into one hand. She stays in position for now, the dull mirrors of her eyes shifting from time to time between the tattooed dwarf and the cave entrance.

Spoiler: show
Prestidigitation: 1d20+8=15 (

Ignore if unnecessary. If it IS necessary but failed, I am willing to use an AD.
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Post by: Catodon on January 10, 2012, 04:32:01 PM
Vandarzyrx watches from above wating for the dwarf to move forward so he can land betwwen the dwarf and the cave mouth.
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Post by: ludomastro on January 10, 2012, 07:25:37 PM
Alexander drops all pretense of being intoxicated, puts down his lute, stands and simply stares at the dwarf.  "Last I checked, it wasn't your forest.  I believe the village said it belonged to a dragon.  So, if you are so intent on me being gone from here, come make me leave."

Spoiler: show

1d20+6 → [19,6] = (25) (

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Post by: Antilles on January 10, 2012, 11:46:19 PM
The dwarf shifts his stance, but doesn't otherwise make a move. It's clear Alexander's taunting has had some effect, though not quite enough to make him attack. "Aye, the dragon claimed these lands as his own, but I was invited here, and I'd wager you wasn't. If you've come looking for trouble, I'd suggest you go look in that direction." He nods his head towards the northern mountains, towards the Iron Legion lands. "The orcs just love cocky young lads looking for trouble."

Spoiler: show

Dwarf sense motive 1d20+6=25 ( + AD 1d6=2 (

Alexander Sense Motive vs. Dwarf 1d20+6=25 ( - He honestly believe be has permission to be here.
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Post by: ludomastro on January 11, 2012, 11:13:41 PM
Alexander relaxes and tries to put himself at ease.  Drawing on his skill as a performer he tries to get the dwarf on his side.  "I see.  Sorry about the trouble master dwarf.  Me and mine would rather not see harm come to the village from either the orcs or their goblin servants.  In fact, if we could just find this chap named Chapel, we might even be able to help the village elders with some of their concerns.  But seeing as how you are so insistent, I suppose the concerns of other don't bother you much."

Spoiler: show

Shooting for an Impress role:
1d20+7 → [13,7] = (20) (

If needed, the AD yields:
1d6 → [6] = (6) (

And rolling again, we add:
1d6 → [4] = (4) (

for a total possible 20 + 6 +4 = 30

That WAS impressive.
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Post by: Antilles on January 12, 2012, 05:29:06 AM
The dwarf nods at Alexander's words. "You've got a good eye for folk, bard. Aye, I've found that sticking yer neck out for others is just begging for it to be chopped right off. But you've saying the Iron Legion's come this far south, with actual numbers? Hmm... that's not good..." He appears to be pondering something.

Spoiler: show

Dwarf resolve check: 1d20+3=12 ( Difference is 18, so his disposition is improved to +9, Attitude Intrigued (so close, but no cigar).
Alexander does notice that his concern/worry increases somewhat when he learns there's orcs in the area.
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Post by: Fiendbasher on January 13, 2012, 04:01:17 PM
Ssryn remains in the shade, still as the grave and watching. Her dull gold eyes seem to take in everything and reflect nothing back, and as her companions know her, she's most certainly gathering more information as she looks on. She seems confident enough in Alexander's diplomatic abilities for now, as she hasn't moved further since she loosed one of her scarves; however her gaze still flickers toward the cave entrance occasionally.
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Post by: ludomastro on January 15, 2012, 02:13:16 PM
"Yes, they have.  We ran afoul of the same goblin band that a peddler did.  He was heading south and we north.  We believe that more are moving under cover int he woods given that a friend who took the to high ground was also attacked while scouting but made it away with only minor wounds."

Alexander looks at the dwarf and adds, "Neither I nor my friends will stop you should you wish to leave; however, any information on the dragon that protects these parts and his ward - a human named Chapel - would be appreciated."

Spoiler: show

Can I roll Impress again?
1d20+7 → [4,7] = (11) (
Not as impressive as I would like.

I'd like to add an AD to that, if I may.

1d6 → [4] = (4) (

A less than inspiring 15, total.
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Post by: Antilles on January 16, 2012, 02:47:36 PM
The dwarf scratches his chin thoughtfully, sighs, and starts speaking slowly, almost hesitantly. "Yeah, Chapel... I know the kid, good lad, and I'd like a word with him before I head back south, which is, y'know, kinda difficult if the orcs've got their grubby mitts on 'im, so, I guess I could..." He's rudely interrupted by a barrage of arrows from a thicker part of the woods a short distance away, half heading towards the group and half towards the flying dragon.

Spoiler: show

You can't do two Influence checks per scene, so I assume you're trying to persuade him to cooperate with you. He gets a +4 discretionary bonus to resist, because of Reasons, you get a +8 bonus from positive Disposition.

Dwarf resolve roll, 1d20+7=11 (

Notice checks to spot ambush. Alexander and Ssryn suffer -4 discretionary from being focused on the dwarf at the moment, Lauren suffers only a -2 penalty because she hasn't done anything particular this conversation. Vandarzryx also suffers a penalty for currently focusing on the dwarf, but gains an equal bonus for excellent vantage point.

Lauren notice check 1d20+3=18 (
Alexander notice check 1d20-3=4 (
Ssryn notice check 1d20+1=2 (
Vandarzryx notice check 1d20+6=16 (
Dwarf notice check 1d20+2=14 (

Orc tactics check 1d20+7=11 ( + AD 1d8=4 (

Initiative checks:
Alexander: 2d20.takeHighest(1)+5=22 (
Lauren: 1d20+1=6 (
Ssryn: 1d20+6=17 (
Vandarzryx: 1d20=20 (
dwarf: 1d20+2=19 (
orcs 1 initiative: 1d20+2=14 (
orcs 2 initiative: 1d20+2=17 (

Initiative in order, * denotes surprised and cannot act during surprise round
*Alexander 22
Vandarzryx 20
Dwarf 19 (no * thanks to always ready ability)
*Ssryn 17
Orc group 1 17
Orc group 2 14
Lauren 6

Vandarzryx, you spot out of the corner of your eye, about 60 ft. from the group and 80 ft. away from you, a group of orcs, from your quick glance you'd guess at about a dozen or so, all wielding bows and about half of them pointing at you, clearly seconds away from releasing them.  You've got 1 action, what do you do?
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Post by: Catodon on January 16, 2012, 05:52:28 PM
The moment before the arrows fly there is a terrible roar above the group as Vandarzryx stoops falling most of the 80 feet to the forest floor before unfurling his wings to land 20' behind the archers.
Spoiler: show
 Ok? this would normally be two half action moves but to qualify as a single action I'll Run 100' (I'm allowed up to 120') and end the action flat-footed.
Yes I considered flying up and away but perhaps a distant 'dragon' running away isn't going to convince the orcs that the dragon is still protecting the area.
Also this way I might catch a few in my breath weapon soon. I was designed as a minion smasher after all.
Also when figuring the archers attacks don't forget my +1DR and no size penalty to defence from larger than life.
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Post by: Antilles on January 17, 2012, 02:34:59 PM
If anyone happened to be looking at Vandarzryx, they could very easily believe the drake suddenly lost control and was plummeting towards the grounds. That would be wrong, as he was very much in control as he was racing towards the ground, chest first into every tree in his way.

At first it's just the thin tops and upper branches of the trees that hit him, bouncing mostly harmlessly off his scales with a stream of snapping, cracking noises. Soon enough he begins impacting the tree-trunks proper, and the noise of impact and breaking, shattering and uprooting of trees is getting almost painful. The constant impacts are threatening to send Vandarzryx off balance so he'd land tail over head, but with no small amount of skill he manages to land properly on all four feet. He fills his lungs with air, as most of it was knocked out of him on the way down, and ponders briefly just how would he prove to these wretched creatures the error of their ways.

The dwarf readies his war hammer with a look on his face that is part grim determination to kill some orcs and part looking forward to a good fight.... until he spots the drake and his expression is replaced by that of pure surprise and confusion, and only through well-ingrained muscle memory does he finish readying the war hammer and avoid smacking himself in the head with it.

The group of orcs that was aiming toward the human/dwarf/naga group seemingly ignores the bedlam happening above and behind them, and loose their arrows. Most miss, though one carves a shallow gauge in the dwarf's side, ruining a tattoo but not otherwise particularly serious. Ssryn notices none of the arrows hit particularly near her.

The group of orcs aiming at Vandarzryx tracked their target as he zoomed across and through the treetops, and as soon as he's landed they fire. Being quite a lot closer and quite a lot larger seems to have made him an easier target, as most of the arrows impact on the drake's scales. After the beating he took plowing through the trees, the arrows aren't exactly making the situation better, though he's yet to sustain serious injury, luckily.

Lauren readies her halberd as she begins moving towards the orcs.

Spoiler: show

Vandarzryx gains an AD for making a grand entrance.
On the way down Vandarzryx receive 4 1d6 subdual blows and 4 1d10 lethal blows plus 1d6 falling damage for his controlled crash through the forest. As the blows happen in such rapid succession that it's practically one long blow you only need to save against subdual once, for the total amount of damage.

Subdual: 1d6=4, 1d6=2, 1d6=5, 1d6=3 ( - (4x1) DR is a total of 10, so a DC 15 fortitude save. 1d20+5=12 ( Which you almost make.
Lethal: 1d10=1, 1d10=1, 1d10=8, 1d10=3 ( - (4x1) DR is a total of 9 lethal.
Falling: 1d6=3 (, no DR.
You're flatfooted and currently considered to be squeezing, though the more physical actions you do, the more room you clear. Also, you can retroactively spend an AD on the save if you want.

Orc group 1, 5 attacks.
vs Alexander (flat-footed): 1d20-3=3 ( miss
vs. Lauren (flat-footed): 1d20-3=0 ( miss and error
vs dwarf (flat-footed): 1d20-3=16 ( hit, 1d6=3 (
vs Lauren (flat-footed):
1d20-3=8 ( miss
vs. dwarf: 1d20-3=2 ( miss

Orc group 2 attacks Vandarzryx, he gets light cover from them.
attack 1: 1d20+3=14 ( hit, 1d6=4 ( -1 DR = 3 lethal
attack 2: 1d20+3=18 ( hit, 1d6=6 ( -1 DR = 5 lethal
attack 3: 1d20+3=22 ( hit, 1d6=2 ( - 1 DR = 1 lethal
attack 4: 1d20+3=15 ( hit, 1d6=6 ( - 1 DR = 5 lethal
attack 5: 1d20+3=9 ( miss.
...ouch. That's 23 lethal this round, leaving Vandarzryx with just 1 lethal left.

ArawnNox hasn't been online for a while, so I'll run Lauren until hopefully he returns.

Spoiler: initiative • show

Alexander 14/13
Vandarzryx 1/24
Dwarf nicked
Ssryn 22/14
Orc 1-1 ok
Orc 1-2 ok
Orc 1-3 ok
Orc 1-4 ok
Orc 1-5 ok
Orc 2-1 ok
Orc 2-2 ok
Orc 2-3 ok
Orc 2-4 ok
Orc 2-5 ok
Lauren 24/16
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Post by: Fiendbasher on January 17, 2012, 05:13:21 PM
Startled by the whistle of arrows flying past her and the roar of the drake, Ssryn springs up and twists her torso around to face the direction the missiles were fired from... her tail-tip lashing and hood spreading reflexively. She winds the end of the weighted scarf tighter around her fist as she pauses to get her bearings, and after the second volley passes, she seems to have a plan in mind.

Uncoiling like a spring, she lashes across the ground toward the trees the orcs are using for cover, intending to quickly disappear among them herself once she reaches them. As she moves, she listens as best she can. The drake will surely cause chaos among the orcs soon, and when he does, one among them will raise his voice to try to bring them under reign. Then, Ssryn will know her target...

Spoiler: show
Assumed to take place when she's able to act. She intends to reach the trees and hide among them, then flank around, looking for a possible leader among the orcs. If she can't reach the trees proper in one go, she will take any cover she can find after a full move: rock, tree or bush...

Full Action: Sneak w/ full move (-4 to roll): 1d20+5=16 ( Willing to spend an AD if I juuuuust missed it.
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Post by: ludomastro on January 17, 2012, 10:42:19 PM
"By the Bard's own beard!  Where did they come from?"  After collecting his wits, Alexander draws his rapier and charges toward the nearest enemy singing the chorus from Men of Valor are We - an old bar tune about a human victory over orc raiders.

Spoiler: show

I'm assuming that drawing the rapier counts as one half action and that moving counts as the other.  Therefore, I'll have to wait before assuming a stance or attacking.
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Post by: Catodon on January 18, 2012, 02:31:50 AM
Spoiler: HaHar! Is that all you got! • show

I think I will take an AD on that save.
boost save (1d6=5) (

From inside his own head it looks like this…
Punctured and bruised the indominable will of mighty Vandarzryx rises. Head held high he breathes into his powerful lungs then with a majestic roar blasts a withering gout of flame across the prey that dare harm his mighty person!

Spoiler: Bathed in Glory! • show

If Alexander can move far enough to engage the orcs then I'll have to angle the breath attack to avoid the orc(s) adjacent to the bard.

Breath attack 20’ cone. The orcs should be at the far edge of the cone if I got the landing right.
Attack roll
gout of flame (1d20=12) (
And add an AD
boost flame attack (1d6=5) (
TOTAL attack roll 17.

Fire Damage (ref save for half)
burn! (2d6+3=8) (

And I’ll spend an AD on defence (raises to 12)
boost defence by 2 for this many rounds (1d6=2) (

Also note if the drake is killed, well I have more character ideas than games to play them in and
 He’ll die bathed in glory!

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Post by: Antilles on January 19, 2012, 10:02:43 AM
Alexander draws his rapier and rushes forward towards the enemy, providing proper background music for the skirmish.

Vandarzryx turns around to face the orcs, uprooting and knocking over trees in the process. He can feel the fire swelling in his chest, and as soon as he has a cluster of orcs in front of him, he lets loose. Flames billow forth, rapidly expanding and engulfing four unlucky orcs. When the gout of flame dies down, four charred corpses lie on the ground. The area is littered with small fires that looks like they'll go out on their own, though two trees seem to be burning a little brighter than the others.

The dwarf brandishes his war hammer and runs towards the enemy alongside Alexander, shouting things in dwarven that makes Lauren go 'huh, haven't heard that one before...'

Ssryn starts moving from cover to cover towards the orcs, listening to the shouts coming from them trying to identify the leader among them, but unfamiliarity with the orcish language makes it difficult. After a bit she does notice one that seems to do all the shouting, and that the others seem to be replying to.

The orcs drop their bows and draws short swords, and half charge the drake while the other half charges out towards the rest of the group. One of orcs in the latter group (the same one Ssryn figures is the leader) snarls "We'll kill you, and then the town will be ours!". The ones going for Vandarzryx move to surround him, while the ones charging towards the rest will be within striking distance in moments.

Lauren dispenses with the theatrics and runs towards the orcs, murder on her mind.

Spoiler: show

Vandarzryx breathes fire and hits 4 orcs. Orc 1-4 save 1d20+1=5 ( failed, orc 1-5 1d20+1=11 ( failed, orc 2-4 1d20+1=5 ( failed, orc 2-5 1d20+1=10 ( failed. All take full damage. Orc 1-4 damage save 1d20+2=7 ( failed, orc 1-5 damage save 1d20+2=3 ( failed, orc 2-4 damage save 1d20+2=6 ( failed, orc 2-5 damage save 1d20+2=5 ( failed.

I was a bit unsure about how to check to see if the forest catches fire, but finally I settled on making up the number of trees hit and roll damage save for them. In this case it's 7 trees (4 that the orcs were hiding behind and 3 in the way), and if any fail they catch fire and then the whole fire spreading to the surrounding scenery thing starts.

1d20+14=30, 1d20+14=20, 1d20+14=16, 1d20+14=29, 1d20+14=32, 1d20+14=24, 1d20+14=15 ( Welp, two trees catches fire. We'll see next round what happens...

Ssryn Sense Motive (+ synergy from Notice) 1d20+6=20 (

Vandarzryx is still squeezing, Alexander is 10 ft. away from the orcs, Lauren and the dwarf are within striking distance.

Spoiler: initiative • show

Alexander 14/13
Vandarzryx 1/24
Dwarf nicked
Ssryn 22/14
Orc 1-1 ok
Orc 1-2 ok
Orc 1-3 ok
Orc 2-1 ok
Orc 2-2 ok
Orc 2-3 ok
Lauren 24/16
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Post by: ludomastro on January 20, 2012, 12:38:37 AM
Alexander smiles as he closes the last few feet to his target: the ugly orc on the end.  He continues singing while looking for an opening.  Sensing a reasonable opening, he takes it, opting to inflict pain and worry rather than seek a death blow.  He doesn't like the look of smug superiority on the orc's face.

Spoiler: show

1d20+3 → [11,3] = (14) (

Assuming a hit:

1d8+2 → [2,2] = (4) (
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Post by: Fiendbasher on January 20, 2012, 12:18:31 PM
Ssryn waits for the group that is heading toward the bard and the dwarves to charge past her, keeping oriented on the one she thinks is calling the shots.

'He's charging into the fray, so silencing him before the others notice won't be so easy,' she thinks, 'I'll have to do it the old fashioned way.'

The moment they've gone past, she leaves her scarf on the ground, slips silently from cover, and slides swiftly up behind the 'lead' orc. In one fluid move, she draws her wickedly curved dagger and strikes, intending to plant it neatly between his shoulderblades....

Spoiler: The Serpent's Strike • show
Since I only pulled one move to get where I was, I should be still be no more than one move away from the group when they reach the others. This should allow me to close behind them and make one attack.

Attack (+1 and 2 AP if Special, +2 more to hit if flanking): 1d20+4=23 (  Threat - Spend 1 AD to activate.

Damage (if applicable): 1d6+4=10 ( If it has a chance to put him down I'm willing to spend another AD on damage (if possible, and I don't mind using one of Vandarzryx's offered AD to do it, I'm sure he'd approve  ;))

If that doesn't kill him, it'll rattle his cage for sure.

Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Catodon on January 20, 2012, 06:05:15 PM
Vandarzryx bellows and the roar is the orcish word for “D…E…A…T…H!”
at the same time whipping his serpentine neck and crushing jaws forward seeking to snatch and toss an orc.

Spoiler: oblivious to the burning trees • show

Intimidate. Action ends flat footed.
Intimidate nearest orc (1d20+6=22) (

Reach 2, Bite I and shove As an unarmed attack bite can be combined with ‘shove’. I have taken the liberty of ‘skinning’ this as a snatch and toss with the orc landing on his feet. I will not follow the idea is to force the orc to move before attacking or at least use up his 5’ step without setting up a flank
Bite/shove (1d20+4=10) ( (1d10+2 lethal threat 18-20)
not likely to be needed (1d10+2=9) (

Defence 12 this round.

Active Defences
As well as my proactive actions I spent my proficiencies on advanced combat actions designed to fend off atttacks by minions and grant conditional attacks. Please review this list when the orcs attack the drake.

Parry: Just a reminder that the first two successful melee attacks (only) against me is likely to be batted aside by the drake. Antilles please make the roll for this when it comes up.

Retribution: The first melee to actually do damage to the drake triggers a free attack against the opponent even if the danage would normally take me out of the fight. If the damage leaves the character with 0 or fewer wounds, his free attack inflicts double damage. Antilles please roll a bite attack for me when this occurs.

Turn the tables: This will come into play if they flank me then attack

Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Antilles on January 23, 2012, 02:13:20 PM
Alexander moves up and lands a solid blow on the orc, but unfortunately the blow simply glances off the orc's armor.

Vandarzryx's mighty roar causes the center orc to stop and have a bit a think about attacking a drake and his prospects for the future, but when he sees his two comrades charging on regardless he finds it in himself to follow suit. Seeking to punish the orc for his temerity, the drake lunges his neck forward attempting to snatch the orc and toss him about, but he aims a bit too high allowing the drake to duck and roll underneath the drake's lunge.

The dwarf runs up to the orc Alexander had injuried and with a rough O-motion strikes the calves of his feet so the orc lands straight on his back, lets the momentum carry the war hammer up into the air (and a bit too close to Alexander's face to his liking) and with a bone-cracking thud slams it down on the orc's chest. The blow cracks several ribs and knocks all the air out of the orc, who doesn't look like he'll be going anywhere soon.
"You've got good footwork, lad, but you've gotta follow through an' thump the bastards but good. No prices in fightin' for being the fanciest bastard on the field, so stick to killin' the other bastard 'fore he kills you, yeah?" The tone of his voice is half scolding/ribbing, and half instructional, almost like a veteran looking out for a rookie on his first field of battle.

As the other two orcs rush to aid their fallen leader, Ssryn bursts forth from behind the tree she had hidden herself and dives dagger first into one of the orcs. It's difficult to say who's more surprised, the orcs or the dwarf, but the winner is probably the orc who doesn't even get time to finish his last breath before he crumples to the ground stone dead.
The dwarf remarks to Alexander upon seeing this "Uuh, yeah, sorta like that, I s'ppose.... friend of yours, I hope?"

The final orc charging them clearly regards the naga as the more dangerous foe, and launches a furious attack against her. Both the orc's strikes hits true, but he must be unaccustomed to fighting scaled opponents, as the angles are off and the scales absorb most of the impact, turning what could have been serious blows into flesh wounds.

The orcs around the drake finish maneuvering, and are now surrounding him. Normally being surrounded by just 3 orcs wouldn't worry Vandarzryx, but he took quite a beating from the crash landing and the volley of arrows, so he'll have to be lucky to keep from any serious harm this time.
The first orc lunges for an area at his tail where the scales are weaker than most of his body, but the drake anticipated this and whips around at the last time, causing the blade to glance off the scales on his tail. Luckily the same movement completely throws off the second orc's attack, who completely misses striking the air where the drake's knee was just moments earlier. The last orc aims for the eye, but the drake sees him coming and effortlessly parries the blow with claws.

Lauren runs up to the orc attacking Ssryn and deliver a well-practiced blow to the side of the orc, who staggers and  bleeds a bit, but remains standing.

Spoiler: show

Alexander's blow glances off the DR.

orc literally cannot make the Resolve check, so he autofails that one. He takes a full 1d6=6 ( stress damage, and his save is 1d20+2=20 ( so he's solid.
The attack/shove misses.

dwarf attack roll 1d20+2=16 (, damage roll 1d12=10 ( subdual - 1DR so 9 total.
Orc 1-1 save 1d20+2=6 ( fails, and is knocked out.

Orc 1-2 is a standard without tough, so he dies as soon as the threat is confirmed.

Orc 1-3 attacks Ssryn, attack 1 1d20+3=22 ( hits, deals 1d8+1=5 ( lethal - 2DR is a total 3 damage.
attack 2 1d20+3=15 (, will spend AD 1d8=2 ( hits, damage 1d8+1=7 ( -2 DR is a total of 5 damage, 8 all in all.

orc 2-1 attack 1d20+3=8 ( misses
orc 2-2 attack 1d20+3=4 ( misses
orc 2-3 attack 1d20+3=11 ( 2 from flanking that I forgot actually hits. Parry attempt (you only get one per round) 1d20+1=20 ( succeeds.

Lauren attack check (gets flanking bonus) 1d20+6=14 ( hits, damage roll
1d10+2=10 ( lethal - DR 1 is 9 damage. Damage save 1d20+2=18 (, succeds.

Spoiler: initiative • show

Alexander 14/13
Vandarzryx 1/24
Dwarf nicked
Ssryn 14/14
Orc 1-3 ok
Orc 2-1 ok
Orc 2-2 ok
Orc 2-3 ok
Lauren 24/16
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Post by: Fiendbasher on January 23, 2012, 08:35:59 PM
Ssryn recoils from the orc's blows, gaping her fanged jaws and venting a low, reverberant growling hiss. Raising herself up until her head is at level with his, she then lashes forward to strike at his face... a move made more of spite than efficiency. As she gathers her tail in behind her, a ripple midway down its length grows into a wave that sends it whipping around to the front, where it should crash into the orc's legs should he still be standing...

Spoiler: show

No matter how I read it it looks like Lauren will go before me, so if she takes the orc out, just ignore all of this and I'll change my post. Ssryn will instead go to assist Vandarzryx in that case.

Half Action - Bite Attack: 1d20+2=14 (
Half Action - Trip: 1d20+10=22 (

Title: Re: A Keg for Dragon [IC]
Post by: Catodon on January 23, 2012, 10:58:50 PM
Vandarzryx will be damned if he is going to fly  from these puny mammals. His serpentine neck arches, smoothly draws a bladder from his chest pack and swallows it.

Spoiler: show

Defence 12 this round
2xparry left
Don’t forget: Turn the tables

Two handle object half actions one to fish out the bladder the second to imbib the elixir of vitality.
This heals:
vitality elixir (2d6=4) (
sod, that was my last one too.

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Post by: ludomastro on January 24, 2012, 09:35:47 PM
Alexander smiles at the dwarf before stopping the chorus long enough to say, "I don't necessarily want them all dead.  Dead ones don't talk.  Besides, the dragon likes live meat."

With that he runs as quickly as possible through the dense foliage to reach the orcs encircling Vandarzryx .

You're probably going to think that I'm doing this out of a sense of devotion but since the orcs consider you a threat, then it is in our best interest to keep you alive.  Well, either way, you'll have help, you overgrown lizard.

Spoiler: show

Corrected per GM discussion.
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Post by: Antilles on January 28, 2012, 08:19:08 AM
Alexander is confident that Ssryn will be able to handle herself, and runs up to assist Vandarzryx. He has to weave a bit to move around a fire, which worryingly is beginning to spread, but is focusing on ending the orc coming in front of him.

Vandarzryx snatches the potion bladder from his pack, tosses it up in front of him and snatches it up in one smooth move, crushing the bag and swallowing its contents. He can feel the worst bruises and swelling diminishing, though he's still feeling rather sore.
The trees Vandarzryx set on fire with his breath are now truly ablaze, and is slowly but surely beginning to spread.

The dwarf is a bit more uncertain about leaving the naga to fend for herself, though he eventually decides to follow Alexander and move towards the larger group of orcs.

Ssryn's fangs bite deep into the orc's neck, and the arterial spray when she removes her fang is sufficient to render the orc unconscious in moments, with death following shortly after. She then slithers menacingly towards the remaining orcs.

The orcs continue to attack Vandarzryx. The first orc's blows are completely blocked by the drake's claws, and while the second orc goes for the neck the drake snaps at him with his jaws. He gouges a chunk out of the orc's arm, unfortunately it wasn't his swordarm. The attack still puts the orc off balance, so one of the attacks misses and the other hits weaker than it would've, though hard enough to draw blood. Unfortunately for the orc, this puts him in the perfect position for the drake to snap at him. Vandarzryx doesn't quite get a good bite out of him, but still manage to gouge a chunck of the orc's neck out with one of his fangs. As the orc collapses in a shower of blood, the last orc presses the advantage while the drake is otherwise occupied and scores several deep and painful cuts on the drake's side and belly.

Lauren sees the wounds they are inflicting upon the drake, and hurries towards him while shifting her grip on the halberd so she can carry it with one hand, and pulls out the bag with the medical supplies with the other.

Spoiler: show

Forgot to roll for the fire spreading last turn, so I'll do both turns now: turn 1:4 trees, at damage 8, if I roll 8 or less the fire spreads.
1d20=14, 1d20=1, 1d20=16, 1d20=19 ( 1 fire begins to spread, 5 squares on fire. Fire worsens by 1d6=1 ( point. Round 2: 3 squares currently not spreading, at damage 9, if I roll 9 or less the fire begins to spread. url=]1d20=16, 1d20=11, 1d20=10[/url] None begin to spread, the fire last round continue to spread, 6 squares currently on fire, fire worsens by 1d6=1 (

Ssryn hits the orc, does 1d8+1=5 ( lethal damage, the orc's damage save is 1d20+2=11 ( and is thus quite dead.

orc 2-1 attacks twice, with flanking bonus, 1d20+5=20, 1d20+5=13 (, both hit, parry attempt #1: 1d20+1=21 (, succeeds (you lucky bastard ;)), parry attempt #2 1d20+1=17 ( also succeeds.
Just as orc 2-2 attacks, Vandarzryx activates Turn the Tables and attacks him. attack check is 1d20+4=21 ( successful, damage is 1d10+2=11 ( - 3 DR equals 8 lethal, the orc's damage save is 1d20+2=18 ( so he's still standing.
orc 2-2 attacks twice, with flanking bonus, 1d20+5=24, 1d20+5=11 (, 1 hit. Damage roll 1d8+1=7 ( - 1DR is 6 lethal, depleting all of Vandarzryx's vitality and chipping away at his wounds. He also becomes fatigued.
Vandarzryx activates Retribution and makes a free attack against the orc:
1d20+1=17 ( hit, damage 1d10=4 ( - 3DR equals 1 lethal, orc damage save 1d20+2=14 ( fails and the orc is dead.
orc 2-3 attacks twice, with flanking bonus, 1d20+5=24, 1d20+5=21 (, both hit. damage rolls: 1d8+1=9, 1d8+1=9 ( (jeez, the dice's out to get you, Catodon :() - 2DR is a total of 14 lethal.
If you want to Retribute one of these, lemme know asap.

Spoiler: initiative • show

Alexander 14/13
Vandarzryx 0/9
Dwarf nicked
Ssryn 14/14
Orc 2-1 ok
Orc 2-2 hurt
Orc 2-3 ok
Lauren 24/16
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Post by: Catodon on January 28, 2012, 12:30:50 PM
Spoiler: retribution • show

I'd like to use retribution on the second orc with a bite attack. Gotta catch a flight. Could you roll for me?
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Post by: ludomastro on January 28, 2012, 12:41:00 PM
Seeing the big lizard hurt doesn't feel good but it's good for all of us if he remembers he's mortal too.

Alexander attempts to skewer one of the orcs through the family jewels.

Let's see him keep fighting after that!

He follows it up with a snake quick swing at the orc's legs trying to sweep him off his feet but the terrain prevents his stroke from landing true.

Spoiler: show

Stress Attack:
1d20+3 → [9,3] = (12) (
Assuming it's a hit:
1d8+2 → [5,2] = (7) (

Leg Sweep:
1d20+3 → [5,3] = (8 ) (
I'm assuming this is a miss.

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Post by: Fiendbasher on January 28, 2012, 03:56:16 PM
Despite the satisfaction of felling the orc that injured her, the pungent taste of orc blood clinging to the roof of her mouth didn't do much to improve Ssryn's disposition. As she lashed her way through the trees and underbrush, she was forced to skirt around patches of leaping flame and avoid sliding over cinders... although her scutes protect her as well as the footwear of a more humanoid creature, she'd rather not have them burned all the same.

The gashes in her skin were infuriating enough as it was. It would be several sheddings before the scales grew back into their original symmetry and luster.

Upon reaching the orcs, she intended to make at least one more of them pay...

Spoiler: show
To take place whenever her next action is:

Half action - Knife attack: 1d20+4=10 ( +2 flanking bonus if her target doesn't turn around. If that misses, or doesn't take him down, she'll follow up with a Bite attack.

Half action - Bite: 1d20+2=4 ( No doubt that's a miss. Whiff...

Knife damage (if applicable): 1d6+4=8 (
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Post by: Catodon on February 02, 2012, 11:57:14 AM
Vandarzryx seems only to be driven into a beastial rage by his wounds. The light of intelligence goes out in his eyes and the beast beneathe rises. He roars and snarls like a wounded lion as he thrashes and bites with animal recklessness.

Spoiler: show

need to add in fatigued!
Ok, two more bite attacks. If the little sods don’t go down this round I’m in real trouble.
Bite I with Damned if you do +4 (1d10+2+2 lethal, Error 1-2 threat 18-20)

Error on 1-2 (1d20+4=17, 1d20+4=6) (

Ok that looks like a hit and a miss. Will roll damage once.
1d10+4=14 (

Defence 10 this round
No parry left
Don’t forget: Turn the tables x1 left (referee to roll if it comes up)

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Post by: Antilles on February 09, 2012, 12:23:56 PM
Alexander aims a blow directly towards the orc's nether regions. He doesn't quite get a solid hit on the orc's family jewels, but it seems the orc values his manhood over his life, as he drops his weapon and scampers, hand held protectively over his groin. The sudden retreat makes Alexander's leg sweep fall short.

Vandarzryx drops all pretense of finesse and snaps and snarls at the two orcs left. One manages to dodge to the side, but the other's not quite fast enough, and gets one of his arms ripped off. He quickly runs out of both blood and steam, and falls to the ground soon-to-be dead.

The dwarf moves up to the remaining orc and swings his war hammer in a powerful overhead swing. Unfortunately it misses and completely obliterates an old stump, followed by some choice curses from the dwarf.

Ssryn slithers around the orc and stabs him in the side. He bellows in pain and rage but is still standing.

The last remaining orc seems determined to kill the drake, even more so now that he's surrounded and moments away from death. His first blow is hampered just enough by the wound in his side to cause the blade to clang uselessly against the drake's scales, but the second hits home, burying it deep in the drake's side. Vandarzryx roars and snaps at the orc, but he sidesteps the jaws as he pulls the blade out again.

Lauren moves up next to the other dwarf and brings her halberd down in a motion quite similar to his, only difference is she actually hits. Two roughly same-sized chunks of orc hits the ground with a wet thud.

As the last orc falls, you notice the fire behind you is rapidly spreading outwards, with the few gaps back towards the cave closing fast.

Spoiler: show

orc 2-1 damage save 1d20+2=9 ( failed, orc buggers off.

orc 2-2 damage save 1d20+2=3 ( failed, orc's dead.

dwarf moves and attacks 1d20+2=4 ( and misses

Orc 2-3 damage save 1d20+2=18 ( succeeds.

Orc 2-3 attack #1 1d20+3=9 ( fails, attack #2 1d20+3=12 ( hits, damage 1d8+1=4 ( -1 DR equals 3 lethal.
Vandarzryx activates Turn the Tables and attacks: 1d20+4=8 ( miss (yes, I added flanking bonus)
Lauren attacking orc 1d20+4=21 ( hits, damage 1d10+2=7 ( -5 DR equals 2 lethal.
Orc 2-3 damage save 1d20+2=13 ( fails

Fire spreading rolls: 1 spreads automatically, 3 rolls 10 or less means they spread 1d20=7, 1d20=10, 1d20=11 ( 2 spreads, meaning 9 squares on fire, damage increases by 1d6=3 (
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Post by: Fiendbasher on February 09, 2012, 02:20:46 PM
After the last orc falls, Ssryn raises her torso even higher, twisting this way and that, as she peers quickly around through the encroaching flames. One look was enough to tell her the drake probably isn't in much condition to run, much less fly... so best to find a safe path out that he might actually be able to take, as well as the rest of the group.

She freezes and her oval pupils expand as she seems to spot something. "Thiss whay!" she hisses sharply, as she drops back down and starts to move whip-quick down a swath of green saplings and underbrush.

Spoiler: Path of least resistance • show

Survival check to find the safest route to escape the fire: 1d20+2=22 (
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Post by: ludomastro on February 13, 2012, 12:24:45 AM
Alexander runs over to Vandarzryx and says, "Let's go, your lordship.  We don't need to roast dragon today."

With that he begins moving after Ssryn.
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Post by: Catodon on February 13, 2012, 02:06:48 AM
As Alexander steps forward a low rumble begins in the back of the Drakes throat... then the light of intelligence flickers on. "Lead on loyal servant" comes the reply without any hint of sarcasm. Vandarzryx crashes through the undergrowth like a rhinoceros but the tall trunks of the trees and deadfall slow the great drake considerably

Spoiler: show

Run 4x15=60'
Glance over my shoulder and try to judge if the fire is going to outrun me.
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Post by: Antilles on February 22, 2012, 01:05:29 AM
As the group ascertains that the drake's still alive, they become acutely aware that the fire behind them is spreading rapidly. Acting quickly, Ssryn finds a path through the fire that should keep them clear of the fire. The rest follow the naga without hesitation, and though the heat and smoke is uncomfortable, they reach the other side without any injuries, though both dwarves got a lungful of smoke and is couching heavily.

Vandarzryx starts to move after them, but quickly sees that the path is too narrow for him, he'll burn his wings if he tries to move through with the rest of them. Taking a few steps back and positioning himself so he's standing with as few trees around him as he can, he crouches down, jumps surprisingly high straight up, unfolds his wings and with a couple hard wingstrokes he's gained enough altitude to be able to glide unharmed over the fire and land in front of the cave.

Unfortunately the draft created by the powerful wings of the drake blows directly against the fire, which pushes it towards the cave and showers the rest of the party with embers and bits of burning wood. Fortunately, nothing lands on hair or clothes, but they're nonetheless encouraged to move like their asses are on fire towards the cave.

Spoiler: show

Heat damage
Ssryn damage 1d4=2 (, save 1d20+4=19 (, ok.
Alexander damage 1d4=3 (, save 1d20+1=18 (, ok.
Lauren damage 1d4=4 (, save 1d20+4=6 (, failed, gains fatigued I.
Dwarf damage 1d4=1 (, save 1d20+2=3 (, failed, gains fatigued I.

Additional damage chance (normally would've been at 1-of-20 chance for alexander and ssryn and 2-of-20 chance for the dwarves, but the additional gust provided by the drake doubles this)
Ssryn 1d20=12 ( safe
Alexander 1d20=18 ( safe
Lauren 1d20=19 ( safe
dwarf 1d20=15 ( safe

welp, that was uneventful.
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Post by: Antilles on March 18, 2012, 10:04:03 AM
As the fire intensifies behind them, the group quickly heads into the caves, with the dwarf moving first. The group's passage tears the vine curtain badly, but considering it's moments away from being burnt nobody cares. They quickly move through the twisty entry passage (Vandarzryx has to somewhat painfully squeeze through it) and reach the main room.

The main room is surprisingly large. It's not quite large enough for the drake to stand, forcing him to do the drake equivalent of slouching if he wants to stand upright. It is, however, large enough to spread his wings quite comfortably if he wanted. There are two fixtures in the main cave, a training area with a couple of homemade dummies and some simple wooden training weapons, and a fireplace with some improvised seating around it. There are three openings from the main cave in addition to the outside entrance, two smaller side-caves and one larger opening that leads somewhere deeper. The smaller caves seems to be a bedding area and what appears to be a hot spring, illuminated by a small torch in either cave.

The dwarf is over in the training area, picking through what appears to be his personal belongings and seems to be readying his armor and other weapons. Lauren takes out her medicine bag and moves over. She quickly cleans the wound in his side and you can hear her lecturing him on cleaning wounds before putting on armor. He is told to let it work for a little while before rinsing it off.

Once Lauren's done applying the salve she moves towards the drake, to see what she can do to the drake's fairly grievous wounds. She is unaccustomed to working with drakes, so she takes her time and methodically works the wounds one by one in an effort to avoid making the situation worse for the wounded drake.

The dwarf winces from the stinging lotion on his wound, and turns to the group. "All right. Anyone who can kill an orc like that can't be all bad. I'll tell you what you want to know, and then some. Heh, maybe one day we'll be battle brothers. Name's Gristle."

Gristle walks over to the fireplace and sits down as he begins to tell what he know. Apparently he's a freelance mercenary who's lately begun to organize fighting rings in several southern cities, that although they're not quite legal they've turned out to be pretty popular. He first met Chapel when the kid fought off a couple of thugs who were 'persuading' the kid to pay off some gambling debts, and Gristle could immediately see the kid had potential. He decided to take Chapel under his wings and teach him some skills to go along with the talent, but he wanted to get him out of the city in order to keep him away from his gambling debts and to keep him a surprise, to bring him in as a ringer when he was ready. So Gristle sent him up here, arranged with Templeton to create a cover story and room and board for the kid.
He'd left Chapel here for half a year or so to work on his form, and returned to check up on him when he discovered he'd been named the Dragon's Ward. He'd been happy for the kid, but they'd had an argument over money. Him being the Dragon's Ward pretty much meant he was no good as a champion, so he wanted the money he'd invested in Chapel back, preferably before he left the village. Chapel said he'd try, but then he vanished, and Gristle came to the cave to look for him. He's been waiting for a few days now, and no sign of the boy. He was clearing his head with exercise and trying to figure out what to do when he heard the group outside.

He takes a moment to check the lotion to see if has dried, and to let the group digest his information.

Spoiler: show

Sorry about the delay, I blame Mass Effect 3.

Anyways, Lauren's taking 20 on Medicine/Mend checks for anyone who needs it, that is 2d6 damage healed. She can do it twice per person if it's needed.
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Post by: Fiendbasher on March 18, 2012, 10:50:46 AM
Ssryn is quite content to take a low priority for treatment, as she has only sustained some minor burns and shallow cuts. She coils up in a shady out-of-the-way spot and waits as she listens to what Gristle has to say.

After he seems to be finished she speaks up, "Sso the orcz have taken Chapel hosstage... one would guesss to keep the dragon at bay, one way or anotther. It sseemz we have two choissez... well three, if we conssider leaving to be one of thhem." Her black forked tongue flickers out and in, glistening in the dim firelight as she pauses briefly.

"Ssneak into the camp and rezcue the boy, ffind the barrel and the dragon. Or try to ffend off an army with the village and ourzelvez."

Spoiler: show
I think Ssryn only has 5 points of vitality damage if I remember correctly. 2d6=7 ( aught to do her pretty good (if you wanted me to roll)
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Post by: Catodon on March 18, 2012, 10:48:55 PM
Vandarzryx nods at Ssryn’s suggestion. “When the fires have done the work of killing any orcs near here. I will fly high over the forest to locate the camp. Ssryn will then stalk into the camp and locate Chapel and the barrel. Once I know the position of the camp and of Chapel I will be ready to both strike the orcs and retrieve Chapel and the barrel. ”
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Post by: Antilles on March 19, 2012, 07:27:01 AM
Gristle scratches his chin as he contemplates the comments so far.

"I dunno... I've thought a bit about where Chapel might've gone to, and the orcs... well, there's a few details that're bugging me. First, I don't think the orcs arrived here until the day after Chapel arrived. I've fought orc warbands before, and I've a good sense for how fast they move, and if they arrived before Chapel disappeared they've been pretty slow in advancing towards the village. Though I suppose they're wary of the dragon... Which is the second reason I'm not sure they're the reason Chapel's missing. As I said, he's a good fighter, and I've heard being a Dragon's Ward is more than just a fancy title. I'd guess at least half a dozen orcs to be sure to successfully corner Chapel, and unless the stories I've heard about the local dragon's been greatly exaggerated, he'd know that many were stalking through the woods this close to his lair."

He picks absentmindedly at the crust of the salve over his mind as he mulls on what he just said.

"However, even if they didn't nab the boy themselves, the orcs've definitely a hand in this. No way in hell I'll believe it's a coincidence the orcs appeared just as Chapel's gone missing and the deal protecting the village falls through. Though I agree if we come across the orc camp, we should do some damage, maybe buy the village some time. 'Course, I just like fightin' orcs, so it's win-win for me."

He grins at that last part.

"Hold on, I might've got somethin' we can try. I was lookin' around for some clues to what's been happening, and found this map. Hang on..." he runs off to the bedding area and returns with a map of the area, with what appears to be caves marked on them. One of them is marked by a poorly replicated dragon rune, which Vandarzryx translates as 'Home'. There are some notes in human script around a couple of caves, the one you're in is simply marked 'spring.'
"I think this map lead to the dragon's cave, but I wasn't exactly keen on dropping in on a dragon unannounced. Though I don't think Chapel wrote this, the handwriting's off. Wasn't planning on going there, but you lot'll probably manage to not piss off the dragon, so it might be an idea to visit him.
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Post by: Fiendbasher on March 19, 2012, 11:46:19 AM
The naga's pupils contract and her tailtip starts twitching for a moment as she watches Gristle talk. "Hzshh... that'z true, if thhey were shure they had the dragon at bay, it seemz not likely they would ztill be sskulking around the shadowz." She folds her arms across her slender torso.

( ("So perhapz ssomething haz befallen the dragon, and the orcz are not ssure he iz truly out of the way yet. It might exzplain why he haz not reacted to the army'z prezensse, or that of our dragon for thhat matter. Our dragon haz not exzactly been quiet."

After observing Gristle for a while, Ssryn's tailtip falls still, and she turns her attention instead to cleaning the dried blood... mostly orc, but a bit of her own as well... off of her scales, using a bit of water, and one of her scarves. As she works, she continues speaking.

( ("Approaching the dragonz lair will tell uss more. But not ssure if iz more or less dangerouss than the orc camp. In one hand, two eyez are eazier to fool than hundreds, and thhe dragon may not be immediately hosstile to us. In the other hand he may not appreshhiate another draco near hiz lair."

She twists her torso to face Vandarzryx and looks to him, asking, "Iz there an etiquette for approaching the lair of another with peaczful intention?"

Spoiler: show
Ssryn tries to gauge whether Gristle is misrepresenting any of his intentions.

Sense Motive: 1d20+5=13 ( Unfortunately, warmblood body language can still be tricky at times. He seems like the sort who wears what he is thinking right up on his face, though...
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Post by: ludomastro on March 22, 2012, 05:45:26 PM
Alexander smiles at the thought of visiting with another dragon.  Truly a remarkable man to have not only met a dragon but to be traveling with one.  Oh, yes.  The girls will like that.

He begins casting about for his lute and then he stares at the fire burning outside the cave.  "Easy come, easy go, I suppose."

Breaking his thoughts away from snapping strings and curling wood, he continues, "Yes, I think dropping by the dragon might well prove the most profitable path ... though, I wouldn't mind my pound of flesh from the orcs at it concerns my lute."
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Post by: Catodon on March 22, 2012, 10:25:35 PM
Vandarzryx:"One must anounce one's approach and be very respectful, then there is some possibility of avoiding conflict"

Spoiler: show
 though Vandarzryx can't bring himself to say it he means grovel and hope. This is taken from the behaviour of mammal terratorial solitary predators like jaguars.
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Post by: Fiendbasher on March 22, 2012, 11:34:02 PM
Ssryn seems to consider this a moment as she pauses to examine her claws. Her lidless eyes glimmer faintly in the dim firelight.

( ("I am ssurprized that your bellow when we entered the town didn't rouze him... ssertainly he must be indisspozed. Sstill... perhapz it help if you sstay out of sight until one of uss can announss you firzt. That iz, if we can rouz him at all."

The naga turns her gaze toward the entrance of the cave, somewhat concerned that with the fire going full bore outside, smoke may be pulled into the chambers. So far, however, it seemed like it was going to be a fine place to wait it out. In fact, if she was forced to live in a climate with such cold winters as this region, she might choose such a place to retreat from the frost. 'Who knows,', she thought to herself. 'Perhaps the old lizard just can't be bothered to come out in the cold.'
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Post by: Antilles on March 26, 2012, 12:53:26 AM
Gristle simply shrugs at the little exchange between the group. "Well, I don't mind admittin' that I'll be in the back, when we go visitin' the dragon. Far, far in the back. I think I'd rather an entire orcish warband by myself than one pissed off dragon. Ah well, it's yer problem to ponder, not mine."
He picks a bit more at the mostly-dry salve over his wound, and apparently decides it's time to wash it off, as he gets up and moves towards the hot springs.

Ssryn notices on the flickering of the flames, to her relief, that there seems to be a slight breeze coming from the opening opposite the entrance and towards the outside. It might not be strong enough to keep all the smoke out of the cave, but if it does there's clearly a source of fresh air somewhere down there.

Lauren is still working on Vandarzryx, his numerous wounds and her inexperience working with drakes slowing her down somewhat, but she manages to stem the bleeding and close the wounds at the very least. It'll take a while for the drake to return to full fighting form, but he's forced to admit he'd be quite a bit worse off if she hadn't been here.

Gristle returns shortly, having rinsed the lotion off his side. The wound's looking much better, and he begins putting on his clothes and armor, throwing a compliment to Lauren's medical skills that she absentmindedly brushes off while working on a wound in Vandarzryx's side.

Spoiler: show

Catadon, I'm assuming Vandarzryx will want the full 4d6 healing? You can go ahead and roll it if you want.
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Post by: Fiendbasher on March 26, 2012, 11:34:56 AM
The naga finishes cleaning herself up and lays herself down over her coils. She watches Lauren work on Vandarzryx from her shady retreat, her dull gold gaze sliding from wound to wound, not only observing in the work Lauren is doing to close them, but a bit of what they reveal about the drake's anatomy, as well.

When Gristle returns from washing up, the movement catches Ssryn's gaze... and something about him causes her to rise up from her repose, flicking out her forked tongue at him. After just a moment of regard she moves-- but not aggressively. She instead makes her way down the way he came from.

Reaching the hot springs, the naga lowers her head to taste the air over the water. She waits a moment, tilting her head slightly this way then that, then dips a slender arm in to just past the wrist, gauging the temperature. After a brief wait, she utters short hum of satisfaction and, stripping off the remainder of her trappings and laying them aside... slides right on in.

'Ah... sweet bliss.' Soon the memory of the draining cold of approaching winter had faded far from her mind.

Spoiler: show
Perfect place for a good soak, if she were getting ready to shed her skin I reckon. Now, she is susceptible to overheating as much as too much cold, but seeing as she comes from a hot, steamy jungle climate it might take awhile before she has to worry about that.  ;D
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Post by: Antilles on March 27, 2012, 01:16:25 AM
As Ssryn slides in the hot springs, the naga feels waves of warmth and relaxation wash over her. She settles in for a nice, long soak, thoroughly enjoying herself. After a while the waves of warmth settles into a nice heat slowly working its way to her core, but to her surprise the wave-like sensation of relaxation and well-being continues just as strongly as when she first slid into the hot springs.
It takes the naga several moments to recall that she's experienced similar sensations before, namely when drinking healing elixirs. Intrigued, she dips her tongue into the water to further test it, and while it lacks the strong herbal taste most healing elixirs has, the slight tingling sensation on her tongue is quite similar to those elixirs.
The healing water-producing hot spring reminds the naga of stories she heard in her native jungle, of witch doctors and shamans who stumbled across magic springs, whose waters could heal the sick and empower any magic-user who drank from it. It would seem there was a core of truth to those stories. A very useful discovery indeed.

Spoiler: Hot spring mechanics • show

So yeah, the hot springs are magical. I'm assuming Ssryn will share this, in which case Alexander will recognize it as a Holy Mana Pool; the source of the waters is someplace with high background magic, charging the water with some magical effect, usually healing. Mechanically it has a pool of spell points that anyone who soaks or drinks from it can 'use' to either get a Heal or Cure Wounds I spell cast on them. It can also Regenerate critical injuries/lost limbs that are less than a month old. Alternatively a spellcaster can drain the pool of spell points to refresh his own. Once depleted of spell points it refreshes slowly over time.
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Spoiler: healing • show

4d6=9 (
Status is now:
Vit: 9,
Wounds: 12!

Vandarzryx turns to Gristle eyeing him "I compliment you on your hardy constitution master dwarf, you seem to have shaken of your wounds already..."
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The naga makes a reappearance after a few minutes, seeming similarly restored, having reluctantly left the spring. She wipes the water off of her slick olive scales and fixes Vandarzryx with her gaze....

( ("You sshould try a soak in the sspring. If you can fit. If not... we sshould find a way to bring some water out to you."

Ssryn casts about, looking for some sort of bucket.
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Vandarzryx leaves without a word to see if he can reach the spring.
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Alexander looks up and asks, "What's so special about the spring?  It isn't hot enough with a fire outside that you ... um ... scaly types don't need more heat?"

Watch it there!  Just cause you lost your lute doesn't mean that you have to take it out on everyone else.
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The naga explains her findings about the hot spring, and Alexander identifies it for what it is, a Holy Mana Pool. Not ones to look a gift horse in the mouth, Lauren suggests rinsing Vandarzryx's wounds with the water from the spring, hopeful it would work even without submerging. The rest of the group, having nothing better to do, grabs buckets, pots, pans, waterskins, anything that can hold water and begin what is quite possibly the oddest bucket chain they'll ever be involved in.
It turns out rinsing the hot spring water over the drake's wounds is effective, though it would seem to require relatively large quantities of water to take effect. They end up almost emptying the hot springs before all the drake's wounds are closed and scarred over, though it appears the spring is ever so slowly refilling itself.
Vandarzryx takes the opportunity to stretch as much as the cave allows him to, testing out how his body's feeling. He's back to fighting form, though a tender stiffness will make flying uncomfortable for a while. He's just about settled down again when a sudden booming noise can be heard outside. Then another, and another. Vandarzryx identifies the booms as thunder echoing through the cave opening, though he's somewhat puzzling, sudden thunderstorms aren't exactly common to this region.

Spoiler: show

Sorry 'bout the absence, got the flu again during easter, and due to deadlines I had to work last week even though I was well under the weather. Didn't really feel like doing much of anything when I got home those days... Anyways, back to the game.