We're all monsters here...

Hub for material inspired by the Predator movies.

By Mister Andersen

A few pieces of gear relevent to some famous Predators

Basic Helmet: Just supplies basic atmospheric requirements, negates Light Sensitivity and has the equivalent of the old Cal 1 tac radio. Cost: 50 sp + 1 Rep
- Though really just ordinary gear (fittings + goggles), the helmet's essentially a sign you're grown up enough to be let off the ship. Thus gaining or losing even this mask is considered a matter of honour, hence the non-coin cost.

Hunter's Helmet: As above, plus Lesser Essence (NPC quality: dark vision I) and Lesser Charm (Spell trigger: See Invisible); together these handle the spectrum shifts we saw in the 2nd film. I'm working on the basis that legacy abilities work as normal when one instance is innate and the other a boost from gear. You purchase and upgrade the helmet as a normal piece of armour, then pay the rep to get the system fitted. Cost: XX sp + 5 Rep
- Although I'm largely ignoring AVP I & II in favour of the comics because those movies contain so much fail, Wolf's office wall makes it clear that these things are without a doubt prizes.

Shroud: The signature yautja gear item, it's basically a magic item with Greater Essence (NPC quality: chameleon II) and Greater Charm (Spell trigger: Wish II). The latter item describes the narrative effect of the suicide detonation of the power pack, which is to remove the evidence of the individual's defeat; the quest subplot is simply the fight itself (completion =/= success). Cost: 23 Rep
- While ubiquitous to hunters, this device consistin of the mesh bodysuit and accompanying hard points is also emblematic of the individual being trusted with the responsible use of a mobile fusion bomb.

Plasma Caster: Your very basic model is going to be simply a boarding pistol with the drake upgrade and Greater Essence (Exotic ranged damage: energy). Once you start looking at integrating targetting systems, you're just tossing in an Accuracy or Damage Boost charm, or branching into spell triggers Threat. Cost: XX + 5 Rep (minimum)
- Again, Wolf proves himself the main redeeming feature of AVP, with his tricked out casters showing some of the possibilities for customising.

The smart disc works just like a caster; their other gear is really pretty much standard stuff.

You get around the early level limit on prizes by giving your newbie hunters a single artifact incorporating matching helmet+shroud+caster as sort of graduation present; once you've earned the renown to get your own customised gear, you're expected to return the starting gear just like you'd return high school text books. Think of it as the difference between living at home and having a place of your own: there's nothing wrong with the former, but the latter is far more likely to get you laid which is a very large part of why yautja hunt in the first place.