Wallace of the Ravens, Ex-Order of the Blackstaff

Wallace of the Ravens, Ex-Order of the Blackstaff (Grizzled Human, Fighter, Mage 3)

Str:13+1 Dex:12+1 Con:14+2 Int:15+2 Wis: 12+1 Cha: 14+2

Init:+3 [+2(class), +1(Dex)]

Base Attack :+1 (class)

  • Melee +2
  • Ranged +2
  • Unarmed -4 (untrained)

Def: 13 [+1(class), +1(Agile Defense), +1(Dex)]

DR: 3 (Armor)

Vitality: 24 Wounds:17

Fort:+3 Ref:+2 Will:+4 Legend:+3 Rep: 4pts Renown: 0

Lifestyle: 4 [Penache: 2 Prudence: 2] AD:3d4 App:+1

Special: Melee Combat Expert (Considered to have 2 extra Melee Feats), Agile Defense (Defense +1), Last Chance (May spend upto 2 AD for saves), Rock Solid (+1Wnd per Lvl), Arcane Adept, Subtle and Quick to Anger, Arcane Might, Circle of Power I

Feats: Armor Basics, Staff Basics, Spell Power

Proficiencies: Blunt*, Hurled*

Tricks: Canny Swing, Cheap Shot, Parry

Stance : Whirling Guard (Can not be flanked)

Interest: Common Lands, Common, Codes & Ciphers, Gambling, Military Ploys

Skills: Acrobatics* 5+1, Blend* [19-20] 5+4, Bluff 6+2, Crafting [Scribing] 1+2, Impress 1+2, Intimidate 3+2, Investigate 5+2, Medicine 1+2, Notice 5+2, Prestidigiation [19-20] 5+3, Resolve 6+1, Ride 2+1, Search 4+2, Sense Motive 5+2, Spell Casting 6+2

Spells Casting: +8 Caster Level: 3 Spell Level: 1 Power: 13 MP: 9

Cantrips (0/13): Endure Elements, Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall*, Read Magic, Whispers

Level One (1/16): Alarm, Color Spray, Concealing Countryside, Conjure Elemental, Control Weather I, Detect Magic, Disguise Self*, Entangle, Identify I, Illusionary Image I, Magic Missile, Ray of Enfeeblement*, Scrye I, Shield, Sleep I, True Strike.



Type: Medium biped folk with a Reach of 1. Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score. • Attributes: No Species modifiers


You’ve survived things other folk can barely imagine.
• Attributes: +2 Constitution, –2 Dexterity                                             
• Base Speed: 30 ft.
• Agile Defense: Your base Defense increases by 1.
• Last Chance: You may spend and roll 2 action dice to boost any save.
• Rock Solid: You gain 1 additional wound per level.


You’re no stranger to the battlefield; you’ve already survived some tough fights and have the scars to prove it!
• Bonus Feat: Armor Basics
• Attribute Training: The lower of your Strength or Constitution scores increases by 1 (your choice if a tie). bonus after any modifiers from Species or Talent.
• Extra Proficiency: You gain 4 additional proficiencies or tricks.
• Melee Combat Expert: You’re considered to have 2 additional Melee Combat feats for any ability based on the number of Melee Combat feats you have.


Arcane Adept: (Core)You learn 4 additional Level 0 spells from any School. Also, once per scene as a free action, you may spend and roll up to 3 action dice to gain a number of spell points equal to the result. These action dice cannot explode.

Subtle and Quick to Anger:At Level 1, you may purchase ranks in the Spellcasting skill, learn spells from any School, and cast Level 0 spells you know. If you already have this ability, you gain an additional Spellcasting feat instead.

Arcane Might:At Levels 2, 11, and 19, the highest of your Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma scores rises by 1. Also, you may choose up to 3 spells you know, gaining a +2 bonus with Spellcasting checks to cast them.

Circle of Power I:At Level 3, you may cast Level 1 and lower spells you know.


Moderate Leather Armor with Light Fittings (DR: 3 ACP:0 DP:0 Spd:-0 [Fire-5 Disguise:-4])

Superior Quarter Staff (Atk:2+1 Dmg:1d8+2s [20] {Reach+1*, Double, Trip})

Palm Sap (Atk: 2+1 Dmg: 1d6+1s [19-20] {Pummeling, Finesse, Grip})

Orc Whip (Atk: 2+1 Dmg: 1d6+1 [20] {Lethal, Trip, Reach +2, Stress 1 if Misses}

Bolla (6) (Atk: 2 Dmg:1d6s [19-20] {Calvary, Trip})

Flash Bomb (6) (Atk:3 Dmg:3d6 [0] Rng:15ftx3 {Flash, Blast 1})

Fire Bombs (3) (Atk:3 Dmg:2d6 [0] Rng:10ftx3 {Fire})

Vials of Acid (3) (Atk:3 Dmg:1d6 [0] Rng:10ftx3 {Acid}

Backpack : Mages Pouch, Thieves Tools, Rations, Bedroll, Canteen, Dice, Pipe, 50ft Hemp Rope, Flint & Steel

Thieves Gloves [3:26] Storage Greater (3 Items), Feat (Basic Skill Mastery Pickpocket)

Some say they are the treasured work of a master theif. Others believe they are part of a compact between the theives and wizards guilds. Still others believe that they're the work of a fiend bent to spreading larceny. In any event, these soft black leather gloves are believed to have passed through the hands of of some of the greatest theives of history. Lightly inscribed with an odd combination of marks, both thieves and read magic are required to decipher the symbols. A pair of small secret pockets is sewn intothe interior of the gloves, allowing the easy storage of a lock pick or a cut purse coin, but the real secret isn't revealed until the gloves are acutally used for larceny.




For a young man, Wallace has a long history and a longer reputation, but absolutely no friends or renown to speak of. Having burned every bridge he ever crossed, most people either hate him, or every group he's ever worked with. An ex-(mercenary, inquisitor, and thief), he's belonged to so many dubious orders, he joined the travelers just so he could he could do something honest for a change.

A bit intimidating in appearance, Wallace dresses in the black leather footmens armor of 'The Ravens', a magical militia, that is as much rumor and myth. Leather doublet, bracers and shins guards, he finishes the look with wraps of linen around his neck and joints, to catch any blade that misses the armor. The armor is well tooled, but also well worn. While the emblazoned crest of a raven can still clearly be seen on his chest, a series of smaller marks around the edges, that look like some sort of foreign language or perhaps a magical script, are so faded and marred that they are completely indecipherable.

Obviously accustomed to rough travel, he carriers his pack traveler fashion, he wears a heavy hooded winter cloak year round, even in the heat of summer, and wears high hard travelers boots and gauntlets equally good for riding and climbing as fighting. His walking stick is the black carved quarter staff of a Dukes inquisitors the 'Black Staves', a infamous magical order of notorious for the persecution of unguilded mages, and heretical priest.

The rest of his weaponry isn't much better. When not using the staff, he's usually armed with an orc slavers whip, known as a rasp. Made from razor scale snake hide, the lash is smooth to the touch in one direction, and jagged like a saw in the other. Leaving ugly raised scars, the wicked thing makes a rattling and rasping sound when its used.

Finally when a spell is too obvious, and a staff or whip is just too much, he's been known to break out his palm sap. Favored by criminals in the south its a deceptively small weapon. Simply a lead filled bag strapped across the palm of the hand, its almost invisible when being used, but turns a simple head slap into a skull splitting strike that will drop most drunks on the ground with single blow.

Habits and Traits

  • Wallace doesn't drink. Says he had a drinking problem in the past.
  • A bit uptight, he treats everything he does like its a millitary exercise.
  • Spends his downtime playing dice, and telling war stories.
  • He occasionally gives thanks to the Gods of Chance, Magic, or War depending the situation, but is too independent to follow any one of the as an actual faith.
  • Likes to play the man of mystery, but freely admits he's just a well trained nerd.
  • While proud of things he's done, he isn't proud of a single group he's ever done them for.
  • Never seems to be bothered by the weather, no mater how hot or cold, is always bundled up from head to toe.
  • Travels light, but has the uncanny ability to pull exactly what he needs out of the folds of his cloak.
  • Seems to have no taste buds, often eats terrible food without complaint.