Var Blackshield and Grimmar

Vár Blackshield - Night Orc-Blooded Vigilant Human Fighter

Class/Level: Captain 3
XP: 2500
Type: Medium biped folk, reach 1 (2 with spear)
Speed: 30 ft. ground (Run 90 ft. armored, 120 ft. unarmored)

Str: 16 (+3)
Dex: 12 (+1)
Con: 14 (+2)
Int: 12 (+1)
Wis: 14 (+2)
Cha: 10 (+0)

Vitality: 33
Wounds: 14


Melee Attack: +6 = 3(Str) + 2(Captain) [Forte: Edged]

  • Warg-Rider's Spear +6 (1d8+4 lethal edged [+2 sneak attack]; threat 19-20. Qualities: superior materials, cavalry, reach +1, AP 2, goblin craftsmanship, hurl). Description: A 6.5' hafted spear weighted for mounted combat. The spearhead is of goblin design... its long narrow profile reduces the chance of it getting stuck in a body and pulled from the rider's grasp during a pass. It also makes it easier for it to slip between ribs, or through light armor. Can be wielded one-handed (1h/M).
  • Dagger +6 (1d6+3 lethal; threat 19-20. Qualities: bleed, hurl). Description: Utilitarian tool and pig-sticker.
  • Wooden Shield +5 (1d6+3 subdual blunt; threat 20). Description: Small wooden round shield with a hide stretched across it for reinforcement, painted black. The arm straps allow him to leave his hand free for use but if he does so, the shield is not considered ready and gives no bonus.

Unarmed Attack: +5 = 3(Str) + 2(Captain)

  • Fist +5 (1d4+3 subdual; threat 20)
  • Bite I (from Wild Side I) +5 (1d8+3 lethal; threat 18-20)


Ranged Attack: +4 = 1(Dex) + 2(Captain) [Forte: Bows]

  • Short Bow +4 (1d6 lethal [standard arrow]; threat 19-20; Range 20 ft. x 6; Qualities: cavalry)


Fortitude Save: +4 = 2(Captain) + 2(Con)
Reflex Save: +5 = 1(Captain) +1(Dex) +3 (Lightning Reflexes)
Will Save: +5 =3(Captain) +2(Wis)


Defense: 14 = 10 + 1(Captain) + 1(Dex) +2 guard (Shield)
DR: 4 (Moderate studded leather with light fittings)
Resists: None
Spell Resistance: 0


Initiative: +3 = 2(Captain) + 1(Dex)


Action Dice: 3d4 (3 current)


Lifestyle: 2

  • Panache 1 (+0 Appearance, 10s income)
  • Prudence 1 (20% Money saved/earned)


Legend: +2

  • Reputation: 22
  • Renown: 0


Origin Abilities:

  • Enlightened Notice: Maximum Notice rank increases to Career Level +5.
  • Always ready: May always act during surprise rounds.
  • Melee Combat Expert: Considered to have 2 additional Melee Combat feats for any ability based on the number of Melee Combat feats you have.
  • Grueling Combatant: Each time an adjacent foe attacks you and misses, he suffers 2 points of subdual damage. (Granted by Orc Blood feat)
  • Favored Foes: +2 Threat range to attack, sense motive, survival, or notice checks vs. Folk (Granted by Night Horde feat)
  • Darkvision I: Ignores penalties for low or dim light conditions (Granted by magic item - Skinwalker's Cape)


Class Abilities:

  • Cadre: Once per scene as a free action, you may temporarily grant your teammates 1 of your Basic Combat feats until the end of the scene.
  • Right-Hand Man: Personal Lieutenant [70 XP], Grimmar (below)
  • Master and Commander I: Gain 1 additional Terrain feat and Tactics increases to Career Level +6.
  • Battle Planning I: You may begin each combat with 1 battle plan already in effect and may enact a new one as a full action. Each plan’s benefits last until the end of the current combat or until you enact a different battle  plan. A battle plan grants you and each teammate who can see or hear you a +2 morale bonus with certain rolls and values. Vár has the following battle plans: Guard Yourselves! (+2 to defense rolls), and No Prisoners! (+2 to lethal damage rolls)


Skills: Total = Ranks(6 max) + Attribute Modifier + Misc

  • Acrobatics +5 = 4 + 1(Dex)
  • Athletics +8 = 5 + 3(Str)
  • Blend +0 = 0 + 0(Cha)
  • Bluff +0 = 0 + 0(Cha)
  • Crafting +2 = 0 + 1(Int)
  • Disguise +0 = 0 + 0(Cha)
  • Haggle +2 = 0 + 2(Wis)
  • Impress +1= 1 + 0(Cha)
  • Intimidate +7 = 5 + 2(Wis)
  • Investigate +2 = 0 + 2(Wis)
  • Medicine +2 = 1 + 1(Int)
  • Notice +8 = 6 + 2(Wis)
  • Prestidigitation +1 = 0 + 1(Dex)
  • Resolve +7 = 5 + 2(Con)
  • Ride +6 = 5 + 1(Dex)
  • Search +1 = 0 + 1(Int)
  • Sense Motive +3 = 1 + 2(Wis)
  • Sneak +2 = 1 + 1(Dex)
  • Survival +5 = 3 + 2(Wis)
  • Tactics +5 = 4 + 1(Int)

Origin Skills: Acrobatics & Sneak
ACP: -0



  • Armor Basics: Reduces DP and ACP of worn armor by 1 and speed penalty by 5 ft. [Granted by Fighter specialty]
  • Personal Lieutenant: Grimmar, 70 XP (see below). [Granted by Right-Hand Man, Captain lvl 1]
  • Lightning Reflexes: +3 to Reflex saves. May roll initiative twice and keep the preferred result. [Granted by Vigilant trait]
  • Orc Blooded: +1 to the higher of Strength or Constitution scores, gains grueling combatant, and may select feats as if an orc. [Career lvl 1]
  • Night Horde: +1 to lower of Intelligence or Charisma scores, gains favored foes. [Optional for -2 attribute points]
  • Coordinated Attack: Once per round, may direct a teammate who can see or hear you to make an immediate standard attack. [Captain lvl 2]
  • Wolf Pack Basics: Gain an additional +2 when attacking a flanked opponent (total +4). [Career lvl 3]


Stances: None



  • Shove (Melee or Unarmed Attack Trick [Forte]): The character uses an attack’s momentum to drive his opponent back. With a hit against a target of equal or smaller Size, the character pushes the target back 5 ft. He may follow to remain adjacent to the target or stay in his current locationwith this attack, he may immediately move 5 ft. as a free action.
  • Parry (Initiative Action [Forte]): The character uses his hands or weapon to knock an  incoming attack aside. Once per round when the character’s not flat-footed, after he’s been hit by a melee or unarmed attack but before damage is rolled, he may make a Reflex save (DC equal to the attack check result). With success, the damage drops to 0 (though any special effects from the attack are  still  felt). The character may take this action a number of times per combat equal to the number of Melee Combat feats he has (min. 1).
  • Shield Block (Initiative Action): Once per round when the character has a readied shield and isn’t flat-footed, after he’s hit by an unarmed or melee attack but before damage is rolled, he may make a Fortitude save (DC equal to the attack check result). With success, the attack’s damage drops to 0 (though any special effects from the attack are still felt). The character may take this action a number of times per combat  equal to the number of Melee Combat feats he has (min. 1).
  • Relentless Attack (Attack Trick): The character focuses completely on one opponent, keeping the pressure on until an attack gets through. If the character’s last attack was also against the current opponent and missed, he gains a +2 bonus with this attack.



  • Edged (Forte)
  • Unarmed
  • Bows (Forte)



  • Study: Doom Legion
  • Language: Common
  • Language: Orcish
  • Language: Vargyr
  • Study: Nature


Gear: Carrying 50.7; Carrying Capacity >120 (light) to 360 (heavy)
Moderate Studded Leather Armor w/ Light Fittings (DR 4; DP -0; ACP -0; Spd -0; Disguise -2; Const Soft 4; Comp 15W) 26lbs. - 130s
Warg-Rider's Spear [Throwing Spear] - [upgrades: superior materials, goblin design, armor-piercing, cavalry] 5 lbs. - 70s
Short Bow - 2 lbs. - 40s
Wooden Shield [Hide Shield]  6 lbs. - 10s
Standard Arrows x30 - (1d6 lethal; Qualities: AP +2, poisonous) - .1lbs. - 10s
Dagger - (1d6 lethal; threat 19-20; Qualities: bleed, hurl) - 1lb. - 15s
General Equipment
Canteen - (.5 lbs. empty, 5.5 lbs. full) - 5s
Purse - 5s
Saddlebags 5 lbs. - 10s
Rations (7 uses) - 5lbs. -  5s


Money in Hand: 10s (income)
Stake: 0 (10 in group)

Prizes: (Max 1)
Magic Items
Skinwalker's Cape: This complete, well-preserved black wolf-skin cape includes the head of the wolf, minus its lower jaw. The eyes have been replaced with smooth orbs of amber. When worn with the wolf's head atop the user's head, it grants the wearer a wolf's night vision. If the wearer pulls the wolf's head down like a mask, a swift, werewolf-like transformation is triggered, granting the user a bite attack.
Lesser Charm: Spell use (Wild Side I), once per scene, last for 3 minutes.
Lesser Essence: Darkvision I
Cost: 8 Reputation

Character Notes - Vár:

  • Vár is completely silent in regards to his past before joining the Company. Enough experience with him and knowledge about Orcish tribes might lead one to assume he may be some sort of deposed tribal "prince", and his leadership qualities seem to lend credence to such an assumption.
  • His motives are obscure as well, but he seems to spend a lot of time concentrating on honing his combat prowess, and gathering information about the lands he passes through.
  • Vár extends professional courtesy to the other members of the Company. To those who have his hard-earned trust, he can be a staunch and to-the-death ally.
  • He speaks Grimmar's language and uses it to communicate directly and often secretly with him.




Grimmar the Vargyr - Large Beast Walker (70 XP)

Str 16,  Dex 10,  Con 10, Int 9,  Wis 10,  Cha 10;  SZ L (1×2,  Reach  1);  Spd 30 ft. ground (Run  150 ft.) -- 6 XP
Init III [+1];  Atk VI [+1];  Def V [+2];  Res III [+1];  Health VI [30 vitality, 15 wounds];  Comp I [+0] -- 24 XP
Skills: Acrobatics  II [+3],  Sneak IV [+5],  Survival IV [+5],  Tactics IV [+4 = +5 base, -1 int] -- 14 XP
Qualities: Cagey I, feats (Wolf Pack Basics, Wolf Pack Mastery), Improved  sense  (scent),  superior  runner  II, superior traveler II, tough  I, treacherous -- 20 XP
Attacks/Weapons: Bite II [+4 = +1 base, +3 Str] (dmg 1d10+3 lethal; threat 17–20; upgrades: trip) - 6 XP


Character Notes - Grimmar:

    Grimmar understands Common and Orcish as well as his own language (Vargyr).
  • Like many creatures who are large and not threatened by much, Grimmar is relatively laid-back. He loves a good hunt, however, and enjoys a good fight. Out of the pair, Grimmar is the most aggressive.
  • He respects Vár's leadership and cunning, but is only barely subservient to him; an issue best not visited much less pushed. He is completely loyal to Vár in any case. Their relationship is not one of master and servant, but more like battle-tested brothers. There may be an occasional power struggle over a particular decision, but most of the time Grimmar concedes that following Vár's lead is the wisest idea. During times of trial, there is never conflict between the two however. It is much more important to act in unity and avoid giving the enemy a weakness to exploit.
  • Grimmar likes to throw his weight around. Although he will not harm a member of the group without severe provocation, he has been known to try to intimidate new people, just to--- in his mind--- reinforce his position in the "pack".



Notes: May donate 15 Rep toward the group to purchase that Stable amenity... Grimm eats a lot. And oats aren't going to cut it.