Update on the Mistborn Adventure Game

In the late stages of development with the Mistborn Adventure Game, we made the business decision to capitalize on the excitement of Alloy of Law and did something we never had before — we committed to a date before many of the book’s assets were complete. This seemed the right thing to do, and the decision was made with all the best intentions and information we had at the time. Unfortunately, things tend to change a lot during the last few months of a book’s production cycle, in ways you can’t predict.

In the case of Mistborn, we found ourselves with a manuscript which grew dramatically during review — literally, by hundreds of pages — in order to present the game in the way we thought best. We waffled on what to include, adding to and shaping and reshaping the text to make it easy to use and accessible to new players. We learned that developing for e-readers requires not modifying your layout, but reformatting the entire book a second time. Meanwhile, as the date loomed ever closer, we were forced to push back in small increments, hoping that we were finally past the last lingering issues.

We are past the biggest of those issues, but solving them has left us with too little time for all the post-production work that makes for a quality AAA hobby gaming release. As such, we’re going to have to ask your indulgence one last time: the Mistborn Adventure Game will release Thursday, December 15. This final date offers us the time we and our graphic designers need to put the finishing touches on the layout, double-check for problems, and get all our ducks in a row for the very best release we can offer.

To sate your appetite for new Mistborn material, this Tuesday, November 22, will see the release of a free 150-page digital novella entitled A House of Ashes. Written by some of gaming’s hottest authors, this book presents new characters, secrets, and spins on the Final Empire you think you know, and forges a new story that continues in the Mistborn Adventure Game. Indeed, this novella was originally slated to appear in the book but as we’ve simply ran out of room, and so we’re passing it along to all of you at absolutely no cost. We hope you enjoy this new trip through Scadrial.

On the ePub and .mobi Releases: the full game will initially arrive in PDF and we’re striving for a day-and-date release for the ePub version as well. However, given the complexities of the ePub format and that we’re still learning new things about the ereader market every day, we’re leaving the possibility open that ePub may have to come a bit later. We’re also looking at a .mobi version, but that is proving even more difficult and will definitely follow the others. We’ll keep you posted as these versions come together, and will of course deliver them absolutely free to anyone who purchases the digital release of the game.

What You Can Do: At this time we expect to release A House of Ashes in both PDF and ePub, and we ask that anyone with access to an ePub reader give it a look in that format and let us know what you think. The novella is being prepared to the best of our knowledge about the format at this time, and your feedback will be invaluable as we bring together the very best release of the full Mistborn Adventure Game that we can muster. Please send all feedback to service@crafty-games.com. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

We want to assure you: no one is more disappointed with these delays than us, but we also want to assure you that this is no reflection of what you can expect from us in the future. Months ago we decided that after this release we will staunchly refuse to set public release dates of any kind until all principle components for a release are in-hand. This does mean that you’ll probably see blog updates about projects that won’t see final release for many months, but it also means you can be absolutely certain that any dates we offer in the future are rock solid.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Alex and Pat
Crafty Games