Post-GenCon Progress: Adventure Companion in Edits!

The post-GenCon hangover is finally fading! The final chapter of the Adventure Companion is now on Pat's desk for edit - w00t! The current tally for Chapter 4 (pre edits and cutting for space) is over 25,000 words of crunchy goodness, including...

8 Specialties
2 Base Classes
6 Expert Classes
4 Master Classes (a Fantasy Craft first!)
128 feats (69 of which are Species feats - something for everybody!)
47 tricks and advanced actions
4 Paths
4 Campaign Qualities

...and that's not including the 3 (very cool, if I do say so myself) settings that come in the first three chapters, or any of the bits to support them, either! Whether you're a tinkerer, a fluff-monkey, or a GM looking to kick off your new campaign, you'll find the Adventure Companion a supplement worth waiting for! The AC is currently on track for an October release, to follow Time of High Adventure.