Pat's Travelogue: KublaCon 2012

In the past 96 hours I've slept maybe 18, driven for more of the remainder than I care to count, and spent most of the rest shackled to a booth, but that hasn't prevented me from being productive. I've also pushed forward Spycraft Third Edition Top Sekret Projekt M, meeting with Top Men to upgrade and enhance the game in new and very exciting ways. There was also a breatkthrough on related Top Sekret Projekt G, which I think is proably moving forward again at full steam ahead. I also received the final drafts for the completely unrelated but just as cool Unannounced Projekt W, which is now sitting at the very top of my review pile, and a second installment of the same is moving into edits at the start of June. 

We showed off the interior proofs for the Mistborn Adventure Game and talked with many people who are already venturing into the mists of Scadrial, some for the first time (welcome travelers and enjoy the visit, but don't dawdle - there's much important work to be done). 

I also designed a whole new game from scratch (with the incredible help and support of two Most Awesome Co-Designers to be Named Later), and knocked out important notes for both Spellbound and World on Fire, which are my next two big projects after I'm back home and had a day or so of rest. 

On a peronal level I ate four things I'd never encountered before (three of them even food), I fell in love three times (this happens a lot and not always with a girl, or a boy, though in this case I can safely say it was more moving than usual), and as I mourned the loss of a great friend (not a person or a pet but a beautiful living thing just the same) I'm also happy to report that many other friends will be reconvening late in the year to get up to some much-deserved mayhem. 

It's been a good weekend. I'm enhausted but also exhilarated, and I'm really looking forward to the Next Few Steps.