New Spells

This page presents new spells.

Absolute Immunity [Brakk]
Level: 9 Warding
Casting Time: 1 full action
Distance: Personal
Duration: 4 rounds (dismissible)
Effect: A powerful partial armor of force provides Damage Reduction 30. This DR does not stack with other armor (only the best protection applies).

Embattlement [Brakk]
Level: 9 Conversion
Casting Time: 10 minutes (plus the time to cast spells being stored, see effect)
Distance: Personal
Duration: 1 day per Casting Level (dismissible)
Effect: You cast and store up to six spells with a range of 'Personal' and delay their taking effect. You suffer subdual damage equal to the total spell levels stored. The spent spell points and subudal damage cannot be recovered until all of the spells have been released.
You may release a stored spell once per round as a free action. Releasing a spell may be done in addition to your normal spellcaster for that round.

Fabulous Fireball I [Brakk]
Level: 5 Energy (Fire)
Effect: As Fireball I, except that you can reduce the blast radius to a minimum of a single 5-ft. square. Also, Fabulous Fireball I may maneuver around corners prior to detonating. It can turn one corner per 2 Casting Levels.

Fabulous Fireball II [Brakk]
Level: 9 Energy (Fire)
Effect: As Fabulous Fireball I, inflicting 1d6 fire damage (AP 5) per Casting Level (maximum 16d6). Also, it can turn one corner per 1 Casting Level.

Oracle of Clarity [Brakk]
Level: 5 Prophecy
Casting Time: 1 full action
Distance: Personal
Area: 60 ft. sphere
Duration: Instant
Effect: You counter all spell effects whose Casting Level + Spell Level is equal to or less than your Casting Level + 5 and whose Disciplines belong to Trickster School. Some effects may not be countered, as noted in their descriptions. You can selectively choose which targets in the Area are affected.