New Species

This is the hub for individually presented species.

 Catfolk [Agent 333]

You come from a race of humanoid felines.

Type: Medium biped folk with a Reach of 1.

  • Attributes: +2 Dexterity [2.5]
  • Base Speed: 40ft [1]
  • Agile Defense [1]
  • Cat Fall [1]
  • Darkvision I [1]
  • Natural Attack: Claw I [1]
  • Limited Profciencies [-0.5]


Orks (Warhammer style) [Paddyfool]


Type: Medium biped plant with a reach of 1. You r maximum wounds equal your constitution score. [3] 

  • Attributes:Constitution +2, Intelligence -2 [1]
  • Base Speed:30ft [0]
  • Darkvision I:you ignore the effects of dim and faint lighting. [1]
  • Edged Proficiency:You gain the Edged proficiency. [1]
  • Enlightened Intimidate:Your maximum Intimidate rank increases to your Career Level +5. Only the highest bonus from any single enlightened skill may apply to each skill. [1]
  • Restricted Actions:When you make Calm, Influence, and Outmaneuver checks, you are always considered unskilled. [–1]
  • Reviled:The disposition of non-[Species] decreases by 10. [–1]
  • Thick Hide 2:You are considered to be wearing partial armor that provides Damage Reduction 2. This damage reduction does not stack with other armor (only the best protection applies while wearing additional armor). [1]
  • Triumphant Swing:You gain the Triumphant Swing trick (see FC, page 222). [1]

Sydite [Snake]
You are a Sydite, a member of a humanoid minor race believed to have been genetically altered by the Ancients for physical labor. Native to the planet Khuur, your species is often perceived as big strong brutes without imagination. The Sydites, however, once controlled an extensive interstellar empire. This was destroyed during the Sydymic War, two centuries ago, by the Third Imperium. The Sydites were forced to rebuild their society and technological infrastructure. Most Sydites are encountered in the Delta Quadrant of Ley sector but small enclaves can be found throughout the Imperium. Though widely considered to be unimaginative and less intelligent than most humans, they nonetheless make excellent mechanics, technicians, and soldiers.

Physically, Sydites stand 2.5 meters on the average, and weigh in at 130kg. Their most striking feature, though, is that they have an additional pair of useable arms coming out of their shoulders. These arms have roughly equivalent strength each as a normal, muscular human arm; the arms on each side are offset diagonally from each other, with one shoulder slightly lower and behind the other. This provides a maximum range of motion and application of upper-body strength. Traditionally, Sydites are trained from a young age in the art of swordplay with the Namaar, a ceremonial bastard sword. They take this weapon with them as they journey through life. 

Common Personality Traits: Practical, Surly (with non-Sydites initially), Loyal (when recognised for their talents).

Common Physical Traits: Heavy build, Four Arms, Olive Complexion, Brown or Hazel Eye colour. Hair colors tend to dark brown and black. Some Sydites are bald.   

Example Names : Zand, Aldaar.
Splinter Race Feats: None.   

Type: Medium Biped Folk with a Reach of 1. Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score.

•   +2 STR, +2 CON, -2 INT [3]
•   Bonus Feat: Many-Armed. [3]
•   Enlightened Skill (Crafting): Your maximum rank increases to your Career Level +5. Only the highest bonus from any enlightened ability may apply to each skill. [1]
•   Weapon Proficiency (Edged): You gain the specified weapon proficiency. [1]
•   Reviled: Disposition of Non-race reduced by 5. [-1]

Yautja [Mister Andersen]
You are one of the invisible nomadic hunters of the space ways, visiting alien worlds in pursuit of the Honour of the Hunt.
Type: Large (1×1) folk with a reach 1. Your Wounds are equal to 1.5 times your Constitution score. [1]
·   Attributes: +4 to lowest physical attribute, –2 Intelligence [3.5]
·   Base Speed: 40 ft. [1]
·   Banned Actions: You may not make Calm or Influence checks. [-0.5]
·   Cat Fall: You take 1 less die of damage from falling. [0.5]
·   Cold-Blooded: You require only one-quarter of the amount of food that a warm-blooded character your size does to survive. However, you suffer 1 additional point of damage per die from cold and are sickened for a number of rounds equal to one-half the cold damage taken. If you are suffering continuous cold damage – such as from the environment – you are sickened until escaping the source of the damage. [-0.5]
·   Darkvision I: You ignore the effects of dim and faint lighting. [1]
·   Enlightened Skill: Your maximum Acrobatics rank increases to your Career Level + 5. Only the highest bonus from any single enlightened ability may apply to each skill. [1]
·   Iconic Specialties: You only gain the bonus feat from your Specialty if it is Acrobat, Adventurer, Barbarian, Fighter, Fist, Gladiator, Ranger, Rogue, Shaman, Stalker, Tribesman, Warden. [-1]
·   Light Sensitive: You take 20 points of flash damage when you enter a brighter area. You also suffer a –4 gear penalty with saves made to resist flash damage, though this penalty is negated with eye protection. [-0.5]
·   Sterner Stuff: The keen quality of all attacks against you is reduced by 4. [0.5]
·   Thick Hide 2: You are considered to be wearing partial armour that provides Damage Reduction 2. This damage reduction does not stack with other armour. [1]