New Specialties

Specialties tend to represent activities, backgrounds, or professions the character was involved with prior to the start of the campaign. Some characters continue these practices while for other the begin of the campaign represents a clean break from previous endeavors.

Gunmage [Foghorn]
•  Bonus Feat: Favored Gear (black powder weapon) [1]
•  Attribute Training: The lower of your Dexterity or Intelligence scores increases by 1 (your choice if a tie). Apply this bonus after any modifiers from your Species or Talent. [1]
•  Black Powder Proficiency: You gain the Black Powder proficiency. [1]
•  Flashy: Your Panache increases by 2. [2]
•  Paired Skills: Each time you gain 1 or more ranks in the Spellcasting skill, you gain equal ranks in the Impress skill. This may not increase your Impress skill beyond its maximum rank. [2]