The Long Road FC

A group of travellers encounters a variety of dangers and diversions along the road.

A collaborative pbp mediated by Catodon.

The idea is to use those short adventures gathering dust on your selves. You know the ones, published as 'sidetreks' in magazines, as one-sheet adventures, or written by you following the 5 room dungeon format. I'll start but will run one adventure then pass the riens to another person, then I'll return and so on with myself running odd numbered adventures. All adventures should be short (5 encounters is ideal), don't hog the space.
At the end of each adventure we will allow current players the opportunity to bow out and new players to join. The maximum number of PCs at any time to be six. Existing players have 'dibs'. After that recruitment is in the hands of the referee running the next adventure. Players are not required to take a turn as a referee but experienced referees with sufficient time are encouraged to run a game.
I would expect 2 posts from each player or referee each week. If you hit a busy period of real life no probs, bow out and rejoin at the next adventure.
The setting is to be a occidental generic fantasy world at the Feudal Era which should match the majority of published short adventures.
The PCs could be of any official species or class within the Feudal Era. This will be one of those poorly defined hyper-diverse olde school fantasy worlds.

Please restrct yourselves to the FC rules published by Crafty Games. While I really enjoy home brew rules sticking to 'canon' rules will prevent argument when we switch referees. This is especially true for PCs, while one referee might be happy with a house rule species or class the next may not so to prevent disappointment stick to the 'canon'.




Standard Pseudo-European. This is rather dull but it does match the majority of published material in the hobby.


The world has thousands of religeon and cults but all can be place on the good-neutral-evil/law-neutral-chaos axis. Players and referees can invent thier own religeons but must assign them a place on the classic Good-Neutral-Evil, Law-Neutral-Chaos catesian plane.


PCs are travelling from the cold north to the south through a pseudo-European continent. Why they are travelling is up to the players. Locations, seasons etc will follow in a somewhat logical order. No skipping from a viking longship in the snow to an Asian temple in the heat of a jungle.


Any species or class to fit the Feudal era and from the published FC rules. Note though in some settlements ‘monster’ races like orcs, goblins and lizard folk will be poor treated and sometimes even attacked on sight. Some referee’s are also likely to bar Large or bigger PC’s from some adventures (especially dungeon crawls). I personally try to accommodate larger species but also tend to play up the prejudices of pre-modern people. I, Catodon, offer an AD to anyone posting thier character on this wiki when I am referee. Other referee's may or may not.

Starting level 3rd

New characters begin at level = average of pre-existing characters signed up for next adventure minus one (min. third).


Campaign Qualities



Non-scaling NPCs (AD&D emulation)

I want to keep the campaign qualities as vanilla as possible to facilitate multiple referees.

I want to emulate the assumptions built into 2e AD&D since virtually all the short games on my bookshelf are in that system. Some of you might complain about ‘Non-scaling NPCs’ the idea is to mimic the power-curve of AD&D and allow easier translation of old games where at high level a party can plough through tens of orcs before breakfast. However if we do get to higher levels and you want the party to be challenged by four orcs just be sure to describe them as ‘elite soldiers of the black hand’ or some-such.

Threat level normally is AD&D HD add one but if you are not familiar with AD&D don’t worry about getting this exactly right on this too much.

The set up uses three threads:

1) one for recruiting and organising who is refereeing next etc.

2) one OOC which will include character generation. Once generated I'll set up a wiki page and anyone posting there will get an AD if I'm referee at the time.

3) one IC for all in character adventures etc.

IC thread guidelines:

In character material goes here. Anything OOC should be in that thread or in spoilers here. Character speach should be in [i]italics[/i]. Languages other than common can go in a 'spoiler=language' if you like.

Character's internal thoughts should be in spoilers.

[b]combat actions[/b] should be in spoliers and have a bold header for each action.

Dice rolling by invisible castle.

Regarding xp and leveling:
Referee's to award xp at the end of each adventure. Given these are to be short adventure often this will not result in a level up. Players to note and keep tabs of thier character's xp and apply level ups when earned.
New characters begin at level = average of pre-existing characters signed up for next adventure minus one (min. third).

Catodon's refereeing notes:

These notes apply in adventures where Catodon is referee. Other referee's have other ideas.

Some AD awards

posted character on wiki=1AD
have a character portrait used within posts [u]or[/u] on wiki=1AD
actually drew/photographed/created the portrait yourself=+1AD

Ok that is a nice little bonus for some of you but don't thank me because A) I think you earned it B) you'll use em.


Here's the thing, I don't pull punches or fudge the dice ever and I try to drive the party fairly hard. I believe the entertainment is lessened if you don't really believe your character is at risk. This is not to say I'm out to get you but somewhere between 1st and 5th level odds are someone will be killed.

Of course with Fantasy Craft you can spend an AD to cheat death (if you have one).