Locked and Loaded: New Spycraft Soundtrack Release

Stratos has released the the fifth track for Spycraft - The Soundtrack. Locked and Loaded features electric guitars, aggressive bass synth, and electronic beats to set the tone for your action / adventure / espionage scenes.  From the first beat to the end, the song is dominated by a bouncy rhythm section, dipping only slightly in the more atmospheric bridge section to allow our heroes to catch their breath before jumping back into the action.  Vocal samples and subtle sound effects are used throughout to give the song s lighter sense of mischief rather than accentuating a life and death scenario.

Spycraft - The Soundtrack is slated to release on Bailey Records in early 2011 in conjunction with the release of Spycraft Third Edition by Crafty Games but all the songs on the album are generic enough to be compatible with any version of the game or similar settings.