It's Alloy of Law Day! Do You Have Your Copy Yet?

Today marks the release of Brandon Sanderson's fourth Mistborn novel, The Alloy of Law, which thrusts Scadrial into a whole new age of exciting adventure! Congrats to Brandon and everyone at Dragonsteel and Tor!

To celebrate we're showcasing two fan-favorites from the original trilogy, as they'll be seen in our game...

Click Here to see Vin and Sazed in the Mistborn Adventure Game

Fair warning: Novel characters are presented at the most interesting points in their lives, and so these excerpts do contain trilogy spoilers. 

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Over the coming days and weeks we'll be releasing many previews and freebies for the Mistborn Adventure Game line. Sometimes you'll get new sheets and rules excerpts, other times art and story material, and we also have a few special surprises planned as well. Be sure to watch the Crafty Games website, Like us on Facebook, and Follow us on Twitter for more previews leading up to the December 15 release of the Mistborn Adventure Game.