Iriquoi Dask

Iriquoi Dask wanted to be a doctor ever since she was young: for obvious reasons, they're kind of a big thing in the Drell neoculture. And it turned out that she had the knack for it too, matching symptom to diagnosis to treatment. And she almost made it there, almost got that licence and the residency that went with it when her older sister got in trouble while carrying out the obligations of the Compact and someone had to take over. That someone being Iriquoi.

Family and duty. As inescapable as death and taxes and kinda the same thing.

It was easy at first. Find something that had been misappropriated by the people the family's hanar patron had leant it to. Talking to people who had seen things, following data trails. It was really a lot like what she'd grown up doing as a student: same skill set, different application. The sneaking around and breaking into things was new and didn't exactly come naturally, but her remarkable knack for conflict resolution really came into its own.

It got harder of course. It always does: when you're good, new challenges arise... or are thrown at you. Sometimes, property recovery and the associated disagreements had to be more forcibly achieved and more often. When one such recalcitrant salarian debtor put her in hospital by blowing up his neighbour's drug lab, her patron organised permanent back-up in the form of a trio of asari. They've been operating as a unit now for half a standard year, becoming close enough with each other that when one of them had a marker called in, the other three tagged along to Omega to help her fulfil it.

Name: Iriquoi Dask.
Concept: Skip tracer / combat medic
Origin: Drell Prodigy
Class: Explorer 1 / Martial Artist 1 / Fixer 1

Sex: Female
Eyes: Blue
Height: 1.72 m
Weight: ...

Str 12 (+1) Dex 16 (+3) Con 12 (+1) Int 14 (+2) Wis 14 (+2) Cha 14 (+2)

Wounds: 12
Vitality: 27 (+24 class, +3 Con)
Subdual Threshold: 12
Stress Threshold: 14

Fort: +4 (+3 class, +1 Con).
Reflex: +6 (+3 class, +3 Dex).
Will: +5 (+3 class, +2 Wis).

Defence: 17 (+4 class, +3 Dex) / 17 (ACP 0)
     DR: 3 (Armour)
     Shields: 18 (+3 Armour, +15 Barrier)
     Resistances: Acid 3, Cold 5, Contagion (all), Electricity 3, Explosion 3, Fire 3, Heat 10, Vacuum (all) (Armour)
Initiative: +5 (+2 class, +3 Dex)
Speed: 30'

Base Attack Bonus: +1
     Unarmed: +4
     Melee: +2
     Ranged: +4

Proficiencies: Unarmed (F), Edged, Blunt, Handgun

Action Dice: 3d4
Reputation: 2

Interests: "Rave" music & culture, card games, running

·   You require only 1 common meal per day but suffer 1 additional damage per die from cold and are sickened for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 any cold taken (rounded down). If you suffer continuous cold damage – such as from the environment – you are sickened until you escape the source of damage.
·   Once per session, you may request a free hint from the GM. If he refuses, you gain 1 bonus action die.
·   Heat Resistance 5.
·   You gain a +5 bonus to Knowledge checks.
·   You may spend 1d6 hours and 1 action die seeking out an individual with whom you’ve dealt in the past. This NPC operates like an acquaintance-grade contact whose consultant possesses 1 skill of your choice.
·   Flawless Athletics and Cultures 21.
·   Flawless Networking and Streetwise 21.

·   Unlocked Potential: Networking (Origin)
·   Talented: Examiner (Level 1)
·   Martial Arts (Martial Artist 1)
·   ...


Analysis +8/+8 6 ranks  
Athletics +7/+7 6 ranks  
Cultures +8 6 ranks  
Investigation +8/+8 6 ranks  
Medicine +8/+8 6 ranks  
Networking +11/+11 9 ranks  
Notice +8 6 ranks  
Resolve +7 6 ranks  
Science +4 2 ranks  
Search +7 5 ranks  
Security +6 4 ranks  
Sneak +5/+4 2 ranks  
Streetwise +5/+4 2 ranks  

Cultures - Non-Council Space, Council Space, Terminus Systems
Drive - Service Aircraft
Profession - Skip Tracer
Science - Engineering, Pharmacy

Kaguya (Hanar handler, Grade III, Summon DC 20)
   Acquaintance benefit: Backup I (Faceman 6) — Summon Tier I NPC with grade VIII skill + caliber I item of choice
   Associate benefit: Plan of Action (Field Analyst 4) — +1AD to activate party errors
   Confederate benefit: Security Detail (Politico 6) — permanent detail of 3 body guards (Arika T'Rok, Bisrat Ikenna, Chanh Tolnay)

Asarii Bodyguard (Standard NPC — 81 XP): Str 10 Dex 10 Con 12 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 10; Init VI; Atk VI; Def V; Resilience V; Damage Save: VII; Competence: V; Skills: Notice VIII, Search VII; Wealth: IV; Weapons: M-96 Mattock; Gear: Medium hardsuit (with weight reduction & personal tailoring), biotic amp I, omnitool I; Qualities: attractive I, biotic power (Throw), strongminded (+8), tough (2 saves).
     Attacks: M-96 Mattock (4d4+2 (AP 5) ,1-2/20, 16M4, 16, 200 ft., S/2h, NFM (S), 9 lbs).

Wealth: 11 (+4 class, +2 Cha, +2 mission pick conversion)
Lifestyle: 3
Possessions: 5 (3/I, 2/II, 1/III)
   Personal Picks: Kinetic barrier (cal III), omnitool (caliber I, with "submission net" (II) & "omniblade" (I) gadgets), Light hardsuit w/personal tailoring (II+I)
   Common Items: Jelly babies, party clothes, superglue, box of surgical gloves, playing cards
Spending Cash: 3
   Spending Cash: 900 credits
Mission Picks: 1R, 1T + 2
Carrying Capacity (lbs): 43 / 86 / 130 / 260