Grandmother (Nar-Kesh)

Grandmother “Goblin Sorcer Mage 3” (Small, 20ft, Reach 1) 

Str: 10+0 Dex: 14+2 Con: 12+1 Int: 16+3 Wis: 14+2 Cha: 12+1

Init: 2+2 BAB: +1 Def: 15/19 DR: 1 Vitality: 24 Wounds: 8

Fort: 1+1 Ref: 1+2 Wil: 3+2 Legend: +3 Rep: 30 App: 1+1

Special: Agile Defense (Defense +1), Tenacious Spirit (Vitality +1/lvl), Dark Vision I (Ignore Dim and Faint Light Penalties), Light Sensitive (Suffer 20 Flash damage when entering a brightly light area), Terrifying Look (Stress DC's +4), Charming (Improve Disposition by 5), Paired Skills (Spell Casting/Intimidate), Subtle & Quick to Anger (Roll up to 3AD for extra Spell Points for the scene), Spell Circle I (May caste up to 1st level spells), Arcane Might (The Following spells have a +2 casting bonus “Disguise Self, Feather Fall, Illusionary Image”)

Feats: Ambush Basics, Southern Hoard, Spell Conversion (Casting Time), Knife Basics

Proficiency: Edged (forte)

Tricks: Venom Master, Wicked Dance (Stance)


Skills: Bluff 5(4+1), Crafting {Pharmacy, Chemistry} 9(6+3), Impress 5(4+1), Intimidate 8(6+2), Investigate 8(6+2), Medicine 9(6+3), Notice 8(6+2), Prestidigitation 8(6+2), Resolve 2(1+1), Ride {Land Animals} 3(1+2), Search 9(6+3), Sense Motive 8(6+2), Sneak* 8(6+2)(+4 size), Tactics* 9(6+3)

Interests: Language Goblin, Languages Common, Study Goblin Lands, Study Historical Battles, Study Poisons


Spells (Spell Casting: 9(6+3) Casting Level: 3 Spell Points: 6 Save: 12)

[0/13]: Endure Elements, Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall*, Read Magic, Whispers

[1/16]: Summon Shadow (Call from Beyond I), Color Spray, Command I, Control Weather I, Detect Magic, Disguise Self*, Entangle, Illusionary Image I*, Insight, Magic Missile, Scare I, Scrye I, Shield, Sleep I

[2/19]: Illusionary Image II, Levitate


Equipment (Life Style:3 Panache: 3 Prudence: 0)

Mages Pouch (Bag of Bones), Pharamcy Kit {Spider Venom (3), Leach Paste (3)}, Doctors Bag {Tonic (3), Bandages (10)}, Thieves Tools, Backpack {Wine Skin, Pipe, Cards, Grooming Kit, Bedroll, Rations (7), Hemp Rope, Flint & Steel}, “Heavy Robe” Moderate Padded Armor (DR 1 [Cold 5])


Leach Paste (3) Putrid Poison (Bleed, 1 Min DC 12). 

Spider Venom (3) Necrotic Poison (Lethal 2d6 1 Min. DC 12)



Nights Kiss (Superior Goblin Razor) [Atk:+2 Dmg:1d6+3 [19-20] {Excruciating, Finesse, Bleed, Sneak Attack +2, Poisonous} ]

Needle (Stiletto) [Atk:+2 Dmg:1d4+2 [18-20] {Finesse, AP +8, Poisonous}]

The Sting (Pech Dagger) [Atk:+2 Dmg:1d6 [19-20] Rng:-1 15x2 {Bleed, Hurl, Cheap Shot, Poisonous}]


The Doom Box (Essence: Fearsome, Charm: Bestow Curse 1/scene) Xp: 18

A strange arcane box, covered with obscure runes and glyphes. Radiating an aura of fear, merely holding the box is a exercise in courage. It's origins are unknown, but rumors state that it includes everything from the bottled soul of demon, to the map of an ancient lost treasure long since forgotten. The box requires a Knowledge check DC 15 to be opened, and is never opened the same way twice. Anyone staring at the user while its being opened will be struck by “Fearsome”. If opened incorrectly, the opener is struck with “Bestow Curse”. The curse can be, bestowed on someone else, if the opener is touching them when its opened.



Habits & Quirks:

Believes she is an excellent cook, “Thinks the Pharmacy skill can substitute for cooking.”.

Loves to gamble, loves to cheat more.

Cowardly and easily frightened, but vicious when cornered.

Drinks too much, will  start dangerous looking stills if she runs out of booze for too long.

Loves the finer things in life, spends her money like water.

Rarely appears in the same form twice to anyone she doesn't know. 

While fairly young, and healthy, feigns age in order to get her enemies off their guard.