Gen Con 2011: Crafty Games Events Are Go!

Gen Con event registration goes live this Sunday, May 1! Crafty Games has over 100 hours of all-new event programming this year, including our annual town hall meeting where we discuss everything and anything Crafty (and offer you the chance to get directly involved in the making of our products), an exciting Spycraft LARP, and events for Spycraft Third Edition, Fantasy Craft, Ten Thousand Bullets, and the Mistborn RPG.

Hope to see you there!

Crafty Games: Declassified
Ever wanted to directly influence the future of your favorite RPGs? Curious about what goes on behind the scenes at a gaming company? Looking for the inside scoop on Spycraft Third Edition, the Mistborn RPG, Ten Thousand Bullets, or Fantasy Craft? Join Patrick Kapera and Alex Flagg in this no-holds-barred, town hall-style roundtable on all things Crafty. Expect lively discussion, juicy reveals, and maybe even a few giveaways.

Spycraft LARP: Cold Fusion
In the frozen wasteland of Antarctica is a research facility codenamed the Glacier. Agency-run and operated, the facility houses top secret experiments never meant for outside eyes, but that’s about to change. One of the Glacier’s lead scientists has gone missing, but... how? The station is as remote and secure as they come. Raise your clearance and level your sights in a desperate race against time to discover what really lies beneath the ice.

Spycraft Third Edition: The Morningstar Directive
There is a code phrase provided to agents operating in problem spots around the globe. It’s every Control’s worst nightmare, to be awakened in the night with those words. It identifies a threat that demands immediate attention, lest the entire world suffer. In the last eighteen hours, three agents have issued the code phrase, from three different countries, and each followed with a single word: “Morningstar.” Answer your phone. Save the world.

Fantasy Craft: Sins of the Fathers
Ages ago the elders of Valespire made a pact with the Court of Blinding Shadows, agreeing to forever keep certain... disagreeable promises in exchange for the continued well-being of the human species. Now the last of those elders’ descendants is dead by his own hand, which is a shame really, because today the debts of his forefathers come due, and there’s not a soul in Valespire who even realizes their eternal peril - not even you.

Ten Thousand Bullets: Gasoline Dreams
Empire City is a rusting, rotting metropolis overrun with criminals... and a land of opportunity for enterprising mobsters like you. There’s a decades-old gang war heating up again... Maybe you can indulge in a little mischief and spin the violence and confusion to your advantage. Carve out a place to call yours, piece by bloody piece, in this exciting new street crime noir event.

Mistborn RPG: Thieves in the Ninth House
In the Final Empire’s capital, in the shadow of the immortal Lord Ruler, ten Great Houses vie for power and favor, and between these Houses, crews of cunning thieves plot to steal slivers of wealth. Using your forbidden Allomantic powers, you plan to rob and humiliate the Great House of Urbain… if its supernaturally powerful Mistborn guardian doesn't find you out first. Based on Brandon Sanderson’s best-selling novels.