Crafty Summit: Day 1

First day of the summit is done and we're winding down (well, I am - Alex is already asleep, the bastard). Today's agenda involved a series of last-minute items for Gen Con Indy (that'll happen a lot this trip, methinks), a review of the forwarded Time of High Adventure proofs, and a lengthy discussion on new classes, lethality, and genre emulation that produced what I hope will be the foundation of something really special in Spycraft Third (and 10kB). Gen Con attendees will see a little of it in action in our demos and events, and I imagine it'll be a big topic of discussion at our seminar on Thursday night at the show (7pm, at the Marriott Indiana Ballroom C). Anyone who's going should definitely attend BTW - it'll be your first chance not only to learn about modern Mastercraft but also to directly influence its development. More soon but for now, Stay Crafty!