Crafty Games Update: Spellbound and Mistborn [PICS]

This week we're marking several milestones with the Mistborn RPG. The core rules are almost fully edited now and will shortly be packaged up with the Treatise Metallurgic for Brandon's review. Ben McSweeney turned in a final version of his amazing cover over the weekend and we just approved several new interiors this morning (including a couple that sent chills up our spines). Our line developer, Will Hindmarch, is turning more and more of the world portion of the book over to us every day, and it's looking great.

Very shortly it'll be time to take that final plunge into Spellbound, which will actually arrive on shelves first (licensed products take much longer in post-production, mainly due to review time, though Mistborn also requires additional production time due to a new format that isn't seen in the gaming market very often, if at all).

You can expect tons of updates on both products over the coming days and weeks, but in the meantime we wanted to give you a little treat to start your week off right. Head on over to our Facebook page for a hi-res preview of the Spellbound cover - also by the unstoppable Ben McSweeney - along with a step-by-step presentation of his work-in progress files. Enjoy!

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