Crafty Games at PacifiCon and Gateway this weekend

If you're going to be in either Santa Clara, CA or Los Angeles, CA this weekend, join us for some Crafty fun and games!

Alex Flagg and Patrick Kapera are Special Guests and Major Show Sponsors at PacifiCon in Santa Clara. Swing by our booth in the dealer's hall to pick up the new Mistborn Adventure Game or one of the last remaining Mistborn Premium Dice Sets, and visit the Crafty Adventures Room to jump into a session of Fantasy Craft or a journey into Scadrial. 

Meanwhile, Crafty Games volunteer Michael Buzzerio will be running Fantasy Craft at Gateway in Los Angeles. Games start at midnight on Friday, 8pm on Saturday, and 9am on Sunday, and all three events are open for registration on the convention's Events page (under "FantasyCraft" without a space). 

We hope to see you this weekend!