Back from RinCon and Rarin' to Go (Kinda)

Pat's back from an epic road tour through Arizona that included a trip to see his fam and a couple sessions of Fantasy Craft at Imperial Outpost Games (thanks to Darren and everyone else at the store for being so awesome), and culminated in an awesome weekend at RinCon (thanks to Marcelo Figueroa for seconding the Crafty booth, and to Matt Grau, Mike Muldoon, Steve Ellis, Don Dehm, Paul Tevis, Ryan Macklin, Jess Hartley, and everyone else at Pulp Gamer, the fine folks from Hat's Games and Game Daze, Mike Nickoloff, Lessa Randall, Gini Koch, Victor, and especially Boyan Radakovich for making the weekend so special).

The trip also marked the final in-house work on the Adventure Companion, which is now off to the printers with a pre-release slated for NeonCon in a few weeks (watch the site soon for a little sumthin' sumthin' in the way of a preview, and a related surprise for those of you who've Liked our Facebook Page).

The final Spellbound push is next but first there will be sleep, and Civ V, and some more sleep.... zzzzzzzTOWAR!zzzzzzz