Back from NeonCon - with E-Loot for all our Peeps!

Alex and Pat are back from Las Vegas and the internet is brimming with details about NeonCon, the Adventure Companion, and new releases from our partners at Reality Blurs and Sonic Legends!

  • Couldn't make NeonCon but curious how it went? Wondering what's coming up for Crafty Games? Check out our This Just In from NeonCon interview (we're in Episode 7).
  • If you were watching our Adventure Companion product page yesterday, you saw that we expanded our excerpts to include some pages from the Cloak & Dagger chapter along with the setting's map (which is actually bigger in the preview than in the finished book). We also promised some related products from our third parties and the first of them have been released! Head over to Sonic Legends' DriveThru page for three new soundscapes developed expressly for Cloak & Dagger! Grab them individually for $2.99 each or save $3.00 with their Cloak & Dagger soundscape bundle. Expect soundscapes for Epoch next Monday (11/15) and for Sunchaser the Monday after that (11/22).

Empirial Citizens: Music by Matthew Steckler

Empiria: Music by Joe Matzzie

Trouble in the Empire: Music by Christy Carew

Something lurks in the shadows beneath the mountain. Something hungry. A twisted secret from a lost dwarven hall creeps up from the depths, and a party of stalwart heroes must brave the dangers of the Jagged Reaches to put an end to its machinations. Will you take up the mantle of hero and face off against the horrors that dwell in the mountain's shadow, or will you fall victim to ... the hunger of the Iron Mage?

Hunger of the Iron Mage is designed for a party of four to six characters of any experience level, and serves as a continuation of the Old School Fantasy series, a nice one-off, or a side trek to drop into your ongoing fantasy campaign. It is an adventure filled with danger, adventure, an insane wizard, secret tunnels, and more troglodytes than you can shake a stick at. Remember those days when sometimes you just wanted to let your hair down, grab some dice, and have an excuse to kill things? Good. This one's for you. Remember, Reality Blurs.