Another Chance to Win the Mistborn Adventure Game Softcover

The fine folks over at Brandon Sanderson's official fansite, 17th Shard, are hosting a second contest, this time exclusively for the Mistborn Adventure Game's Softcover Retail Edition. All you have to do is head over and comment on the page to enter, but you better hurry, as the contest ends in two days. (Our apologies we didn't widely report this earlier - the release has kept us mighty busy!)

Based on the bestselling novels by Brandon Sanderson and powered by an all new story-driven rules system, the Mistborn Adventure Game lets you explore, command, or liberate the oppressed world of Scadrial, battle the Lord Ruler’s Inquisitors, and master the primal forces of Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy. It’s the ultimate resource for fans of the novels and those who want to experience the Final Empire firsthand.