Time of High Adventure: 11th Hour Day 3

The stumbling block with the image in question has been resolved and Michael Syrigos nailed it! He's wrapping up one last tweak to the piece now and with that all the art's in and looking gorgeous. The book will be a bit more varied visually than the core book but that actually works quite well for an adventure compilation and Realm guide. :)

Final text tweaks today or, if the Return of Alex meeting goes off tonight, perhaps tomorrow, and then this bad boy should be entirely in layout's hands.

Next up... Well, you'll just have to check in later this week to find out!

Time of High Adventure: 11th Hour Day 2

Hard to say exactly yet but it's looking very much like we won't have room for the iconics. Just as well, as we probably couldn't have included a full party anyway (unless... more to consider if we have a few pages free). Looks like we'll be including spruced up, full-size stat sheets, though, which should be extremely helpful.

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