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Sonic Legends to Produce Soundscapes for Fantasy Craft and Spycraft

Sonic Legends partners with Crafty Games, LLC to create downloadable companion mp3s for the Fantasy Craft and Spycraft RPGs

Sonic Legends will release a special series of companion soundscapes (loopable combinations of music and SFX) for our upcoming Fantasy Craft adventure, The Cleansing of Black Spur. The soundscapes and the PDF are due for release in November 2009. Our latest partners are also slated to produce soundscapes for Fantasy Craft’s existing adventure, The Darkest Hour, as well as future Spycraft and Fantasy Craft adventures. You can find the full press release here.

Calling All Agents: Help out at AnonyCon!

AnonyCon, a convention in Stamford, CT on December 4-6, is looking for folks to run Fantasy Craft and World on Fire events. Check out their website for more information or email max.saltonstall@anonycon.com to volunteer.

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