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Real American H.E.R.O.es Released

Crafty Games is proud to release Real American H.E.R.O.es for Spycraft 2.0. Fight for freedom — or crush it — in this brand new world of four-color military fantasy where the good guys wear green, the bad guys wear blue, and great notions like democracy and justice prevail over evil in half-hour segments! This huge product is jam-packed with everything you need to join America’s elite special missions force — or bring the world to its knees!

  • Join the battle on any side — with the U.S. Headquarters for Eminent Risk Oversight (H.E.R.O.), the paramilitary legions of National Military Exports (N.M.E.), the cunning arms dealers at Morrigna Corporation, the mysterious elders of the Shirobikou ninja clan, or the anarchist Wrecker biker tribe.
  • Build your own unique H.E.R.O. with new Origins and feats, plus two Master Classes: the savvy Commandant and the maniacal Overlord.
  • Expand your arsenal with vehicles and weapons right out of your favorite Saturday morning cartoons.
  • Devise exciting military adventures with rules for Rank and Allegiance, plus the Diabolical Plot and McGuffin of the Week generators and all-new campaign qualities.
  • Forge alliances and lifelong nemeses among dozens of NPCs from every side of the conflict (including winners of Crafty Games’ Build-a-Hero contest).

Do you have the guts to be a Real American H.E.R.O.? Or are you more interested in the fast-growing field of global appropriation? Perhaps a lucrative Morrigna franchise, study under the Shirobikou masters, or a rowdy tour of the world’s darkest roads is more your speed? No matter your flag, recruiting starts today!


Crafty Games Joins the (RPG) Circus

A couple days ago Alex and Pat grumbled something unintelligible and hitched a ride in an rainbow-colored car reeking of cabbage. We haven't seen them since but we did get this strange link in our email this morning. The message said the recording would repeat on GeekRadio Monday, November 16, at 1pm EST. We're not sure what to make of it but we're prepared to pay a ransom in the zillions of rubles for their return. Well no, not really. We can't back that up... Maybe a well maintained and only slightly battered toaster?

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