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New Releases - Agent X: Firebrand and Shooter's Guide II: Alternate Arms

Crafty Games is proud to release the latest of our toolkit products for Spycraft 2.0, Agent X: Firebrand! If you've ever looked at the Faceman and thought, "Nice, but he's not quite persuasive enough," then this is the class for you!

Also new this weekend: 93 Game Studios' Shooter's Guide II: Alternate Arms, which details a bevy of almost-were weapons for Spycraft and Twilight: 2013.

Pick up your copies today!

Powered by Spycraft: Twilight: 2013 Shooter's Guide: Pistol-Caliber Carbines

The pistol-caliber carbine occupies an awkward tactical niche. Not as compact as a pistol, not as powerful as a rifle, and lacking a submachine gun's automatic fire... what's to recommend it? How about virtually no recoil, man-killing accuracy out to 200 meters, the same ammo and magazines as your sidearm, and civilian-legal purchase around the world – all in a lightweight polymer package you can hide in a tennis racket bag? Interested now? Yeah, we thought so...

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