Powered by Spycraft

Crafty Games Licensing: We're Expanding the Family!

Crafty Games has released its new Powered by Fantasy Craft and Powered by Spycraft licenses! Both are completely free of charge and extremely low-hassle: simply apply by game line and once you're approved you're free to create and release products in that line without further oversight.

Several amazing publishers have already signed up, including 93 Games Studio, Battlefield Press Inc., Fat Dragon Games, Heroic Journey Publishing, Natural Twenty Games, Reality Blurs, Ravensworth Press, Revenant Games, and Vigilance Press.

Interested in making your own Powered by Fantasy Craft or Powered by Spycraft products? Drop by our licensing headquarters for details!

Powered By Partners

The Powered by Family includes a wide range of incredibly talented companies and individuals, each bringing their own unique brand of merry mayhem to your gaming table.


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