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Bailey Records Releases Spycraft Track #2: "Hand Grenades & Stillettos"

Stratos of Bailey Records has released the second song from the forthcoming Spycraft Soundtrack: Hand Grenades & Stillettos. This one's a sultry, tropical tune inspired by the finest exotic showdown moments of classic espionage cinema. Be sure to click the Preview link at the bottom of the product page to visit Acidplanet to sample a full-length WMA version.

93 Games Studio Releases Shooter's Guide: Sweet 16

Shooter's Guide: Sweet Sixteen is 93 Games Studio's fifth weapon supplement for the Twilight: 2013 roleplaying game. It examines the evolution of the M16, from the first prototypes to today's cutting-edge engineering developments. Stats included for Reflex and Spycraft 2.0.

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