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Bailey Records Releases Spycraft Track #3: "After Hours Espionage"

After Hours Espionage, written and produced by Stratos, is the third release from Spycraft – The Soundtrack.

Early comments on the imagery After Hours Espionage invokes include:

  • “It immediately conjures a sprawling mission montage in moonlit Prague, possibly in a twisted revisionist Cold War or brisk alternate timeline where your agents wage a desperate struggle against a looming, Orwellian menace.” – Patrick Kapera
  • “One of my favorite scenes in any spy movie or television program is when the heroes use the cover of a dinner party or gala for infiltration purposes on their mission; when done right this setting can reveal a lot of character development and often leads to some fun cinematography.” – Stratos

Spycraft – The Soundtrack features music styles inspired by the Bond, Bourne, and Mission Impossible movies, Chuck, 24, and Alias series, and more. Spycraft – The Soundtrack is part of the Universe87 catalog (cyberpunk / espionage / post-apoc / modern music) from Bailey Records Composition and Sound Design. Additional Universe87 catalog releases include Autumnal Slumber (Bailey Records, April 1, 2003), Warlands – The Soundtrack (Bailey Records, April 21, 2009) and others.

Hear it here: Bailey Records
Hear it here: Acid Planet
Buy it here: DriveThruRPG

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