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Wyrmstone RPG Campaign Sets Sail

Our friends at Revenant Games have launched their Wyrmstone organized play campaign with an Almanac and two adventures: the introductory Idols of Ogun-Samdi and the Gold-rated Lost Prince. Convert your characters from any other fantasy OP campaign and sign up at their site to win a copy of the Fantasy Craft Rulebook.

New Cleansing of Black Spur Bundles

Our friends at Sonic Legends have joined the DriveThruRPG family, which clears the way for two new discounted bundles for this multi-media adventure...

Cleansing of Black Spur/Soundscape Bundle: The adventure + all six soundscapes for $17.44 (a savings of $6.50)
Cleansing of Black Spur Complete Bundle: The adventure + all six soundscapes + EZ Dungeons: Deluxe and EZ Dungeons: Borderland Keep by Fat Dragon Games - the whole shebang for $35.44 (a savings of $11.47)

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