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Old School Fantasy #2: Darkness Over Keryhk Nhor Releases

Our friends at Reality Blurs have released their second Fantasy Craft title in the Old School Fantasy series: Darkness Over Keryhk Nhor. This release continues the story begun in Old School Fantasy #1: A Keg for Dragon or may be played as a stand-alone adventure...

Nearly a century ago, the once great Dwarven Empire abandoned the Jagged Reaches when the mines collapsed and the majority of the miners were killed. Keryhk Nhor, the Great Western Hall and source of great pride to the Dwarven Empire, was sealed and has not been opened since. That is, until today. The question is two-fold: who was powerful enough to break the Seal of the Iron Mage and why?

Descend into darkness Old School style!


7th Circle to Publish Fantasy Craft in French

7ème Cercle (7th Circle) has acquired the rights to publish a French-language version of our latest core game, Fantasy Craft. Check their site or here for release news as it develops.

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