Mistborn RPG

Mistborn Adventure Game Downloads


  • Primer: A brief overview of the novel setting and the core game rules on just two 6 x 9 pages, plus a prequel scene to the first adventure release, "Thieves of the Ninth House" and four sample characters so you can dive into the action right now (for a players-only version without the adventure, click here)

Core Rulebook

Mistborn Adventure Game Character Sheet

For those who downloaded the Mistborn Adventure Game Primer and want to see a little more about the system, here's the full character sheet!

Over the coming days and weeks we'll be releasing many previews and freebies for the Mistborn Adventure Game line. Sometimes you'll get new sheets and rules excerpts, other times art and story material, and we also have a few special surprises planned as well. Be sure to watch the Crafty Games website, Like us on Facebook, and Follow us on Twitter for more previews leading up to the December 15 release of the Mistborn Adventure Game.

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