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Bring the magic of Allomancy to your favorite games!

Mistborn Allomancy Dice are premium six-sided dice that can be used with any game, but they're especially great if you're a fan of Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn and the Mistborn Adventure Game. They'll look great in your dice collection.

The Mistborn Allomancy Dice set includes ten (10) high-quality acrylic dice, each of which replaces the 6 face with a unique Allomantic magic symbol - the same art seen in the hugely popular novel series. Together, these symbols represent the physical metals (Pewter, Tin, Iron, and Steel) along with the mental metals (Copper, Bronze, Zinc, or Brass), plus Gold and the all-powerful element, Atium - all the known metals of the Mistborn world. 

Mistborn Allomancy Dice

For players of the Mistborn Adventure Game, Mistborn Allomancy Dice make your rolls that much easier, identifying Nudges and keeping you focused on the action at hand. For fans of the Mistborn novels, these dice are a great way to show your pride in the world and your love of Brandon Sanderson's series in every game you play!
Who these Dice are For
Fans of the Mistborn novels, particularly The Final Empire, 
The Well of Ascension, and The Hero of Ages; players and Narrators of the Mistborn Adventure Game; and lovers of awesome dice in general.
New to the Mistborn Adventure Game?
If you've never played the Mistborn Adventure Game, or are new to gaming in general, fear not! You can also order the core rulebook directly from our webstore, or get your copy at fine hobby stores everywhere! Check out our Mistborn Adventure Game sales page for more information.
For Retailers
Want to bring Mistborn Allomancy Dice to your store? Each dice set will feature full retail packaging designed to be hung from a hook, lay flat, or stood up to give you the greatest flexiblity in how you display the product. We offer retail partners superior discounts for direct retail orders. Please email us for more information.
THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. Mistborn Allomancy Dice have successfully funded on Kickstarter, and are expected to arrive warehouse by July 2015. Shipping of pre-orders will begin immediately after all backer orders have shipped. 

Mistborn Allomancy Dice are Back (with your support)

UPDATE! We are funded! Thank you all for your support! Now to improve the sets with new symbols and get them into retail. Check out the Kickstarter page for details.

In 2012, Crafty Games released the first Mistborn dice. They were so popular, they were out of stock in a couple weeks. Since then, we've been looking for a way to bring Mistborn dice back. So we've launched a Kicstarter project to bring them back!  

Learn more about the project and back right here.

Mistborn Allomancy Dice are premium six-sided dice that can be used with any game, but they're especially great if you play the Mistborn Adventure Game. And... They'll look great in your dice collection.

With your help, we'll be able to make these dice sets better than ever...

Each Mistborn Allomancy Dice set will start out with eight (8) dice and four (4) unique physical metal symbols, each displayed on the 6 side. Every time we reach a new stretch goal (see the project page) we'll add a new symbol from the mental metals to the set - until there are eight unique symbols across all eight dice.

We won't stop there, though. With your help, we hope to expand the Mistborn Allomancy Dice sets to include ten (10) dice, each with a unique symbol.

At $24,000 this campaign lets us produce these dice at a scale economic for retail distribution, which means you might see Mistborn Allomancy Dice at your FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store).

We also hope to send you some Kickstarter Exclusive dice, and we're counting on your vote to determine which Allomantic symbols we put on each one!

The project began on December 15th and runs through January 24th.

Mistborn Dice are coming back, and it's our intention to bring them to the masses!

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