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Crafty Games Create-A-Hero Contest!

Ever wanted to see your work in a Spycraft product? Now, you just might with our Create a Hero contest! We’re looking for a few good characters to join a military team in a Spycraft PDF to be released in the next few weeks!

To enter the contest, create a hero in the following format and post it to this thread in the Crafty Games forums. Characters should be in the American military and over-the-top in the style of 1980s action films and cartoons. Only character options from Spycraft 2.0 and World on Fire are valid. Winners will be selected by the Crafty Games staff and receive an Additional Material credit in the final product, plus a free copy of the PDF when it’s released. Time is of the essence — to be eligible, all submissions must be made by midnight (PST) on Sunday, July 19!

For more details or to make a submission, visit the Create-A-Hero thread. Be creative, have fun, and stay Crafty!

How do I let Crafty Games know about a review I've written or found?

Part of any good marketing effort is getting the word out, and especially in this industry one of the best ways to make that happen is reviews. We welcome feedback and encourage folks to head out to the four corners of the web to discuss Spycraft in its many incarnations, especially Spycraft 2.0 and its products. With the release of the main rulebook's Second Printing and World on Fire (not to mention the recent upgrade of this website), we thought it would be a good idea to refresh everyone on how we process reviews back at the home office.

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