Classic Spycraft

Spycraft first edition and its related settings, such as Shadowforce Archer and Dark Inheritance

Bag Full of Guns: Dragon's Fury Releases + Crafty Christmas Sale!

Crafty Games is proud to release Bag Full of Guns: Dragon's Fury, offering the latest and greatest Chinese firearms and heavy weapons for use in Spycraft 2.0! And don't forget to check out the Bear and the Dragon bundle, which also includes Bag Full of Guns: Red Heat! Not enough Crafty for ya? No problem! Right now you can score almost all our titles at 20% off through the end of the year! Happy holidays!

Classic Spycraft: Final Three Titles Released!

Crafty Games is proud to bring you the last three books in the Shadowforce Archer line - and the last three titles in the award-winning Classic Spycraft series. The European Commonwealth Chamber Book, the African Alliance Chamber Book, and The Shop Threat Book are all on sale now!

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