Crafty Games at Forge and KublaCon This Weekend

Don't forget!  Patrick Kapera and Steve Hough will be at KublCon this weekend. If you're in or near Burlingame, CA, be sure to stop by and visit us! In the meantime, we have some additional show news for the long holiday weekend - a full staff of Crafty Games operatives will be at FORGE in Lexington, KY. Here are the details...

FORGE is a gaming and comics convention coming to Lexington, KY May 25 - 27. The creative team behind FORGE has designed a convention with several unique features that are sure to appeal to a wide audience. Unlike most conventions FORGE’s vendor hall (apply named “Bazaaro’s Vendor Hall”) will be FREE to the public and feature gaming companies, artists, authors, publishers, and assorted other vendors. The ‘Bazaaro Vendor Hall’ will open 12pm to 8pm on Friday, 10am to 8pm on Saturday, and 10am to 2pm on Sunday.

Beyond FORGE’s vendor hall there will be nonstop gaming from 12:00 pm on Friday until 5:00 pm on Sunday. To get into the gaming you will need a badge, but attending FORGE is extremely affordable. First, for 3-days of gaming the badges are only $25.00! With a free t-shirt and downloadable copy of the core rulebook for the Karam Roleplaying System (only if you pre-register). On top of the low price, They've made getting a FREE badge easy. Just run 2 games and you get in for FREE. You can pre-register here and submit any events you want to host here.

But at FORGE your badge not only gets you access to tons of great gaming it also doubles as a character sheet. FORGE has an overall storyline that is ingrained in the convention. Your FORGE character gains experience and levels throughout your time at FORGE, unlocking your true potential as a gamer and entitling you to great rewards and prizes. Play the games you love, collect experience (successfully slay the bugbear prince in your favorite RPG? Experience. Finish first in your favorite CCG? Experience.), level up, get rewarded, and unleash your gaming prowess in the climactic FORGE War.

The FORGE War is a fast paced game of strategy where you put your Forger to the test, on the battlefield. Your character, along with three other clansmen, will participate in fierce battle against a never ending horde of enemies. Your success in the FORGE War not only results in prizes, but may change the shape of the FORGE storyline, with your character becoming a part of the FORGE world forever. Since FORGE is an annual convention, all points and levels you earn will follow you from year-to-year. This allows you to continue building your character during the off season, in preparation for the next convention.

Check out their hilarious commercial and for more information about FORGE visit their website at

May 2012: Crafty Cool in the Bay Area

Live in or visiting the Bay Area in May? Want to get in on some Crafty goodness? 

On May 19, our friends at Black Diamond Games are hosting a special session of the Mistborn Adventure Game, featuring a great adventure called Thieves in the Ninth House...

In the Final Empire’s capital, in the shadow of the immortal Lord Ruler, ten Great Houses vie for power and favor, and between these Houses, crews of cunning thieves plot to steal slivers of wealth. Using your forbidden Allomantic powers, you plan to rob and humiliate the Great House of Urbain… if its supernaturally powerful Mistborn guardian doesn't find you out first. Based on Brandon Sanderson’s best-selling novels.

Interested in getting a seat? Head over to their reservation site for details.

Don't forget! Crafty Games will also have a booth at  KublaCon 2012. We look forwrd to seeing you at the show! 

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