Good Omens Con: There are Thieves in the Ninth House

Our agents in the Bay Area are running the Mistborn Adventure Game soon - at Good Omens Con, on July 7 from 3pm to 7pm

Stop by and become one of the Thieves in the Ninth House!

Don't forget: the Mistborn Adventure Game Softcover Retail Edition is arriving in stores in mid-July and the Deluxe Hardcover Edition is available right here on our website. You can also get either edition direct from us, bundled with the Digital Edition, including the companion novella, A House of Ashes. Journey to the Final Empire today! 

Based on the bestselling novels by Brandon Sanderson and powered by an all new story-driven rules system, the Mistborn Adventure Game lets you explore, command, or liberate the oppressed world of Scadrial, battle the Lord Ruler’s Inquisitors, and master the primal forces of Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy. It’s the ultimate resource for fans of the novels and those who want to experience the Final Empire firsthand.


Pat's Travelogue: KublaCon 2012

In the past 96 hours I've slept maybe 18, driven for more of the remainder than I care to count, and spent most of the rest shackled to a booth, but that hasn't prevented me from being productive. I've also pushed forward Spycraft Third Edition Top Sekret Projekt M, meeting with Top Men to upgrade and enhance the game in new and very exciting ways. There was also a breatkthrough on related Top Sekret Projekt G, which I think is proably moving forward again at full steam ahead. I also received the final drafts for the completely unrelated but just as cool Unannounced Projekt W, which is now sitting at the very top of my review pile, and a second installment of the same is moving into edits at the start of June. 

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