Spellbound Update: Is that the finish line? Way over there?

Just a brief update on the Spellbound supplement for Fantasy Craft. This is something I'd expected to get up on my way to San Diego Comic-Con but the wireless service on the train was rubbish and the show was just too crazy for any posts. 

Last Wednesday I turned over a nearly complete spell grid to Alex - that is to say, it's conceptually complete save for 10 spells. By "conceptually complete," I mean that we have concepts and/or fully written and edited spells for the other 878 spells in the grids, and that I just need to come up with another 10 concepts to fill out the rest (for those wondering, it's actually 3 in the Conjuror Discipline, 3 in Healing, 3 in Calling, and 1 in Foresight, all at middle to high levels). Then I've got one more pass through Chapter 2 (the Grimoire) to finalize incomplete spells and write the new ones, plus review the existing ones for any lingering issues. 

Meanwhile, Alex is nearly done with Chapter 1 (Casters and all that goes along with them), as well as a first draft of Chapter 3 (Magic in Your Game), which covers GM and player advice, campaign qualities, new and variant magic systems, world building, and more. Alex is wrapping up the last of his work on those chapters this week and will be turning them over to me to fill in the blanks and give everything else an editorial pass, and then we order remaining art in anticipation of layout. (Remaining art may wind up being ordered during or even early into my editorial pass, as we'll need all that in hand before layout can begin. We couldn't get the art ordered before now because we needed to be able to identfy the stretches where it's most needed, and that's only possible after most if not all of the text is complete - especially in the Grimoire chapter). 

This is shaping up to be a massive supplement - easily the largest we've produced for Fantasy Craft - and we think it'll be well worth the wait. It's the ultimate word on all things arcane, and should keep your mages and specialist casters in spells, feats, and other options for years to come. You'll be able to see for yourself soon-ish, as we spin up the promotional machine and start to release bits and pieces, though that probably won't start until at least the lead-up to Gen Con. 

That's all for now! Stay Crafty!

Score some Crafty Products and Support the Cheese Weasel Kickstarter

Our friends over at Cheese Weasel Logistics have launched their very first Kickstarter project and we're a part of it. Full details follow but the upshot is that they run a fantastic Quest Game every year at Gen Con, and this year they're looking to expand that program with the help of a few sponsoring partners, like us. The various Kickstarter tiers feature products from their partners and can be acquired by folks going to the show and those who aren't, so even if you can't make it to Gen Con you can still get in on this great deal with any of our current print titles, including the full Fantasy Craft library and the brand new Mistborn Adventure Game

For nearly 10 years, Cheese Weasel Logistics has worked to bring the games and accessories of small and new gaming companies to your attention. There is incredible innovation out there and beautiful, fun, creative games that have the challenge of breaking into the strategy gaming industry and competing with the big game systems.

If you have attended Gen Con Indy in any of the last 8-10 years, you may be familiar with our ConQuest Game. It's a fun way for convention-goers to tour the exhibit hall and have many of these smaller, newer companies highlighted for them. Every year, we get hundreds of attendees who say they've never had more fun discovering and demo-ing games and finding gems they might have overlooked if it weren't for us!

At the convention, for every Quest Card you complete, you have a chance to win thousands of dollars of game products. We've decided to expand on the rewards from this program for both those of you who will seek us out at the convention and even for those who can't attend this year! For those going to Gen Con - think of this KickStater as a pre-registration with perks! You'll reserve yourself a set of Quest Cards and pick them up at the convention along with a package of games that you've already gotten a great deal on! For those not going - you don't need the Quest Cards and you can still support our program and your game collection with great packages of prizes. Most everything we offer is signed by the game designers and all of it falls squarely into our core mission - the promotion of small and new game designers with fabulous products that you might never have seen!

In the reward levels - you'll notice some where the package of goodies increase ($5, $10, $25, $40, $50, $75, $100 and $200). The ones in between those levels are the options for those who want that package level but won't be attending the convention and want it shipped to them. These packages will not have Quest Cards in them and will not be prepped for folks to pick up at the convention!! Also, because we can't anticipate how many backers we'll have - let alone how many will be on-site and how many will have things shipped - we've set the number available as best we can. There should be plenty for all, but we will keep track of those numbers as we go along.

Thank you for supporting the strategic games industry and keep paying attention to the new companies and the small publishers - you will find things you love every time!

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