How J.K. Rowling Saved Spycraft

As creators, we're always chasing magic. We're always hoping that something we put out there will connect with someone. We crave validation that isn't always evident in the cold dark that often comprises the bulk of the process. Because no matter what any of us tells you, we're all at least a little narcissistic. We have to be. It's how we connect with ourselves. It's how we conjure those ideas on the page, the screen, and the stage. If we're lucky, against-all-odds lucky, and we're very, very talented, we find magic, and those ideas stop being ours alone.

10kB Musings: Street Life - Cop Watch LA

I'm always on the lookout for inspiration for Ten Thousand Bullets, whether it's film, TV, literature, comics, or even (gasp!) real life. This video on Cop Watch LA was insightful into how, as William Gibson noted, The Street always finds its own way (check out both parts of the series for a little bit of insight into the intersection of police, real street culture, and what justice actually is  vs. what  we're told it is).

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