The Dice Are Hot!



Coming soon to Gencon Indy - official Crafty Games Sneak Attack Dice! Get yours by participating in Crafty events throughout the weekend, and by purchasing new print products at the Mongoose booth (print gods willing :) ). We'll see you there!

Breathing Before The Scream

I'm still months away from putting pen to paper with Crucible, but I think about it a lot. Just this morning, I brainstormed some of the naming conventions for the setting, which is one of the ways I scour the dusty halls of my brain for big picture concepts. This is a process that's been ongoing since early in Spycraft 2.0 design, when Scott, Alex, and I started talking about developing toolkit settings for the game (the big picture thinking, not the naming conventions). In my experience, big picture thinking is one of the best ways to approach a new setting.

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