Anybody Got a Map to Camp Cuddly Pines?

Blu-Ray Format Finds New Life
I'm morbidly curious - pardon the pun - in this "Powertool Massacre." :-P
Seriously, though, it's interesting to watch this latest iteration of the format war play out. For one thing, I wasn't aware that Blu-Ray had had shunned the U.S. porn industry due to pressure from Disney. It's perfectly plausible, I just didn't put it together. And the fact that Japan gets its porn discs from Taiwan is a riot!

The In Media Res Lifestyle

Over the last few years I've spent a lot of time traveling and it's always the same. Every time there's a period of anxiety and dread leading up to the trip, the whirlwind chaos of the journey, a disorienting burn-in period at the other end, the business of being gone, the (usually exhausting) trip home, and the simultaneous depression and loneliness when I'm back in my own bed (as the last of my body's endorphins flit out like dying fireflies).

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