Nerd Prom 2007 Recap


This one isn’t quite as timely since I’ve been swamped and hacking on it in pieces, but it might still contain some stuff that’s new to folks, and at the very least decorates everything with my sparkly banter. :)

What's Hot in Gaming: Speaking in Tongues and Other News

I've been recovering and catching up since Comic-Con, and now I'm in the mild calm before the GenCon storm (when a lot of the show prep happens, but the insane time crunch isn't quite in play). So you're likely to see a few posts from me all at once. Sorry for the glut. Apologies also for some of this being a little behind the curve. I haven't been able to get to my blog in a bit, so some of this isn't quite as timely as it could have been. Hopefully it'll still be enjoyable to read, though.

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