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Deadline Looms: Adventure Companion - Part 1

Since Pat's been blogging of late, and I'm in a bit of a mental logjam after a beautiful 10 days visiting family and friends, I thought I'd offer a peek under the curtain with my current project - finishing off Fantasy Craft's second supplement, the Adventure Companion. Currently, I'm at about T-minus 7 days to finish the last chapters of the book - I've edited the Epoch and Sunchaser chapters and turned them in for final edits/layout, so it's all about sticking a knife into the Cloak & Dagger mini-setting and the rules-tastic Chapter 4: New Character Options.

Wired's GeekDad loves Fantasy Craft!

Guess which new smash-hit fantasy RPG made Wired's esteemed GeekDad Holiday Gift Guide? That's right - Fantasy Craft is lucky enough to stand in company with the newest books by Iain Banks, David Pogue, and Bruce Sterling. Check it out here!

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